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Is it possible that "religion is the opium of the masses," according to Karl Marx?

There is probably more people who claim a religion versus those who don't. Out of all the people who claim a religion, how many actually practice the religion and observe its law and precepts to best of their ability on a day to day basis?

What would humanity be like without religion?

Would we still have good morals and ethics without the promise of some heaven or hell, because this is one of the main precepts of most religions?

Without religion would we be atheists?
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I like what the Dhammapada says regarding laziness and craving. I also believe that the 4 noble truths are full of truth regarding our suffering.

A person could ask themselves ‘what is the root cause of uncontrolled lust and sexual desire and what is its cessation?’

‘What is the root cause of laziness and what is its cessation?’

The opposite of sleep is being awake and the opposite of laziness is being active.

Work could be categorized as the opposite of laziness.

Is it true that work builds character even if the work you are doing is not fully enjoyed?
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Today we had cold weather, snow, and drizzling rain. I thought we were supposed to be having spring weather. It seems like the flu has been going around among certain individuals.

I checked the mail and was glad to see that the Heart Sutra had come in. It seems like it is a translation of the text.

So far from what I’ve been studying regarding Buddhism, it seems that there are countless Sutras out there.

I can’t quite explain my interest and attraction to Buddhism but it seems like anything dealing with Asia has sparked my interests since early ages.
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‘When you see form, you see the mind.’ But people only see form. They don’t see the mind. If you can look into the depths and think about what you are doing, one action at a time, you will suddenly see. This is called seeing your nature.’ –Chia-shan… I got this excerpt while reading from the Heart Sutra.

Words are a hindrance and are excellent tools causing confusion rarely insight.

What is Zen?

Zen is in each step, each action, each breath, with the sun basking upon your body while hearing the birds sing their spring songs…
eliminating all words.
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‘When people speak badly of you, you should respond in this way. Keep a steady heart and don’t reply with harsh words. Practice letting go of resentment and accepting that the others hostility is the spur to your understanding. Be kind, adopt a generous standpoint, treat your enemy as a friend, and suffuse all your world with affectionate thoughts, far reaching and widespread, limitless and free from hate. In this state you should try to remain.’ -The Dhammapada.

With a closer look at my body I acknowledge that my flesh consists of skin, muscles, nerves, sensory perceptions, cells, et cetera…
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Has anyone ever wondered if their medical marijuana was dipped in something deliberately? If you started to get paranoid after smoking it then you’d know something is wrong.

Can a person still practice mindfulness in a state of induced intoxication or love intoxication?

A person who has never made contact with this world wouldn’t have the worries that we have or any inkling of an idea of what our worries were.

If thoughts don’t resonate with you they’ll never come to fruition.

Life, light and communion with the sun, expressing galactic knowledge.

Have you ever looked deep into her soul?
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We all have our lessons to learn in life. Some of us go to the next level while others refuse to grow and learn to expand themselves.

What is the molecular structure of delta 9 tetrahydrocannabinol?

As I looked at brain cell images with my physical eyes a whole new inner world opened up to me with the realization of inner space travelers.

Life should be about reaching the highest points of intelligence and consciousness.

Life and love is filled with unfathomable power and intelligence. From the smallest ant to the biggest star, a cosmic universe filled with infinite intelligence….
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Outside of the classroom indoctrinated by a European society at its very roots and structure it would be of great benefit to look to nature as a teacher in the form of medicinal marijuana plants, psilocybin mushrooms, peyote, and other hallucinogenic natural plants.

Another teacher to look to would be the mind in the form of meditation and self discipline.

She transformed from Satan, to a Goddess, to I do not know if I want to do this anymore and why am I doing it?

Wisdom is somewhat jealous and a good friend.

What in the hell am I signing?
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Our fear of the dark has to be analyzed…

The main reason why people fear the dark is because the darkness represents the unknown. We fear the unknown and anything associated with the unknown.

I got married to the Universe,
a cut on my ring finger,
stars everywhere in the Universe,
can you hear the celestial music play?

Yes we might be specks in relation to the Universe but specks have power too. Power is not just about size.

Besides taking the material world to be real, we have also taken the five senses and thoughts to be real too.
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Should men ever have to spank their wives?

In the Quran it talks about the measures to discipline ones wife when she is wrong or being disobedient.

The first measure is to try to talk and reason with her.

If that does not work then the husband does not sleep with her in the bed.

If that does not work then the Quran says to strike the wife but the translation is somewhat debatable because the word adribu coming from the root word daraba has several different meanings depending on how you use the word.

