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Imagining it as so, is about believing who you are, to the point that it becomes a reality.

I think about all the successful people in the world and realize that a large part of their success revolves around them spending the majority of their time on the subject that they are successful in.

I wondered if I could be successful at being nobody at all.

If you notice that certain elements bring about certain results and youíre not happy with the results, then you need to really start looking at the element. This is a subject that speaks volumes.
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I personally was no one, I possessed nothing; not even knowledge, held like precious jewels and treasures as though they were my own, though before this, I had absolutely nothing, and knew nothing when I was born.

The Buddhist ask what is the original mind when you were born? If you ponder on this question for a while things become things without names.

Ultimately youíre the one who makes the decisions regarding the actions you take, even if theyíre actions that you said you were going to stop doing, or wanted to stop doing, or was thinking about stop doing.
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Since I have been writing about the codes of men within their given or chosen societies something else has dawned on me. It is about the book I read regarding your N.U.T.s which is your Non-negotiable Unalterable Terms.

The beauty about your NUTs is that you can build on them and eliminate those that no longer serve you as time progresses on.

Yesterday I was wondering where I could get some of my NUTs back in tact again.

Reading the Art of War and knowing the codes of a Samurai were helpful as long as I felt comfortable with them.
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There was a debate about sleeping naked and if it were permitted in Islam.

One site said it was permissible as long as you knew that no one would walk in on you and see you.

Another site said it was not permissible and talked about covering the awrah. The Hadith quoted was Tirmidhi which is not really considered to be among the strong Hadiths like Muslim and Bukhari.

In the end I remember reading a surah in the Quran that talked about removing the clothes and the times that we could be naked.

The Holy Quran explains it all.
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Women are great actors.

A real man is good at penetrating their act.

When I say real man I donít mean that you have to be buffed out looking like the Incredible Hulk.

When I say man Iím talking about anybody who is willing to call women on their bullshit and not give a damn if they lose them or not for standing up and calling her on her shit.

No man should have to put up with shit from any woman. If she don't want to be with you then cut the line and move on with your life.
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I came to Earth with nothing and was born naked.

We forget how we got here and think we will live forever.

If the concept was really adhered to regarding death, people would enrich their lives overnight by realizing the simple truth that we don't live forever.

You can practice Yoga on a moment by moment basis which involves taking notice of the mind and learning how to harness and control it.

Enveloping all feelings and emotions was about accepting the painful ones too. Embrace them and donít let them go until there is a full understanding based on love.
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Iím comfortable with the deepest aspects of my manhood, the dark, the light, the good, the bad, and the ugly. Being a man is about acceptance with the way that you are.

Entering the silence is something that I have been trying to re-grasp as I had experienced it in the past.

While lying in bed and not being able to get any sleep I realized that when you enter the silence you do not just become quiet. You enter the silence in body and in soul.

Look for the silence in the noise and then stay in that zone.
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While walking the floors during the night I came to the conclusion that it's not that I don't like politics or that I am anti political after taking a political science class.

What I don't like about politics is the fact that itís so corrupted. Since itís so corrupted, filled with white collar crooks, I have no interest in the so called leaders, but love reading about the concept of politics.

If we had politicians who were more truthful and free of corruption, then perhaps my interest would be there in this real world.

I vote for truth and love.
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Iím happy that Iíve found this excellent website on the ninety-nine names of Allah.

What makes the site so excellent in comparison to some of the other sites is that it goes so far to explain the difference between attributes that seem similar.

One example is Rahmaan and Raheem. Though they are both attributes that deal with mercy thereís a difference.

From what I have learned Rahmaan is something that Allah gives to every creation rather they believe or not, while Raheem is something that is especially for those who submit to the will of Allah and believe in Him.
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That which you seek, you already are.

Mysticalness is not necessarily just in consciousness or a certain state of mind, but being aware of each and every single action too.

Why do I say be aware of each and every single action?

If everything is mystical this would mean each one of your actions and movements are mystical too.

You can be the darkness in the darkness or you can be the light in the darkness steadily shining through.

Guarding yourself is not just a physical act, it is also guarding yourself on the spiritual, emotional, and mind levels too.
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Speaking of Manvotional, from what I wrote earlier about the ways I could exercise my manhood from one moment to the next; the thought that came to mind is that being a man was about having self-control.

