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In Once Upon A Time In The West it is interesting to note that the woman from New Orleans was actually a whore who worked in the whore house, but all of the people in town where she was to reunite with her husband and family thought that she was just a lady like woman.

While I do admit she seemed to carry herself like a lady, I caught on as to how she was willing to get in bed with just any man.

She was even willing to screw the guy who actually admitted to have killed her husband.
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Last night one of the 7CS workers had asked if I could turn on the lights so that they could do their cleaning work.

At the time that she was asking me to do it I did not understand her at first.

Upon looking back I realized that she had said podría and podría is one of the verb endings that means could.

With all of this being said and what I want to mainly point out is that this is a pure example as to why learning your verb tenses would really come in handy with speaking more Español.
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My desire to know the origins of pornography led me to the history of erotic depictions of sex, which goes back to ancient times through paintings, sculptures, and drawings.

The fact that the ancients took sex to the point of drawing, painting, and sculpting sex acts needs to be looked at and the question asked, 'why did they feel the need to draw sex positions and depictions of sex?

Perhaps we saw sex in a more naturally artistic way, compared to today, where even the word sex is considered a dirty word, but no one ever denies actually enjoying it.
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As I reflected on how I had touched her hands with ease by getting her to see how cold my hands were, I would learn another valuable lesson that seems to be diminishing and becoming almost extinct amongst human beings.

Touching is looked at as being something bad, but as human beings, we need to relearn the sense of touch by being more touchy feely, more touchy dutchie.

I exaggerated the point by touching the refrigerator with my hands, feeling all over the sink, and the walls, when the true desire was to be really feeling on a naked woman.
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I am a Wild Wild West Mystic I said to myself as I walked the sidewalks, paced back and forth at the bus stop and made eye contact with a few strangers driving and walking by.

I really felt at one with the elements, the environment, my surroundings and the crisp clean fresh air.

Among the top of my list of things that made me feel incomplete when I went out into the coldness is that I did not bring my sunglasses with me.

The snow was reflecting the sun in such a way that it was hurting my eyes.
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Sadomasochism is the giving or receiving of pleasure through the infliction of pain or humiliation.

She texted me at a time that I could care less on rather or not I heard from her.

She had asked me why was I ignoring her.

I asked her how was I ignoring her.

Instead of answering my question she said let me go to your house.

I asked her why, and she said so that she could give me a massage to help me relax.

I didn't respond to her after that but soon realized that she was a potential sadomasochist subject.
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I just finished watching the Ragnarok series which was somewhat based on Viking mythology and about the Gods and Giants but in modern times.

At first I did not think too much about wanting to see it but it seemed rather interesting after seeing the previews.

Now it's time for Zuhr. It's really supposed to be Jumuah and the roads are looking worst out there. When I had thought that the snow was going to melt away we had more snowfall overnight.

Masturbation is not sex. True sex requires you to engage with the opposite sex in order to reproduce.
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Got dammit Rock! There is no tomorrow.

I remember hearing that line as a child wondering what do you mean there is no tomorrow.

There is tomorrow for me and everybody else inside of this house. Of course I would have it explained but I still didn't understand.

Fast forward to 2020 I am just grateful that I am alive and able to bake it and sauté it as hilarious as that sounds.

I know absolutely nothing at all, and that what I know is not even a pin drop in comparison to the knowledge that there is to know.
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As soon as I arrived home from my adventure, I put the dirty laundry into the washing machine.

My adventure would take me to the hardware store where I purchased shoe coverings for the plumbers to remove the toilets, replacing pipes and valves and whatever else the fuck they talked about in their little memo letter.

I went to Whole Foods to get some alfalfa sprouts and potato chips for my planned kosher meat sandwiches along with some mimosa maybe?

I missed out on a three for five dollar bargain at Whole Foods because I didn’t know my Amazon password.
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I had decided to lay my head down on two pillows in the living room and found myself going into a state of Yoga Nidra.

I noticed various thoughts going on inside of my mind.

I thought about Patanjali and how I had once read something in the Yoga Sutras where he had talked about mastering our thoughts before mastering other things.

