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November Batch - 2 My Favorite Place I would like to describe my favorite place for you. It is a place where you can just sit and relax. The sound of the water trickling down the fountain is one to the most soothing sounds that I can think of. While listening to the fountain the wind blows a nice cool breeze that feels great to my hot skin. Mixed in with the cool breeze is a taste, a taste of the barbecue that my neigbor is having next door. While sitting and listening to the fountain and tasting the air I watch the beautiful flowers blowing in the wind. The colorful pink and yellow flowers sways side to side gracefully as though they are performing for me. While the flowers perform for me and the cool breeze starts to cool me off I feel the sun beaming down on me heating me back up. The breeze and the sun mixed together keep me feeling very comfortable. I can smell the soft sensuous fragrance on the petals of the flower's I just picked. The placed I have described for you is my small but beautiful back yard on a warm and breezy summer day. This place is my favorite plcace because of the peace and tranquility it exudes. I hope that you have this type of place you can enjoy.
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My Learning Style In my twenty-five years of life its has become apparent that the learning style from which I benifit most is visual. There are several reasson for this I am sure, but only two reason that are very clear to me. I never have been very interested in learning. Learning has never reallly come very easy for me. In the following paragraphs I will explain why utilizing visual learning is most effective for me. Visual learning is best for me due to my short attention span. I have to have something in front of me to keep my mind from wandering. If the instructor is in front of the class lecturing I find myself thinking about the things that I could be at home doing. I find it hard to pay attention to stories or directions being read aloud. My mind needs visual stimulation to stay on track. My lack of imagination also makes visual learning the most effective for me. During a lecture I find myself taking notes but not reallly understanding what I write. If a demonstration on the board is involved, my mind makes more of a connection. Also, when I look back at my notes I don't just have words with no meaning, I have examples. For examples, I have a MLA handbook to help and show me how to write a paper which help me "visualize" what my finished product should look like.
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Best Friends Sometimes I ask myself what is a best friend. When would you call someone your bestfriend. From, What I've learned and experienced, I would say that a best friend loves you like a sister or a brother. A best friend is there to hold your hand, to uplift you when in need, to encourage you, make you smile when you are sad. Someone to trust telling your most deepest dark secrets to and talk about anything with. I would describe a best friend based on their character, their way with things, around and with other people. How responsible, reliable, and sincere this person maybe. A best friend motive would be in good attention at all times but, I don't expect for that person to be perfect only to have good and a reasonable cause for there action or what ever the circumstances are for that time or situation. Best friends are like a sister or a brother someone that is very special to share things with, that you can't share with just anyone. Best friends enjoy things with one another, cry with each other and almost seems as if they were companion. Best friends are always and forever.
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Stop Dreaming and Start Living One warm and sunny day in the middle of September, my sister and I spent a relaxing day at the beach, lying in the sun, chatting about our hopes and dreams for the future. At the end of the day we decided to take the long way home and avoid the rush hour traffic. We traveled down a long, deserted road in the country. The countryside was beautiful; an endless blanket of wild flowers covered the fields, while the sun peeked through the leaves of the mighty oak trees that grew in abundance there. We were enjoying the peace and tranquility that surrounded us, when suddenly, around a bend in the road, a speeding garbage truck appeared. The peace and tranquility that we were enjoying quickly disappeared when the truck crossed over in to our lane, and then ran off the road crashing into a cement pole that supported high voltage power lines. As my sister and I sped back to the scene of the accident, the serenity of the country didn't seem important to us . A man could be dying, helpless and alone. when we arrived back at the accident, three men were carefully attempting to remove the power lines off of the truck with scrap wood from the lumber truck they were driving. Their efforts were to no avail; sparks flew, wires crackled, and the men had to back away from the danger. We stood helplessly as we waited for police and rescue professional to arrive. The accident made me realize that I lived each day as if I would always have tomorrow to accomplish my dreams; tomorrow I would have that special day with my family. My whole life revolved around what I would do tomorrow. But maybe tomorrow would never come. Maybe I needed to stop dreaming of tomorrow and start living today. We are not guaranteed there will be a tomorrow; we only have today.
