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so this is my very first entry. my name is krys (pronounced chris) and i started 100 words ‘cause i thought it might provide some kind of catharsis, word therapy or something. i have a girlfried she wants to get engaged and most of the time so do i, but shouldn't it be all the time? i mean – it's not the kind of thing i want to screw up how can i know if she's THE one or just one? who am i to figure that kind of thing out? Things are great when they're great, but when they're bad
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i had a show last night. it was alright, not great or anything.
april got all pissed off because a friend of mine who also happens to be an ex-girlfriend called me up asking how to get to the show. that was an hour of conversation i'd just as soon not have again.
on my way to the show i was ready to throw in the towel. i was like, "FINE – I'LL GIVE YOU SOMETHING TO BE JELOUS ABOUT!"
i didn't do anything, just wrote an angry riff and played my butt off
today we took mariah to a parade
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so yesterday was the first time in a long time i really wanted to bail out. end it all. check out.
took a nap which surprisingly helped a lot. found myself singing theme songs for april. i got all upset because i couldn't remember who's the boss (brand new life around the bend), growing pains (as long as we got each other), or full house (everywhere you look) without the titles, but titles were all i needed.
it was kinda funny because initially i was all depressed, then april was all depressed after the nap.
five more words is all.
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wow. could it be that i have nothing to say?
april's going through some nonsense with one of her friends.
i'm doing much better than yesterday.
my feet really stink... i hope it's not these cool new shoes! i love them so!
did a lot of driving today, dropping off CDs and the like... made some phone calls, shot off some e-mails, not bad for a day off.

i grow weary.
slight headache
the room grows dark
could turn on a light but that would require movement
wish i was a better typist
i suck

again, i check at five
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maybe this 100 words thing was a bad idea.
i don't have anything of value to say.
just a dude with a computer and a couple vague ideas on what the world is.
and the more i think about it, the less i want to hear myself - i imagine you're tiring of me already.

meeting from nine 'til noon, fairly ineffective.
grabbed lunch for jas from kentucky fried chicken. he got strips, i got a zinger sandwich... so i guess we both got strips.
ate in his office. listened to third day. made fun of mac powell's voice
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i'm definitely going to hell for this one.

well listen to my story 'bout a man named Christ
the poor son of God never took his friends' advice
and then one day after yelling at some priests
they nailed him to a cross and they made the guy deceased

dead that is

well the next thing you know Christ popped out of the ground
hung out with his friends, then he flew off on some cloud
he flew right up into the sky till him they couldn't see
now he's getting heaven ready for to share eternity

forever that is
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burger king is one of my frequent lunch spots.
it's less than a mile from work and i consistently get out of there under $5.
i would never have thought anything would taint my relationship with the bk lounge. but today i took a bite of my chicken sandwich and noticed it was particularly mushy. after lifting the bun i saw that all the lettuce was a slimy brown. i'm surprised i didn't vomit. i scraped it off and tried to eat some more of it, but i couldn't get the slime out of my mind.

in-n-out for lunch tomorrow
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it just occurred to me how unlikely it is for someone to want to hear what i have to say.
i suppose i could tell people i'm making these entries, but i think i'd rather that complete strangers happen upon these little slices of my life. like safe forced intimacy or something. i can be brutally honest, or i can type 100 words of nonsense and you're none the wiser.
i suppose i have made the error of identifying myself. perhaps next month i'll submit under a new alias, maybe then i'll have these catharses for which i've longed.

