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The main reason I enjoy sitting at coffee shops is purely for the purpose of relaxing my mind and observing people.

Here on 16th and Curtis I watch people walk up and down the street which seems to be an aimless wandering with no real meaningful purpose.

I see question marks written all over their faces.
Coming here to this small downtown city will not give out any answers.

Even if someone did have all the answers to their questions who would really listen?

How many really listened in the past to the truth bearers and the givers of Light?.....
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While bagging groceries, my right index finger was pricked by an artichoke. I never thought that a vegetable could cause blood to draw from my skin.

Earlier in the day I reflected on the obvious principles of our Universe to be a circle and wondered where did the square come from.

That strange man who destroyed civillizations and killed tribes of people with huge sky scrapers to prove his conquests of conquered lands and people.

Ancient people knew the power of the circle and built their homes with a circle.

How did the square manifest so oddly in perfect times?
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I layed down tonight and watched the moon rise.
I tried to communicate with her but was told just to listen.

She shone with the beauty of pearls,
and the silk of a luminous woman,
who weaves.
She could have been,
very well,
my grandmother,
teaching me wisdom of the trees,
and rivers,
before they were defiled by modern pollution and unnecessary wastes and burdens that is weighing our revolving mother down.

The moon was surrounded by a perfect circular rainbow
which is not the first I've seen.

Reach out to humanity with what is left of it
and pray.
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The 4th of July or Independence day as it is called.

But whose Independence and Independence from what should be the foremost question.

Is it freedom from a British empire or monarchy?

Who benefitted from the independence?

Christopher Attucks, a Black man was shot down first. Deep down inside, both sides were happy that he was one less Black man to worry about.

Meanwhile today, most people think that the 4th of July is about fireworks, firecrackers, getting drunk, throwing parties and hanging the flags of illusion on their front lawns.

On another front, another Independence was declared in 1930.
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The ointment for muscle and back pain helps me out to a degree. I blame it all on the hard labor of pushing all those metal shopping carts, or were they aluminum.

I called off from my part time job. Besides, what do I have to lose when I already have a full time job?

I leave out early before going to work to go to one more Mexican restaurant I remembered that does not have pork on its menu. I wind up getting three tacos from Illegal Petes and enjoy the sunset or at least what's left of it.
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Why is light considered good and darkness considered bad?

Darkness is seen as bad, but people forget that the darkness gave birth to the light.

In the beginning was triple darkness and God said let there be light. This let's you know that light did not manifest on its own, but was willed into existence by an intelligent force.

On deeper analysis, blackness and darkness being attributed as being bad and evil is a fairly new thing when you examine other cultures and what attributes they attribute to Black.

Do we live in an evil Universe illuminated by bright stars?
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To build a dream......

What must be done?

What tools will you need?

He searched his heart while being fooled by the fantasies of his mind, which made decisions harder to make.

A strong foundation of truth is needed for a dream to stand.

He searched the depths of his mind and questioned his beliefs and what he wanted out of life. Asking himself is what I want based on someone elses wants, or do I want because my heart and soul wants it.

He became sad, because he could not think of a dream because he was already dreaming.
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I was listening to an advertisement on the radio on how to kill ants in your home. To me it was typical on how the white man was always trying to kill something and always considering something as an intruder.

In another light I've witnessed how white people have tried to protect species of life, but this only came after many drilling speeches by aboriginal people about protecting the species of life to keep the balance of life and how we are all connected.

Some species are nearly extinct which is a great sign of our own extinction and demise.
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I thought only children received points for doing good work, but here I was at the service desk getting a briefing that I was doing a good job.

You used bags on both sides, smiled at the customer, and said thank you.

Wow I really feel special now. Three points each.

If only my points could help to pay for my bills.

In the meantime, the sparrows asked me to share my oatmeal raisin cookies with them which I did with no hesitation.

Introductions were made with some girl named Cassidy, who was all bubbly and full of strange joy.
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In the deep darkness all he could hear and feel was his heart pounding like a sacred drum.

Primal fear of the unexpected and gifts received from the unknown.

I think our pulse beats 108 times per minute which was the amount of minutes in question regarding a phone call.

The power in numbers is real.
Another language,
on different terms
in a different light.

Humans have 10 fingers and 10 toes while another civillization has 12 fingers and 12 toes.

Try figuring that out in Newton's science books.

The drum is still beating and it is sacred.


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About the true Jihad....

It is talked about among many circles and among different religions about fighting Satan and his devillish followers which are always presumed to be some outside force.

That is true.....

However only a few talk about fighting the Shaitan and demon within themselves.

How many are willing to face their own devil, who has control over their lower desires?

Who can control and master their uncontrollable desire for food, sex, wealth, and lust?

