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Hello, September. I was seeing these posts about how it's springtime now, and I'm like WTF, no it ain't, it's about to be fall. But then I remembered that some people live on the other side of the planet and spring is springing there right now. I'm very glad to give the sun back over to them and get into fall and winter. That means hoodies, warm sweaters, delicious soup, and of course, Christmas! (Well, they will have Christmas, too, but they'll have it in the summer/spring. That must be odd. Well not for them if they've lived their all their lives.)
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I got a book about being a spinster. I have no idea if I should go out and try to get a significant other. I don't have any good reason to have a boyfriend besides the fact that it would be nice to have company every now and then, but I am so antisocial most of the time. I prefer to spend time with books and papers instead of people, which is sad. Oh, well. To each her own. I guess if a guy ever shows up, I'll be open to it, but it's not the reality. It's a dream.
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I got some good ideas for my story when I was driving home from work. I then managed to remember them and write them down when I got home. So that was a success. This morning I accidentally killed a rabbit when I was driving to work. I have to go down this residential road, and it was really foggy and dark out, so I didn't see the rabbit until it was already running under my car. I felt the bump, too. Ugh. I felt bad that I killed it, but I felt irrationally angry at the rabbit for being stupid.
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It's really hard to type with a cat on your lap, and her purring is making my hand shake. She purrs really loud, but she meows very softly. She is a pushover. She always lets the other cat eat her food (which I try to prevent as often as possible). The other cat starts bopping her in the face, and she just sits there and takes it. She lets you sling her over your shoulder and carry her around like that, and she just purrs. She is a calico, and they are supposedly more affectionate than tabbies. That must be it.
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I have a three-day weekend, and I will do my best not to squander it by spending too much time on the Internet doing useless things. The strange thing is that reading is not seen as a waste of time, yet watching TV shows or movies or playing video games is. I guess it's because reading is associated with brainpower and is an older form of entertainment. I don't know if listening to the radio has the same stigma, probably because you're not necessarily captive while listening to it. You can get up and do other things as well.
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I cringe reading stuff I wrote a year ago. Not because it's necessarily bad but because my thoughts have changed so much since then. I try not to navel gaze anymore because it tends to lead to misery. There was once a time in my life when I was obsessed with history and I was almost like a hipster because I would put historical events and figures that no one had ever heard about on my blog and enjoy being obscure. I like being vague. It gives people something to wonder about, but it is also a form of douchebaggery.
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I finally get a day off work today, and I'm hoping that I don't end up squandering it in front of the computer. I saw Ant-Man the other day and was surprised to find that it was actually a lot of fun and very enjoyable, unlike a lot of other superhero movies I see. I found a hobby store as I was driving to my friend's house. It's in kind of an out-of-the-way place, which is why I must not have noticed it the million times I drove by before, but I'll stop by one day.
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I am really tired today. Either I am fighting off an illness, I have some kind of malaise (I wonder if that comes from the same root word as "malaria"), or it's because of hormones left over from my time of the month. I really don't know. But it doesn't matter that much. I worked from home today, so I didn't have to do the long commute, so that was nice. But I unfortunately went to the dentist during rush hour, so I got a little taste of the boring commute after all. Back to the office tomorrow, though.
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Sometimes I write these 100Words entries like I'm writing a letter to someone. I subconsciously have someone in mind when I write them, like they are my imaginary audience. Today, though, I guess the audience is everyone who happens to come upon this entry, whether it's via the "random entry" function or a Google search (or a Bing search, which is much less likely). Anyway, welcome to the randomness that is my 100Words account. It's basically me trying on a bunch of mental hats and pretending to be other people... or other versions of myself. It's a lot of fun.
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A lot of coincidental things have happened recently that made me think I should get a boyfriend. Well, try to get a boyfriend at least. The only problem is, I have no idea how to do that. I wouldn't go out with someone just to mess around with them. The intent is to find someone I could marry and spend the rest of my life with and be happy with. I really don't think I'm cut out to be alone forever, although I'm sure I've said the very opposite on here before. It's confusing. I'm worse than a teenager, dude.
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I'm reading a book that's annoying the living crap out of me and making me wonder if I really am that much of a contrarian. If I lived in the Victorian times, would I profess to love sex simply because no one else at the time admitted it? Because I live now, in this sex-crazed world, do I profess to remain a lifelong virgin because it goes against society or because it's really and truly what I think is the right choice for me? This is all so confusing, but I do have some evidence that will be kept secret.
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I learned that Rick Perry has dropped out of the Republican race for the White House in 2016. I guess I'm OK with that; I wasn't a fan of Perry. He always seemed like he was being overdramatic. I know that high energy is a good thing, but when you're a candidate, you have to strike a very delicate balance. My personal favorite is Lindsey Graham, but there's no way he'll win. Ben Carson is another favorite. Out of the Democrats, I really have no idea. I don't see why people would vote for Bernie Sanders or Joe Biden.
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I heard that Pokemon Go is coming out next year and allows you to fight Pokemon battles and catch Pokemon in real time. I wonder if it will allow you to transfer the Pokemon you've caught onto one of the console games. Also, I just ordered Alpha Sapphire after it's been out for like a year already. I think my first game is going to be a Nuzlocke challenge, so that ought to be fun. But of course, it will take time away from more productive stuff I should be doing. 