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i think i pissed off my boss. oops. he probably wouldn't be any more thrilled to know that instead fixing mistakes i'm in my office typing 100 words about how i think he's over reacting.

have i mentioned that i picked up the benjamin gate cd and that it totally rocks? i also finally got ahold of lenny kravitz 5 - very choice. i'd like that amount of funk. "please sir, can i have more funk?" i'll have to settle for kentucky fried rock and easy listening - that's all i have to offer.

settle down dude, not that bad
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i'm under the impression that sunday is a fairly relaxing day for the general populace. man that would be cool.
i like playing my bass - it's fun. i wish i was better though. i also wish i was good at the drums. i also wish i had a dodge viper and while i'm at it, a hummer. i wish i could figure things out more quickly. i wish i could make good decisions. i wish the perfect woman would show up and present herself as such. i wish i had more drive. i wish i had something to say.
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i was just thinking, what if i typed one set of 100 words at like 11:55 at night and the next set at 12:05? that would not break the letter of the law, but the spirit?

hear it.
wow, it looks like a stream of consciousness all of a sudden. which is a shame because i only have one hundred words. and if i typed those words when would i reach one hundred, or is the number twenty one one or two words? does it get a hyphen - i'll ask word, that paperclip bastard will set me straight
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turns out that you do hyphenate twenty-one. and once you hyphenate, word counts it as one word. i guess that renders my last entry inelligible.

you know when you feel like you've worked your butt off for the past two days and nothing seems to have been accomplished? meetings play a large role in effectiveness/efficiency minimization. i can lose an entire day planning to plan. meanwhile stuff collects undone

i'm sure 100 words isn't exactly the MOST productive thing i can do with my time, nothing like sitting at a copier or printer waiting for all your stuff to finish
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i'm a straight cold player.
just a straight cold player.
straight cold player.
i'm just a straight cold player.

sometimes i wish i could just be a straight cold player, not get uptight about anything, not get too close to anyone, have my own theme song...

i have to be in a meeting in ten minutes and i'd really like to play double trouble, y'know on msn? that game's pretty addictive. if they made it for palm os i'd be in big trouble, perhaps even... (picture doctor evil with his pinky to his lip) double trouble?
yeah, yeah i know.
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i like music.
it's neat.

it's kinda funny, it's like this totally useless phenomenon of acoustic physics sometimes combined with poetry, but it can communicate so much. it can cause dynamic reactions. music must be a gift from God, it's just so complex - what's the term? irreducible complexity. that's what Michael Behe called it in regards to microbiology. i'm not just a dude, i'm a whole lot of systems made up of complex cells with complex components like proenzymes and stuff

