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It seemed that all of the people in Singapore was in a somber mood reflecting over everything that happened in 2006 and what would happen in 2007.

I myself was in a reflective mood embracing the silence the day brought me.

On another note I went through some unknown dimension, trembling in the tremendous energy and afraid to enter the door that would lead me to ectasy and afraid to receive that which would clothe me in cosmic robes.

I was afraid that my destiny would be stripped away and that I'd wind up naked somewhere on the ocean shore.
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I can't think of anything more humiliating for a man than to have a case of erectile dysfunction, where suddenly he cannot get his manhood to stand up, even at the expense of being sexually aroused.

The cause could be a result of several factors.

Believe it or not, lack of exercise could be a factor.

Another could be an infection from alcohol abuse or smoking too much tobacco.

On a deeper level it could be psychological in nature due to some disturbance done to the subconscious.

It could be feelings of guilt or maybe she's not really into it.
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''I don't like to make love all the time because I have to always shower and wash my hair,'' she said.

''But showers are good aren't they?'' I rationalized.

''Yeah but then it takes so long for my hair to dry,'' she responded. ''Can I just cut my hair short?''

''So you can look like a boy? You know I like you with long hair, why do you want to take away your femininity.''

The conversation didn't go beyond that but left me wondering about the basic priciples of making love and why some people make the simple so difficult.
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I've passed by Masjid Wak Tanjong almost eveyday for months on my bus rides home, but had never managed to actually pray inside of it until today.

I happened to cross the bridge just in time to hear the adhan for Zuhr prayers. This all happened after my journey to Buona Vista station from Paya Lebar and back again.

The first impression I got from the mosque when I went there was that it was an old mosque and had been there for some time.

Construction around this mosque has been ongoing for ages due to an underground subway project.
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The first Friday of the Gregorian calendar month and I learned that postage went up today, but the service will remain the same.

Your letters will not get to its destination any faster either.

As the cost of living goes up the basic salary of a working man stays the same and a few rich people scratch their heads wondering what is the cause of poverty.

It's because they didn't get a good education some say.

But you have some doctors who are homeless due to unfortunate circumstances.

So who's to blame?

Everyone....if there is no collective solutional efforts.
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Who would ever think that so many politics and government issues could effect if you could attend a certain school or not?

When you live in a foreign country, things are not always peaches and cream. People should not always be quick to down foreigners in their own country until they know what it's like to be a foreigner.

Since the Earth is here for us to live on while we live, there should not be any limits as to where we desire to travel.

A citizen of one country should not be seen as being better than another citizen.
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A big question mark resides over the heart, asking why do we suffer everyday continuously on a day to day basis.

Like two lovers who were once in love, until tragedy dropped negative seeds on them and took root in their beliefs,.... departed.

The heart has been taken to be just a lump of flesh, that beats with no desires, needs, or wants that needs to be fulfilled.

Everyone knows their true calling of their heart, but try not to hear that faint voice who desperately pleas, ''please try it this way, you'll be much more happier than you are.''
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Before you go to sleep, reflect over how your day went and everything that you did. Press rewind and ask yourself the question, "if I knew today was my last day to live, would I have done anything differently?''

It might be to late to do anything about it, because it's possible that you might die in your sleep.

We never signed a contract with God or the angel of death that our lives would not be taken while we slept.

If you wake up tomorrow morning you have the chance to live it as though it was the last.
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My definition of a warrior is a freedom fighter or someone who fights for some cause to defend something of value which goes beyond personal motivations.

Fighting for the rights to practice ones religion is an example. This is in cases where the people are being oppressed by a corrupt government or denied rights to assemble.

Other cases involve when a group of people are being forced to accept something they don't believe in. Not believing in the acceptance of white supremacy or white superiority is an example.

Indians from Turtle Island were warriors and various tribes throughout the Earth.
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Scientist say that there is hot lava and crust at the center of the Earth.

Some Christians say that hell is at the center of Earth and this is where we will burn in hell. When you ask Christians where is hell they will point down and say that it is under the ground.

Some say if you dig from one side of the Earth to the other side you'll reach China.

Some spiritualist say that there is quartz crystals at the center of the Earth and maybe even a hidden city.

So who do you believe?

Welcome to Atlantis.
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"Great is truth, but still greater, from a practical point of view, is silence about truth. By simply not mentioning certain subjects''....This is supposed to be a quote by Aldous Huxley. The same man who wrote The Doors of Perception.

