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I donít remember the last time I had a full night of sleep. I thought that when a kid was past the baby stage they would sleep through the night. Not mine, though. Sheís 2 years old and itís a common problem where sheíll get up anywhere from 2:30am-5am and get into stuff sheís not supposed to touch while Iím sleeping.

Aubree isnít very sneaky about it, either. She will get into stuff and make a lot of noise. I should be thankful for that. Those are the early mornings that I catch her before she destroys things too badly.
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Sometimes I wonder why I bother staying with my boyfriend. He can be sweet, but he can be a jerk. I really have to wonder at times if he even cares about me or heís just with me because Iím ďconvenientĒ at the moment. Or if he just doesnít like being single. Maybe he just uses me? Maybe heís just taking advantage of my generosity. Those are all things I have to consider when it comes to him. He has been known for it in the past. He has used me in the past. It is sad to think about.
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Iím not very social. Iím not much of a people person. I feel very uncomfortable when talking to people. Some people might find that weird. ďWhy wouldnít she want to make new friends?Ē Some might understand where Iím coming from. It doesnít matter to me, though. Itís all about how I feel. When I was in school, I wasnít nice to people because I didnít care whether or not they liked me. At least now Iím more than willing to be friendly and talk to people. Thank goodness IĎm not as bad as I was in high school, at least.
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Some people consider it a form of evil, but I do sponsored posts on one of my blogs. Unlike those that feel that being paid to advertise a product or website is selling out, I find it as a way to make a little extra cash for things my daughter and I might need.

I canít count how many times the money I made from sponsored posts saved my butt. A last minute bag of diapers, or milk. The money from sponsored posts bought me a nice outfit to wear for an interview. The money Iíve made is a lifesaver.
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Not many people know this, but the number 5 is my lucky number. My birthday is May 25th, 1985. See? May, the 5th month. 5 in 25. Then the 5 in 1985. My daughter was born in 2005. Yet another 5. Iíve got a long trend of 5ís in my past that all equal up to proving my theory that 5 is my lucky number.

If you think about it, you might have a lucky number. It doesnít have to be related to your birthday. It could be any number that pops up (in a positive way) in your life.
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Some people may think it is stupid, but I love Deal or No Deal. That is one of my favorite ďgame showĒ type shows that I watch. I especially love it when people walk off with a lot of money and get to use it for things theyíve always wanted, or needed.

I would be thrilled if I ever got to be on the show. My goal would be to pay off my hospital and doctor bills, as well as get a nice car. That is exactly what I would want to do with all the money. Itís a dream.
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If youíre looking to get your own host, at the cheapest price possible, maybe I can help. I did so much searching and searching. I almost gave up. Then the light at the end of the google tunnel came shining through. I can officially say that 3iX has saved my butt. Only $12 a year, and theyíre reliable. Ask Angel and Demandez LíAnge havenít lost any uptime. Iím so thrilled at my discovery that Iím bound to be the one person that promotes them the most. That and $12 a month is very cheap for reliable hosting. Wouldnít you think?
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Making breakfast. I really hate doing it. Once I make something to eat, then I feel like I want to munch the rest of the day. Yet, if I procrastinate on making my breakfast, I wonít bother eating until almost dinner.

So, here I am. Noon. Havenít made breakfast yet, but Iím really considering it. Some good scrambled eggs and cheese sound like theyíd be right up my alley right now. The perfect breakfast. I know Aubree would be thrilled. No matter how full she is, she always has room for scrambled eggs. She is a scrambled egg crazy kid.
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I am probably not the only one, but sometimes I think my daughter is a little weird. Every so many minutes she wants a hug or a kiss. She loves to say, ďI love youĒ a lot. Iíve never known a kid to be as lovey as she is.

It probably wonít last forever. Sheís only two. Once she is older and it is not cool anymore, I will really miss these days of hugs and kisses for absolutely no reason. Until then, though, I am definitely enjoying it. What parent would not love to have a lovey dovey kid?
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I donít know how special I am to have a loving child. Iím sure many people have a kid that hugs them for no reason. No matter what, it is all that much more special to me to know that I can depend on Aubree to give me random hugs for no reason. Itís a great feeling.

With the good comes the bad. A daughter who never listens. Some say itís the average for a two year old, but I find the fact that she wonít stay out of things she knows that sheís not allowed to touch, very depressing.
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Today felt bad. I usually have such good days. I enjoy working on my blogs, and finding other things to do. Usually. Not today, though. I think I might be getting sick. I feel blah enough for it to be possible. Or, maybe, I drank too much soda over the past 5 days? I want to get over this rut.

