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The Great British Baking Show. Now that's some entertainment there. I wish they would do a show about a writing competition, but I don't know how easy that would be to gauge. America's Next Top Writer? Writer Idol? The Great American Writing Show? And who would the judges be? Stephen King? Harold Bloom? What a neat idea that would be to write about, but perhaps it should be a cover design show. That would even cooler. I'd like to see something like that. The contestants would design a cover for a popular book and it would be graded by... who?
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Here's to a productive July 4 weekend! I don't have much to say right now, but that will hopefully change. There's this dude on here who completed last month's batch by writing about a different social media website/application in alphabetical order for every day of the month. I thought that was a neat idea and very impressive. I've been steadily moving away from social media, unless you count my blog, this site, and the couple of writing sites I'm on. Oh yeah, and Tumblr and LinkedIn. No Facebook, no Twitter, no Pinterest, none of that. Way too distracting!
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Ah, those silly pop stars. I'm glad I don't listen to contemporary music anymore. I really do think it's all brainwashing. It's the nation's independence day tomorrow, and everyone's worried about a major terrorist attack. I feel sorry for the members of our military and police force that have to fight against the terrorists when the president and all the other members of the bureaucracy sit in their nice comfy office chairs and do absolutely nothing but make orders they don't fully understand and lay down rules that are cumbersome to follow. 

As a side note, winged ants suck.
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Welp, I guess I have to get on Skype. The only account I have is for work and thus doesn't get shared with anyone outside of work. But this is a holiday... why am I thinking of work??

You know the most disgusting thing a person can do when you're eating? (Caution: don't read this when eating.) Pick crap out from under their fingernails. Holy hell, that's some bad table manners right there. Flossing at the dinner table is almost as bad. Actually, they're probably equally bad. 

You don't need no charm school to teach you that. Common sense.
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Gonna go ahead and write my words before the thunderstorm cuts out my power. Once it happened that I had nearly finished writing my words, then when I was just about to hit publish (or whatever it is), the computer snapped off and the lights went out and the entire room was drowned in darkness. Not fun because then I had to retype all my words. It would be nice if this site saved a draft, but since you're only supposed to do 100 words at a time, I guess that's too small a number to warrant a draft-saving feature.
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Bleh. Meh. Just deleted the real post I was going to write in favor of something much more boring. That brings me to a new subject... all the posts that were never written. What did they say? What about all the text messages that were never sent? Emails that were erased before they were sent? The phone calls that were never made? This could create a wealth of story ideas. A plethora. Too many. Too much. So many. Now I've got anxiety just thinking of all those story ideas floating around. All waiting to be adopted and written and made good.
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Beating up the shyness is tough. Holy crap. Gotta beat it like Michael Jackson. Work keeps piling up for when I'm going to be out, but what can you do, right? A sewage truck spilled on the highway. Well, that's shitty (pardon the pun). I have nothing else to say and am just writing to fill the space. I was going to do Camp NaNo today, but I don't have any ideas and my head is swimming so I can't concentrate on any ideas if I had any. Plus, there's thunder so the power could go out at any minute. 
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Sick sad world we live in. I'm so tired of these shootings. I just want there to be peace on earth (and let it begin with me). Don't hate. Just love. It sounds so easy, but it's so difficult. Other than that, I don't have much to say. This is the start of my vacation. And I just found out that they're scaling back my activities... grahh!! Today is a good day to make monster noises and yell and scream get out frustration in productive ways. Not killing people. Never killing people. I bet we find out this guy was mentally ill. 
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So Pokemon Go came out and it's a big friggin deal. The odd part is that people are sustaining injuries wandering around catching and looking for Pokemon and these things called Pokestops, where you can pick up items. I'm not really that attached to Go. It's just another thing that'll keep people glued to their smartphones. Let's live in the real world, not the augmented reality world. I wonder if they'll one day find a way to make an augmented reality version of Harry Potter. Then the madness and chaos will really ensue. Boy, I need to chill out. Nervous.
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Well... the date yesterday. It went well, I suppose. I was proud of myself for not being too shy, yet I feel like the opposite was true and I was too random and ditzy and didn't adequately show how smart I supposedly am. There may be a second date. It all depends on whether he is true to his word. 

