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By now Irans' deadline has arrived on the Gregorian calendar, to stop its uranium enrichment programme by dictator Bush, the true axis of evil.

He's the reason for the wars to begin with and his lustful desire to control the world.

I don't hear much about North Koreas' nuclear ambitions. So now they are trying to put the focus on the Middle East now.

Why is the Amerikkkan Government so afraid of Islam?

Is it because in Islam it is stated to worship no god but Allah?

Fear no one but Allah!

Sorry Bush, but they're not afraid of you.
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At one point I was watching a video on the wheels also known as unidentified flying objects, which fly in our atmosphere as well as in outerspace. I marvelled at the beauty of the stars and the planets recorded by NASA.

On another point I browsed through a diving magazine which covered some of Asia's dive spots.

Once again I marvelled at the beautiful color of the water, the tropical colored fish and other ocean life.

I thought deeper on how I would like to get close to the One who created all these things.

He has a beautiful mind.
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I ordered halal pizza categorized as gourmet pizza from Sarpino's Pizzeria. It's a new pizza joint on the block which in my opinion tastes better than Canadian and Pizza Hut put together. All these pizza places are halal.

I especially liked the basiliko pizza which topped the meditarranean pizza. I love meditarranean food so much that maybe I should just move there.

Later on after Isha I contemplated on how Islam was more a matter of the heart rather than how long your beard was or the appearance of your physical body.

Nothing is worth practicing if there's no Heart.
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I watched the Ultimate Fighting Championship which featured martial arts, muay thai and other aspects of fighting all together.

This was not like fake wrestling on WWF this was the real thing.

I would later find myself laughing to tears as I described to everyone in the family, "wouldn't it be funny if I had George Bush in a submission hold and kept punching his head til blood came out of his nose and his eyes got all puffed up like the Power Puff Girls?"

Some people seemed afraid to laugh like the CIA had a gun to their head.
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If today had a title, for me it would be "Perang dan Mimpi," which means War and Nightmare.

I was awakened by flashes of lightning and loud thunder which should of been a sign of how my day would end.

The day was peaceful until the bitch came home inhabited by a demon.

Bitch is a bad word, but it's definition implies the direct opposite of being a woman.

It is the most evil aspect of woman when she loses control of her emotions and causes chaos, imbalance, and emanates destructive energy that disrupts the psychic harmony within our Universe.
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My!, what a shocking difference today has had compared to yesterday.

There was such peace and harmony in the home that everyone would of swore yesterday never happened.

This goes to show the power of the woman on how she can emanate heaven or pure hell.

The high point of today is that I don't have to go to the internet cafes anymore or worry about the government looking over my shoulder at work anymore.

Eventhough I never got my old computer fixed, that crashed, I still think there's hope to repair it and get access to my treasured files.
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It's one thing to hear and read about history, but for me it has more impact when I see the pictures, photographs or actual hieroglyphics and artifacts.

A person could create their own creation story as to who they beleive they are and live by it.

Even if no one beleived it.

It would be true for that individual or group of people who chose to.

One could say that truth has no bounds on one hand and on the other;


"What exactly is truth."

Reality is full of countless dimensions of opinions, beliefs, ideas, philosophies, and so on.
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Media is so powerful because of its ability to influence, inspire and spark the imagination.

Unfortunately, most media out there is designed to make us want to buy something or to demonize a people or put down a social group for the benefit of the evil leaders in key positions of government.

So the question is often asked, "who controls the media?"

Imagine if the media was used to tell the truth instead of lies, inspire people to be better people, and to improve their lives.

Imagine if UFOS were not a cover up, but free for everyone to know.
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Should a woman who walks in public with barely no clothes on given respect?

Do women who prefer to be called bitches versus the name their father and mother gave them deserve respect?

Do women who shake their most modest parts on tv for the whole world to see; do they deserve respect?

How can these acts be sacred acts?

A true woman will do her best to cover and clothe her body to hide her parts of the body that are sacred.

The woman who reveals her entire body has lost any sense of shyness.

Just like a harlot.
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As I was walking home from the supermercado I smelled the smell of some sweet incense burning and suddenly thought about meditation and Zen gardens and how if we desired success in our lives we must cultivate the lifestyle we choose to reap the benefits.

For instance, if we chose to be an artist, then we must cultivate our works by eliminating the things that are not productive to our lifestyle.