Aubree canít say her day was bad though. It was so nice out, I took her outside to play on her swing set. We ran around the side yard for at least an hour kicking a ball. She loved it.
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I keep thinking about this 100 words thing. Itís a journey. A goal. I enjoy it. I turned a blog into my 100 words, 100 days journal. I figured Iíd give it a shot outside of this website. Should be fun. I do like to write, a lot.

I originally wanted to write tips and tricks I learned about making money blogging. Just ideas and things Iíve learned. Didnít go over too well. ďThis is a COMMUNITY.Ē Itís a paid to blog site. Geez. No need to be uptight. But they were. So I dropped the topic. Bet theyíre glad.
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The weather is so nice. I can hardly believe it. Not that long ago we were covered in a butt load of snow. I heard that itís supposed to be in the 60ís today. Iím not so sure if it will make it, but if it doesÖ Iíll be thrilled. I will definitely have to take Aubree out to play again today.

Unfortunately this is supposed to be our last day of great weather, as well. Starting tomorrow itís supposed to be rainy, then itís supposed to snow. I hope it just sticks to rain, though. I can tolerate that.
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Yesterday was pretty dang hot. I actually sweat. It was the first day this year that felt anything like spring. It was almost summerish. Almost, but not quite. If only it stayed in the 60ís during the summer. Then I would like summer a lot more than I do.

Thatís why spring is my favorite season, actually. Itís not overly hot, the temperature stays around the perfect temperature. The 60ís. Nice to go outside and hang out, but no heat stroke. Itís also the season to start planting. So I can start planting my beautiful flowers, which is always fun.
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My knee is in utter pain. It has been for 3 days now. I know their isnít really anything I can do, which sucks. But dealing with it sucks as well.

I know, youíre probably wondering, ďWhy does a 21 year old have knee problems?!Ē My answer to that is, ďI donĎt know.Ē It started acting up when I was seventeen. I bent down wrong and it started hurting me. So bad that I couldnít walk at times. I ended up having surgery to remove bruised cartilage. All it did was make the pain, when itíd go out, more tolerable.
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Some people wonder what the heck it is that I actually do. Am I just a bum? Am I a stay at home mom? Or am I just unluckily unemployed until further notice?

OkayÖ accusing me of a bit of each would be fair. I live with my mom. I am a mom. I have been trying to find a job for a while now, with no success.

I do make money from sponsors and such. I also write articles to put up on Associated Content sometimes. Extra cash is useful. I have not stopped doing the job hunt, though.
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I got the long awaited for letter yesterday. I did not get the job I wanted so badly. I was so heartbroken. With that job, I could have made enough money to finally move out, buy a car, all the stuff I have been wanting to do since I was 18. I had hoped I would get the job.

I definitely cried when I did not get the job. I moped, and moped. At least that only lasted a day. I am more than ready to get back out and try to find a job somewhere else. Wish me luck?
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Have I mentioned lately that my boyfriend is a jerk? We have been together almost 7 months, but I am seriously considering kicking his butt to the curb.

He had a fit over my not answering his text message right away. When I asked him why he was being a jerk, he called me all kinds of names and told me he never wanted to talk to me again?! All over a darn text message! I honestly donít get it. Iím 21, whyís he acting like weíre back in high school? Now he wants to visit me today. Ha. No.
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My money finally deposited into my bank account, which means I get to go to town tonight. I get to buy the sandals I need. I get to buy diapers for Aubree. Then I get to be broke again.

Or do I get to go to town? It rained freezing rain last night. The roads are icy. I will not take momsí car anywhere when the roads are icy, because I would be darn scared of crashing her car. Not to mention the butt kicking she would give me if I did hurt her car. Letís just hope it melts.
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Ode To The Oreo Cookie

The thought of you, makes me drool. Whether youíre the original oreo or a store imitation brand. Theirís nothing like opening you up, to lick the crŤme out. Then to dip your chocolaty goodness into milk and slurping your now softened cookie outerness.

Their is no one time of day to eat you. A quick nibble before the toddler gets out of bed, an after lunch snack, or sneak one right before bed.

The only thing that I must say I regret. You tend to add an extra ten pounds of fat to myÖ butt.
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Today Aubreeís getting her Easter pictures taken. I donít think she really needs to get them done, but mom does. She got her a poofy dress [that looks kinda ugly. That and itís a bit too short for how poofy it is.] with those little white gloves which are too big for her hands, and a cute hat and purse.

