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My mother used to say that whatever you do on New Yearís Day, youíll do all year long. So, I have returned to 100 words, hoping this will motivate me to write each and every day. I have written little since starting the new job in April. Part of it is because I am working a lot, but it also is because I like my job. I have discovered that I write more when I am miserable. Luckily, it doesnít take much to make me miserable, so I should be back into the writing groove in no time at all.
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Got myself out of bed a whole hour earlier than usual this morning. And what productive use did I find for all this extra time? Watching television, of course. My viewings included part of the Waltons and Little House on the Prairie. Interestingly, neither focused on the characters that made them famous. The Waltons featured someone called Cindy searching for her birth mother. Apparently, Cindy is married to one of the Walton boys (Jason?). Little House centered on Mr. Edwardsí son who didnít want to kill anything. The Ingallsí girls were missing in action, although Charles provided some wise words.
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I am rather proud of myself this morning. Despite the fact that my thighs hurt like hell and Iím walking around like Iím a hundred years old Ė especially down stairs, I popped the Killer Butt dvd on again. Ok, so I only made it 7 minutes, but thatís better than nothing. I did seem to be less winded, but I could only take the searing pain for so long. If I keep this up, I may actually make it to the end of the dvd one day. Itís good to have goals, even when they are pretty damn lame ones.
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Going to be an interesting day at work today. Two positions are being eliminated Ė now thatís a clinical way of looking at things. Makes one wonder about their own mortality, so to speak. I have been reassured about my own place in the scheme of things, but it does make your heart skip a few beats (although hard to tell the difference since mine skips a beat now and then anyway).

I have become obsessed with Open Houses. I want to attend them all. Saturday is the key. I will have to get up early and head to Paris alone.

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I took a two hour nap this afternoon. It was wonderful. Iíd almost forgotten how much I like naps. Now, how can I arrange my schedule to include a nap? I guess I could get up at eight every day and then nap from 10 until 12. Would that work? Not sure, because then I would have to give up sleeping late. I guess nothing comes without sacrifice!

It is possible that my hours will be changing with the changes at work, but how exactly they will change is unclear. Iím not sure I should wish for more nap time

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Seven Farm Open Houses in one day, about 7 hours. Four hats, a mousepad, a drink cousy, and countless brochures. Ginger punch, hot toddy, water, pepsi, coke. Sausage, fruit, grilled ham and cheese, mini-hot browns, tuna on croissant, vegetable soup, brownie with peanut butter, jambalaya, lemon square, burgoo.

Ah yes, there were also the horses. Awesome Again surprised me, wow what a horse. The Cliffís Edge is a man among boys. Letís hope he passes that on. Kipling escaping from Oklahoma, Scat Daddy new to the shed, old pro A. P. Indy, Pleasant Tap the sweetest stallion Iíve ever seen.

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Finally, a day to sleep late. Currently, Monday is the only day that feels like a day off. The only time that I have the whole day to myself. So, I have wonderful plans to enjoy the day. Letís see, laundry, dishes, trash. If I get bored, I may even clean the bathrooms.

Ok, that last paragraph reeks of self-pity. Itís my own fault that I have to spend much of my day off doing chores. If I wasnít so lazy the rest of the week, I could do something fun with my day off. Another resolution in the making?

