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I got my new phone today! Iím very excited. Besides having a working phone again, itís a new style of phone. I used to have the Oystr. This one is the Marbl. Itís no different from the Oystr in features, itís just black and a different shape [not as fat]. Know whatíd be cool? If Virgin Mobile ever made a camera phone only $20. I would buy that one in a heartbeat!

Because itís a new phone, I had to redownload ringtones. I got different ones from what I had before. When my phone rings, Iíll want to dance now!
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Demandez LíAnge, my personal - yet random - blog, got accepted by Review Me to do website and/or product reviews through their site. This is an exciting moment for me because up until know I would only really made any money off of Ask Angel. By doing sponsored posts on Demandez LíAnge it will help up my income potential. An increase in my income means I will have more money that I can afford to save for important things. I could also afford more for Aubree and I.

My ultimate goal? Get a car and move out on my own!
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I do not have anything to say. A bunch of nothing. So I am going to write a 100 words of nothing today. Nothing this, and nothing that. A little more nothing. Oh we can not forget about that nothing. I also have a ton of nothing emails to read. 18 nothing emails to be exact. I hate nothing email forwards about exactly nothing. Especially since it is the only time I hear from this person that I donít even remember who she is. Sad isnít it? This is pretty nothing. And this is the finale of my nothing post.
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All my money was deposited into my bank account. I am excited. That means I get to go to the store tonight! Which means I get to get out of the house for a bit and buy stuff. I am truly a girl. It doesnít really matter to me what Iím buying, itís the fact that I get to buy stuff, lol.

I am getting Aubree some diapers and fruit. Iíve got a couple other grocery items on my list as well. Then, Iím going to go to big lots and see if they still have the $30 mp3 player.
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Last night wasÖ eventful. I wasnít really in all that of a good mood and I donít know why. I just felt generally grumpy. So I hoped that going shopping would cheer me up. It did, a little. I wasnít able to get a MP3 player, though. They were sold out, which I suspected they might be. The ad comes out on Wednesday, and theyíre always ďsold outĒ by Friday.

I did go out to eat though. Yummy foods always cheer me up. Yummy and totally unhealthy foods, anyway. I got a small steak and some shrimp noodle mixture. Yummm.
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The latest thing that Aubree is constantly doing after watching Dora the Explorer is the ďsilly face.Ē Dora puts her hands on her face and moves them around to make silly faces so the troll will open the gate [in Doraís World Adventure] and so the troll will let them cross the bridge [in Doraís Silly Fiesta]. Itís funny to watch Aubree make her silly faces. What can I say, sheís just darn silly.

So if youíre ever in need of crossing a bridge or getting through a gate, but the grumpy troll wonít let you, make a silly face.
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Interesting Facts About Me:

When Aubree asks for ďmore juiceĒ it usually sounds more like, ďmore Jew.Ē

I bite my nails, a lot.

Aubree is mad at me because I wonít let her have a toy that I bought for her cousinsí birthday.

I have 2 prisoner penpals, and one penpal in Australia.

I like to go to the walmart website and order free samples of stuff. The most recent was toothpaste.

When I get alcohol I buy it in Ĺ pints because it can last me 2 months. Iím fond of peachtree schnapps and OJ, aka a fuzzy naval.
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I watched Dejavu yesterday. The boyfriend brought it over and we watched it. Which he proceeded to hold me down and tickle me a couple times. Or push me off the bed. Or bite my arm. Even with all the amusing distractions it was a damn good movie, he was right. It was much better than I thought it would be. Aubree even watched it without a fight. Her liking a movie only means one of 2 things. Itís Dora, or itís a darn good action movie. If a movie is a good action movie, sheíll stay glued into it.
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I have been knitting a lot lately. Today I bought this really nice blue baby yarn and now Iím going to make my friendsí new baby boy a baby blanket. Itís a really thick, soft yarn. Itíll make one heck of a warm blanket [and kind of pricey to make]. This yarn costs approximately $3.50 each and itíll take 3 or 4 to make a toddler bed sized afghan. I want to make sure heíd be able to use the blanket for a little while. Any smaller and it would be too small for him to actually use next winter.
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Iím doing this just 2 minutes before midnight. Iím worried I might not get this up before it is officially tomorrow. If I donít, then this would be my first real ďmissĒ. At least it wouldnít be because I forgot. Itíd be because I wasnít able to get online until 30 minutes before midnight.

Aubree got her first bike today. Itís, you guessed it Iím sure, Dora The Explorer. She canít quite figure out the whole ďpedalingĒ thing, but I hope she figures it out sooner rather than later.

