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a perfect circle, absinthe, amelioration, anais nin, ani difranco, anjelina jolie, archaic language, atheism, basses of all kinds, bill hicks, bloodroses, body modification, bondage, bonsai, burlesque, cats, change, chaos, chicago, chocolate, church of the subgenius, colored pencils, coloring, comic books, cooking, corsets, crayons, creativity, cunning stunts, cursing in all languages, cynical optimism, dead kennedys, death, delirium, desire, despair, destiny, destruction, dita von teese, dream, drugs through the ages, dune, enlightenment, feminism, fuck you, fuckedupedness, godless heathens, grant morrison, hallucinogens, hands, hate, head meats, henry miller, history, human rights, hunter s. thompson, imagine, independent book shops, insanity, insight, instability, international cuisine, irony, jello biafra, jonathan carroll, journalism, jthm, kathy acker, kill your boyfriend, killer quotes, kissing at red lights, language, leather, leonard cohen, lewis carroll, lipstick, literature, losing touch with reality, love, lust, marijuana, markers, multi-colored hair, multicolored fingernails, music, mythology, navels, neil gaiman, nick cave, nipples, nudity, oil pastels, opium, pablo neruda, pens, perception, perspective, philosophy, photography, play, poetry, politics, pretty paper, psychosis, punk, queer as folk, rage, rain-smell, red light districts, ritual sacrifice, ropes, sarcasm, scars, scorn, sex, sexuality, sexy dancing bitches, shamelessness, shibari, simone de beauvoir, snakes, so many more..., spiders, stripey things, temple of kyla invictus, terrorizing the suburbs, the filth, the invisibles, the l word, the preacher, the sandman, the sex pistols, the truth, things and stuffs, thought, tights&socks&shoes, tom waits, tool, tori amos, transmetropolitan, travel, undeath, urban decay, vintage clothes, watercolor pencils, william s. burroughs, wolfbirds, writing, your mum