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49 states have moved their clocks back one hour while Arizona and countries around the world keep their mechanical clocks ticking in the now.

It turns out that Anya Taylor-Joy who plays in Queen's Gambit is not a natural red head, so she got disqualified from my list of red heads.

I've started working on my novel and so far have managed to go beyond the 1,667 words that are suggested to write each day for 30 days.

Besides being about BDSM, I have decided to add an element of seduction in it and making up characters along the way.
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Why censor yourself in life and regret it on your death bed wishing that you would have been more alive, more authentic, more real, and less caring about what others thought about you?

Why wait when you can carpe diem right now in the here and now, and upon shaking the shackles that society has tried to put on your mind, instead remove those shackles by simply being your true and authentic self.

If people want to laugh, let them laugh since after all, everyone is entitled to their emotions.

While they laugh you can live life freely and happily.
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I came across these quotes by Whisper on Pinterest.

"If your husband comes home from work and he's tired and hungry, cook for him, take care of him, stop this I'm not taking care of a grown man shit. It's a partnership. You and him. Act like it."

"Hey, long as you keep your man happy, cook, clean, suck, and fuck, he won't cheat, True story."

"Most men love coming home to a cooked meal. Want your man to come home after work? Then cook bitch! Not hamburger helper, but an actual burger bitch!"

There were more quotes like this.......
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I'm sure you can remember when you were a child and your parents or some relative told you not to stare at other people and how it was considered rude; but considered rude to who?

The person being looked at or just another one of societies standards?

Today I realized that children aren't just staring as we tend to put it but they're seeing.

When children are seeing, they are not judging with their ego or mind process, they are simply being aware of the present moment and aware of what is going on with their feelings and their emotions.
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After seeing myself in a long length mirror for the first time in a long time I realized the true definition of the word definition when I was seeing all the definition in my upper body and stomach muscles.

Now I was able to see the results of my intense workouts, the washboard stomach that you could probably scrape your potatoes on and my chest muscle development really ups my dominant masculine testosterone levels.

Not to be bragging, but I thought my back workout exercises were not giving me any results but after seeing it today I am truly amazed.
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I had asked Sensei Ikkyu about newer knots to learn and he admitted that we were behind but promised me that by the end of these thirty days I would know how to tie at least 30 or more knots.

I took his word for it and looked forward to seeing this happen.

As far as cleaning the Mystic temple living room area I had thought to use the rake method as prescribed by Mineko Iwasaki.

Mineko Iwasaki had stated that in order to see exactly what needed to be organized I had to pull everything out that was moveable.
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The whole ideal of approaching women in the night as being creepy is absolutely insane, especially when you consider the fact that bars make most of their business through women during the late nighttime hours.

They are like vampires, and only come out at night because the sun is too bright for them, as it'll ruin their makeup.

In addition to that, let's not forget that women are animals too.

Yes you have heard me say it correctly, women are animals in the same manner that men are animals and don't you ever forget that son.

Know your archetype animals!.......
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"No!" I said to Sensei Ikkyu, "I did not approach any women this morning and I did not see any opportunities. I find that my mind is being weighed by something entirely different based on a subject that I never gave any thought towards."

"Do you mind sharing those thoughts with me," asked Sensei Ikkyu?

I told Sensei that I would rather not for now and that I prefer to keep it in my memoirs.

I could see that Sensei Ikkyu could see that I wasn't my normal self and he suggested that I meditate frequently on a regular basis.
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I had went another day without approaching any women and I wondered if I would still be able to stay in the temple.

Ironically Sensei Ikkyu Sojun did not ask me how my approaches to women went, and instead had stated that we would be learning one of my first lessons in the field of seduction based on desire.

After listening to Ikkyu Sojun I realized that I had never thought of desire in the manner that he was speaking on.

I was surprised to hear him say that you could reach enlightenment through sex or a single gong bell.
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I knew what I was going to be writing about but for some reason could not seem to be able to write as though something was bothering me.

I noticed that I kept changing the Pandora stations, went to the living room to do some bicep and tricep curls then came back to the room to write and asked myself what was the problem.

