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Time is short Time is short is a song by the late rap artist 2-pac, it was released in the fall of 98 and was expected to sell out by 99. The year is now 2003 and the record label producers still have to manufacture dozens more of the album to this day. After the death of the rap artist 2-pac his album became a collectors item. A lot of people bought it (the album) just to show their respect, other people bought it just to have a copy in their cars and house's. Regardless of why people bought the album, the point is that to this day the album remains on the top ten selling albums in America list. 2-pac has been dead for five years now and his presence still lingers in the air of the rap world.
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Hair or scare I read a paper that said many women are scared of men with little to no hair. This only means that their kids will grow up with little or no hair, and most women try to avoid mates like that. Some women say it's a turn off to date a balding man because he only gets balder and balder with age. Although there are a lot of bald men out their, women say there are a lot more hairy men, so why should they settle for second best. The attitude of the modern woman has become no hair no chance.
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Time to read Time magazine says a happy ending may be a page away for the award winning but financially beleaguered children's show "Reading Rainbow", which recently announced it will return a 20th season on PBS. LeVar Burton, the host and executive producer of the long running series that promotes literacy, pleaded for his shows survival in front of a national audience during the Daytime Emmy Awards in May. He said this year might be the shows last on air if more funding isn't found. "What I'd love to create is a situation s\where I don't have to go begging for money every year" Burton said.
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(A.C.E.) Through a partnership that is concluding its fourth year, Delta Air lines and the Organization of black Airlines Pilots, Inc. (OBAP) have joined forces to make the dreams of black Georgia teenagers who aspire to be aviators come true by conducting the Atlanta Career Education (A.C.E.) camp. The A.C.E. camp, which is free of charge, is an intensive week long summer program that is held in July and geared toward local Atlanta teens, ages 14-18, who have an interest in pursuing aviation as a career. The camp participants are taught aviation history and navigation taught by FAA qualified flight instructors.
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Loving the in-laws Time newspaper says if you're a husband good and true, your wife's parents are assets to your life far more often than they are trails. Go out of your way to honor their history and their legends. Make a point of laughing at their stupid family jokes, of referring to their favorite stories about that summer at the lake or Uncle Steve's hilarious run in with the people of the DEA. Don't resist the liturgy of their family; embrace it. It takes no ingenuity at all to disdain people. It takes heart to see past your own ego to their humanity; which is the best move of all.
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Faster feet Francis Bellamy can help you run faster than ever before. He's not an Olympic coach or genetic engineer. He was a Baptist minister, who probably never even heard of a 10k. But in between baptisms, Bellamy created the ultimate training tool for runners: the Pledge of Allegiance. No doubt, the ACLU will say this training approach has "vast conspiracy engineered by right-wing joggers" written all over it. In a study from University of Wisconsin at Lacrosse, researchers found that a person's ability to recite the Pledge of Allegiance- all 31 words, out loud while running is a highly accurate gauge of his intensity of exertion. "It allows you to run at the ideal pace for every workout, whether it's a long, an easy run or high intensity intervals", says Derek Marks, PH.D a professor of human performance at California State University at Stanislaus.
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Small Muscles, Big results Let's start with a very safe assumption: you care a lot about prime time muscles: biceps, pectorals, abs, and quads. Everyone knows how to pump them up and show them off. But a star is only as good as his supporting cast. The stars of a physique would look and perform a lot better if you spent a little more time developing the small parts. Take the serratus anterior, a set of fingerlike muscles on both sides of your rib cage. When developed, these muscles create the illusion that the chest and torso are wider that they appear. They also transform your abs from a lonely six pack into a full liquor cabinet.
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Fiber If a rabbit doesn't eat enough high fiber foods, its teeth may grow uncontrollably, piercing the roof of its mouth and knifing the base of its brain. Our brain is safe, but doctors aren't so sure about the rest of the body. Forgo the fiber and you extend an open invitation to several different cancers. It also raises the body's risk of diabetes and heart diseases by about 20 to 40 percent. But even if you have the will to eat more fiber, you almost certainly don't have the way. Especially since the recommended daily dosage was recently raised form 25 to a throat chocking 38 grams.