The only point in owning a dress like that would be if she went to church or something. Considering the fact that Iím not religious and Iím not raising Aubree as religiousÖ she has no real need for this dress.
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Iím extremely tired. I really wouldnít be here, but I need to get my 100 words in for today, before today is over. It only took 13 days for it to feel like a chore. Tomorrow it wonít but today, with a headache and a need for sleep, it is.

If youíre femaleÖ then you probably know how much pap smears suck. Well, I get birth control [doing my part to not have anymore kids unless I choose otherwise some day far in the future] like many people do. Which means they are determined about my need for those, yearly.
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It sucks. I had 2 days where I couldnít do anything with my website, so when mom went to work today and I was ready to start working on my blogsÖ I found that my boss has sent me the leads I need to contact for him. The leads he was supposed to send me a few days ago. I donít mind, I love my job. Itís just really bad timing, ya know? Thatís okay. If I make good sales, I can make a good chunk of money. Then I can afford to save some money with the extra cash.
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Know those days that itís so rainy out that you could just climb in bed and sleep for the whole day? I am having one of those days. The thought of wrapping myself in some nice, warm blankets and cuddling into my bed makes me want to do it. If it wasnít for the fact I have a toddler, I would probably consider it. The thought is awfully nice.

Maybe I can grab a nap with her when she lays down. If she does. She didnít get up unusually early today. She slept until a normal time. Which is rare.
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Itís been a long morning, with a persistent headache. Tylenol hasnít even helped. Maybe itís because I just finished writing 8 sponsored posts for my Ask Angel blog? Thatís a lot to write at once, sure. But I like to get all my posts done for Ask Angel on the weekends so I can work on Demandez LíAnge during the week. Or maybe it is because Aubree has the worlds loudest high pitch squeal? Her squeal can make glass break, I swear. Itís the worst sound ever. Their are days when I wish I could gag her so sheíll stop.
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I can barely believe the temperature outside. Today has started at 66 degrees. It really makes me wonder what temperature it will be after noon. Almost summer temps.

Thatís not so bad, though. I pulled out a pair of Capriís I havenít worn since last year. Theyíre still comfortable! I get to pull out my cute, new sandals and put them on. Iíve got spring fever.

To go along with my spring fever, Iíve got the anxiety of worrying about the fact that my birthday will be coming up in May. I have to face turning 22 soon. That sucks.
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I have had a busy morning. I have been looking and looking for articles that I can use to post at the blog I am a contributor for. I have learned that it is not all that easy to find articles that are related to work at home mom related things. The other contributor whipped out five in a half hour. HOW?!!? I wonder what he uses to find his news.

The boyfriend borrowed $1.50 off of me. Will I ever see it again? Probably not. Do I care? Not really. At least he isnít a taker. He gives too.
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I have to make this a fast 100 words today. My mom is home and I was able to sneak some time to do this real quick before she wakes up and comes out here.

I checked my bank account and my money has not been deposited yet. I have a feeling that I have to wait until after 9 to see it credited in my bank. Which really sucks because I donít want to hear mom complain because I was able to be on for 5 minutes now and ďdidnít checkĒ. Even though I did, but they are slow.
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I had a strange dream last night. I dreamed that my boyfriend, my daughter and I walked to Florida. No hitch hiking. We just walked, all the way. We pushed my daughter in her stroller, and we would stop at McDonaldsí for free cups of ice water.

Though that is a dream, and a very strange one at that, I canít imagine why exactly I would dream it. I do have to wonder, though, what itíd be like to actually do it! Maybe if I didnít have a kid, I would consider bumming it and traveling cross country on foot.
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I almost forgot to post for today! Oops! I got distracted. I started early today with looking for articles to contribute to the WAHM blog. It was unusually easy to find some to use, so I went right to posting them when I found 5.

Iím quite mad at my daughter right now. She was asleep when I got up this morning, so I thought itíd be safe to run and get a shower. When I came out, sheíd drawn all over my white leather purse with a blue pen. Not to mention, lost some important things in my wallet.
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I mentioned yesterday that Aubree drew all over my purse. Iím still a little bummed about that, it was my favorite purse. Itís okay though. Last night when I went to the store I picked up a cheap $9 purse that is quite cute. I am generally picky, but this one is pretty nice looking, and simple. Iím sure Iíll use it until it falls into pieces. Just like most of my purses.

Yesterday was 7 months for my boyfriend and I. I didnít see him, but I did send him a text. Sadly enough, this is my longest relationship.