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I forgot what a trap house is, so I had to look it up. A house in which drugs are made. I was listening to the radio and that "Trap Queen" song by Fetty Wap (what the hell kind of name is that, by the way?) came on. So I started listening, and from what I could understand from the lyrics, it sounded like he was talking about him and his "boo" or his "trap queen" or his "shorty" or his "shawy" were making drugs in the kitchen of the house, then going to strip clubs in their fancy cars.
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Hurricane Joaquin (I will always and forever pronounce it "joe queen" -- I don't care) has passed us by, thank the Lord. Now my head hurts and I haven't had hardly any water to drink today, so I feel somewhat dehydrated. I was reading about that Oregon shooter. The typical shooter: young male, lonely and reclusive. Fan of guns. I mean, how could you not be? Probably played around on 4chan and sites of that nature. I can only feel sorry for people like that, but I feel worse for the victims' families. And those who were injured physically and mentally.
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Diversity in publishing is a huge issue these days. They are always trying to get writers to write more about people of color, the LGBTQ community, and so forth. The reason I don't write about people of color or the LGBTQ community is because I have zero experience with them. I have never been close friends with a person of another race or a different sexual orientation. I have no experience to go by, and I would unfairly represent the group if I were to write about them. They tell you to learn, yes, but these genres are not where my passion lies.
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My short story is nearing completion. I want to get it finished so I can move on to other things, but I keep fretting over whether it is good enough or not. There is only one judge, so I'm reminding myself that this particular judge may not like what I have written no matter how "good" it is. Writing is so subjective. Two people could have two totally different opinions on a piece. Math is easier in that sense. Right or wrong, black or white. I'm happy because I'm moving offices this week! I get to be closer to windows!
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I admit it. I am jealous of people who can do crazy things for someone they love. Of people who are brave enough to move across the world to live with a love they found on the Internet. It bothers me that I was never brave enough to do such a thing, but I could never tell whether it was because of lack of bravery or because I just didn't see the person I supposedly "loved" as worth the risk. I don't think I ever really loved that person at all. It was just a flash in the pan.
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Time to put the finishing touches on my short story, find and fix any embarrassing errors, and send it along to the contest. I don't think it'll win anything or get anywhere, but it'll be nice to feel like I accomplished something by submitting it. 

My best friend got a new TV. This is great because the TV he had was so tiny and had a blurry screen. I don't know how he could look at that thing for longer than five minutes. 

OK, so I'm off to write my blog. My real blog, not this little guy.
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Nature woke me up at 3:51 last night, and I couldn't go back to sleep immediately afterward, so I was robbed of about 45 minutes of sleep. I woke up in the middle of an awkward dream about work, but I can't remember that much about it. 

The Democratic presidential candidates are going to debate on Tuesday. Even though I'm not a Democrat, I'm going to watch it just to see what they have to say. I don't even know who's debating. I'm guessing Clinton, Biden, and Sanders. And I'm going to watch it on YouTube, not live.
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Ack! I have to put the finishing touches on my short story, do a final proofread, print it, stuff it (actually place it gently) into an envelope, and get it into the mailbox. This is the first thing I've submitted in a while, and I'm really nervous over it. It doesn't feel like tomorrow is Friday. I had way too many lentils yesterday, and my stomach feels out of whack. My schedule got thrown off because I worked from home, I feel too crazy, and I keep talking about myself too much. Some things never change. My ego is eternal.
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Holy crap! Turn off your car alarm! It's way too loud and piercing. That reminds me. Yesterday at work, we had a fire alarm. It was by far the loudest alarm I have ever heard in my life. I know it's supposed to alert everyone and get them out of the building, but this alarm could almost literally wake the dead. It was almost deafening when it came on. I was expecting it and I still jumped. You have to cover your ears and you want to rush to the exit just to get away from that horrible sound. Blah.
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Manage your time or your time will manage you. I think that's one of those sayings that doesn't make a whole lot of sense but just sounds nice flipped around. How can your time manage you? I guess on those days when you get caught up with something that you didn't intend to get caught up with and the day is over before you know it. I guess that'd be a case, so maybe the quote does make sense. 