And on the news is another story about pit bulls. 
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I'm so tired, and I just realized I forgot to take off my shoes... hold on one second. OK, shoes are off and socks are on. That made me realize something about how people "live tweet" TV shows when they're on, creating lots of crazy tweets in the span of an hour or however long the show lasts. I don't think I'd ever do that because it clogs up people's pages and stuff, but it would be fun to do just to see other people's instant reactions to the crazy stuff that goes on. It'd be more fun for reality shows.
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I got stung on the hand by a wasp (or something like that; it could've been a hornet, but I have no idea) because I foolishly tried to kill it when it was sitting still for a while. But it had a hard little body, and instead of killing it, it got away but not after stinging me on the palm of my hand. It hurt for a little while, but I got over it. Now my hand feels achy, and I'm not sure if it's because of carpal tunnel or because of the wasp/hornet sting. Dang that bug!
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I am retagging the posts in my blog, and I'm almost at the end. I've reached the posts I wrote when I started the blog five years ago, and I don't know if I have grown up or developed in that time. I feel as though I have the same obsessions and interests that I had back then, which leads me to believe that I don't have any interests, at least not in the way normal people have interests. I can't hold a conversation with anyone because I'm simply not interested in anything their interested in. It is really weird.
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I have reached the point in retagging my blog posts where I am seeing the very early ones, where I mentioned the names of people I used to know in real life. So I went in and redacted the names. I hate how everything on the Internet is there forever, but it is useful. You can dig up a lot of dirt on someone if you have a lot of time on your hands... and these days, you don't even need that much time. Just the inclination. I will be so glad when I finish retagging all my posts. 
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A lot of people say they are sick of YA romances. I personally love it when the romance and melodrama take over, but I dislike when stories try to blend a whole bunch of different genres, especially in a YA book. It doesn't seem like there's much room for that. YA books always seem as though they are rushed, and there are times when I think the only difference between a YA book and a book for adults is the length and the fact that the main characters are teenagers as opposed to adults. It does not seem fair somehow.
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For some reason, I have "Float On" by Modest Mouse stuck in my head. I used to hate that song when I was in high school because it was constantly getting played on the radio, and that was the time when I hated singers with weird voices but I loved the Smashing Pumpkins, whose singer has one of the weirdest and most irritating voices of all time. Sometimes I don't make any sense. I guess the song is happy, and it's better to think of positive things than to fill your head with some negative song. Also, Miley Cyrus's "23."
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It gets on my nerves so bad when well-meaning relatives ask me if I have a significant other. It almost implies that I should have one... but I don't really want one. Every time I get into a relationship, I get nervous as hell and my stomach hurts. I guess this is just anxiety, but I am sick of blaming everything on some undiagnosed anxiety that I'm not even sure I have. Relatives on my dad's side have it, but that doesn't mean that I have it. My mother doesn't understand anxiety at all, which in itself is frustrating.
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Mondays are exhausting. I sometimes feel like I literally have to switch gears in my brain. Like somewhere in my brain, there is a switch that I have to press to get my brain to focus on the right thing (work instead of play), but it takes me a while (and a cup of coffee or two) to find the switch. I try to make it through the day on one cup of coffee, and I succeed most of the time. I don't want to become a coffee addict. Nothing else to say about that, though. Mondays are blah.
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So I finally got Pokemon Alpha Sapphire after it's been out for like a year now. I always wait a while before I get a new video game, although it would be fun to go to a pre-release event. Also, I need to get into the habit of exercising more every day. I don't get a ton of exercise and I've tricked myself into believing that I don't need it because I'm slender. There are times when all I want to do is play some basketball, but I wish I had someone to play with. Some one on one.
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Writing down Pokemon card set release dates... like a bauss. But really, my eyes are terribly tired and I don't want to write anything else. I have a short story idea I could be working on, and I'll get to it in a minute, after I rest my eyes for a short while. My car needs an oil change again. It goes through oil like you wouldn't believe because I use it so much for work (the car, not necessarily the oil itself). But I had a crummy day other than that. Days will be like that sometimes, I guess.
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The Pope is in the United States and annoying liberals and conservatives alike. The views of the Catholic Church don't fit neatly into the views of either of the main two parties. I guess that's why you have some Catholics who are staunch Democrats and others who are stalwart Republicans. 