The boyfriend and I went fishing. He caught a dog fish.
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Last night was a busy night. As you might have read in the tags of the post for yesterday, I may have wrote it RIGHT before midnight but it didnít get posted fast enough.

I had a couple things I needed to do before midnight, and not one of them got finished before midnight, though I started them before then. All my WAHM posting I do didnít get finished until 1am.

For In The News Today, it was too late to post the top news for yesterday because it wasnít yesterday anymore. I really hate missing days on that blog.
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So it is now Saturday. When most people look forward to the weekend, I inwardly pout. I am not a big fan of the weekend. Mostly because the one channel I get on TV has absolutely nothing on worth watching.

Saturday isnít the worst of the days, tv wise, though. Sunday is the worst. At least there are cartoons on from 10am to 1pm. I like Jane and the Dragon, and Babar.

I donít think I mentioned the new journal I bought. The thing is huge, and has tons of pages. I think it could last me for a while.
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A B C D, E F G. H I J K, L M N O P. Q R S, T U V. W X Y and Z. Now you know your ABCís, next time wonít you sing with me?

?em htiw gnis uoy tínow emit txen ,síCBA ruoy wonk uoy woN .Z dna Y X W .V U T ,S R Q .P O N M L ,K J I H .G F E ,D C B A

Itís hard to not appreciate crazy writing. Itís always so fun.

.nuf os syawla sítI .gnitirw yzarc etaicerppa ton ot drah sítI
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I missed a day for the first time ever. Actually missed a day. I could have sworn Iíd posted my 100 words for yesterday, but now that Iím here I realize I hadnít. That really sucks. Now I havenít been able to post for 100 days in a row. Well, Iíll just keep going anyway.

I went fishing yesterday and caught a bass that was about 6-8 inches long. I was very excited. Especially since the boyfriend didnít catch a darn thing, lol.

I woke up wayyy too early this morning, and now Iím tired. I got up at 5:30.
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My baby blanket Iím working on for my friendsí new baby is going well. Itís getting long. The only issue is that it is going through yarn like crazy. I might have to buy at least one more thing of yarn to be able to finish this blanket. I swear that by the time itís done, itíll have cost me $15 in materials to make this thing.

Yesterday wasnít all that exciting. I did get sunburned pretty badly. Parts of my chest and face are lobster red. Iím going to wear a V-neck top today. Maybe I can tan now.
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My penpal sent me the coolest book ever in the mail yesterday. You would never guess what it is. Never. So I am just going to tell you. He sent me ďThe ACME Catalog.Ē It would be the catalog that Wile E. Coyote would purchase his concoctions for trying to catch the roadrunner from. It has everything in this ďcatalog.Ē From the fake hole to the iron bird seed, not to mention everything in between. I would love to own the ďdisintegrating gunĒ that makes whatever or whomever you shoot disappear. Too bad itís not real. What would you buy?
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All morning has been doing the run around. First it was to take mom to her work place. Then I came home and grabbed a shower just in time to leave and go get my blood pressure checked. After that I took the boyfriend to an interview. Then I went to the store and picked up some things that we needed and finally home! At about 4 I have to leave to go get mom from work by 5.

As for the boyfriendsí interviewÖ he said the guy told him heíd hear from him on Wednesday. Good luck to him!
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I have the urge for some more cappuccino. A nice warm cup of caffeine would be just too darn good.

Iím having a tough time waking up this morning. My body just wants to go back to bed for another hour or two. Unfortunately, I canít. Which sucks.

I really need to balance my checkbook and make sure it is all correct. I hate balancing my check book, unless there are no mistakes. Then I donít mind as much.

I almost look forward to the weekend. Almost. At least on the weekends I donít have to do any WAHM articles.
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Iím getting a late start on my 100 words for today. I didnít forget, though! I just did everything else first. I got all my posts for Ask Angel done and put away some of Aubreeís laundry. Only one more load left to do.

Next week at Ask Angel is going to be a type of momís week. Thereíll be ďStay-At-Home Mom MondayĒ, ďWork-At-Home Mom WednesdayĒ, and ďWorking Mom FridayĒ. I know itís late for mothers day, but I really didnít want to do it before now. Iím going to write about the positives of being each type of mom.
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I took Aubree to the park yesterday. The play area is meant for older kids, but their was one slide where smaller kids could go down and she played on that one. Then she walked across the bridge thing and enjoyed running back and forth on it. Then an older girl went on the bridge and jumped on it which made Aubree almost smack her head into a bar. So we went for a walk instead and I showed her the ducks and geese. I even taught her the noises so she would go, ďDuck! Quack Quack!Ē It was cute.
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I have quite a bit I need to get done today. What I will get done, though, are 2 different things. Itís all cleaning related that I need to do. I donít exactly enjoy cleaning house, but considering no one else will do itÖ I have to.