Spanking is a better alrernative.
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That which you are seeking is you.

Today The Lankavatara Sutra came in the mailbox today. Another sutra that I had never heard of before.

Is consciousness an illusion, just another concept of the mind?

Science comes to mind.

I know that when people talk about the development of science they like to start off with the European era and neglect the science that was here since ancient times.

The main point that I am getting to is how so called modern science starting dividing everything up versus taking the ancient ancestors view that everything is oneness, interconnected, and unified.
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The nature of appearances and the things that we see are illusions, very convincing, and illusory.

The sad reality regarding our lives is that we are entrapped within the makings of our own minds.

This evening I found it difficult to get out of bed and felt as though I had no body.

I felt like the only thing I had was just my mind, but I was feeling somewhat detached at the same time.

I examined my depression today and realized that I really need to stop living in the past fretting and wondering too much about the future.
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I had imagined that she was hiding the fact that she was really an acupuncturist, skilled in the healing arts, with knowledge of the meridians.

When was the last time that you looked deeply into your children’s eyes?

Who is teaching our children about the higher powers of the mind and how to see through the illusions of this world that we have taken to be so real.

Exercise the mind outside of the mind.

Merge your power and the cells of your being to the higher merging powers of Being.

Use the force and force fields all around you.
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No one likes thinking men because that’s just too damn crazy.

Use herbs for meditation in complete silence to see through the veils of illusion.

Welcome to the real world, without headphones, television, or a computer.

This world and reality will continue to function in the way that you believe it does.

You could be here and your mind in the rainforest or anywhere else you’ve desired to be at the same time simultaneously.

I can see how I’m an extension of that bird and the bird is an extension of me and you see how we are all interconnected.
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Presently lying in bed listening intently to the sounds of the bird people outside.

Before I got on the bus tonight in the distance I saw a starship. By the time I got on the second bus I felt like I was going to have a serious heart attack or a cardiac arrest.

That feeling went down into my stomach and turned into gas. Wind was inside of my body.

Take the middle path in your life which is the path of moderation.

Too much of anything is not good for you especially when it is taken to the extremes.
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However insignificant my writing may be, if it moved at least one person deeply in this Universe then I am glad.

Teach your children about the reality of the American Dream, of being a movie star in Hollywood, and about poverty and how this world could be a better place to live if it weren’t for greed and corruption.

Even if I accomplished only one thing in one day outside of my normal routines, then that’s one accomplishment worth celebrating.

I contemplated that we were streams of consciousness and when we died we were streams of consciousness creating new galaxies.
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Within the first few breaths of meditation I was already able to witness an aspect of self that did not want me to continue the meditation.

What aspect of self was that?

It was the aspect of self that we call I, me, my, and mine.

The aspect of ourselves that we think is real also known as the selfish ego who constantly seeks passion and pleasures.

As individuals we still have a dual aspect of self that contains two voices.

One voice is ‘saying fly to the heavens,’ and the other voice is saying ‘No! Stay here in misery.’
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To those who say day to day life is boring are not paying attention. Many great things are right in front of our eyes, we’re just not paying close enough attention. A good way to wake yourself up a bit is to disrupt your daily routines or at least pay closer attention to them.

People everywhere, like the stars in the universe, with different accents, cultures, characters, languages, and simply being human.

As a writer, a writer must pay attention to details and then have the ability to translate that into words. That part can be the most difficult process.
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The empty space all around us and the Universe could never be filled.

Perhaps, we not only come from emptiness but are the emptiness.

Perhaps empty space isn’t empty at all.

One surprising fact:

When you don’t hurry to do things in your daily life you begin to realize that even the smallest things that you do seem to carry on a special kind of quality. In addition to this when you take your sweet time as though you have all the time in the world, time seems to be eternal.

Doing things with conscious awareness can be truly liberating.
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Allah makes many worlds with new beginnings.

Are you familiar with the nerves in your body and the central nervous system?

People often talk about life after death, rarely do you hear anyone talking about life after life.

How many people actually knew that tetrahydrocannabinol contained 480 chemicals?

How do those chemicals react with the chemicals in your body? Now that is what chemistry is all about.

Being a mystic and mystical has nothing to do with the definition or preconceived ideals.

A true mystic does not have a title and in most cases is unassuming.

How’s that for definitions?
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Gently in
this present moment
reading Haiku
past midnight
listening to space music

Is there anyone else out there like that?

