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Rapture (Kayla)

At church, preachers keep mentioning the rapture. I still don't understand exactly what's going to happen. It's so hard to believe. We're going to lose all our clothes and float up to heaven if we're good? It's just so much like fiction that I can't really believe in it. I'd rather believe in reincarnation; even that seems somehow less outrageous than floating up to heaven completely naked. First of all, it defies laws of gravity, and second of all, I thought Jesus was supposed to come down and save us - but I think that's after the naked part.
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Before I see a movie, I always check its rating. Not the G, PG, rating, but the percentage rating on Rotten Tomatoes. They've usually got pretty accurate feedback for the movie and a good variety of critiques about it. It's true - there have been a lot of movies that I've liked and then gone on Rotten Tomatoes to find that the raters don't care too much for them. Oh, well, at least I enjoyed the movie. In terms of letter ratings, I can't stand R rated movies. It's just too much - too sensational for me. I'd rather see a G.
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I wrote a poem called "Little Reason". It was a terrible poem, but nearly everyone's standards, even my own, but I did not care. The poem expressed what I was feeling at the time I wrote it. Isn't that the point of poetry? To express feelings that you can't necessarily put into words? I could never actually outline all of my reasons for making a very personal and emotional decision, so I wrote a poem about them. I felt better about myself, but I still had to explain the poem - nobody really understands my poetry. I purposely make it esoteric.
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I don't want to write about the historical movement, so I'll focus on the construction going on right outside my dormitory. I can't even cross the street because of all the giant vehicles and construction workers swinging backhoes every which way. When I do try to cross the street, I can't see both ways up and down because of said construction vehicles blocking my line of sight. So I have to practically stand in the middle of the road to see across, and by then, I'm halfway across anyway. The construction also kicks up dust, which really irritates my eyes.
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This is perfect! NCSU just beat Duke, which is a freaking miracle if you ask anyone, because usually we are the losers and Duke are the winners. The celebration by the bell tower kept me awake last night, but it was all right - just a bunch of guys hollering GO! PACK! for what felt like hours on end. I also heard the horde by the bell tower screaming at the top of their lungs, too. Bunch of loonies. My roommate and I were both about to go to sleep - I was just about to drift off when they started yelling...
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I love looking at someone you like through their reflection. I don't know why - I guess because it's funny. It's even more amusing when they look at you through some reflective surface and you don't notice because it's so subtle. I guess I might be thought of as creepy for saying this, but I don't know. It just amuses me. I'm a people watcher at heart, so I'm always on the lookout for interesting things - no pun intended. I just don't like looking at my own reflection - but I know that it could be much worse. I'm too self-centered.
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Rejection (Jason)

I tried out for the basketball team, but got completely and utterly rejected. I have the skills. I know I do - I proved that at tryouts. They agreed that I had the skills - even the coach wished he could put me on the team. The other guys at tryouts liked me. So why didn't I make the cut? Because of my grades. I can't get a good grade any more to save my life. I've tried everything and nothing works. Tutors don't help me. It's just - nothing works. I must have some kind of learning disability - it sucks.