Something told me to turn off the music, and suddenly in that instance I just felt this peace to where the silence was this blissful music and it was what my soul was really craving for.
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I was talking to Rumi about my meditational experience that involved love when love wasn't the subject of my meditation.

The subject of love came up as I meditated and I had realized that love shouldn't be sought in women, nor should love be sought in objects and things.

True love should be sought and emanated from your self.

I had began to bask myself in this supreme self love upon receiving this revelation and told myself that I should always be contemplating on the subject of love, especially since it's the way among us Sufi's and Zen Buddhists Monks.
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At that moment Black Belt Jones walked into the room and everyone became quiet as though an actual black panther itself had walked into the room.

He had his big afro as usual and was wearing a pair of killer assassin sunglasses or maybe that was the look that he gave through his assassin sunglasses.

No one wanted to stare him in the eyes but no man wanted to be a punk neither.

I had decided to ask him this question after he had put a beating on my stomach muscles while we were sparring in our martial arts session.
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When an alpha wolf decides to have sex with its mate for the first time he doesn't have to go to wolf court to get a certificate or ask for permission to have sex with his mate.

When the alpha wolf makes the decision to mate, his only objective is to get his dick into some wolf pussy.

The alpha wolf doesn't want to hear I'm not ready yet, or my pussy is not wet enough, nor does he want any physical rejection because if he does, there is high chances she will end up being subdued instead of seduced.
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After completing a twenty minute meditation I realize the true meaning behind Zen listening.

Zen listening is not just listening to what the woman is yapping about, but Zen listening is listening to every single thing that you encounter in the present moment.

I was awakened from my siesta because she left some eggs boiling on the stove.

The water boiled so much until there was not anymore water in the pot.

She sort of smiled embarrassingly about the incident.

I opened the balcony door to get some air circulation into the kitchen where the smoke detector alarm went off.
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I had asked myself a question on rather or not being with a woman in my life was my end goal and I had to immediately say no and that besides seeing women as an opportunity to be fulfilled on a sexual level, did I see them as any worth beyond that?

Of course I did.

I realize women are not robots or mannequins and can put you through some arduous paths of which you can learn from.

If woman is man's helpmeet then please help me to wash dishes, to keep the kitchen tidy, and the dwelling in general.
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There is no society and there's no rules except the rules and the society that we believe in.

We always talk about this society thing like it's some secret agency watching to see how you perform your manners in public and listens to every single word that you say.

The truth of the matter is true as stated in the Matrix and even in Buddhist literature.

If you want to be really free then you have to free your mind.

Free your mind of words, titles, descriptions, lies, mainstream media, psychological propaganda, expectations, misery, death, and fear of the unknown.
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I felt as though I had finally solved a koan in reference to man and the big question as to what does it mean to be a man.

To be a man is to be able to see beyond the names and the titles and the groups and the societies and the yeah sayers and nay sayers and finally for once in your life be able to think for yourself, without television, without books you have read, amazing articles, You Tube, or some Block Buster movie, but coming to your senses and realizing that who I am is rather powerful.
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What could be more outraging than being totally disrespected?

Let me tell you a story of two parents who truly loved their child and did all they could to give the best to that child and then that child grows up to call you all kinds of bad names, does not acknowledge that you are his parents, and then demands to be given certain things despite his bad behavior.

How would that make you feel as a parent?

You just don't understand how such a person could do such a thing, especially when it is your own flesh and blood.
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I don't know how I went from scheduling my days, to spineless mice with no backbone came from, but it's fun and so I say what's wrong with being creative since that is what writing is really all about.

Writing isn't about being rigid and trying to stick to rules as dictated by said writer, or said editor, or said publisher.

True writing as I stated before, is really raw in nature, like meat, like nature.

Nature is a wild beautiful woman and I love her so much that I just want to put my gold member inside of her.
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The idea that comes to mind revolves around dreaming and the concept behind this world being the dream world and the dream world being the real world meaning that emphasis is to be made towards our dreams.

However, the question that I put towards myself was on how often was I really thinking of that concept in my day to day waking life?

