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When I hear the word rat the first thought that comes to mind is New York. Iíve heard numerous stories about how big rats are in New York. Iíve seen them first hand in Singapore at various flats in the city, especially at night.

I watched rats being electrocuted on You Tube tonight which were designed especially for killing rats.

My rat stigma was different when growing up. As a child I had a positive outlook on rats and saw them more as pets and a cool thing to have.

There is no comparison to the domesticated versus the wild.
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I found two Maxim magazines inside of my P.O. Box and an envelope which contained an XXX catalog containing videos and all the things that you can think of regarding sex.

To me, sex is sacred. There are so many aspects of sex that books are written about it. But like most things the sacred is often exploited and put into the extremes.

Alcohol and drugs is an example, and people often combine sex with these elements making it something way beyond what it really should be.

Sex can be something very beautiful or it could be something very heinous.
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As I took the 11 bus home, I never expected that so many high school students would be getting out of school so early.

Was it a holiday?

Donít they have lunch I wondered?

As they got on in large batches and the bus continued its journey, I noticed one particular smell. It was a combination of ass and arm pits. It was the smell of unwashed butt and unwashed underarms. If the underarms were washed it was absence of deodorant.

This was the teenager life and I could not phantom how the teenage life leads into the adult life.
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Itís still up to the financial aid committee to decide on rather or not they will continue to grant me financial aid anymore for this semester or not. Iím hesitant on attending my first day of math class due to the fact that it is not certain that my classes will be paid for. I forced myself to attend the class anyways.

I felt like I was in high school again as the woman who looked like a man taught us the first basics of math.

I didnít understand why she kept looking at me with her reptilian like eyes.
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Iím reading this book that I checked out from the library entitled Lucid Dreaming for Beginners by Mark McElroy.

I donít know when I stopped writing my dreams in my dream journal and when I stopped trying to have a lucid dream. I need to start the process again. The world of dreams is so vast and the ability to be able to be in control of our dreams and conscious at the same time is a beautiful experience.

I can say this from lucid dreams I have had before and hope to have again.

Feel free to fly again.
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I wondered what kind of life Iíd live if I couldnít get my dick to stand up anymore. Would I still have thoughts about sex?

I wondered about the many men out there who could not have sex with the women they loved, because they couldnít get their dicks up.

Does Viagra really work like they say?

I often see myself being a monk, to the point of living in a secluded place away from the world or turning to natural drugs such as marijuana, mushrooms, and peyote.

Being a monk would probably be my more feasible route to go.
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I donít feel like going to work tonight. When you have two days off it always seems that those two days go by too fast.

We convince and remind ourselves to go to work anyways because we have to continue to pay off our bills, pay rent, and strive to support our families.

The big question always arises, ďis this what life is all about or are we living a life by someone elseís design"?

History always reminds us how things were and we wonder how it is any better today.

There must be a way out of this maze.