Stop being so attached to thoughts to the point that it’s effecting your state of being and emotions.

If you’re going to be attached to anything, be attached to the Supreme Being and spiritual endeavors in life instead.
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Before I went to work I came across this perfect quote by Patanjali that says, “Sloth is the great enemy; the inspirer of cowardice, irresolution, self pitying grief, and trivial, hairsplitting doubts. Sloth may also be a psychological cause of sickness. It is tempting to relax from our duties, take refuge in ill-health and hide under a nice warm blanket.” -Patanjali

I say it was the perfect quote because of the many lazy people at my job who seem and tend to be somewhat like lazy bums.

It was also a reminder to myself when I’m at home as well.
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This one particular woman is relentless about texting me about how she wished she could hug me, how she missed me so much, and how she wants to see me.

I know the real reason behind her pursuance of me is that she wants some dick and maybe she thinks that once I shag her that I'll be so attached to her and will want more pussy and she can be my girlfriend and whatever other fantasies that she has in her mind.

Despite me trying to tell her that I don't have the same vision of her, she continues.
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I finally found out what I could not remember regarding the movie I had wanted to watch entitled The House That Jack Built.

They were offering a free trial subscription in order to watch the movie. I went along with the offer but did not remember to cancel it before they started to charge me for it. I noticed the charge on my bank statement.

I told myself I was going to go to the site but never did. I managed to watch John Gotti played by John Travolta. Seeing how John Gotti really looks is nothing like John Gotti.
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Besides being aware during the times that you are having sex with your partner or female companion, you should also be aware when you are having the sexual desires to begin with.

Of the profound of things suggested in Zen Sex was to ask yourself why do you have the desire to begin with. Where does your sexual desires spring from.

It was suggested that instead of seeking to satisfy your sexual desires by doing something outside of you, look for the satisfaction of the desire from within since the source of all things is within you to begin with.
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Just finished chopping the last bit of vegetables for the chicken soup and could feel myself feeling somewhat dizzy as I was standing and chopping while listening to jazz music.

Our hot water seems to be not working and now I'm wondering if I will have to take a cold shower or not.

What am I going to do if we do not get any hot water for the rest of the day?

I could boil some water for the dishes and for my shave.

As far as showering is concerned, I might have to go Stoic and ancestral style.
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'Hyper sexuality is extremely frequent or suddenly increased libido,' says the article.

What is libido?

Libido is supposed to be your overall sex drive as to how much you want it or how much you do not.

One thing that I found interesting is that I always thought that a nymphomaniac could be a man or a woman but it is actually the word to describe a woman who has a very high sex drive and the man is called satyriasis.

A satyr is a lustful, and drunken god of the woodlands and is depicted with goat legs, and horns.
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While walking home I started to think about dominance again, but it wasn't in the sense of just dealing with women but in general.

I found this lecture that I enjoyed based on abundance mindset which talked about mindset and had asked the question as to how can someone look forward to the day when they wake up and say things like, this day sucks, or I'm going to have a lousy day.

I was thinking of one of Rodrigues reviews on a subject entitled What To Say To Yourself When You Talk To Yourself or something along those lines.
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As I walked to the connection bus stop where multiple buses stop at, I had this thought on Don Juan's teachings regarding disrupting routines and realized that I was definitely disrupting mine.

Among other things that I noticed is that I seemed to be somewhat more aware of my surroundings and the crows noticed too, as they cawed away.

Like a bear I was coming out of my cave.

I could hear it being repeated, ‘you need to come out of your cave.’

Another one was that I tended to stay cooped inside of my room focused on my writing.
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I finally looked up the word micromanager for its accurate definition and realized that it fit me like a tailor made suit.

After reading the opposite definition of a micromanager which was a macromanager I soon realized why I was a micromanager to begin with or evolved into one.

I recall the Director telling me to state my expectations and what they are which I have done and the lazy colleagues still like to just sit around and mope about.