Who can control their tongues from speaking many lies and speaking many falsehoods?

Who is strong enough to fight the toughest battle within?
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Quite cold now for what is supposed to be summer. In the last hour of my shift I was pushing carts in the rain like a mad samurai. I over heard someone make the comment to me as being productivity.

Maybe a bit too productive for my low wages and back pains that is coming along with it. The chant just leave this job lingers in my mind.

As I walk out the supermarket doors to go home, the Sun peeks behind the clouds and shines on me and says the time has come to fly on the crows' wings.
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The Wisdom and Knowledge of Allah (God) is spoken in this light.

If all the seas or oceans were ink,
and all the trees pens,
and Allah wrote what He knew,
His Knowledge nor His Wisdom would not be exhausted.

This statement in the Holy Quran is so deep and profound that when I reflect on it, it takes my intellect away.

I think about the things I know or think I know and compare my knowledge to a small dot in comparison to a grandeur Universe.

To see my dot of knowledge you would need a high powered microscope.
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It is my strongest belief that if Black people knew their true history and had true knowledge of themselves, they would not be in the condition they are in today.

I reflect on what I learned in the Government's institutionalized schools of the United Snakes and recall what I learned about Black history.

The only thing I learned was that Black people were slaves and in due time were freed from slavery and that's it.

Everything else I learned of value regarding Black people I had to either go to the library, a Black bookstore, or hear an enlightened Messenger.
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Is there really such a thing as true love?
Like the softness of one rose petal nudging my fingers,
the caressing of her soft cheek and skin with my hand,
the smell of her hair,
mixed with distant shores,
and what we have missed together,
and so far away.

Is true love the embrace she gives that warms my being,
causing tears to flow like rivers,
that never join the ocean?

Is true love more proned to be torn,
like Japanese rice paper,
not handled tenderly enough,
not given the chance,
with despairing thoughts of meeting again
in another lifetime.
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I was walking down Edison Street to the library which is a quiet, clean, and peaceful neighborhood. I admired the houses I passed by, which had what I attributed to having a Zen state type quality.

While focusing on my own state of being, my head evaporated and all the mind stuff inside.
It was a brief realization of enlightment.

Enlightment being true knowledge. True knowledge being not knowing anything at all.

All the names we attributed to things were just names we gave them and complete limited definitions of agreements.

The world is definitely mysterious and myself simply unknown.
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I enjoyed briefly my time at Barnes and Nobles in the jazz music section. It's great that you can listen to almost every cd, but has only small snippets of the songs and usually the first 3 or 4 songs.

Somewhat disappointing that I cannot afford to purchase, financially the cd's that I desire.

I realize that my love for music is strong.

I think about the people that wrote the music, feeling the emotion in the song, and how my thoughts are effected,
sometimes taking me to unknown places so distant yet so near.

What are my musicianship capablities? `
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Earth has never stopped spinning,
and as it spins and evolves,
we evolve with it,
or drop off on the wayside,
or the end of the world,
where the world is supposingly flat,
and at the end
we just drop off.

So called scientists back then must have been very stupid.

In the meantime, a young man is drowning in financial debts,
paying for his bills overseas,

and in the rocky high mountains
in the Disunited Snakes.
It's no easy task.

He's not angry about it,
but robbing a bank
or some financial institution
is tempting,
almost worth the risk.
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Is it possible to be desireless or to have no wants?

Would we still be considered human if we didn't have desires?

How would the industrialist and advertisers feel about this?

How would the world change?

I think the absence of desire would equal no purpose, and that our creation as a people would have been a waste of time.

Everyone wants to live, I'm sure. That counts as a desire.

How we want to live, is where all the controversies, divisions and arguments come about.

What if we all as a people desired higher truths versus accumulated material posessions?
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Deconstruct the many illusions that encompasses us in order to experience more light. The more we unfold what is not true, the more closer we come to the ultimate reality.

In Islam it is encouraged to study the signs in nature and there is even a chapter named after the ant. If we strived to take on the attributes of ants, we would be more productive and successful in life.

Prayer is better than sleep. It is part of the call to prayer in the morning before sunrise.

Anything is probably better than sleep, the twin relative of eventual death.
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Everything has a beginning and an eventual end. If something does not have a beginning or an end, there must be something extraordinary about it. We usually refer to this as Allah or God.

Allah is the seed of all creation. If we were to trace the origins of all things, we would wind up with God. This is a deep contemplation, wouldn't you like to know Him more intimately.

Wake up to a new world. A world without names and judgements.

Cease from calling a cloud, cloud or a bird, bird, and see what happens.

Something strange and mystical.....
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Trees, mountains, and stones have the perfect Zen nature, because they are unmoving and constantly in a state of meditation.