A long time ago I asked someone who wrote the scripts for the Twighlight Zone episodes. I was referring to the old classic black and white episodes and not the boring modern ones you see in color.

Someone told me it was Aldous Huxley but, I don't see his name connected anywhere with the Twighlight Zone Episodes.

Arabia Infelix
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I suggested that we order Sarpino's pizza and she agreed. I wanted everyone to have a nice evening and enjoy themselves.

Things were going great until she sat on the couch and noticed that the pillow had some lace strings missing from the corner.

She asked my daughter who did it and of course she couldn't remember because it happened ages ago.

I wondered why she barely noticed it, and why was she getting all worked up over a piece of lace.

''A friend bought this for my birthday,'' she said ''and no one ever bought me anything.''

Typical lie.
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As long as people can't factor in Black people as part of the mathematical equation of the Universe, there will never be peace or a complete happiness for the entire human civilization.

Because the Black equation and factor has been castrated and made to appear insignificant, it has crippled all aspects of science, arts, culture and civillization.

But what is more drastic is that the Black equation is the root of all mathematics and Universe, but some cave men have defactored the equation.

It is just like when 0 was not considered a number.

How did you get number 10?
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How easily we can make great efforts to get to work on time, but when it comes to prayer, we are slack and slow as though prayers are not as important as going to our nine to five jobs.

As a matter of fact, prayers take precedence over all other matters of this world which mankind has invented.

Paper valueless money, clocks, and machines are the things of this world that we have given devotion to while neglecting our very own souls.

How easily we forget our Maker and Creator who created us and every essence of divine organic life.
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I'm cleaning my study room more which seems to be an on going project. Once I think that I am finally getting it organized, somehow it gets all messed up again.

Scattered newspaper clippings, six year old drawings on recycable papers from work, books that have no room to fit on the overfilled bookcase, empty boxes and full boxes full of I don't know what.

The spiders running around and tiny unknown insects is a constant reminder that this study room is an absolute mess.

The walls still need to be painted that the previous owner painted a dull pink.
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The entire communtiy took advantage of the Sun today by hanging out their clothes on bamboo sticks and over their balconies.

We have had rain for days here on this tiny island Temasek in Southeast Asia.

I love the rain, but I don't think anyone likes the floods and canoeing in deep waters that use to be a major intersection.

This was a typical scene in Malaysia. Seeing scenes like this make you feel fortunate that it was not you.

But what if it was?

How would you cope with it?

I still keep seeing the events of Hurricane Katrina.
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It was a warning from several prophets.

Beware of false prophets prophescizing false prophecies. They were not just referring to prophets, but also to leaders as well.

Religious leaders dressed in holy robes but committing sins beyond imagination.

This could even refer to politicians as well who promise the people, ''if you vote for me I promise to help you and support you in your needs.''

Once they are voted for and win the nomination, they suddenly develop amnesia.

So beware of wolves in sheeps clothing speaking articulate words with their mouths while producing nothing.

Not even a minute change.
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Why did I feel as though I was tresspassing when there was no tresspassing signs as I walked past several front doors on the first level of a flat.

The man went into his flat and quickly locked his door after chaining his iron gate as though I was about to rob him for his soul.

Are human beings by nature territorial in the manner that animals are territorial?

Animals will bite, scratch, and even kill when you get near their territory.

Are we like this from someone elses warped ideals which developed through time?

When will human beings transcend?
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I went down to the immigration office during the time that they instructed, to pick up my daughter's passport and to see if her student pass was approved.

In my mind I thought I would just go straight in and straight out. I was terribly wrong.

This place was like a zoo inside full of commotion and hopes for the right number to be called.

I waited so long, that I managed to read the entire Surah of Al Kahf in Arabic which contains over 110 verses.

Once I collected everything and walked outside I was greeted by the Sun.
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Today is 1 Muharram, year 1428 on the Islamic calendar as well as my spouse's birthday.

I went to the Nokia Service Centre to pick up my phone which they stated was beyond repair.

Is it beyond repair or you don't know how to fix it?

It is not uncommon to find places that say they can't fix something but if you take it somewhere else, they can.

It's just like giving time tables to a four year old who can't do time tables because they have not learned addition and subtraction.

For every probleum there is a solution somewhere.
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I purchased the book ''Act On Life Not On Anger, The New Acceptance and Commitment Therapy Guide to Problem Anger,'' at the Borders bookstore.

It was an additional gift I had planned to get her on her birthday a long time ago. I only hope that she reads it, and don't put it on a shelf to collect dust.