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Yard Distractions I happen to be the only non-retired resident on my immediate block. Living on a cul-de-sac, I am surrounded by elderly neighbors on all sides. The front yards of my block are neatly manicured with border grass, dogwoods, azaleas and putting green lawns, with the exception of my front yard. It has individuality, graced with the beauty of a dilapidated Porsche, weeds and overgrown shrubbery; my yard has become a visual nightmare for the prim and proper retirees. They mow their grass twice for every time I mow mine. I get the feeling that the condition of one's yard has become a basis for a pecking order. On any given morning I may wake up to the annoying staccato of a shiny, new Briggs and stratton lawn mower. This will produce a domino effect; within an hour there will be a chorus of Yazoos, Toros and Snappers answering back as my neighbors try to enhance the appearance of their yards. They do all of this work and not one yard was in actual need of mowing. I find this noisy activity very annoying as I try to eat sugar coated corn flakes while watching my favorite morning cartoons. I have found that living in my neighborhood is relaxing, quiet, and enjoyable. The traffic on the road is minimal and anyone in the area usually has business being there. My neighbors are not friendly people, but I get along fine without their companionship. Being treated like the out cast on the block for allowing my lawn to grow before cutting it is nothing to worry about. Seeing retired people acting like this and spending their money on unneeded objects makes me ponder, when I am retired, if I will be involved in the "yard wars" or will I just settle for having the best-lit house.
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A Haven My home is in Midway Florida. The neighborhood is not considered typical by today's standards. At a time when many residental areas face over-crowding, rising crime rates and increasing impersonalization, I live on the edge of over twenty-eight thousand acres of undeveloped land, enjoying the benefits of a rural community. Privacy is one of the many attractive aspects of Midway Florida. While driving on Country Road, one can see coventional houses and mobile homes nestled in the midst of massive oak and fields, large lakes, or densely wooded forests. People who prefer a more esoteric setting dwell further away from the signs of civilization; a mailbox at the end of a long, unpaved driveway is sometimes the only visible indication of human occupancy. My closest neighbor lives only fifteen hundred feet away, but our homes are not visible to one another because of the density of the forest and vegetation. I have spent many mornings sitting in my yard, attired only in a robe, having hot coco and reading the Essence magazine. The absence of scrutiny allows for a more unrestricted lifestyle. Privacy, tranquility, and the love of nature are the primary reasons for living in the country. Many detrimental factors that prevail in cities or suburban areas are nonexistent in Midway Florida . In many ways a trip to my neighborhood is like a journey back in time to a simpler way of life, an era that was unaffected by over population, pollution, and environmental destruction.
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Airline Cuts Thanks to the acts of terrists, air travel in the United States will never be the same. Two years and 3 months, airline emplyee's thought they were going to work, not a war zone. The American airlines industry has suffered a great deal, due to the September 11, 2001, bombing. The bombing has affected many different aspects of the airline industry but possibly, the hardest hit aspect is thousand of Americans' jobs. Many Americans' such as mechanics, flight attendants, pilots, managers, caterers, cleaning crews and more lost their jobs. The bombing has left many Americans without a job, but definitely hasn't affected the hope they have in the airlines they were or quite possibly still are employed by. The airlines may have had to cut jobs to save the industry as a whole, but are working vary hard at trying to get back on their feet to get the employees back. In a small but important step to get on the right track the CEO's of American, Delta and Continental airlines say they will not accept any pay for the rest of the year, giving up more than $620,000 in total salary. Donday Carty, CEO of American Airlines said, "In light of our calamitous financial condition, and in recognition of the men and women who have paid the highest price, I will forgo any personal compensation, including my salary." Even though this is a small amount of money compared to the total overall loss it is a very generous proposal. Not only has the bombing affected Americans personally but also financially. The total jobs lost are phenonmenal. The largest effect of the bombing on September 11, 2001, other than the loss of life, is the loss of jobs. I hold every hope that the industry will recover from this terrible act of terrorism.
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Kaleidoscope If I was dying slowly in space, having no control of my destiny, the mark I would want to leave behind is memories of my characteristics. I would leave behind, such as my sense of humor, the good times of laughter, sad times of pain and how I/we overcame the obstacles and trials throughout life. Other thoughts, I would like to be rembered by is my open mindness, my determination, and independence. The ambitious side of my character reflects how strong of a woman I am, my faith and courage that keeps me believing to make things happen or to accomplish my goals. How well I kept myself, myself confidence, my encouragement and how I bought joy to everyone's heart. Overall, I would be rembered by my faith, courage and believing all things are possible through God and Faith. While in space fading, feeling that I am breathing my last breaths. Special people will across my mind, that I wish, I could have and went back to change or did something differently for any wrong doing and or give comfort when it was needed. I pray and leave it in God's hand and he will take care of it. The path we walk will always have consequences. My dignity, integrity and influences have impacted lives. There will always be memories of what's remembered; wishing what could have been done and last words to say.
