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I am seriously not motivated to do much of anything useful today. It is hot and I seem to be moving in slow motion. I had coffee which did little to perk me up. I talked to my sister for a little while. These conversations are increasingly rare because of scheduling conflicts even though we do manage to text everyday. I wonder how we managed before texting came along? There is so much to do in preparation for school ending (in a mere 9 days) and I really can not muster up the enthusiasm to get any of it done.

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I, somehow, managed to lose every bit of music I had stored on my computer when I went to sync it all to my ipod. I am not really sure what I did (I am sure it was probably operator error) but now I am really irritated because some of it was stuff that I will never be able to replace. My task is to do some computer maintenance. It is running a bit slow and taking forever to do anything. Plus, there is an entire school yearís worth of papers that Nicholas has done which we donít need anymore.

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I have often been amazed by what I call ďmarketing genius.Ē There are lots of instances that qualify as such but none as apparent as the commercials they show during childrenísí programming on television. Elizabeth wandered into the living room, after a trip to the store with her daddy, excited because she convinced him to buy her ďHannah Montana cereal.Ē (She likes trips with him because he is more soft hearted and will say yes to the things which I frequently say no.) Now, at breakfast, she informs me that the cereal is ďreally nasty.Ē I am so not moved.

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There was no need for me to be snippy but when has that ever stopped me. I had enough of listening to someone in particular whine and complain and I finally stopped answering her every phone call. This was probably incredibly wrong of me but I am much less stressed as a result. There are only a few days of school left. Both of the kids are looking forward to summer break, albeit for different reasons. Beth is excited because she will be in the second grade and second is so much better than first. Nick is just burnt out.

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I have been investigating activities I can take the children to do this summer and so far, with the exception of the library and museums, I have come up blank. The problem is two fold: Limited funds and they are soÖ Iím not quite sure how to describe them. One day they are over the moon about an activity; the next, they could care less. There is an eight year age difference so what makes one happy does not make the other happy. It is a balancing act. Iím hoping to get it right before the end of the summer.

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I spent a lazy morning watching the bunny rabbits munch happily in what passes for the garden. It only passes because we really didnít do a whole lot this year in the way of planting. A combination of apathy and a scant amount of time prompted just a few things to be put in the ground. My hummingbird vines have finally come back. I was starting to think they werenít going to survive but they did. This makes me happy. The roses are in full bloom. Iíve already cut off enough to decorate the tables. They are a peach color.

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I love the smell of freshly cut grass. I have mentioned this before somewhere. I donít love the sound of riding lawn mowers at 5:30 in the morning. (Thank you, Leon from next door.) I swear the man has a thing for cranking up his lawn mower and seeing how many people he can disturb. I understand it because it gets so hot and this way he gets done before it heats up but itís a bit ridiculous. I really hated it when Beth was a baby and she would have just fallen asleep and then he would get started.

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There is an awards assembly today at Bethís school. They are going to have a cookout this afternoon at 1. She is so excited because there are only a couple of days of school left. I am not so excited. Nick made Level 4s on all of his end of grade testing. He made a 98 on his algebra exam so he will get high school credit for the course. He is getting high school credit for his Spanish class too. He starts off his freshman year with 2 of the 28 credits he needs to graduate. I am impressed.

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Today is the last day this school year Nick will go to school. Tomorrow is the technical last day of school but ever since he started middle school, we have let him skip the last day. It was actually the advice of his sixth grade homeroom teacher that started this ritual. Apparently even the teachers donít want to go on the last day. Beth, on the other hand, is practically in tears about tomorrow being the last day. ďI will miss my friends.Ē She keeps proclaiming this in a dramatic voice. How did she get to be such an actress?

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When the bus pulled up at 12:30, the doors opened and Beth flew off it, her hair blowing in the breeze. She dropped her backpack on the ground and turned around to wave at the bus driver and then she flew up the steps announcing this to be ďthe best day ever.Ē I had to laugh at her because just yesterday she was all melodrama and ďmy life is over.Ē She came home with homework for the summer?!?!?! Iím not really surprised but what happened to letting kids be kids for at least a minute. We will do it later.