I saw several other books I was interested in but had to remind myself that I was not here to get books for myself.

I liked the book that dealt with the psychological issues dealing with murder and why it's committed.
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Today was my first day taking the LRT also known as the 'Light Rapid Transit' train. I walked quite a distance and got on at the Layar station.

I saw sites I've never seen before in Temasek, including a playground unlike any playground I've ever seen before. I wondered why they didn't have playgrounds like this when I was young.

If I really wanted to I could get off the train and go play on it, but would I feel like an idiot or completely embarassed?

Maybe if I was with my daughter I would feel more comfortable with an excuse.
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I had talked about my feelings that I did not want to talk about, voiced my truths and my opinions and a few things that I believed and a few things that I felt were impossible.

Impossible on the level of being lawful and correct.

It's not unusual for a man to voice his deepest feelings to a woman, even if she is his wife.

Many times a woman will take those deepest feelings of a man and stab him to death with them or make him turn old and grey before time.

A good woman will nurture his ideas.
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"I slapped her in the face'' she said over the telephone.

''Who told you to slap her in the face?'' I responded angrily. ''Did you know that you are not supposed to slap children in the face?''

She said she didn't know and I wondered what was she learning in her religious classes.

Prophet Muhammad (s.a.w) never slapped children in the face and encouraged parents to generate kindness and mercy to them.

Of course this does not mean that we don't discipline them, but you don't need to slap a child in the face to get your pointless point across.
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I issued The Farside Gallery 3 comic book to my colleague today wrapped in black and white gift wrap. Today was his last day of work.

I knew he wouldn't stay with us long from the very beginning because we were all told he was an intern from some school I don't know the name of.

By the way it was wrapped he already knew that it was a book.

I hope he didn't take the book as though I thought he was nerdy or childish.

In my opinion he seemed like someone who would enjoy the Farside cartoon characters.
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His name was Iwuchukwu Amara Tochi and he was 21 years old from Nigeria. Now he is dead for smuggling 727 grams of heroin into Singapore.

Before arriving in Singapore, the embarkation card you fill out states that the penalty for drug smuggling is death.

I guess some people don't know about this law, but it's a good one.

What is the justification for the penalty?

Because these drugs in turn kills many people and it ruins families which is the basic unit of any society.

Do you think Amerikkka would be a better country if this law was imposed?
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I finally got the chance to go to what has been called the new and improved Vivo City.

Vivo City is said to be the largest shopping mall in Temasek. I do admit that the place was huge, but I wasn't impressed at all.

I try to avoid places where you see fake people in large numbers congregate.

I stopped at Banquet's to get some fish soup for my evening shift. I enjoy eating it with the small red chili padis which make my eyes water and mucus to drip out of my nose.

It's part of the cleansing process.
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In the upcoming Chinese New Year, we will enter the Year of the Pig.

Being Muslim, there is nothing that intrigues me about the pig, but I was interested in knowing what the pig symbolized according to the Chinese.

I happened to find some information.

In Western Astrology a persons' sign is according to the month, but in Chinese Asrology it is based on the year.

Reference was made to Jupiter as the Year Star and its twelve year orbit which could correlate with the twelve month calendar.

In Chinese Astrology the pig is a good lovemaker and loves luxuries.
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"First grade will be nothing like kindergarden," I told her as I walked her to school. "Now you must focus more on school work and less on cartoons."

I know this will take time to sink in.

Later on in the evening, and past midnight once I got home I turned the television on and began to realize more how television takes away so much of our time.

If I spent the time that I watched television in my entire life; learning a foreign language instead, I would be fluent by now.

We should put television behind bars for stealing.
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Slowly the cells and molecules in my body and mind began to dematerialize as I relaxed more and more. Then I became a Siberian tiger, magical and free.

As I saw through its eyes, I sensed something more. I began to expand and I was no longer a tiger, but a sensitive star with no feelings for this or that.

I was sensitive in the sense that I was picking up on other peoples thoughts and feelings which were not my own.

Thoughts and feelings were trying to bring me back to so called reality.

A reality I don't need.
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The science of producing a child before even engaging in the sexual acts......

Both couples should be healthy to ensure good physical traits are passed on.

In other words, you don't want to be doped up on drugs, or full of alcohol if you want to produce a healthy baby. These chemicals can easily be a part of its development and passed on.

Secondly, having a child should be a conscious act.

You don't want to say "oh it was a mistake, the condom broke," or "I didn't pull out fast enough."

And most of all, try offering some prayers.