Know what I am absolutely sick of? Spam. Not just any type of spam, though, the ones that tell you that youíve won a million pounds in the British lottery and if you email them your name, bank account, and soul they will make sure you get your money. Down with the spammers!
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Hay, how is your day going? I got so caught up with updating my sites and such that I almost forgot about my 100 words. Almost, at least I did remember. After a nice, warm cup of coffee.

I donít know what I plan to do today. I donít really have any plans. My mom is at work and wonít be at home until 9 tonight. That gives me plenty of time to figure out what Iím going to do today.

I just made some of the nastiest noodles ever. Does anyone know how to make good angel hair pasta?
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Iím pretty excited about today. Not only is it supposed to be extremely nice out, but I am going to try to start a small garden. I have seeds to grow okra. I absolutely LOVE fried okra, so it sure as heck sounds like something I will enjoy growing, if it is willing to grow for me.

My succulent that I bought a while back, itís growing! It has almost doubled its height since I bought it. I am extremely thrilled. It is my first indoor plant to succeed and actually grow. I hope it doesnít decide to die now.
05/24 Direct Link
I started my garden yesterday! It is a small one, but weíve got 2 rows of okra, 2 rows of cauliflower and 1 row of mix between them both. It would be so darn cool if everything decides to grow! Iíve never had much luck with gardens, but if I can grow a succulent, maybe I can manage to grow a garden. I have plant food which should help it along. I canít use plant food on the cauliflower until it is 3 inches tall.

Once it is pickable, Iím going to make steamed cauliflower and lots of fried okra!
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Today is my birthday. Iím now 22 years old. Iím kind of bummed because I wanted to stay just 21 years old forever.

I saw the cutest little baby turtle yesterday. He is just tiny and cute. Itís not even a snapping turtle. I looked it up online and I believe that he is a common map turtle. From what the information said, heís called that because of the lines on his body. It looks like a map. One heck of a crazy map, anyway. They like to eat snails and such. They can grow up to be 12 inches.
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Yesterday was so far from exciting itís not funny. It was just extra boring. More boring than usual. You would think itíd be more exciting considering it was my birthday, but it wasnít. My dad called and wished me a happy birthday. My mom kind of forgot, and I live with her, lol. My friend forgot my birthday. Itís the first year he didnít give me anything. Last year it was flowers he picked out of my neighbors yard and the year before that it was a drawing he did of a rose. This year really wasnít all that special.
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I donít know how fast I can write 100 words, but I have to make it pretty fucking fast because my mom just showed up and it turns out she only works for 4 hours today and now sheís home for the day. Which really sucks because I had to work on my penpals website today. Itís the only day that I ever have time to do something like that. I really, really, wish she could have warned me so I could have been prepared and got everything done before now. Oh well. Nothing I can really do about it.
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Yesterday was kind of fun. More fun for Aubree than it was for me, though. I took her to the elementary park in Coldwater. Their is a giant castle thing that she can walk through and is big enough for me to walk through with her. Tons of slides for her to go down. She never wanted to leave. I almost had to drag her out of there.

The one thing that really bugged me about the park was the fact that they had bicycle cops riding around the park with a gun. Makes me wonder what goes on there.
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Know what? I donít like being told what to do. Yesterday mom decided to try that. Now Iím all that much more determined to go against what she said. Iím going to buy a fish take, and fish. I am going to put it right where I was going to. Theirís not a darn thing she can do about it because I bought all of the crap. Not her. I did. Itís going on my table. I still donít know what her issue is, but I donít care. No good reason means I no listen to her. Itís my money.
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On a side note, when I saw him yesterday he wasnít in a bad mood like the day before.

Anyway, I feel like complaining. Itís freakin hot. So when my mom took my fan and used it while I was sleeping instead of, I donít know, getting her fan out of her bedroom and using itÖ I wanted to smack her. Really hard. Now I need to take a shower because Iím sticky and gross.

Also, Aubree kicking me woke me up quite a bit. Nothing like a 2 year old kicking the crap out of you because youíre sleeping.
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I heard from two people today that I donít talk to often. One was my dad, the other was a friend of mine. I really need to go out and visit my friend one of these days. I probably will, just havenít gotten around to it. She has 3 kids. You can only imagine what itís like when Aubree and them get together, whew! As for dad, we never have anything to talk about. I wish heíd stop by when he has a load going this way, but he never does. Itís been over a year since I saw him.