WingstoSpeak {Rosaline}

WingstoSpeak {Rosaline} has completed the following batches:


^likes: chatting, working on my site, writing, (poetry, songs, fanfiction, & letters), singing, dreaming, collaging, hoping, 4-cheese and tomato sandwiches at Fazolis, tuna sandwiches at Perkins, Seattle, Pennsylvania, & talking with friends
^dislikes: Eminem, pop-groups, fake artists, Clint Eastwood (the actor, not the song), coffee, & corn
^admires: Josh Groban, Ewan McGregor, & Wil Wheaton
^listens to: Hanson, Josh Groban, Abbit Society, Saves the Day, Dead Reckoning, Under the Red, and all country
^loves: the rain
^cries over: lost love, sappy movies, the world, Haldir's death, & her life
^is: a Christian
^misses: Richard Harris, Jim Henson, & Dr. Seuss
^watches: Meet Joe Black, You've Got Mail, Lord of the Rings,Harry Potter, Monty Python
^is addicted to: Everwood, the internet, Dr. Seuss
^reads: Atlas Shrugged, The Fountainhead, Anthem, Fahrenheit 451, The Wheel of Time, Harry Potter, The Lord of the Rings
^laughs at: Monty Python, Gimli, Christian, Weird Al, Rodney Carrington, Gilmore Girls, & my family
^dreams of: being a writer & moving to Seattle, Christian, Ryan, Joe, Jaramie, & Darian
^hopes: that someday everyone will adopt the policy of ability before need
^believes: that the world could seriously be a better place
^wishes: for true freedom from everything & a lot of magnetic poetry ;)
^collects: cds, journals, books, Magnetic Poetry, lyrics, quotes, friends, & pictures