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Ivention Could you imagine an invention that would revolutionize the world? At the same time and place the inventors country amongst the leaders of technology. An invention that would generate billions of dollars in revenues per country. However this same invention would be responsible for the loss of thousands lives per year. The invention would also be credited with saving thousands of lives per year. Knowing this, as an inventor would you invent or market this invention? As a leader of a country would you promote the distribution of this invention? This invention is known as the automobile. Their are many new invention that are created each day,but do people ever think about the consequences behind the new inventions and if so, sometimes people have to think wisely how to use, react to certain things because everyone is different how they may react or response to something and if people are aware and understanding there maybe less conseqences from errors or accidents.
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Run Over By My Grandfather I remember when I was a little young girl, my grandfather owned a hog pen in Havan Florida. Every Saturday morning my grandfather will go to Havana to feed and look after his hogs. One Saturday morning, my cousin, brother and I decided to go with my grandfather to Havana. My grandfather name is Green, so he likes to leave the house early in the mornings between 8:30 or 9:00am. On this Saturday morning we all left the house and Green put us in the car and off we were to Havana. While Green was driving, my brother was sitting next to my grandfather, my cousin was sitting next to my brother and I was sitting next to my cousing in the front seat. Then sudden my grandfather turn a corner and I fell out the car and that when my grandfather ran me over and he did not even know it because he kept going. This young man came and pick me up and walk me back to my grandfather house. About 10minutes later my grandfather came to see what happen to me and was shock because he really did not notice that I have fell out the car until my brother and cousin had told him. I will never forget that day, that was the most traggic experience I have been through besides life itself. I was so scrade and frightening. when the young man came and pick me up, my body was trembling and shaking. He was so scared for me because I was so frightened. I never had the opportunity to thank him for his help that day. I feel as if he saved my life a little because another car could have came by and run me over again not paying attention, so I will like to tell him thank in mind and spirit.
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What Makes A Good Speech A good speech consists of tone, speaking clearly, good breathing and pausing when you need to, not speaking too fast. The volume in a person's voice is very important. The volume of the voice should not be too loud and uncomfortable for the audience or too low where the audience is not able to hear certain words and some of the conversation of speech that is spoken. The volume of the voice should be moderate; emphasize words that would stand out such as a description, excitement, empathy, or a type of action of what's being discussed, explained, and informed. When speaking, it is always good to keep in practice on how words are pronounced and that there is a good pace and control when pausing and taking breaths throughout the speech. What makes a good speech, the pitch of the tone, voice-pace and control of breathing, understanding vocabulary, clarity of words, sentence structure and statements. Body language, eye contact, and pronounciation of words, are what make a good speech. Practice makes perfect, to stay perfect is to practice. A person can never go wrong with practice that will result being successful.
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Abaco Beach Resort and Boat Harbour The Abaco Beach Resort and Boat Harbour is located tem miles from the international airport at Marsh Harbour, Abaco; and in walking distance from the Elbow Cay lighthouse and the Albert Lowe Museum. The resort is made up twenty pink and white cottages that range from rooms to suites. The cottages are all oceanfront and are eloquently decorated with bright colors from peach to blue. The resort is also equipped with a 180-slip marina that is used for hosting major fishing tournaments and housing the many, "18'-24' outboards, motor cruisers and sailboats used to roam the safe cruising grounds of the Abacos". For those boaters, fishing enthusiasts, and others that would prefer to just go windsurfing, Kayaking, diving or snorkeling on the Abaco shorelines and want to the comfort of a fine resort this the place to vacations.