It just brought back a lot of old feelings and worries about getting into relationships and the realization that relationships are very hard and time consuming and they require a lot of energy. Not sure I have the energy.
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I keep thinking that it's some kind of holiday today. I have no idea if I'll even be able to focus on anything. A dude is supposed to show up to look at my embarrassing nasty carpet (and I promise that's not a sexual innuendo, but every time someone mentions the word "carpet" that's the first thing that springs to mind because I am 28 going on 16). I can't wait until I can get that carpet replaced... I am ridiculously excited for it because the room will get a whole new look and lease on life. (Lots of L's.)
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Using a wireless keyboard/mouse combo to write these words because I accidentally blew out my USB ports while trying to restart my computer while it was in the middle of an operation. Grr... I have been meaning to get a laptop for some time, but I don't know which brand to get. I want to get something that's good for the basics: MS Word, Internet, perhaps streaming music... perhaps watching DVDs... I don't need a fancy gaming computer or anything too elaborate like that. An illuminated keyboard would be really nice. And the portability of a laptop would be awesome. 
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Ah, the Internet. What a weird place. I agree that there shouldn't be any Pokemon Go playing in museums and national monuments, mostly because it's disrespectful. I have yet to see hordes of kids (and adults) running around with their heads in their phones, and Pokemon Go seems to be a good idea, but at the same time, it could be dangerous. Yet it's getting kids outside and exercising so it can't be all that bad. Lots of pros and cons here that might be better addressed in a full-length blog post. But I don't think I'll be getting the app.
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Getting my McAfee install on... don't talk to me about personal finance when I'm on vacation mode. Typing this on my new laptop. Yes, I actually got a new machine. This is a big deal for me. You wouldn't believe it. I never get anything new. I'm just trying to think of an excuse when I could actually pick the thing up and write somewhere else. I don't need the Internet to write. Just a charged battery and MS Word. Speaking of which, I need to get Office again. I downloaded Open Office, but it's not the same. Good workaround, though. 
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The world is crazy. There are more people dead in France, and I keep saying that these terrorist attacks are only going to get worse. It's only a matter of time before they do something here. 

The ball's back in my court and I'm bouncing it around idly. Wish there was an actual basketball court around where I live. 

People are so odd. It's so hard to connect with someone and develop something meaningful. There is too much going on in the world and in life. I used to be able to keep up with several guys. Now I can't. 
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The world of dating is a strange and crazy place. But I figure if at the end of it all, I find someone worth being with for the rest of my life, it will all have been worthwhile. It is also a good practice for me to stop being so friggin' awkward all the time. And I also think of it as kind of a job interview. I had to go through tons of those before I got a job, and at the end of all of them, I got a really good job. Perhaps the same principle applies here.
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Kind of funny how one person can appear who you like very much, then someone else shows up who is more "accessible" in that they live closer to you, and you feel more comfortable with them because you essentially knew people like this person before. So what is the best solution? To lower one's standards for the sake of having an easier time? Or to keep to one's high standards and risk making yourself out to be a fool or getting totally heartbroken? I suppose the latter is the best choice, even though it's the most difficult. Aim high, kids.
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Well... it's easy to fall in love, but it's hard to sustain a relationship. No shit, Sherlock, right? I feel like Captain Obvious has taken over my life at the moment, but the best part about this is that I might actually be able to bring back my old username that I had on one of the sites. 

Going through intense emotions. Not sure if this is hormones or what, but I haven't felt anything this intense since high school. I just want something I cannot name. If I were to look into the Mirror of Erised, what would I see?
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My poor phone hasn't seen this much action in a long time, and it's practically falling asleep and losing all of its charge. First thing I see on the news is PLAGIARISM in big huge letters, and I figure, of course, just when Trump seems to be doing fairly well, they've got to go pick on his wife. The poor lady probably had no idea what she was saying or even that her speechwriters lifted the speech. Either way, I don't believe it's her fault. Craziness. 