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Community Colleges Time news states that a lot more American seniors are headed to community colleges straight out of high school instead of a four year University. The benefits of going to a community college are greater than those of a four year University. Students are beginning to realize that the only difference is the tuition. The curriculum for the first two years is the same at Universities as it is at community colleges. Most Universities recommend that students attend a community college first, so when students transfer over to the University they will have the basics down and under their belt.
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Movies Movies are estimated to be at there all time low in sales. Directors and actors just don't understand. Many critics say it's because the movies that are out now resemble movies that have already come out. If not, they are a sequel to an existing movie or a part 2 and 3 to an existing movie. People are more interested in real life films any way, most people like to watch shows and movies that they know exist in real life. Realism in movies is all computer generated, and people just don't fall for it any more. If it's not real it just doesn't appeal to spectators.
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Drugs Many people believe the statement "History repeats it's self" is true. Many of Ebony's magazine authors believe it. They say that just like drugs were a major issue growing up in the 60's for their generation it is the same way for kids growing up in the 2000 generation. Nothing has changed peer pressure is still the leading cause of (more than half) of drug users first encounter with drugs; and people still get introduced to drugs by friends and relatives. Eventually when the kids of today's generation grow up they will have to battle against the exact same drug issues of today yesterday and 50 years ago (because as we all know history repeats it self).
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Jamaican There was an article about personalities that stated Jamaicans are the hardest people to get along with. I'm Jamaican, so this offended me, because I don't feel like I'm that difficult to get a long with. The author of the article said she polled approximately three dozen people, and asked each person who there rudest encounter has been with, and what race or nationality were they. Out of the three dozen people polled twenty six of them stated that the people they had conflict with were Jamaicans. That's sad, but what made it even worst was that the poll was conducted in America, and half the people that were polled were Jamaican.
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Today in the news actors were asked what they felt was the most important item or phrase that they could give or pass on to their fans. Out of the one hundred celebrities polled, an amazing 50 percent stated that their fans should trust in God and every thing will be okay. This was interesting because religion is frowned upon in our society, and teachers can't even say Jesus with out being fined for improper word usage around adolescents. How are people suppose to put their faith in God, if they are not allowed to pray and worship God freely.
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People are starting to realize that the old seem to be getting older. Time News stated in an article called ("Time to wake up") that many people are becoming wise to this and are now reaching out to their government for help. But why now what is so different now? The answer is (as Time News puts its), people are beginning to live longer. Retirement is beginning to run out to soon and people at the ages of seventy five are forced with the decision of finding a part time job or skipping this month's prescription. Something has to be done.
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Jewelry has changed over the pass thirty years. First rappers were wearing these huge chains that were extremely thick and tight around their neck. To wearing chains that hang below their waist and in some instances all the way to the floor. These chains are often custom made by the rappers so that they are the only ones to have them, and maybe a few key members of their entourage as well. Rappers of the sixties and seventies wore chains that were fashioned after ropes (they were called and still are called rope necklaces). Time News says "wait to see what comes next".
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Gangs are at an all time high in the United States. More and more young teens are turning to gangs for support with everyday life issues. Either they don't have any body at their place of residence to turn to when things get rough; or their problems are too big for just one person to handle. So young adolescent adults choose to take their arguments to a gang leader and turn to them for guidance and resolution. The sad part about this is that once the gang leader takes care of the problem you have help take care of him.
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Animal abuse is becoming more prevalent in the U.S. today. Kids view animals in real life the same way that they view cartoon animals on TV. Most kids believe that when they hurt an animal it will just recover, and if they cut off a limb from the animal that it will just grow back over night. But as we all know that's not the case. But most kids don't understand pain yet; kids think that what they see on TV is real. However, its not and more courts are making young adolescent kids face the consequence for animal cruelty.
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The concept of a family sitting down to eat dinner is a dieing ritual. More and more adults have to work two jobs to support their families. Many kids don't even know what its like to see their parents more than twice a week if that. As time moves on so dose some of the United States prized traditions. The idea of sitting down at the table with a mother and a father is hard for lot of young kids to imagine happening in real life. The art of family dinners is something seen on TV and not real life.
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Cars are changing every year, they either become faster, bigger, or equipped with TV's and on-star navigational systems. News weekly suggests that pretty soon cars won't even need tires or gas; they will float on air and be able to run off of, and conserve solar power. Adults of today remember a time when cars were just a figment of their imaginations. Now, anything is possible from planes, to space ships, and what ever else people cam think of to add to the body, or interior of a car. I hope that in the near future cars will drive themselves.