The undesired things in our life could be called weeds, which must be carefully uprooted if we don't want the process of obstruction to ruin the paths we choose.
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To make life more meaningful and fulfilled means removing the barriers and limitations we imprison ourselves with in order to move in the right direction.

Making life more meaningful means not holding back; fulfilling our deepest passions and yearnings

I'm not talking about freakaphonic lust when I say fulfill your deepest passions.

It means following your voice, putting your desires into action, versus just thinking about them.

Being truthful with yourself means admitting the aspects of yourself that you don't show in public.

It could be your dark side or your divine side.

You must embrace every aspect of Self.
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Count the ways on how good it feels to have your stomach feel so fulfilled and satisfied by your favourite foods, with more good foods ready to be eaten in abundance.

Count the ways on the peaceful and blissful feeling of knowing you will sleep good tonight and not feeling guilty because you fulfilled your five obligatory prayers for the day.

Count the ways of the content feeling that you are satisfied and feel fortunate enough, just to have these basic necessities of life and not worried about paying bills, or about tommorow and work.

Now is all I need.
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Don't try to escape the pain that leads to your bliss or self development.

This comes at a time during exercising, doing push ups where one part of the body is saying no more, while the other is saying you can do one more.

The one saying 1 more is the spirit, the other one saying no more is the body and the weak flesh.

This goes for fasting too.

The stomach is telling you to break your fast and to put it off for another day.

The mind is saying, I can do this fast.

The many battles within.
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If you are going to take action, just be sure that the time is ripe.

If you act to soon, you can ruin all the plans, you have painstakingly planned so far in advance.

If you act too late, your actions won't have absolutely no impact on what you tried to accomplish.

Even missing a moment of opportunity could spell the lost of a life time.

So how to know when the time is ripe?

You can know by using the greatest tool available and you can get it for free.

It's called using the essence of your inner intuition.
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I just realized how even the flesh is like a commercial.

Because just like commercials where products are advertised, we advertise ourselves to a degree.

We advertise if we are available for a relationship, advertise the clothes we wear and even the way we speak.

Even the world becomes a commercial, because anything we see, then want it, has the same effects as television.

Until we can reach the state of non attachment to these things we see in the world we will continue being an aspect of this world made of ideas and concepts.

We can rise above it.
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Fiction is stories not based on fact, while non fiction is based on fact; at least according to the author.

Science fiction is geared towards what our world could be like in the distant future, with advances in technollogy or human beings beyond this present state.

What if things were like this is the idea in science fiction.

It's rather ironic that authors wrote about stories such as space travel to the moon, submarines under water like the novel Twenty Thousand Leagues Under the Sea, long before it was a physical reality.

Literature is creative writing dealing with personality touches.
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If you ever feel like you're being watched don't think you're being paranoid, because I can guarantee you that we are being watched.

I'm not talking about being watched by a night stalker, peeping Tom, your next door neighbor or even the Government with his big satellite in the sky coupled with spy cameras.

No!....,I'm talking about being watched by something with a much higher intelligence than us.

A watcher who sees every single one of our actions and records them as well as our thoughts.

Something so superior in Intelligence to us, which is beyond our basic comprehension.
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I was awakened by the sounds of loud drills by the floor above me.

So in order to get what I called getting even, I pulled my tenor saxaphone out of its coffin and carefully assembled it together.

I can't even remember the last time I played. But I soon realized why it was in its coffin to begin with.

I didn't sound like Coltraine, Redman or Parker.

I was having a difficult time hitting my low notes and realized that more is required to blow compared to the air you blow in an alto saxaphone.

The drilling eventually stopped.
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Whenever I hear Brazillian music which is usually jazz and love songs, I always feel my mind, soul, and spirit taken away somewhere far and distant.

The language itself is like an aphrodisiac to my ears and the music has a strong African influence.

The fact that Portuguese sounds so exotic to me shouldn't be suprising since it is categorized as one of the romance languages whose root is Latin.

I pondered if Latin would be worth learning since the only people who really speak it is the Pope of Rome.

Spanish, French, and Itallian are also branches of Latin.
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Anyone can write. Even a 6 year old with a simple pen and paper.

But the writing that I'm referring to takes careful considerations and thoughts. The writing that involves decisions in how words are arranged, making a story flow like a river or a metaphysical rhyme evolving from a catepillar to Chuang Tzu's dreaming butterfly.

Even when I write my 100 word entries, sometimes I disagree on the final draft, but have no choice because I'm limited to only 100 words.