Also, why are people so mean to animals? Like, doing dumb things to them for no reason. What's the matter with you?
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What do millennials want from the candidates? An honest person. Someone who is willing to do what it takes to stand up for what he or she thinks is right. Someone who puts the best interests of the people first. But the perfect candidate would never run for office. I'd like a candidate who knows what he or she believes in and doesn't switch gears every month just to see which side of the issue will win him or her more of the vote. You say you stand for something, stand for it. Don't back down. It's a lot to ask. 
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Everyone is so excited about Halloween, and I'm like meh, it's just another "holiday" and you don't even get a day off work for it! Where I live, they sometimes move trick-or-treating to another day, if Halloween falls on a certain day of the week. I was so upset when I was a kid, and they did that. Trick-or-treating took place the day before Halloween, and I didn't know. So when I showed up at the houses, no one had any candy left. Since then I have disliked Halloween. I guess I'm just a grump.
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Politicians say such dumb things. I feel sorry for Ben Carson because the media is going to be after him, dissecting and ripping apart everything he says. He's been saying stupid things about the world being created in literally six 24-hour days, which everyone knows is so obviously bogus. I mean, I like Carson. He's a down-to-earth guy, but he doesn't have the right experience to be president. We say we don't want another run-of-the-mill politician, but I bet we end up electing one anyway. What is change, America? I don't get it.
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I heard that Hillary won the debate last night, but I'm not going to watch it until I have some time a bit later in the week, so I can decide for myself who won. That's really all there is to tell today; I had some odd dreams about 2003-2004, which of course had me thinking about those years and trying to remember small details of things that happened when it really doesn't matter. It's amazing how much you forget, and how much you remember when you read back old journal entries. It's like... this really happened? For real?
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Having the hardest time with my blog today... I know what I want to say, but I can't get the words out. So I'll type in here as an attempt to jar my brain (or take my brain out of the jar). I realized that I am thinking inside of a box, if this little screen can be considered a box. Microsoft Word lets you type all over the screen if you so desire, so you can make your thoughts go outside of the box. It's interesting to think about. And if that's all that's interesting, my day was boring.
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Gearing up for NaNoWriMo! I have most of what I need but I'm still missing a way to tie all my ideas together. Those types of things usually come at the eleventh hour on the night before the whole shebang starts. 

I was thinking of sayings today. Like "that's how the cookie crumbles" and "hot mess" and "let's get this puppy done" -- I hate when people refer to something that isn't a puppy as "this puppy." Just strikes me as odd. Like "there's more than one way to skin a cat." That's just not fair to cats, dude.
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Woke up with "Eye of the Tiger" stuck in my head. I used to dislike most eighties songs (and songs that sound like eighties songs), but lately I'm finding that they're not all bad. Nineties music is still my favorite, though, and that remains one of my number one theories. People tend to like music from the decade in which they grew up. I know a lot of people my parents' age, and their favorite music tends to be stuff from the sixties and seventies because those were the decades in which they came of age. Is it true for you?
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I am reading a new fantasy novel (well, it was published in 1997, so it is new to me), and in the acknowledgments is the name of someone who interviewed me for a job a long time ago. I know it's the same person because he has an unusual name and is well known in the fantasy genre. I will never forget that job interview. It's funny how the things people say to you will sometimes be totally forgotten or remembered forever. You never really know what your mind will choose as important. Job interviews let you see yourself differently.
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Nothing to write about today, except that Joe Biden might run for president and I have been having weird daydreams, which is nothing new. My brother is going away for a few days, and he's driving for eight hours, which would drive me crazy. I guess it's not so bad if you split it into four-hour chunks and take a break in between. That way you could do it in a day. But where he's going, the houses actually have basements, to fit with the stereotype of millennials living in their parents' basement. Cool stuff happens in basements, man.
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It's really weird to me how people who have been married for 20 years can get divorced because they "grew apart." You'd think that in all that time, they would have grown together, but I guess over time, you pick up different interests and priorities, and eventually you're just not as close to your spouse as you were before. It's sad, but I suppose that's just human nature and real life talking. I have to make a vow to stop saying "I think" and "I guess," both in emails and in real life. It makes me sound wishy-washy (I think).
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Marijuana use in U.S. adults is rising. Well, no shit. Some states have legalized it. I'm kind of divided on how I feel about legalizing pot. I've never tried it before and I have no desire to, but I feel as though it's better than alcohol or cigarettes. My first thought would be to legalize it, but have the legal age of use be 21, as with alcohol. (This does not include medical marijuana, which is a whole 'nother can of worms.) 