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It was nice to be able to ignore the alarm this morning. I let the kids sleep figuring they would be up before too long. Imagine my surprise when one appeared at 11:30 and the other, at 12:15. Beth, in particular, was shocked to find half the day gone and was most upset about having slept through breakfast. I can see now we are going to have some issues this summer. Fortunately for me, I have plenty of ďquietĒ things I can do in the mornings so I donít disturb them. I am ready for a very long, peaceful nap!

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Fridays are no different from Mondays in my world. The weekend holds no special significance other than more people are running in and out. I have been bombarded with teenagers since Wednesday afternoon. I thought Nick was anti-social. I was wrong. Dylan, Christine, Kimi, Kathleen, Josh, Larry. I am starting to have trouble keeping them all straight. OhÖ how on earth did I forget Samantha? Somebody pass the bottle of advil and the vodka. The vodka is a joke. Sort of. I can see it is going to be a long summer. I may need therapy before it is over.

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Today is Sharonís birthday. I didnít get the chance to call her until late in the afternoon. This is the first year that I have not remembered to send her a birthday card. I feel a little bad about that but it is what it is. I spent my morning working in the yard and trying to do some tidying. The kids have been harping about this and that. I think I can feel a headache forming at the base of my skull. A dull ache that makes me want to scream. Iíll refrain to keep from scaring the neighbors.

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I did a lot of sleeping today. There is something about not getting enough sleep at night that prompts me to usually sleep in on Sundays. I woke up at some point and had some food and then went back to bed. It was a quiet day with Nick at Dylanís and Beth quietly playing. Chris went to Rickyís to watch the race. Thatís where he is now. I have finally roused myself out of my stupor to do a few things. And where do I end up? In front of the computer. Why am I not all that surprised?

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They have been home for exactly five days and have already bugged me about being bored. Iím tempted to tell them what my mama used to tell us when we complained of boredom. ďThereís plenty of work to be done.Ē Iím trying to give them a break because I know how much sucks to be stuck at home all the time but Iím seriously one step away from telling them to get over themselves. This is something I donít say often. I have a ton of things to accomplish today. I should get started before I completely lose my motivation.

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ďCan you drive us to [fill in the blank?]Ē My life seems to have been reduced to being chief cook and chauffeur. (Have you ever noticed there are some words you think you have misspelled only to discover they were right all along? Chauffeur is one of those words for me.) I have practically quit blogging. My twitter account is mostly dormant. My time online consists of a quick check of my email and occasionally, reading a few of the many blogs I have saved as favorites. I have managed to wade through the entire stack of previously unread magazines.

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Nickís report card came in the mail today. He did exceptionally well. For the school year, he had 4 Aís and 3 Bís. He made a 98 on his algebra exam. Heís going to high school. I can still remember sending him to kindergarten. (And him getting suspended in the first week forÖ pulling the fire alarm.) Wow, weíve come a long ways. There was a news article about the principal of Bethís school who will not be principal this coming school year. I was shocked as the reason why and have yet to figure out how to tell her.

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I am already sick of the library. I watched a movie today, something I donít normally do. It was ďAway From HerĒ, about the man with the wife who had Alzheimerís. It was actually a pretty good story once you figured out they continued to flashback to earlier in their lives. For a few minutes, I was all confused. The kids are currently in my room watching ďThe Simpsons.Ē I canít stand that movie but in order to have peace in my house, I said okay. The things I do for a just a little bit of quiet and orderliness.

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Apparently, my oldest child has lost his ever loving mind. He really thinks I will allow him to have a co-ed sleepover. Did I just crawl out from under a rock? Does he think so? The answers are no and yes, respectively. I must have gave him the look that asked ďfrom what planet did you just land?Ē because he got all irritated and huffed off. I do not think, at the wonderful age of 14, co-ed sleepovers are that smart of an idea. But what do I know? Iím just mom. I donít get paid to do any thinking.

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I cried buckets of tears this morning. It seems as if things just go wrong and then more things go wrong and then it all snowballs and the next thing you know, you are sitting on the back porch crying your eyes out and wishing for some peace. Or is that just me? By early this afternoon, I decided my best course of action was to go to sleep. Perhaps things would look better when I woke up. Iím here to tell you that nothing looked better despite sleeping for over three hours. Maybe I should just get over myself.