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I do not need 100 words to describe this day, one is enough: wind. The wind was absolutely amazing. It was windy when I hit the road in the morning (to change lanes, merely let go of the wheel), windy as we visited more farms and windy as I made my way home (it was also raining, but wind is the word of the day). I came home to find the trash cans toppled, lawn chairs askew, chimes clanging uncontrollably, debris everywhere. Most of it, I just left. There was no reason to fix when the wind was still whipping.
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Didnít I have some kind of plan to use the 100 words platform to write a continuous story? I remember something vague in the back of my mind about that. Well, January certainly isnít going that way. Maybe something to do for February? It could be an interesting experiment. Not only would it force me to write 100 words on the same topic every day, but it would also restrict my editing. Once the passage was entered, no editing would be allowed. And, when the tale was done I could edit and publish? (ha, Iím just kidding about that part).
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Driving to work behind a truck with ďBad Ass TruckĒ on the back of the cab. Funny thing was, it looked pretty much like a regular truck to me. Not very bad ass at all. There was a ladder sticking out of the back that made me stay a measured distance behind, but I hardly thing that is an every day accessory. How do you determine that your truck is Bad Ass enough to warrant a sticker? If your truck is truly Bad Ass, do you need to advertise? Should you get a second opinion to confirm the Bad Assness?
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I hate to be petty about this, but the assigned hours are bugging me a bit. Four to twelve is 8 hours, although 8 hours without a break. But, itís not 4 to 12, itís 4 until done. Sometimes, thatís 12. Sometimes, thatís 9. Most often, itís something in between. So, itís a maximum of 8 hours. On the other hand, 1 until done is a minimum of 8 hours. Granted, Saturday is more like 4 or 5 until done. But then, Sunday is 3 or 4 hours when it should be none. It will take its toll on me.
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Up early this morning (relatively, itís all relative. Reminds me that Einstein made a successful return yesterday). Itís bound to make me crabby later today. Nothing that a lot of caffeine wonít cure, or at least postpone temporarily. But, the sun is out, so that makes everything ok. From the weather forecast, it seems as though this could be the last day we see the sun for a very long time (until Spring even Ė ok, that might be a bit of an exaggeration). So, I should get out and soak it all up. Weíll see if that comes to be.
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Strange twinge in the back of my right knee. More noticeable after lesson, but not caused by that since I felt it before starting. Feels like I walked too much without stretching properly before starting. But, I did not walk a great distance with or without stretching. Maybe, it is caused by Killer Butt. Will that endeavor need to be abandoned? Nah, thatís no excuse, especially since I wasnít that devoted last week. Ok, the obvious is that I am just getting old. I probably need to stretch before walking from the parking lot to the grocery store these days.
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Oh the weather outside is frightful, but the fire is so delightful. Hmmm, how much of a song can you quote before it is copyright infringement? No matter, because I donít have a fire anyway (although I do have two fireplaces Ė but, thatís another story), on the other hand, I do have no place to go, so let it snow.

There really isnít enough snow to make much of an impact, but the sky looks like it might yield more. I suppose I could check with more knowledgeable sources, but I think Iíd rather just wait and see what develops.

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I need to work on that New Yearís Resolution, where I remove the little varmints from the attic permanently. They are driving me insane. They wake me up around 6 AM or earlier with their scratching and scraping and little raccoon chattering. There must be 20 up there. Ok, maybe not that many, but quite a few. It is worse since it has gotten colder. I have decided that I either have to call one of the expensive places that will remove them all and fix all holes or I need to get my own trap and do it myself.
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Itís after midnight, therefore another day and another 100 words. I need to go to bed, I am tired, I need sleep. I need to rise early tomorrow. But, I canít seem to make the journey from the living room upstairs to bed. I keep finding little things to occupy my time for just a little while longer. What is the cause of this, what does it mean? Is it the wine thinking, talking, for me? Is it a desire to keep the day from coming? Iím not sure, but enough is enough, I am going to sleep right now.
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I have brand new socks on today. They match, they are comfortable, they have no holes. They are even kind of stylish. The fact that new socks bring such joy is a reflection on the sad state of my life, but I donít care I love my new socks.

Less activity in the attic last night. Fewer occupants because the weather has warmed? Or has the head honcho raccoon evicted some of the trouble makers? Regardless, it was nice to have a relatively peaceful night. It also may be cheaper since the critter eviction folks usually charge by the raccoon.

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I admit it, Iím jealous. Iím not saying that I would have done a blog had I been asked, but I would have liked to have been considered. He can talk about these horses that heís following? Who found the horses in the first place? Who took him to the damn farms? The killer was when someone said, ďNow youíre a writer.Ē Am I a writer? It doesnít help that I am having an incredibly, increasingly, depressing week anyway. Iím not sure at all where I fit in the scheme of things and this is another indication that I donít
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Finally saw Music and Lyrics last night. No classic, no Academy Award performances, but I loved it. It was exactly the movie that I needed. It would have been even better had the movie arrived on Thursday as promised, but better late than never. I enjoyed the movie so much that I even watched the outtakes and the deleted scenes. I might have to purchase this one.

Itís cold outside, so my plan is to stay in all day. This plan is doomed to fail because I must go to work later. But, Iíll give it a good effort anyway.

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I was lying on the couch trying to take a nap, when it seemed a little chilly in here. So, I got up to crank the heat a bit and noticed that the temperature was way below what it should be. Feeling the vent confirmed my assumption, no heat. After trips up and down the stairs, resetting the switch on the heater, resetting the circuit, replacing the filter. Nothing. Itís Sunday night, repair will have to wait until tomorrow. So, Tess and I are bundling up tonight. May be a cat under the covers night, predictions call for single digits.
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The heat is back on! Itís been back on for about an hour and a half now. The temperature is up to a balmy 53. I wonder how long it will take to get the temperature back to par. The problem was something minor, so it only cost $95. Good thing it wasnít something major. Iím not complaining. Iím just happy that they could get here quickly and it was fixable. I had thought about going shopping, but now I donít feel like leaving the house. Instead, Iíll stay home and try to make enough to pay for the furnace.
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Snow this morning, real snow. I would love to stay home all day, but instead I have to go to work early.