Nothing else is really going on. The usual crap on the news about how some guy from Massachusetts on a biking trip was found dead in his cabin (or wherever he spent the night). I'm just glad he wasn't murdered by thugs. He seemed to have died in his sleep.
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Today Windows 10 installed on my computer. It's OK so far, and I'm not having much of a difference from Windows 7 except that the monitor resolution is messed up; it looks a little bit too wide or stretched out. I think that's because my monitor is an irregular size. I hit "auto-adjust," but it hasn't done anything. 

I got an email from Ted Cruz saying that he was dropping out of the race and about freaked out. They all want donations, but there is no way in hell I will donate to a political candidate even if I really like them.
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Oh yeah, and Boehner (I always purposely mispronounce his name as "boner" because I'm immature like that) resigned the other day. I don't know how I feel about that; everyone says that Boehner was the worst speaker of the house, and I don't think he adequately stood up for conservative issues. He could have been more forceful. I wonder if one of the presidential candidates could jump ship and take the Speaker of the House position instead of running for president. I can see Ted Cruz or John Kasich doing that, but then again, this is my uninformed thought process.
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I can't believe it, but I finally managed to retag all my blog posts. That was literally over 1,000 posts. I even did the ones from when I first started that blog in 2010. I would like to think that I've grown a lot since then and gained some life experience, but I still feel like I'm lightyears behind all the other people in my age group, who are supposedly getting engaged, married, and having kids. I'm slogging away on my career, which seems heartless, but it's because relationships are my weak point. I am so bad at them. 
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Homeschooling gets such a bad rap, but I must say that every homeschooled person and child I have met in my life has been vastly more intelligent, well-behaved, kind, considerate, you name the positive attribute than any public school kid I've met. I don't know what it is, and I can't compare it to private school kids because I don't believe I have met any of those. Still. Homeschoolers aren't a bunch of crazy Christians or socially awkward freaks. They are far and away more equipped to handle life than public school kids. Kudos to their parents and mentors.
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I had an idea for what I would write here, but I forgot it already. Reminds me of how we had a meeting at work today and one of the guys forgot what he was going to say because someone interrupted him. I have gotten so used to never getting the chance to talk in group settings that I don't talk at all, then people wonder: "Why's she so quiet?" And I'm thinking, "Because you fools never stop talking long enough for me to get a word in edgewise!" I feel like I am in my complaining mood again. 
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End of the fiscal year. I saw a rainbow today, so I guess that means things will end up well. But I stayed at work really late to finish up a project. And weirdly enough, I have "Wrecking Ball" by Miley Cyrus stuck in my head. 

And this Hillary Clinton email thing is still going on. Politicians need to be even more careful of their Internet lives and emails than regular people. If there is shit to be dug up about regular people, that kind of stuff is only the tip of the iceberg for politicians. 

I'm way tired.