Everything in creation has its own method and mode of prayer, but the majority of the scientists do not believe this because they do not believe in Allah or God.

As human beings we are always looking for some great miracle.

Sometimes we'll look up into the sky, or look for someone with magical powers, but the greatest miracle of all that we underestimate is the fact that we are alive.

The fact that we breathe, see; walk is enough.
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Today I thought about guns and the dangers of owning one.

Cases of domestic violence, where a couple can't settle an argument and reaches for the gun. Pow!!!!

What's funny is how the government discourages citizens from owning one, yet they continue to manufacture them and allow gun shops to stay in business.

Some are dumb enough to turn their guns in for some measely baseball tickets.

So next time someone invades your home and you're sitting on the toilet, good luck.

What's next?

A police state?

Then how would you defend yourself?

With sling shots and stones of Goliath?
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I made a pot of lentil soup this evening while listening to Malay music.
Brought back so many distant memories within, and a certain degree of peace.

Aku rindu makanan di Singapura!

Each time I cook anything from scratch, I realize how cooking is an art in itself. So many things are involved.

I often find my state of mind to be more relaxed, and I more aware of my thoughts.

I can understand why a woman should not be disturbed while she is cooking.

Her train of thought can get all messed up and the preparation of the food.
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Red Magnetic Skywalker

Day out of time, as stated by the dreamspell calendar.

Today was my first taste of ever seeing the Bible written in Hebrew. I wondered if Hebrew was spoken by ancient Black people first. I was quite sure, since they are originally a Semetic People.

My highest thought today was that within our glorious Universe, it is far better and rewarding to give versus receiving.

I stopped by Barnes and Nobles and desired to buy these books.
The Holographic Universe, Zero, The Planets, Religion is not about God, and The Inconvient Truth all dealt with our Universe.
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Year: White Lunar Wizard

Month: Magnetic Moon

I did a brief meditation before going off to work. Something I have not done in a very long time. As I closed my eyes and focused on the black screen of my pineal gland, I would soon see fizzles of blue which evolved into more recognizable scenes.

It was almost like dreaming, except I was meditating and more aware.

I saw a bathtub and various symbols representing Spain.
Was I in Spain?

Later I saw a hallway with wooden floors and white walls.

Where exactly was I?

Travelling deeper within the mind?
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Angel information.....

It was said that Hebrew was a telepathic language. If that is the case, we can say the same thing about all other aspects that carry a symbolic aura.

The hieroglyphics could very well be telepathic in nature, since it's language is full of symbolisms.

How about Japanese and Chinese Characters?

The I-Ching .....?

Tarot cards as a means to develop more of your psychic and intuitive abilities.

Today symbolized the end of the world.
Clouds were almost as dark as night;
rains poured down hard in the middle of summer.
Their was multiple thunder storms and chastizing lightning.
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I reflected on modern war of today which is devastaing, versus ancient wars, and what ways were they different.

In ancient wars there was more honor, respect and what I believe to be spiritual preparations.

Before battle, dances were performed, prayers were made; death poems and deep contemplations.

War was more on a one on one basis and close combat.

In today's war, there are no prayers, and no special ceremonies given. Only the chant kill, kill, kill by soldiers who are just like the former crusaders.

On the other, the true Jihadists still pray five times a day everyday.
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There is this burning urge and desire inside of me to paint so bad, and not painting really eats me up inside.

I think about it, have all kinds of ideas and thoughts what I want to paint, I see and visualize myself painting.

Without the action is like smelling apple pie and not being able to eat it.

I yearn to spread oils and acrylics across the naked canvas and feel the wooden edges of the easels' body.

I yearn to experiment with water color and to put on canvas, this inner creativity within on the verge of exploding.
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I crapped all over those arrogant businessmen frozen in time, while they drank their frapuccinos and iced mochas.

"What are you writing about?" they asked.

I'm writing about your mama and your bald headed granny I responded.

He looked in amazement, and shock, then spilled hot coffee all over his peckerwood.

Me, and the crows outside laughed in unison.

I stared that fat businessman in his eyes with a piercing glare, until he began to melt into this latte type of foam.

I informed the bartista that they had a big mess to clean up.

I basked in the sunlight.
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The entire day was going well, filled with inspiration.
Especially when I saw that youthful Azteca woman sitting in the grass so humbly as though she was waiting for something.

"Can I share this piece of Earth with you?" I said telepathically to her.

She looked at me briefly and simply smiled.

In the night,
my plans to drink coffee at the coffeeshop,
write in my journal,
and organize my personal space were all ruined when I was suddenly called to work,
because demon girl called off.

She is always calling off,
making up her weaved and fabricated twisted lies.