BY Bobits

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We started work at the new office today. It's a lot smaller and very unfamiliar. I don't know what's going to happen but I hope it works out there. JG was disappointed with me last night. We talked about it in the morning and I think we're on good terms. I'm glad we don't have many disagreements. I wish we didn't have to be apart so often. I think she's starting to really like me. We'll see where it goes. I bought a lot of food yesterday, I shouldn't starve for a while. I really enjoy eating the butter croissants.
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Tonight we had a nice time. We went to "Because I Said So". It was cheesy and girly but it was fun for a couple hours. Afterward we went to the freezing cold beach. It was a beautiful night but it was too cold to enjoy it and we had to go back early because I couldn't take the cold anymore. I was frisky and she was a willing partner. So we did what many young lovers do. It was great, it's just too bad it can't last forever. Coming back to earth is such a letdown, I miss her.
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The best part of the cupcake is the paper. Tasty. Everything reminds me of her. I don't know what to do, my world is collapsing in on me. Will she ever want me back? Why did I have to be so stupid? Maybe next time I won't get so caught up in the moment and say things I don't mean. I hope she knows that I still want her. I'll try to call her later and see if we can work this out. I need JG. I hope she's happy with her new guy and they live happily ever after.
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The Super Bowl was today and I scarfed down more than my fair share of snacks. I saw JG again today, she was well. Do you like green tea? I love it but I don't drink it nearly as much as I'd like. I got a gift for JG but it actually works out being a gift for me. I feel guilty about not being more selfless. I don't feel like I sacrifice much for her but I do care about her. I love talking to her about how we first met. She makes me feel so happy and comfortable.
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I love the bus, I just don't like waiting for it. I live so close to school that I spend far more time waiting for the bus to come than I spend riding on it. If I walk it takes 40 minutes and I don't want to fight for parking so I bus it. I had become so used to driving, I thought my bus days were long gone but they're back. I enjoy not having to worry about traffic and seeing all the interesting people. That wait can just be so punishing, I like empty buses that come quickly.
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I like school the most when I just need to show up and enjoy the lectures or class discussions and there's no homework. We're just learning for the sake of learning, it's not going to be on the test. To me, homework just kills the enjoyment of education. I love to learn new and interesting things but it's a lot less fun when it's more forced upon me. Anyway, this semester I do not have very much work to do in any of my classes. I tried to make it like that, I'll have to increase the workload next semester.
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She says sheís never read my writing for a general audience. Thatís because I never write for a general audience. We decided to skip our past two Tuesday classes and spend the time together. Itís a lot of fun to spend a weekday together, it feels rebellious and naughty. Today we played a Scrabble-like online game called Literati. We play a lot of scrabble but we donít keep score, itís just for fun. This online game couldnít help but keep score. Iíd be lying if I didnít admit I was a little pleased to escape with a one point win.
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I read some of her past entries. It was very difficult for me to read about another guy. I knew he was there but it was very hurtful to read how much she liked someone else. I realize that this was long before me and Iím no saint myself but I want to be the only one she ever wanted. I feel so whiny. She says he was not very serious but it sounds like she really really liked him. I know she likes me a lot more, that feels nice. I want her to be happy, and with me.
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She loves to tickle me! Any time she finds a tickly spot, she can't help but exploit it to the fullest. I told her I wasn't very ticklish but it's probably because no one ever touched me in many of the spots she discovered. I'm actually very ticklish. Sometimes it's torture but we both have a very laughy time. She always seems to laugh as much if not more than I do. I hope the tickling never ends. I want her to like me forever. I hope I don't do anything to make her want to not be with me.
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Poems are difficult to write. I can never think of something original and meaningful. The always seem rhymey and lame when I write them. I donít mind not being a great poet. I donít care for poetry. Iím a little confused about all the symbolism and deeper meaning that some people interpret a poem to possess. I think sometimes the author just wrote something and it wasnít supposed to be about anything. I can appreciate a good poem. To me a good poem is easy to understand and pleasant to the ear. I feel like writing a poem right now.