I am such a noob at texting. There is no way around it.
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Now I'm so tired I can't think straight. Too much time spent staring at screens today, and it's only going to continue bright and early tomorrow morning. But I'll have to put my head down and concentrate at some point. There isn't much to say, really. I get these odd episodes of doubt, but that's the story of my life. Writing isn't doing much for me these days. I feel as though I am waiting for something. Waiting for an opportunity to strike like the Venus Man-Trap from that old-timey Veruca Salt song. Man, I miss music sometimes.
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Over-analyzing every frigging thing is so not fun! Ugh, I never know whether I am doing enough or not enough or just the right amount or even more than enough. I know that God loves me no matter what, but I am so freaking nervous right now and there is no good reason for it. I will burn off my nervousness in this fit of typing until my twenty minutes is up and I have to get on the phone again. Normally I don't like phone calls, but this has been a time for phone calls, for sure. 
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Messages and messages and messages, I can hardly keep up. So excited about tomorrow that I can't breathe. (Well, not literally because then I'd be dead and not sitting here typing this.) Was going to write about something important, but I forgot what I wanted to say. Hillary picked her VP. Not sure what I think about that, but I think she's trying to pick someone more moderate so she can appeal to a wider group of people. I don't see how people can be Catholics and yet be Democrats at the same time. Seems like it's a conflict of interest. 
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I don't normally say stuff like this, but Ignatius Reilly is my spirit animal. My cat is rubbing her wet mouth all over me. She does that when she wants me to pet her. They say it's better to have a pair of cats because they keep each other company when you're gone. They also get in random fights for no reason and rip out each others' fur, but that's another matter. More or less like when teenage girls fight in the school cafeteria over some guy. Hey, no guy is worth fighting over. There are plenty of them around.
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Let's bring back all the old music. Classy dancing, none of this twerking. Frank Sinatra and Blue Swede and all those old cheesy oldies songs that meant so much and talked about sweet romance and none of these one-night stands we get at so often these days... the only things we can think of to accomplish with others, when there is so much more that we can discover about a person. 

There is too much there to let it go to waste. I want too much to get to know another person, to see what they're all about.
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I'm writing this on July 26. Finally got the carpet in my bedroom ripped out and replaced with laminate. This is literally one of the happiest days of my life. That carpet was nasty. The moral of the story is that a person should not have carpet in the house unless they know for an absolute certainty that they will never have pets or kids and they will never spill anything or puke on the carpet or drag stuff in on the bottoms of their shoes. There is literally no reason to have carpet unless you have some kind of showroom.
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The horrors around the world continue and there's nothing that can be done about it except prayer. Prayer and good works can spread the peace. All this "social justice" is a bunch of garbage. People holding up signs on the street is just another way of showing hatred. People will hate you for your ideals. You must love everyone, but that is an impossible task for a human to do on her own. God must love those people through you. I'm waiting, I'm waiting, for the best thing to happen... and that will be when God comes and saves us all. 
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Thinking about way too many things. Like heaven and the beatific vision and love and faith and hope and trust. All the big-picture things that you think of when you're in love and you never thought you would fall in love again because your heart felt like it was torn and bruised and dirty, then all of a sudden someone dared to see something in you and show you the way back to where you belonged and love is real once again and you can believe that it's just a tiny bit of God's love. Just a little bit.
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Just realized that I didn't write my 100 words for today. I wanted to try and write a poem, and I feel like if this had happened in the past I would have been able to, but I wasted all my words on them, and I can't come up with a single word for the one who might actually warrant all the words of my love songs, and this has become an epic stream of consciousness, but I don't care because I am falling in love and it is painful, or perhaps I am rising because we may lead each other to the light. 
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Gotta get the 100 words down before I completely lose my mind and forget. I'm pretty tied down to a set schedule, and it's hard to deviate from it. However... deviate I must! So I have places to be (and I'm actually writing on Saturday) and people to see and things to do and I feel like I actually matter in the world. I want to be helping someone or doing something nice, but I want to be with someone who does the same and has his life together. This all remains to be seen... I have about an hour!
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I'm so used to being vague and cryptic but I guess now is the time to let everything out and stop it with all this hedgehog's dilemma that is only in my mind. I have to open up pretty soon or else I will be a closed-off bud that will never feel the sunlight on its face. Mateo's Bud, not Mateo's Flower, although Mateo's Bud sounds like a beer, although I'm pretty sure Mateo would be drinking Corona instead, being that he has a Hispanic name but I'm pretty sure he is not Hispanic. Anyway... I'm presuming too much.
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Sense... this picture doesn't make any. Got to get caffeinated so I can go to Mass. Realized all those fake Tumblr followers finally got booted off the site. I have a St. Benedict medal that's blessed and is actually quite powerful. Oh, but free will can trump everything. You can have the pope himself bless you, and you're still going to fall into sin just because that choice has not been taken away from you. These are things I think about all the time. There's nothing much else to say about it. I have gotten to my 100 words today.