Besides having self-control, being able to be calm in any situation was also a huge part of the practice.

This calmness that I am talking about also included the emotions and not allowing little things to get to you.

We could go further and state that it also involves being mindful of such things as your thoughts and so on down the line.
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If I needed to learn anything at all, I needed to learn how to speak up more.

I reflected on how I was having resentment towards someone and realized that I was the cause of my own resentment for not informing the person or communicating to them about my expectations.

What was the reason for holding back?

Was I afraid that by speaking up I would no longer be considered a cool guy.

While thinking of the word communicate I thought about the word commune and how it relates to sharing one's intimate thoughts or feelings on a spiritual level.
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Empty your mind.

When youíre no longer concerned about roles and stereotypes your mind can be more free.

As I rode my bike down dark quiet streets I had some horrific thoughts regarding the past histories of my ancestors who were brought to this strange land and how they were viewed as a people.

I realized that I was holding on to this frame of mind which dealt with stereotypes laid down for us to believe about ourselves as a people.

I decided to change those thoughts by embracing the night, triple darkness, and the Perseid meteor that streamed by.
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ďBecoming indifferent to what a woman might think of you when you act based on your principles is one of the most powerful attitude shifts you can make as a man.Ē

ďHyper analyzing what a woman might think, say, do, or feel if you behaved a certain way causes intense anxiety.Ē

ďSuch anxiety turns into fear; the kind of fear that cause you to second guess every decision you want to make.Ē

ďItís not a pretty picture to observe a man trapped in a cage of his own making and hands over the sanctity of his mind to a woman.Ē
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I was in a celebratory mood as I ate sushi with this I didnít care what people thought of me demeanor while exercising a no fear type attitude.

To be true and authentic to yourself is reality.

The author had talked about Shiva in the sense of love to where you would always be Shiva regardless to whom or what.

However later on as I looked up Shiva and read about him I learned that he was actually known as The Destroyer and not much was talked about his love except the love that he had for his four wives.
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I want to talk briefly on denouncing women and the amazing story of Shiva.

The reason why the story of Shiva is amazing to me is because Shiva purposefully denounced the world which included women.

The beauty of this all is that some of the most beautiful of women came to him.

What was beautiful about these women is that these women were not just ordinary women but goddesses.

In addition to this, Shiva had more than one wife which could probably go on to say that the concept of having more than one wife is prevalent in all religions.
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The meridians continue to nudge my mind, which leads me to believe that I need to start looking up more information regarding it.

Learn how to study women.

As I partially study women I realize that they are supposed to be sexy.

A woman being sexy is largely due to the fact that they are supposed to attract.

Besides knowing this, try to look a little bit beyond the fact that they are sexy and attractive.

Try to see what is underneath all of that just as you try to discover the deeper aspects of yourself in a deep meditation.
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I thought about Black Holes while meditating.

What do I know about Black Holes besides the fact that they are known to suck in everything around them?

Maybe sucking isnít a good analysis of what's going on but I would say that a massive pull is involved and that perhaps the magnetic pull or force involved is rather strong.

I imagined that Black Holes were like portals that led to the other side of some other kind of universe of some kind, and that if you went through a black hole you would be going through some kind of dimension.
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The ancients were so simple in their drawings yet they still remain profound.

When it comes to foods, you should be really learning how to listen to your body. What are the foods that your body would nourish from and really get satisfaction?

The answer to that question was fruits and vegetables.

I absolutely love fruits and vegetables and sometimes wonder why I am not a full time vegetarian.

Maybe the answer to that question is that I do not see myself practicing Kung Fu without eating some chicken, fish or at least some curried lamb as a side dish.
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As I experience my separation; I see how my life has seemed frustrating on many levels but I also realize that the absence of the woman in my life is not the absence of the feminine yin force.

I cannot neglect the fact that the feminine still exists around me through the elements and the Earth that I am living on.

The yin can be seen in the arts and other areas throughout life and the womb of the Universe.

Itís good to learn how to not care what people think when it comes to you being your authentic self.
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Even the worst moments should be embraced and should not be sought out to escape through food or drugs.

Embrace the mysterious aspect of your being. Who cares if people feel creeped out?

When you see a woman acting like a bitch donít let it affect your mood. I am sure you have seen them with their attitudes where you either want to slap them or have utter disgust for them.