could you prove to an alien race that couldn't hear music that it was happening, that it exists?
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happy valentine's
such a jacked up holiday, was it created to make girlfriends upset at boyfriends? or to make single people depressed? either way - pretty gay. i am digging lenny kravitz 5, by the way. for v day we watched gone with the wind and ate pizza - woo. hoo. today we went to vito's to break up. we wound up more in love - go figure. was i trying to fall out of love? what's my problem? what's wrong with me? guitar student trying my patience - yes, you should bring your music to lessons. find the beat.
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so we saw the mothman prophecies last night. pretty cool. so when i got home i hopped online and started reading more about him. as if i wasn't creeped out enough by just the movie. my first reaction is, "no way" but 100 people saw it. let's just say half on the witnesses either saw some kind of bird or were just plain lying - fifty people is still quite a few. i don't know. i do know that there is definitely more going on around us than we sense.
richard gere did a good job if you ask me.
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i didn't mention how much i liked the way mothman was filmed. the shots were very nice.
nice is in france, right? or was it italy? it's in the beginning of "to catch a thief"
the song thief by third day is pretty dang cool, haven't heard it in a while.
while you were sleeping - one of those sandra bullock girly films i saw that summer all the fellas were away.
away - a song by both kindred3 and buck-o-nine
"nine times" rooney says that in ferris beuller's day off
tomorrow is president's day, i get the day off.
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simmer down - mighty mighty bosstones
so i took april to get her LASIK today. that was an experience. it's kinda wierd watching them slice and laser beam her eye, but everything went great and she's seeing better than her contacts were doing.
if only it ended there.
she said she thought it was a little wierd that the opthomologist hugged her TWICE through the course of the day's events. then he called a little while ago to ask her how she's doing. on her mobile. at ten at night.
the wrong way by sublime – great band. died too early.
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as i think of it, my entries seem far too aware of themselves, like i mention the site or the word limit way too often. i think my new favorite word is oldsmobuick. it means big american car. i got it from fletch. i don't think i had seen it all the way through before, nor had i seen all of raising arizona. that's a good movie - but the coen brothers can poretty much do no wrong in my eytes. that's right, no spell check, no editing, no fixing. just raw, hand made typos delivered fresh to your desktop
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took a long late lunch with the woman, thereby becoming the greatest guy on earth. didn't go with her and her daughter and 6 other kids to see peter pan - worked on some new song ideas instead, thereby becoming the biggest ass on earth. apologized up and down and listened to her concerns. validated her feelings at set her mind back at ease, thereby becoming okay again. if she new that after she left, instead of going to sleep my sister and i went down to the bar for some drinkies and karaoke, i would most likely be dead.
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i just had the most perfect dinner of all time. i received a gift certivicate to L'Ecole - the restaurant run by scottsdale culinary institue. so already i'm getting (essentially) world class chefs making me free dinner. we walk in and sit immediately. before i know it, i have bread and an amuse. i then had a strange beef salad and killer lobster bisque. the entree was a perfectly prepared salmon - april was jealous of how much i loved it. then to top it all off - my desert had alcohol in it AND they set it on fire.
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you know that project that you've been putitng off? then you set aside a day in your mind – "okay, this friday, i'm going to dominate all over project X." then this day winds up being the least productive day you can remember. you need to drop the woman off at work, drop off the rental car, pick up the daewoo from the dealer, eat lunch in the car on the way to the bank, cash that reimbursement check, finally get into the office, check your e-mail and voicemail, look at the clock and race to pick the woman up again.
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So the mobile store employee misspells your name, your bill now has your name misspelled. When you call people, the misspelled version of your name shows up on their caller ID. Lame. I didn't stutter, I thought I was speaking clearly. And even if I mumbled, no amount of speech impediment could translate into the mess I see before me. Now I don't want to get off on a rant here, but it seems as if my name is misspelled more frequently than it is spelled correctly. It's all my dad's fault. Though the last name isn't exactly his fault.
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The problem with doing this in Microsoft word is that it will automatically capitalize everything. I suppose I could turn it off, but then I'd run into problems when using the computer for actual "work". Did I mention that I lost at least an hour's worth of work when my computer bombed out on me yesterday? Oh yeah! It wasn't a mild crash either. Where was I? Oh yeah, I'm not even dutch – my dad was the product of an extramarital affair, so this whole stupid two-word last name shouldn't really be mine! I should change my name to X
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Dr. Pepper and left over P.F. Chang's. does it get any better? Maybe if I had a snickers cruncher bar… well lookie here! Tell me, has a finer candy bar ever been crafted? Don't get me wrong, the hershey's symphony bar with toffee and almonds is divine, but a cruncher bar is just so badass. I have a bag of the "fun size" (john the hammer would say, "with 50% more fun"). I remember a comedian talking about our society's lack of fun measurements – we have either the fun size candy bar or "as fun as a barrel of monkeys."
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the quick brown fox jumped over the lazy dog, sir! i haven't seen all of the movie stripes, but that scene was pretty clever. bill murray hasn't been in a funny movie for quite a while. granted, i haven't actually SEEN that elephant movie or the man who knew too little... no, wait - osmosis jones was pretty funny. gross, but funny. chris rock is a very funny fellow. his whole "oj i understand" bit kills me every time. comedy was definately a big factor in keeping me up late on napster. ahh napster, these others don't have the userbase.
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i'll do 100 words again in april, but march is right out. last night we really got into it. i asked if she wanted to karaoke with k8 (who is my sister) and me, and she's like, "do whatever the hell you want" and I said, "..." and she said, "how could you go out drinking with k8 when we just talked about how much that hurt me? i'm sorry, but hanging out in a bar is not my idea of a good time" and on it went. she dropped so many f-bombs i thought i was watching blair witch.