That's why I have been journalling since the nineties and recently started blogging in August.

Writing is wondrous.
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If marriage is the key to happiness, why do we have so many divorces? If you add up marriages and divorces, I think there is more divorces.

I've seen married couples in public whose relationship seemed like the worst burden of their lives, while other married couples looked like the glory of the rising Sun.

Some people are just meant for each other.

Everyone has a soul mate in their life; so why are some unfortunate souls never able to reunite together?

Three journies.....

The sperm to the Egg.

The male to the female.

Us to Allah and Divine Consciousness.
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Of course everyone would love for their lives to be full of peaches and cream, but if we didn't have a few spoiled peaches every once in a while, what would we learn from life?

We shouldn't try to run away from our problems or our fucked up situations, unless we desire to develop weak characters.

I just learned that when things are all fucked up, that I have a bigger platform of inspiration of which to write from, as well as getting deeper perspectives on situations and people.

I dwelve deeper into the process of creativity and intuitive realizations.
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Women seem to have studied men so well and know all about them so well, but how come man has not figured out the woman?

The way that a woman sees things and the way that a man sees things is definitely not the same.

Women tend to pay more attention to details and that's why a lot of men usually get caught in affairs and women do not.

To know women better, you have to be a good observer.

You can't just watch her breast and gluteus maximus.

You must observe her speech, body language and her subtle thoughts.
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First day of Ramadhan and everything seems new and different, eventhough I've seen the same things almost every day.

It's almost as though a layer of scales had been removed from my eyes allowing me to see more clearer than before.

I'm sure this is due to fasting.

Fasting does not come without it's trials and tribulations.

You will see people who appear to eat and drink in front of your face as though they were purposefully mocking you, offer you things that are forbidden, and you will see women tempt you in a way you've never been tempted before.
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Why was my back feeling awkward?

It's because I was haunched over my computer as though I had postural kyphosis or Scheurmann's disease.

I immediately straightened my back and realized that mommy, daddy, and my teacher were not being mean when they said sit up straight and don't slouch.

A few minutes after this the Sun shined through my window and see through lace curtains just in time for me to receive its broadcasted galactic message.

I could feel the energy permeate through the pores in my skin and the top of my head tingle.

It was an ecstatic experience.
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Now that the Holy month of Ramadhan has come, it seems that the carnal temptations of the flesh are on an all time high.

If you don't keep your guard up this Ramadhan I'm afraid you will be going down for the count and might not be able to get up.

After I came home tonight past midnight I set out to do my Isha prayers and then my Tarawih prayers.

I could hear my infuriated spouse getting all pissed off because she couldn't get a picture taken off her new blog skin reposted.

I managed to keep myself composed.
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Why do I feel this fear in my heart for no apparent reason?

I try to link the reason but cannot find one, so I theorize that I'm picking up on someone elses' vibe. Someone who is experiencing this fear.

A fear like a plague or a fear like the visitation of Death, or a flock of crows.

Who could it be?

Is it my enemies?

Falsehood is no longer triumphant in its victories, because it is losing its battles every day.

Truth and light will always conquer over falsehood and evil down in the dark crevices of secret places.
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Managing to gain mastery and self control over ones personal sexual desires and urges has several benefits. This includes mastering the stomach and its urges for food and to be constantly fed.

Once you gain mastery or even just a small fraction of control, you strengthen your own will power, which gives you more power to control more things within yourself and eventually without.

Controlling your lower desires leads to elevated thoughts and gives your mind the extra energy to connect with the higher aspects of life and the Universe within and without.

Ultimately you will gain the ultimate Peace.
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Who is God and the journey continues?

How are you going to find Him if you don't have a description?

Some have depicted Him as an old white man with a long beard and a sheet wrapped around His body.

NASA has looked far and wide with no success of finding His throne out in heaven. Maybe they are looking in the wrong directions.

Do you find God in the library, inside an ancient manuscript?

Do you find God in some remote region of the Earth hiding until Judgement Day?

Those who know don't say.

Those who say don't know.
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You'll reach a point where you no longer call a day good or bad based on your sensory experiences of the day.

"Hey people!" yelled the Messenger, "the devil does not have an ounce of love in his heart for no one. It is not in his nature to love anyway, even if he tried. He didn't love you yesterday, he won't love you today, and you can forget about tomorrow."

The devil just stood and listened and didn't say a word, because he knew it was true.

Nor did he protest the fact that he was indeed a devil.