Being manly is more about authenticity more than anything else.

Being manly is not acting like a man by puffing out your chest or acting like Mr. Tough Guy.
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What I am learning about the Yin?

I am learning that Iíve been given a wrong view of the force and power of the Yin and of women.

I was thinking about the Yin force in relation to the darkness.

On a deeper level I thought that to a certain degree that if we feared the darkness and the night, then that was equivalent to fearing an aspect of the woman who represents the Yin force in relation to nature and the universe.

I thought of water in relation to Yin. Water can be gentle and furious just like women.
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I have to continue to remember to always keep in touch with my feelings and my emotions.

Each moment is filled with the mysterious.

This is how you should look at each moment so that you can cherish them more.

Each moment can be filled with so much more than just the mysterious.

The minute moments are worth accepting as being very precious, especially if you have the ability to be able to breathe.

I soon realized that I could be utilizing my hourly time at work towards some of my personal goals such as memorizing prayers and foreign languages.
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I want to touch on this subject called confrontation to where I want to tell someone something but later on don't do it.

It is called T.N.G.S. also known as The Nice Guy Syndrome.

I think as long as I continue to think too much on what people think versus what needs to be said then I will continue to be that guy who gets no respect.

While Iím not saying that I donít get respect, I will say that my kindness is often taken for weakness.

Itís not strength in muscles that I need, but strength in my communications.
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Today I became the dancing shaman mystic based on the notion of who cares what people think or if people can see me.

Thereís nothing wrong with acting like you're silly if itís coming from your true self and that is how you feel like acting in the moment.

Penetrate the negativity and the evil that lurks in the darkness with your divine sun rays of light, positivity, and love.

You do things that youíre doing from a sense of your manhood and inner self and not because youíre trying to please anyone or act outside of your authentic self.
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There are two things that can happen to a man; either he is broken by an event or he becomes stronger.

It is not good to hold on to resentment or anger, because it impedes your ability to relax.

The next time you are angry or holding resentment notice how your body tends to tighten up.

You can conserve your inner power and your inner mind through breathing and deep relaxation.

Always focus on being relaxed.

When you are relaxed you can sense more.

Abandon all of your fears because a life without petty fears is a life worth living.
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If anyone wanted to get their psychic powers naturally they would first have to stop seeing psychic powers as something that is strange and that only a few people have psychic powers.

Psychic powers should be seen as something that is as natural as breathing.

Children are the perfect example of what it means to be truly living.

They constantly remind us of what it means to be real and not care what other people think or the rules of society and that you should put a napkin on your lap so that the crumbs don't get on your pants.
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I tried my new Ethiopia Citrus & Dark Cocoa coffee. It tastes very rich and very good.

In the practice of the silence where words are not supposed to be used it should be known that it is also about the words that you speak and the words that you think as well.

In other words, we should be mindful of the words that we speak and focus on guarding our tongues.

Don't just study your thoughts.

Study your habits, routines, and your impulses too.

Study the movements and the actions that you take on a moment by moment basis.
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While at the job, initially I was doing good with keeping the silence.

Before the shift was over I found myself speaking unnecessarily.

One of the beauties about the silence is that when youíre silent you are actually conserving energy because talking requires energy and effort.

Should I carry something to help me to remember to keep the silence like a little shaman talisman of some sort?

I can still feel the discomfort in my back today from the massage I received the other day by some Asian woman who probably had no idea what the fuck she was doing.
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I was reflecting on Death briefly and how we tend to view it.

Some say that death is sad, but forget that we all have to die at some point in our lives.

We should try to learn how to embrace death and to strive to learn what it truly means to die.

Since it is the fear that most people tend to fear, it would be one subject worthy of facing.

When I am buried, bury me with red mystical roses, with all of my death poems, and draw some sacred geometric flower of life roses on my tombstone.
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I am thinking about that dream where I was painting and how thrilled I felt as I laid the paints down as though I was smearing paint all over a womanís luscious titties.

I must restrain my desires.
What do you do with the desire?

Don't bury it.
Look at the desire.
Embrace the desire.
Love the desire.
Accept the desire.
Breathe in the desire.
Now come on baby let me light your fire.

Go back to the inner fire.
The inner fire is the real desire.

Let the desire express itself in the inner fire of purification and transmutation.