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911-The Day America Came Together September 11, 2001 is a day that no American will ever forget. That is the day that our nation was torn apart, yet came together as one. After the tragic actions of terrorists, America refused to go down without a fight. Amercians came together to help one and all. In Jacksonville, Florida corporations closed and hearts opened. Many Floridians found the closest blood bank to give blood, the closest location to donate money, clothes and any items needed to get back on our feet. In an attempt to show the terrorist we will stick together, Americans displayed their love for America, our nation, by hanging the American flag outside their homes, on their cars, and any other place imaginable. On this day many Americans cried not only for the loss to their families but also for the loss of a large part of America's family. People wept when seeing the planes crash into the World Trade Center and The Pentagon not only because of the tragic losses but because they knew how this would affect the way we live for many years to come. This tragedy will affect the overall economy in ways that we have yet to see. Americans will stand together, tall and proud throughout the next course of history, possibly war. Americans will never forget that we are all in this together, all for one and one for all. Pledging allegiance to the United States of Amercia.
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School Attendance In an effort to increase student attendance I would like to suggest improved parking. Improved parking would include more parking spaces that are no charge and should be covered or at the very least a covered walkways to the parking. Although today's society places an emphasis on health through walking and bicycling, the majority of students here are working adults that go to work after school. As such time is of the essence. Their classes are tightly scheduled between work and family. Enhanced parking would facilitate the increase in attendance by allowing the students to find a parking stop, not have to run to class and still be on time to class. The weather tends to make students sit at home and think, wondering if they can afford to miss the day or not. If the student body had covered parking available to them it would give them one less reason not attend class no matter rain or shine.
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Growing Up I can rember as a child the cool breezes and summer hot days. When I use to play in my parents yard that look like a big playground. There was a basketball goal and a small court, a swingset with a sliding board. We, such as myself and other kids can play 4square, hot scotch, and double dutch. I rember having a banana slip and slide, when us kids wanted to get wet. I had so much fun and there was so much joy, sometimes when I think about it, I wish I was still a kid. When I am alone to myself in my own world daising or day dreaming, now that I am an adult, with all the responsibilities and the necessities of life, I really wish I could be a kid again and not have to take care of myself. I believe a lot of people would agree in a sense. I am not writing this to say I don't have fun now as an adult, only to look back on a part of my child hood. Which, no one could ever take from you, and will always be with you. I will always have the memories, laughs, cries, touching moments and most importantly the love of friends and family.
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Motivation Motivation is the fuel for performance, without motivation performance suffers. With motivation people reach their potiential even exceeds it. Motivation is the fuel, the energy, the power to perform. The connection between motivation and performance leads to outcomes which results in satisfaction. Keep your motivation fuel, to power you into action, no fuel, no go. Ambitious is the spirit of success of striving for something worth achieving. Without ambition, no conquest are made. Without motivation no ambition to endure. Without self-esteem no encouragement to strive. People have always felt somewhat ambivalent about striving their potiential to the best. An motivated, ambitious person's sucess often derives from a series of set-backs, confronted and overcomes. The conditon for success are never quite right, invariably, encounter misstep, failure, unforseeable, and bad luck. Those who can't be discourage are stubborned and will progress to success.
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A Black Woman Her strength is manifested before bland eyes, as tappestries moulded to encapsulate her soul. Yea, embrace the essence and elegance of this long suffering being,who walks with pride like a prancing tiger climbing the heads of men with dignity. See her perched on an intimadating height, spiting attitudes, and spiting intelligents. While spurting squirmish eyes that betray the emotions of a dark Friday. This ambitious woman is stretching to touch your face now behold. Strong, affirmative, power, soul, essence, pride dignity, attitude, intelligent, successful, ambitious boudacious, natural, hips, thighs, ass, spank, beauty. Mother's nature. A Black Woman.
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A Love Storey One day, I woke up and watch the sun rise. There I stood daising into the sky speaking with my God, to thank him for another day. As I stood, I began to fell the presence. "He asked", do you truly love me? I could not answer. "He said", you are blessed with life. I made you not to throw this gift away. "I said", nobody really loves me. I love you. I have shown my to you, but your eyes were turned away. If you were not able to see, hear, or have special talent will you praise and love me? I could not answer once again. God said, because you my creation, you are my child. I will never abandon you. Love is patient; Love is kind, it does not envy, It does not boast, It is not proud, Love is peace and eternity.