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Today the average student has to work either a full time job or two part time jobs in order to make a living while attending college. The Miami Herald (a news paper company in Miami) states that if students do not have substantial loans, grants, savings, handouts, or scholarships they will have to get a full time job or work two part time jobs in order to put food on the table or gas in their cars. If the price of college dose not change, or adjust to the price of living, fewer students will be able to attend college.
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Kid's health (a magazine company nation wide) mentioned in an article last month that the average ten year old is obese. The factors responsible for obesity in young kids are lack of exercise and extended hours sitting in front of the TV watching cartoons or playing some sort of electronic device on TV. The article also mentions that the only way for America to improve on this problem is to spend more time taking our nations kids outside to play. The best thing to do is to allow them less time to play electronics and more time to play outside.
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Dogs and cats have been America's favorite pets for the past century. Many families use pets as a way to explain the cycle of life to their kids. First you start out real small and you need for some one to feed and bath you. Then you get a little older and you start to do things for yourself like find food and bath yourself. Later on in the cycle of life you begin to get older and need a little bit more of the help that you required as a child then you die or get put to sleep.
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Since our bodies do not synthesize vitamins we have to obtain them either through food or supplements. Vitamins help our bodies use carbohydrates, minerals, fats and proteins. They also perform functions like fighting infections maintain mental alertness, promoting good vision, and forming red blood cells. There are two categories of vitamins, fat soluble vitamins and water soluble vitamins. Fat soluble vitamins consist of d, e, k, a. the water soluble vitamins consist of c and eight b vitamins. There are other functions that the vitamins take care of in the human body that are essential to muscle and bone growth.
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Calcium, magnesium, sodium, and potassium, are all macro minerals. The human body needs more of certain minerals (called major or macro minerals) than vitamins in order to maintain a healthy disposition. Similar to vitamins there are two categories of minerals, category one is called the macro minerals also known as the major minerals. And the second category of minerals is called trace minerals or micro minerals. Although they are named micro minerals they are still essential for some reactions to occur in the body. News weekly suggests people should consume half their weight divided by two in minerals a day.
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Cellular respiration occurs in three stages, the first of the three stages is called glycolysis which is a series of enzyme controlled reactions. The second stage is acetyl CoA enters the citic acid cycle, where it is degraded to yield energy rich hydrogen atoms which reduce the oxidized form of the coenzyme nicotinamide adenine dinucleotide, and reduce the coenzyme flavin adenine dinucleotide to FADH2. The third step of the process occurs when the energy rich hydrogen atoms are separated into protons and energy rich electrons in the electron transport chain. News Weekly suggests that people get their cells examined yearly.
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My favorite animal belongs to the canine family. It has four legs two eyes and two ears and a nose. It is commonly mistaken for the household pet known as the dog, and they live and survive best in their natural habitat the woods. My favorite animal is a wolf. They are sleek, cunning and very wise killers. They travel in packs and hate to be separated. Zoologists recommend that they be left alone in their natural habitats. Any attempts to train the wild beast may result in fatal consequences. This is why the wolf is my overall favorite animal.
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My favorite brand of food is cereal. I can eat cereal all day. I enjoy all kinds of cereals, wheat, oats, and bran. If I could find a way to survive off of nothing but cereal and milk I would. Cereal is so important to me because I remember growing up in a small house with a big family, and some night's cereal was the only thing available to eat for both breakfast and dinner. It's cheap, filling, and very simple to prepare. When times are rough I recommend investing in a huge box of cereal to last the month.
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My favorite electronic device is the computer. It can be used to accomplish a number of tasks. You can use the computer to talk to a friend on line, or you can use it to see some one who is all the way on the other side of the world through the computers web cameras. Instant messages can be sent on computers and instant pictures as well. The computer can be used to type up reports and edit reports as well. The computer is capable of accomplishing a number of tasks simultaneously. I like computers, and what they can produce.
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My best friend is a girl. My best friend can only be a girl in my mind since I am a boy. My best friend can do things for me and to me that I would not feel comfortable allowing a male friend to do for me and to me. Things like ironing my shirts sleeping beside me and eating dinner with me in the nude. I love my "boys" but I could never make love to them. This is why a girl is my best friend, because I will never in my life sleep with another man for anything.