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JG went to meet most of the family today. For the most part everyone just left us alone and we sat in the corner trying to have some fun conversation. It went relatively well, nothing bad happened. I felt a lot more comfortable with her around. It would have been lonelier without her. I'm really attached to her. I can't imagine what it would be like if she wasn't with me. Writing 100 words seems like very few but it's kind of hard to do everyday. I'll keep trying. I wrote something about not being together but we're very together.
02/12 Direct Link
I guess we're no longer doing some things together. I expected this because she's always felt this way and nothing ever changed enough to change her mind. I'm not angry and I know we can do it. We'll still have lots of fun together. Valentine's Day is coming up and I don't think we're making a big deal out of it. I want it to be like that but I also want to make a big deal out of it for her. I want to make her feel special but I can't do all those cheesy things that people do.
02/13 Direct Link
It's funny how she never even thought about me until I talked to her. I had seen her a few times and we knew about each other but the attraction was only one way, at first. She thought I was scary and had had a lot of girlfriends. She was my first. I was obsessed with her before she even knew me and I acted like it was a mild attraction but I was very much in love with her. I'm glad I didn't give up on her when things looked bleak. She's been the best thing I've ever had.
02/14 Direct Link
This is my first time having someone at Valentineís Day. It was a very happy day. Iím afraid she doesnít trust us but I understand why, we havenít done much to show weíre trustworthy. I donít want her to distance herself because we donít have enough self control. I love thinking about us in the beginning. We were quieter and things were a lot more awkward because weíre both shy. But we knew there was major liking going on between us. I love how sheís so sweet to me and says sheís mean when she knows sheís a total sweetie.
02/15 Direct Link
We had an argument that brought out feelings I thought Iíd never have. I didnít like what was happening and it felt like there shouldnít have been a reason to get argumentative. We mostly kept cool and no permanent damage took place. It was not too big but I guess when you rarely argue any argument is significant. I thought we both thought alike but weíre not completely alike. I knew this but it was never so pronounced as today. Well itís over, I think, weíll see what happens. It wasnít that bad. Weíre still friends and we wonít breakup.
02/16 Direct Link
Seeing each other helps a lot. We're great when we're together. All of our tension comes when we're away. Not that there's much tension at all. I like how things worked out and it felt as good as new again. I love spending time with her. She's my very best friend and I need her. Life without JG doesn't look very good at all. She likes new pens a lot. They distract her, I'm not sure what she actually does with them. I'm not sure what else can be done with a pen besides writing or fiddling.
02/17 Direct Link
I love to browse the internet. It's been one of my biggest hobbies for the past several years. It feels like there are so many interesting sites out there that I'll never get a chance to read. I wish I could learn so much more than I do. My knowledge gaining rate is not that great. I always want to better myself but it feels like I've never reached close to my potential in this department. I want to know things! This hardly concerns me too much as I would put the effort if it really meant something to me.
02/18 Direct Link
We started early this morning. We made omelets. I love cooking with her. We do it a lot and I enjoy it every time. I bet she'd make a wonderful wife. She loves me. She's cute. She's open to trying new things. She loves to write. She washes dishes. She thinks I'm hot. She makes good decision. She's close to her family. She's quiet, clingy, affectionate, needy, lovely, responsible, indecisive, kind, sweet, funny, hugy, kissy, sexy, and mature. She's the only girl I've ever really wanted to be with. I'll be very shocked if my life doesn't end with her.
02/19 Direct Link
I had to meet with some of my dad's college friends and their families for brunch. My brother recently got into their college so everyone was asking him all about it. I was given little attention but I'm already the successful college student! I'm not jealous. I never mind not being the center of attention. It's nice to be acknowledged for one's accomplishments but I've never asked for the limelight and I'm not about to start. I only saw my favorite person for a few minutes today but they were the best minutes of the day. What are you doing?