If I said ‘a cat sleeping on a fan,’ you’d think about the kind of fan you plug into a wall, not the fan used in ancient times which required you to use your creative hands. That’s how far away from ancient and traditional ways we’ve become.

And how sad it is…

If everyone could harmonize
that would be wonderful.

World peace,
the most
difficult task.

Women are like flowers…
they like to be admired
and truly adored.
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A day
and a night…

The day never asked for a title, nor the night.

Fridays and Saturdays shouldn’t be favored over so called Mondays, the blues and dread day.

Birds and animals don’t keep calendars and alarm clocks then we wonder why we’re so out of sync with the now.

Today is not Sunday nor is it a day.

Do away with titles and strip them of their authority and laws called definitions.

We’re blinded by the titles and definitions that describe our world and universe.

Words are the spells that drunken our minds disenabling us to really see.
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As I observe
my mind
I notice…

While you were so busy thinking about women and fantasizing you were missing every aspect of the present moment; the mountains in the distance, with low hanging clouds, and the branches above your head, with spring leaves being blown so gently by a soft wind.

Thoughts and thought images arise in many different forms.

Some thoughts arise from desires, some from fear, from lust, some from the heart and mind, and preconceived ideas; thus the reason they should be purified.

Wouldn’t you like to unfold the 10,000 lotus petals on your crown chakra?
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I am seeking enlightenment….

What is enlightenment?

Many people talk about attaining enlightenment. They talk about sitting down in meditation for long periods of time in hopes of reaching it, like it’s some place you can go, on top of some mountain somewhere.

To say I am seeking enlightenment and doing things to attain it is like saying I am trying to be good so I can get to heaven.

Besides this, at what point would a person know they are enlightened?

Enlightenment is just another word with several definitions.

Don’t talk about the apple, try tasting it for yourself.
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I bear witness
that in deep meditation
there is no need
for books,
for words,
or for
psychotropic drugs
to know
and to realize
what is truth,
and what’s reality.

The universe within
and our deep inner self
is all we need
to realize.

The awakened ones realize
that the world we live in
is all a big dream,
while others
are in the dream world
but don’t realize
they are dreaming.

I am not this body
and the sensations
and emotions
that come with it.

I am aware of it
but I am not it
nor am I,

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Have you noticed that as scientists study certain laws and particles of the universe that they theorize about, they soon realize that something else exists beyond that, forcing them to change their theories and their minds?

Well, through a certain realization, I have found a new particle called the dream particle.

This world that we live in is not real. It is made up of dream particles including every living thing and every inanimate thing.

The universe, the sun, the birds, and the sidewalk which you walk on, are all dream particles.

In this state of realization, anything is possible.
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It seems like no matter where you look in life, you can see leadership principles everywhere.

You can see it in the animal kingdom, in human beings in relation to leaders of a tribe, military, the working world, government, religion, and so on.

Wouldn’t it be logical to say that there was a leader or Supreme Being over all beings and over all things?

I believe that our cosmic universe is full of star seeds which have contained all sorts of genetic strands from far and wide.

Reptilians could not be too farfetched either, because truth is stranger than fiction.
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Lift the veil that has been put over your eyes and remove the scales. Realize that you are a multidimensional being.

Some people are not ready for the awakening because they don’t even realize that they are asleep.

Do not be fooled into thinking that in this day and time that our technology was far more advanced than the technology of our ancient ancestors.

He miscalculated the width, the height, and the length and crashed into the door.

Be high but be grounded.

As she twirled and spanned and twirled, she was living proof of the planets and the stars.
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I’ve noticed that when I think of thoughts and dwell on them for just a few seconds that they are being amplified.

If I believe in the thought that comes about in my mind that amplifies it even more.

Selfishness is thinking of the self as the self which includes the exclusion of others who are viewed as being separate from self which causes spiritual blindness, disillusionment, and a closed mind.

Remove and strip all meaning, titles and definitions from your so called self and realize who you really are, which is not something that you can say with words.
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Beyond the words that had shaped his reality….

Beyond desires,
beyond wants,
beyond concepts,
beyond form
beyond symbolism
beyond religion
beyond rabbis,
and Sufi saints

beyond self
beyond mind
beyond time
beyond earth
beyond planets
beyond stars
beyond solar systems
beyond galaxies
beyond cosmos
beyond fear
and beyond beyond….

had come upon a place that could not be
described or expressed,
defined or explained,
captured or released
yet it was.

The veil had been lifted, after so many years, and so many ages.

And so it was, peace, tranquility, and the deepest calm of any tranquil sea.