This was an example of what I meant about having certain thoughts and ideas but not fully implementing them.

The next question would be on how would you implement the dream thought process in your waking life.
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I've always wondered if there were women out in the world who never masturbated before.

I knew that the answer to that question had to be a definite yes, that there is women out there who have never masturbated, or has never heard of the word masturbation, even in their language.

It's really sad to say how masturbation can be the only alternative to getting off when it seems that you are not getting any catfish without the mustache of course, and vice versa for those women who are not getting their regular stuffing of sausages into their meat packages.
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If it is in the nature of man to be dominant then it is in the nature of woman to be submissive since as a male and female species we complement each other and balance each other out.

Ultimately we are supposed to be a reflection of each other so that we are both operating on the same level mindset and both know what it is that we expect from each other.

I had been concerned about not approaching women because approaching women in real life was supposed to be part of how I was going to make my novel.
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I had questioned Sensei Ikkyu Sojun regarding an article that asked the question on rather or not he was a sex addict or not.

The final verdict was that he was not a sex addict despite his poetry that sings the praises of women, sex, and alcohol.

Some say that he was not a real Zen Master, due to the fact that Zen speaks against having sex with women or drinking alcoholic beverages.

Sensei Ikkyu response to what I talked about on the article simply stated that no man can judge another man until he has walked in his shoes.
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And lo and behold came Hercules asking the simple question, when was the last time you worked out, and then wanted to see the workout records of which I was clueless. I also didn't know how many steps I had taken through the mountain passes and how many miles that equaled.

I see you have something written here about a one hundred push up goal. He looked at me and sort of chuckled as though he thought I was not capable of doing such a deed.

Did Hercules expect me to prove to him that I could do 100 pushups?
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'All is fair in love and war,' is the quote that I read in the PDF book I am reading on How To Dominate Your Disobedient Woman. [That's actually not the actual title of the book by the way.]

I was curious as to where the origins of the love and war phrase came from and it seems to go all the way back to 1579 and was mentioned by some poet named John Lyly in his novel titled Euphues: The Anatomy of Wit.

I thought it was worth writing about because this phrase could be interpreted in numerous ways.
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Women are emotional, men are rationally intelligent.

As I sat in my dark hallway within the confines of my castle I could hear some woman sobbing and crying in the corridor.

I assumed that she was:

A. On the phone with somebody,

B. Her significant other was an excellent listener because I could not hear one single voice besides hers....

C. She was talking to herself and maybe kind of losing it which can be kind of scary, especially when you don't have anyone by your side to help you pull your puzzle pieces together and enliven your dull senses.
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Despite me not wanting to get out of bed and not do anything like a bum on 16th Street, deep down inside I know I have to get my ass out of bed and experience life.

Who knows I might run into that one chick who will make me a sandwich and put her titties in my face spread with organic honey.

It has to be organic or I am not sucking on your titties or nipples.

No I am just kidding, I will suck them with or without honey but it is so much sweeter and healthier with honey.
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I had just got tired of hearing so much hearsay about Don Juan this and Don Juan that.

I said you know what, why not read about the man for yourself to see what the magical mysteries are about surrounding this man.

Well what do you know, all of this time I was rather convinced that this man was just a man of love and seducing women, when in fact he was also a man of the sword, and also a man with a lot of daring balls to be walking into the kings castle, while seeking a daughters kiss.
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To say women are emotional creatures should be understood as to what that means.

I think the best way to get an idea of it is to study the movement as well as the stability of water.

Am I saying that women are like all three phases that water can put itself in such as water, ice, and steam?

If you equate these states with emotions then I would say yes.

Women can be cold as ice, or they can be steamy and passionate, or they can be calm in the sea or violent like a titanic sized tidal wave.
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You may be wondering from where do you find this love but I am here to tell you that you do not need to look far at all.

You do not need to leave from where you are standing to find it.

You might wonder how is this possible.

It is possible simply because love can be found inside of you.

The true beauty about this inner love is that it can be expanded and developed to envelop aspects of beings and things that are outside of you.

The key importance is to focus on developing the love within first.