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We spent Fatherís Day at Dadís where all the siblings had gathered to eat hamburgers and hot dogs and make snippy comments about one another when someone was out of earshot. The food was excellent, as it always is. Dawn makes this potato salad that I have tried to duplicate and have failed miserably at doing. I enjoyed seeing everyone but let me be the first to tell you, I was happy when we left to go home. We were there for over six hours and I was getting exhausted. I left a voicemail for my own father. Kinda sad.

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I am super stressed about a wide variety of things, mostly to do with finances. For some reason, June is always the month that completely sucks for us and I have yet to figure out why. I think it has something to do with school getting out and they are home all the time and so everything (like power and the phone and the grocery bill) seems to multiply. I havenít decided if I am going to do blogathon this year. They didnít hold it at all last year. I hope they arenít on hiatus again. I missed doing it.

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It is hot. The pool seemed inviting until I actually got out there and started to bake. This is the kind of weather you just want to find a nice air conditioned place to be in. I am not fond of indoors all that much but today, I didnít even want to venture out for the mail. Neither did Beth which should be an indication that itís really steamy outside. Checking the mail is one of her favorite activities. I think tonight for supper we shall do something really simple. Salad and sandwiches. Ice cream for dessert. Really cold food.

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Youth group tonight for the kids. I am spending the evening alone because Chris has to go to a family/friends night for his friend Shawnís dad. He passed away on Fatherís Day. I am probably going to do something likeÖ clean the bathroom. (Because, I really know how to enjoy my free evenings.) I think when you donít spend a lot of time by yourself, you forget what you like to do. Maybe Iíll watch a movie. Somehow I doubt it. Right now, Iím going to go find a quiet corner and finish my book. 53 pages to the end.

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I spent my day stressing over stupid stuff. When Chris got home, I finally broke down and told him most of what was stressing me and in less than ten minutes, he had taken over, laid down a few laws and really eased my mind. Itís funny how they snap to attention when he speaks whereas I can speak and itís like ďdid you hear something?Ē Maybe heís just scarier looking than me? We had a quiet dinner, just he and IÖ (or is it him and me.) An English major Iím not. I think this may be really obvious.

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Farrah Fawcett and Michael Jackson on the same day. I have been watching the news; the Michael Jackson story seems to be dominating the news shows. Fox actually had a program that aired for 3 plus hours without a commercial break when they announced he had died. And what is with the people milling about outside of UCLA hospital? I am confused. I am also strange in that I didnít realize he had 3 children. I was surprised. I thought it was just the two. Farrah seems to have become just a brief mention. May they both rest in peace.

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Today is my Katyís birthday. Katy is my niece and sheís 8 today. I didnít get a chance to talk to her because sheís with her father this weekend (actually for the past ten days while he has his vacation) and even my sister didnít get to speak to her own daughter. She was super pissed off about this. But what can you do? (Hire an attorney, get this mess straightened out once and for all and move on.) My day has been pretty good though. I got things accomplished and I am feeling a little bit better about life.

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Music is being added to the computer via my extensive cd collection. Beth is watching tv. Nick is playing his video game. They have done their chores this morning after much prompting. At least they did them. I am grateful for small things. It is super hot already and itís only just after 12. My kitchen is sparkling clean and there is laundry flapping in the breeze on the clothesline outside. I have steaks out to grill this afternoon with fresh corn on the cob. I am determined this will be a good day. It is time for some lunch.

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At the rate I am going, I will stop sleeping altogether soon. My hour for going to bed is getting pushed back later and later while my hour for getting up is starting to come way too earlier. I am walking around in a state of exhaustion; a fog that wonít seem to lift. Being out of actual caffeinated coffee does not help the situation at all. I have discovered that my brain is not fooled by the pouring of hot, coffee like beverage when said beverage is decaf. I do believe a trip to the store is in order.

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I thought I wanted company today when my sister texted to ask if she and the girls could come over for awhile. So I texted back and said ďsure, come on over.Ē I soon realized that company was the last thing I really wanted; particularly since all she talked about was the same man she has been harping about for the past four years. I keep wanting to shake her and tell her to get a grip, that heís not interested if he hasnít made a move in four years but instead, I just smile and grit my teeth together.