I think it would be in my best interest to read more books on management skills to improve my skills.
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I just wrote down the definition of the word approach in my game journal book and a little bit to what that entails, which includes intention from the very offset and the type of women you would approach for this particular tactic and the women you would approach in another.

Of course if a woman was dressed like she was about to go booty grinding at a strip show then of course I would approach her differently than I would approach a woman who was dressed more modestly which is not to say that it means that she’s necessarily modest.
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The next subject is about being about purpose in life. Purpose should be known on a day to day basis as well as a moment by moment basis.

We first begin with the awareness of our breath because it Is the subtlest of most things of which we give very little attention to.

Once an awareness of the breath is developed, we then move on to the other aspects of the body which should always be in a deeply relaxed state.

Among other ways to relax the body besides meditation is through stretching, Yoga, and taking nice hot salt baths.
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Upon realizing that frame operates on a social and personal level more than it has to do with picking up on women in general, I realized that among other things, perception isn’t reality, and when you take away social constructs, then what do you have left?

To say that women are not rational is not a speculation but a known fact; just as it is known that they are emotional. You could probably add the opposite of rational which would be irrational like small children in a grown up body.

I want to read 30 Challenges 30 Days Zero Excuses.
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I like the ideal behind not making a big deal about engaging in sex or receiving sexual favors in life because by doing so, you make it out to be something more than what it is.

If you are going to write, then write, and if you’re going to read, then read.

In the Zen book of sex, it says don't be so hopeful about sex, to the point that you’re wondering when is the next time that you are going to get laid again.

Live in the moment and let the moment of sex happen on its own accord.
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Today's topic is on nonverbal communication, voice control, body language, and touch escalation.

I must say that me looking up nonverbal communication didn’t come up until after reading it in an article somewhere, but then I recalled a statement that revolved around the fact that symbols cannot be spoken but they speak louder than words. That might not be the exact phrase, but I had to agree that a symbol could also serve to symbolize a number or even different aspects of mathematics.

Thus we have sacred geometry which is an aspect of mathematics worth studying.

Sacred Geometry For Beginners.
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I find myself somewhat pissed off as I am being pestered by this housekeeper who will not leave me alone.

Right now, I guess you can say that she feels that she has rights over me and that I am her possession just because she got a hug from me and kissed me without my permission.

I've tried my best to avoid her but she is so relentless and I am currently trying to find out what is it exactly that she expects from me.

If you ask me, I would say that maybe she’s looking for a green card.
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I liked the ideal behind taking conversational risks which in my opinion is perfect for the direct approach.

Who cares if she rejects you! At least you are cutting through all of the bullshit and make believe fairy tale stories that women see in the movies and their romance novels.

Giving a woman a feeling of apathy as you interact with her is very bland. You would be better off making her angry because it is a real emotion and women are moved by their emotions.

You are worst off offering trite politeness versus just getting into a heated argument.
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I'm not a misogynist, I am a philogynist.

On a natural level, there's nothing wrong with the feminine principle and just because some women tend to not exhibit femininity doesn't mean that femininity does not exist.

If you want to see the feminine principle in its most purest form, study nature.

Once I got back home I would have a bowl of cereal and a small bowl of green herbs. I finished watching The Rise of the Ottoman Empire lead by Mehmed II.

I learned how Constantinople was destroyed and how Mehmed II was considered a military strategist and genius.
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I had a new thought on frame which involved my 9 to 5 job, where frame meant making sure your boundaries were not being crossed and that everyone was doing what they were supposed to be doing, including myself.

Your principles have a lot to do with building your frame, because your principles sum up the kind of person that you are.

If you are not living up to your own principles then what kind of person are you?

If you cannot adhere to your own principles then what can you adhere to?

Embrace discipline in order to master it.
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I told myself that today's subject would be on Zen and I could only think of recent meditations that made me think that.

On a deeper level I was focused on letting everything go, including videos of women exploiting themselves.

The problem with women is they try to stay within the limits as to how society would like to see them versus how she would like to see herself.

For the same reason I was seeing her in a different light was the same reason why I knew I would be expanding on my journey to knowledge, wisdom, and understanding.