02/20 Direct Link
Today is usually our hang out during the week day because I have no work. She has a big paper due so we just kept it short and sweet. It's tough to not see her. I'm dangerously attached and I wouldn't want it any other way. I started blogging today. I don't feel comfortable letting people into my life like that. But it makes her happy so I'm glad to do it. We had another disagreement over something so minor. We're two different people and we are alike in so many ways. But there are some differences. I love her
02/21 Direct Link
I love to drive my car. I'm so glad JG lives so very close to my house even though I'm not living there right now. The drive to take her home or pick her up is very familiar. It's the same way I've been going for many years. I like this about her a lot. I always wanted a hometown girl. It's neat how we lived so close for so many years and never knew each other. We'll eventually end up there, somewhere near both the in-laws. Until then, I'll enjoy our long drives together, talking, being frisky, naughty.
02/22 Direct Link
I forgot my tamagotchi so we couldnít name them until I called her. Weíre so in love. As long as we focus on our similarities, which are many, weíre happy. I donít know what else to say about JG that I havenít already said. Maybe I think Iíve said everything because the thoughts have gone through my mind but I probably havenít written them all down. I love her and I couldnít be happy without her. Days without her are not that great. I get through them but there can be no satisfaction without holding, kissing, and being with her.
02/23 Direct Link
I love Fridays! Before, Friday was just a day that I usually spent alone and for catching up on sleep. I still use it to catch up on sleep but now I get to spend at least 10 hours with my baby after school. The time goes by so quickly. I only have Friday and Saturday to spend a significant amount of time with her. I wish time would slow down when weíre together because itís never long enough. I had a super time with her tonight. We just lounged and had a fun time while enjoying each otherís company.
02/24 Direct Link
I woke up late. She had been up for a couple hours. I always miss her when Iím the one who wakes up first. I hope she felt the same way. I felt tired all day. I donít like being tired. I donít want to be one of those guys whoís tired all the time. I think I need to sleep more. Iíll try waking up a little later. I could wake up later. Itís easier to enjoy everything when Iím not tired. We had a lovely drive to the North Shore. That drive never seems to get any shorter.
02/25 Direct Link

I love making her youtube load
She's quite afraid of a toad
Rhyming is really fun
Like that time we ate some gum
My poems are kind of junk
I don't like when someone is a punk
I should read more books
She's gotten hurt by hooks

Poetry, I've written about it already, haven't I? I feel horrible after I look at anything that could be seen as bad, sexually. I think "Never again" but I always seem to crack. I stopped looking at the worst kind but I look at the barely passable things. I am going to stop.
02/26 Direct Link
We are so in love. Weíll stay together too. Our feelings are genuine and weíre mature. We donít act like typical college students, I donít mind. Weíre boring. I have fun doing all the little things with her. It doesnít matter whatís happening, I always have a nice time. One day weíll not be so romantically in love and when that comes, Iím glad itís her. Sheís the girl I want to be with. She makes me happy and will be an excellent wife and mother. I wish everyone could find the perfect match. Iím so glad I found mine.
02/27 Direct Link
Today has been nice but there are much bigger things on the horizon. I donít know what will happen but I have this very strong feeling that weíre going to be parents soon. While this scares me very much it also makes me very happy. I know weíll have each other and our very supportive families. It wonít be easy and after getting our parentsí blessings Iíll feel a lot better. I look forward to having a family. I think we have what it takes besides the money, which is big. But maybe none of this will happen, weíll see.
02/28 Direct Link
So it's the end of my first 100words. It's been fun. I'd like to do it again. This month has been very eventful. We'll know if we're going to be parents tomorrow most likely. I used to think it was a sure thing but now I'm a little skeptical. We'll see. Both have there positives and negatives. The best scenario would be not, not yet. As much as I'd like it, it's too early. I love her. I'd like to be married sooner rather than later. I can't tell if I'm truly ready or just being crazy. We're still young.