Random aside: chicken feet taste really good in soup. You should try it one day.
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There is an article about heavy backpacks. I remember having a really heavy backpack when I was in school, but it never got to the point where my back was hurting because of it. The most important thing you can do is get the right kind of backpack (not a messenger bag) and wear it correctly. You have to adjust the straps so it's not sitting too low or too high on your back. The straps should be padded as well. If you get a cheap backpack, those skinny straps will bite into your shoulder blades. It hurts a lot.
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Being a collector of anything is tough. For example, if you intend to collect trading cards, you might believe that it will take awhile before there are enough of them to really take up a lot of space because they are so small, but they multiply rather quickly. I would love to collect books, but I have very little room, and my goal in life is to never have so much crap that I need to get one of those mini-storage lockers or have a shed full of crap that I will keep for years but never look at.
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It's horrible how much violence fills the world. The rage of dictators can destroy the lives of millions, and here we sit in America, blissfully ignorant or willfully unaware, clutching our cell phones and wondering what Pinterest-based meal we can make for dinner, after we take our kids to soccer practice and gymnastics and Girl Scouts and all manner of other things. There are no more family dinners simply because there is no time in the day. Mom and Dad work overtime to afford the house and the SUV and all those extracurricular activities, so daycare raises their children.
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Lincoln Chafee is no longer running. I didn't have much of an opinion on him one way or another, so I don't know how I feel about this. So that leaves Clinton, Sanders, and O'Malley. My favorite was Webb, but he was the first to drop out. I feel like almost all of the GOP candidates are still in. My favorite is Jeb. I like Trump and Carson personally, but I am really not sure that either of them would make a good president. I like Huckabee also, but he doesn't have a chance in hell. We're too secular now.
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I'm a morning person. I get up before the sun rises every single day, even on weekends. I realize that if I sleep late on weekends, then I mess up my weekday sleep schedule, so I just kept myself consistent. Therefore, I have no pity for people who cry about having to wake up at eight in the morning to get somewhere. That's not early, dude. Chill out. I used to be somewhat of a night person when I was in college, staying up until two or three in the morning, but that never lasted because I was always tired.
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I don't care that much for pit bulls, even if they didn't have the reputation of being vicious dogs. I don't like the way they look. Small dogs are my thing, but that's only if I absolutely had to choose a dog as a pet. I think I am more of a cat person. Dogs are more needy, and I'm not home all throughout the day to entertain a dog and take it on walks. A cat would be better for me. Pets do bring joy to our lives, even if they are just a fish or a bird.
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I can't believe there's going to be a Halo 5. I remember when everyone was so obsessed over the first Halo. I don't think I ever played it or had any interest in playing it, but in a way I wish I had more time to play video games like I used to. The only thing I play anymore is Pokemon, and I don't feel as though I'm a true player because I don't battle competitively or EV train or any of that stuff. Don't have the time for it. I play Pokemon for the variety of creatures. That's it.
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It has been a long week. I am so ready for Friday, but I'm even more ready for my weeklong (almost wrote weekling) vacation. I didn't plan right this year, so I didn't have a summer vacation like everyone else, and I was stuck at work. Fortunately, the summer went by fast. When I was a kid, I hated summers because they were dreadfully boring and I was one of those nerds who liked school. To this day, I wish I could go back to school. I bet I could, but I don't know what I would major in. 
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I'm actually writing this post on Halloween. The other reason I wasn't a big fan of Halloween when I was a kid was because I am extremely shy. It was awkward to me to walk up to people's houses and ask for something. Wearing a costume made it better, but not by much. Also, and this is going to sound whiny and annoying, I didn't like having to wear a coat over my costume when the weather was too cold. Most costumes weren't very warm, unless you wanted to be a bear or another fuzzy animal for Halloween. Whine over.
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That song by The Weeknd, "The Hills," is actually decent. The first time I heard it, I was surprised because it sounded so different from what I normally hear on the radio. And the bass is killer. Makes you feel like a badass when you blast it while driving.

I was stuck in traffic yesterday because of an accident up the road. I was looking at the other people in their cars: a middle-aged woman on a cell phone, a group of teen girls playing with the radio, a handyman with a truck full of tools... such interesting people.