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Dancing I always love to dance every since I have been a little girl. My dream was to become a professional dancer. I love the art of dancing, the body movements and expressing. Anytime a new art of dancing became about in the hip hop and r&b industry. I use to learn it or practice until I was able to do it real good. It makes me feel so good when I will dance. I fee that I am expressing myself in a way that I cannot express in words. I have never been to a musical dance show. I always wanted to see a musical dance show in person besides on television. I hope, that much of my dream will come true one day. The love in my heart for dancing will always be there. I will continue dancing within until I find the courage to try out for talent shows and other opportunities. I don't believe I have what it takes to try out for auditions to dance. Once I do, I know in my heart I will be my best as well as fulfill and complete.
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I Dream of You The night was like never no other, warm and sticky. My mind, body and soul all began to tune, No degree of temperature cause this utter unrest. As the night erotically unfolds, the passion and desire become full grown, mighty, mighty, waves of black thunder. Here I am the tiger and you can be the hunter, hear me roar and experience my hunger. What adventure does your mind run away to ponder? What wondrous secrets are kept hidden behind your walls? May I take the journey with you, the next time it calls? What was hidden for so long, suddenly came to view. You appear as though whisked away to a far away place. One moment we're talking, lovely smile on your face, the next moment, a blank glaze covers your eyes. When stress and strain leave us broken, strength depleted. I wait patiently until the tides of thought leave receeded. A special place to find, calm and peace, is sometimes needed.
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Job Seeking When looking for a job, there are important things to keep in mind: preparing, dress for success and always show up on time. A person's first impression can reflect the characteristics of a person: of how well prepared, how well dressed and showing up on tme for the avaiable position, If you are preparing for a job that you're interested in, it is important to research information about the business, to show advantages, enthusiasm, and leadership skills to bring too the company. Before, a person shows up for a job interview, you always want to dress for success. The purpose is to look reliable, not trendy. Women should wear appropriate dresses or skirts at knee lenghth. Men should wear suit with a tie, if not a nice dress shirt. Men and women should also wear conservative colors. When arriving to and interview, you want to arrive 15minutes early. Arriving early gives a person the opportunity to fill out a application and actually sit in with the interview on schedule. When interviewing its a person opportunity to reflect there image for success.
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Education People don't realize how important education is or can be and what effect it can have on people lives. Education starts from the home. The parents influence, encouragement on a child life is very important. When we have parents' guidance and wisdom to show young people the potential they have in life with an education, people wil be able to gorow strong and strive for goals and opportunity, with poise and confidence, which they may thought they never had. The opportunity to accomplish, the advantages of helping others and most importantly making the world go round. It's a blessing to show the way in a child's life, encouraging and the value of edcation. People's creative minds different abilities, skills and talents. Education is the key, to open the door for success, it's up to each indiviual to use that key, to walk that path of knowledge to gain such wisdom. There once a 75 year old woman that went back to high school to go her high school diploma, so it's never to late to get and education.
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How The Red Cross Function The Amercian Red Cross is a humanitarian organization led by volunteers and guided by its Congressional Charter and Fundamental Principles of the Red Cross Movement that provides relief to victims of disasters and help people prevent, prepare for a respond to emergencies. The American Red Cross relies on the generous contributions of people's time, skills and money to provide disaster relief. The Red Cross is not government agency, its authority to provide disaster relief was formalized in 1905. The Red Cross was chartered by Congress to "carry on system of national and international relief in time of peace and apply the same in magrating the suffering caused by pestilence, famine, fire, floods, and other great national calamities, and to devise and carry on measures for preventing the same". The Amercian Red Cross has been providing assistance to victims of disasters throughout the United States since Clara Barton founded the organization in 1881. The American Red Cross works with a global network of Red Cross, Red Crescent and equivalent societies to restore hope and dignity to the world's vulnerable people. This international Red Cross movement brings emergency relief to disaster victims, and improves basic living conditions of those in chronically deprived areas of the world. Guided by our seven Fundamental Principles - Humanity, Impartiality, Neutrality, Independence, Voluntary Service, Unity and Universality-the American Red Cross partners with countless organization in the efficient and effective relief of human suffering and the empowerment of people with the skills they need to help themselves.