I was just remembering the dreams that I was having when the heat was off. I was dreaming that the heat was on. Ah, simple times call for simple dreams. I woke up and could see my breath and I knew that it was just a dream. Usually, I have elaborate dreams with lots of people, various settings, and complicated plots. I guess the most wonderful dream my mind could come up with was the restoration of heat.

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This isnít my entry for today. It is the entry I ended up writing today, but it wasnít the original. The original was full of self-pity and anguish, but also full of revealing honesty. But, I remembered that this is a public forum and even though you donít know me and I donít know you, Iím not ready to reveal this entry to the world. Besides, it wasnít meant for the world, it was meant for one. One who doesnít want to hear it, wonít ever hear it. It will not be entered online, but it remains in my mind.
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I have only gotten two speeding tickets in my life and both were because I was distracted by that mind of mine that doesnít seem to want to turn off. I was channeling that feeling just this morning. I was zipping along New Circle when suddenly there appeared a police car with his radar gun a gleaming. I looked down and saw the needle was near 70. I felt something in the pit of my stomach and thought sure he would be coming for me. But, he didnít make a move. Not sure how I slipped out of that one.
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Received the first disc of the 2nd season of Kung Fu last night. Watched two episodes, good stuff. Just the same as I remember, or even better. Canít wait to watch more. This morning, I came to the realization that Kung Fu and The Incredible Hulk are really the same show. Both feature outcasts searching for the truth. Both have secret pasts. Both are healing men. And even though they donít want to fight, theyíll kick your ass every time. No wonder I love them. The Hulk also has that indescribable and unexplainable Bill Bixby attraction, but thatís another story.
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Woke up this morning, something was wrong, no hot water. Downstairs, into the kitchen, water, water everywhere. This seems familiar. I turned off the water and checked, yes the line is busted exactly like last time. I venture to the basement, water here too. The sump pump is not working. No, wait, it is unplugged, the furnace guys needed the outlet. Still, the whole thing is my fault should have insulated last year. First on the list for the spring? At least there is nothing wrong with the water heater, the leak used up all the hot, itís ok now.
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I have the overwhelming urge to buy things. I really cannot afford this right now, but of course that always makes me want to spend the money even more. I want those boots and the Robyn Hitchcock box set and the complete Gilmore Girls DVD set and some underwear. I shall try to resist.

Not much accomplished today, although I did get the line replaced on the bathroom sink. Iím getting rather good at that. However, the original leak is still there. I canít seem to figure out what is causing that. I guess it will wait for another day

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I have been contemplating having a Super Bowl party. Itís a silly idea. First of all, itís kind of last minute and people probably already have plans (at least I think that the Super Bowl is this Sunday, I probably should check on that). More importantly, my parties are always disasters. No wait, they are not disasters, at least disasters are interesting. No, my parties are just boring. Plus, having a party would require me to clean the house. On the other hand, maybe having a party would make me clean the house since it needs to be done anyway.
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Driving home tonight, the radio broadcast was interrupted by a warning. Severe thunderstorms, predicted to arrive in Lexington at 9:20. I glanced at the clock, 9:15. Uh-oh was my only reaction. At almost precisely 9:20, the rains came, followed closely by the wind. When I pulled into the driveway, it was coming down pretty hard. I got soaked just retrieving the mail. But, apparently that was just a preview. Once I was safely inside, the rain increased and was blowing sideways, the lightning was flaring, and hail was falling. Now, less than 30 minutes after it began, all is quite.
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My plan to accomplish something, anything in the morning before I go to work is going ok so far. Yesterday, I vacuumed the downstairs (and did Killer Butt as well!) and today I not only vacuumed upstairs, but I also did the dishes. I am not sure why I feel like I have to accomplish something before going to work now that I donít go to work until noon. I mean, I didnít accomplish anything before work when I worked 8-5, or after work for that matter.

Itís time to get out of here, so this is the end now.

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I seem to have too many entries about the weather. Well, hereís another one. As we worked, Sarahís husband kept calling warning of killer ice and telling her that she should stay in town. When I went to the car, the windows were covered with ice, but it didnít seem to be freezing, just raining. I removed the ice and went home. Looking outside, it is raining. However, there is much ice remaining. I went outside (in my socks) to fix the splash guard and my feet returned covered in ice. But, the stuff from the sky was clearly rain.