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Today's society In today's society computers play a large role. In homes, at work, in the car, at the mall, and just about any other location you can think of. Many people and company's would find it hard to function without the luxury of having a computer. Being able to just press a few buttons and have something finished rather than having to sit for hours and figure out a complex situation/problem. One of the question we as a society should be asking ourselves, if computers really are doing us good. If they aren't doing good, are they doing harm. Many people have different opinions on how the world, society is being affected. Some professional's thinks having computers in our lives may be damaging to our health, to the health of our children. "Children learning to use computer are being put at risk of permnanent injury." Several children have shown signs of medical problems associated with learning how to use a computer. Sitting at a computer may cause neck, back and repetitive strain injuries, along with bad posture in both children and adults. Dr. Leon Straker has been quoted making some rather disturbing comments. I think we are on a threshold of what could be a global disaster. If we don't get knowledge quickly about how to use computers safely, then I think we will see a lot of children disabled from using computers". While some think yes, computers as a whole are a huge asset in my life and everyone's else's lives; some think no, I don't need a computer in my car, at my home, at work in my pocket. To decide if computers are good or bad we must all reach down into out own minds, resarch the available information and make any needed changes to what we have an influence on, like our lives.
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Slang Language Today when speaking, people use different terms of language to express themselves of what's being express, explain, told or informed, Today's middle age and yournger society such as children, teenagers, and adults, R&B singers, rap artist, and comedian all use different types of slang language. Slang is the most popular language that everyone can relate too. Every person has there own terminology and how they may talk in the slang language. Listening to children when they are playing and talking to each other you, you hear word and phases, for example: you got me bent, disco-bob-u-late-d, and tore up from the flo up which, may be slang language in there age group. Teenagers however, speaks slang to shorten a word or to show expression for what's being told or said. For example, "cuz", "brah-man", and "ya know". To show expression teenagers use words like; that's raw-meaning the best and it's very nice, twirlin-means not telling the truth. Adults speak slang on a level of being sarcastic or being funny. There are many types of slang language and how people use it. The words people say and how its used towards people can be offensive. Different word to describe and demonstrate to show affection and emotion is another reason people use slang. The slang language has different types and styles of demonstrating itself. Listening to people with different background ethic, there slang usage has brighten my horizon and given me a better aspect on how accept others slang even if I may not like it, I can respect it.
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Thinking to Myself I work hard to be the best what ever it is I am doing. Anytime, I find myself useful or any help to someone my heart leads me to do it. I love to work and help people. It makes me feel good when I can put a smile on someones' face. Sometime it's hard to work sufficiently when someone is hurting you and don't know why, I don't want to think the worst of anyone but, I ask myself what is so wrong that this person wants to hurt me or what can I do to change it. Once again I find myself facing a challenge in my life that I have no idea what to do or where to start. I have no one who I can talk to, whom would understand or have some type of idea, who or what can help me. Thinking of the consequences if I do speak with someone, I feel as I am trapped. I hope my Lord hears my prayer.
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Road Starting out it seems to be a little easy. Yet, to know what is down this road. I can't imagine nothing that can be so easy. To feel relax, comfortable and secure and it is still getting better and better. What more can a person ask for? In life people take different roads to travel. This road may lead to several different things. It depends on the person potential what they have to offer in life. Futhermore, how successful the road is and what you make it, is what you will get out of it. There are times when things and situations may get or become really bad. Thats' when you will have to go deep within yourself and demonstrate your personality in many different positive ways to overcome. Its very hard and stressful, with God by your side he will get you through.
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A Song A song that will calm my nerds, relax away my fustration. When I am feeling sad it relates and understand. Wine and dines, make me feel whole again. It builds me up with the strength and courage to try again. Sometimes it makes me weak and I will weap again. I fight with little strength to survive to return. A song like this is a part of me. I feel it is my best friend. It teaches me the good of everything of what it could be and not to give up. Although the worst and hardest times have not awaken. I have to keep my song to know the good of everything of what it could be and not to give up. The dreams and hope I am wishing to come true, my song will take me through. I learned, keeping my faith and the love I endure as it grows, I become wise and undefeatable. A song is all I have and one day I will be able to share it with the world.
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Read Your Mind I can read your mind baby. I know what you are thinking. Looking into your eyes baby, you telling me you want me. I want you take your time honey, don't you rush a thing. Come and touch me slowly, caress every inch of me. I can read your mind baby. I know what you are thinking, I feel your presence when you are not around. Your loving is so strong. Its' almost controlling, taking over baby. I don't know how to react to what I am feeling. Your love is drowning , intoxicating it's so warm baby, baby. I can read your mind or is it the around, are your reading mines. My heart wants you baby. I want you to have me honey, take all of me, don't be surprise, I can read your mind.