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I was lying in bed at 2:45pm and trying to motivate myself to get up. Then I realized I had signed up for 100words to write about my wonderful girlfriend, Noelle. It seems insignificant to get up slightly earlier than I normally would have, but I literally jumped out of bed in the cold and ran to my computer, where I talk to her every night, or at least send her a loving SMS. She may be far away, but she is the most important thing in my life. I hope it stays that way for a long, long time...
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Well, now I am trying to sit down and start my politics essay. Whilst thinking about labor, greens, liberals, nationals, One Nation and the democrats, Noelle is always in my mind. I have so many fantastic memories of our six months ‘together' and quite a few from our subsequent two months apart. Even though the distance was heart-breaking at first, it has just gotten to be a condition in our relationship. We have overcome it, and are looking forward to touching again. That day, when it comes, will be bliss. I love her more than anything. I am so lucky.
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I just helped Noelle type out an essay on Zen Buddhism. She was too tired to type, so I wrote down what she dictated to me over skype. After a little initial confusion, we eventually got it done. I am always happy to help her, because I realize how lucky I am to have such a beautiful, smart, funny and personable woman as my girlfriend. I want nothing more than to make her realize, daily, how much she means to me, and how much I love her. Even menial tasks take on a whole new dimension when done with her.
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After our late-night talk last night, Noelle needed a rest this afternoon. SO, I briefly chatted to her after school, then let relax. Between 7pm and 12pm my time, I send her random text messages on the hour, even though I know she probably won't read them as they come because she's sleeping. But I like just sending her random stuff. I also arranged some of the candy that she sent into letters that spelt out ‘I LOVE NOELLE!' I know she'll find it cute, at least. I'm waiting to reveal it to her when she's back online at midnight.
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I try calling Noelle at 2pm her time today. It's her 'early' day on Wednesday, but she didn't pick up the phone. This must mean I called her too early. I send her an apologetic text message saying I'll call her in an hour. With all these methods to contact heart my disposal, I guess I just can't resist trying to get in touch with her at the wrong times. It could be worse of course… I could be internet and/or phoneless. That would suck. My love still grows for her every day. Distance definitely makes the heart grow fonder.
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I am waiting for Noelle to finish a psychology essay on ethics. We should be talking in about an hour. Oh, I don't think I have mentioned the package she sent me! I loved it… it contained a t-shirt with the legend ‘I'm in a Long Distance Relationship' on it, surrounded by little reminders of special places we have shared. Like the ‘Bench Café'. I won't go into details about that particular location here though. Ahem. Also… CANDY… KEYCHAIN… and lovely cawny letters, fragranced with her scent. Noelle's packages make my month. I think it's a fantastic tradition we share.
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Well, it turns out that Noelle couldn't tawlk tonight because she has 'girl problems'. GIRL PROBLEMS! That's so GIRLY! Heh/AwwWWWwWWWw. Ahem. Anyway, I'm glad I don't have such a temperamental body. Her stomach hates her, and now it appears… other parts do to. It's a pity… she's such a nice girl… her body should give her a chance. Yes. I'm also glad that I still love Noelle just as much as I always have, in fact, it still grows every day. The distance is sometimes a little hard to handle, but we've gotten over it like I knew we would.
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Hmmm… I said on the last day that I am handling the distance quite well, but sometimes memories flood back and make me all emotional. This morning I opened a card Noelle gave me for Christmas, and it brought back these memories of us being close together on the steps outside her house exchanging gifts. It literally made me tear up. I never thought I could be such an emotional guy. Noelle has truly changed me, and I think for the better. Sometimes it's best just to let stuff out. I will call Noelle later. She's busy at work today.
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I went out for lunch with family today for Mother's Day. I sent a message to Noelle in the morning saying I wouldn't be able to contact her much today, but also saying I would call her when I got home. So, I get home after lunch and I try calling her… but there's no answer. I know she was going out today, but it sucks when I can't even message her… her mobile phone is off too (I can tell through the SMS status). Its times like these when I realize how much I love/miss her. Very, very much.
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Noelle told me that she is going to pilfer through her dad's pockets and come down to Melbourne to visit me! Yaytacular! This is GREAT news, but I'll try not to get my hopes up too high. I know various things come up and destroy otherwise fantastic plans. But… now I'm thinking of itineraries, stuff for us to do, the places we could go. I don't want it to be too touristy though. I'd be happy just to sit in my room all day with her by my side, basking in her beauty. That would be just fine with me.
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"8 months and 24 days" reads my MSN nickname. I can't believe we are so close to 9 months, and thus, a YEAR! It has flown by so fast, and I think it's very safe to say that this has been the happiest 8 months and 24 days of my entire 19 and ¾ years on this earth. And, Noelle is who I have to thank for my happiness. For giving me the gift of knowing there is someone out there who loves me for who I am, someone who loves me as much as I love them. Thankyou, Noelle.
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I am feeling REALLY tired tonight, so I have to cut short my MSN conversation with Noelle tonight. It makes me feel like a bit of a scumbag for doing so, but I know she understands. Who knows, I may get up and call her unexpectedly later on just to surprise her. I'm sure she'd enjoy that. I am trying to think of what I'll get her for out 9-month anniversary… something Australian, but not cornily so. Hmmm… uhhhh… I don't know! She doesn't like stuffed-toy koalas and kangaroos! Oh the humanity! Oh well, I'm sure I'll think of something.
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It turns out that I did in fact call Noelle unexpectedly last night. It was a pleasant surprise for her, which I am glad to report. I am so looking forward to the day I see her next. To be able to touch the smoothness of her back, to kiss those lovely lips, to hold those hips in my hands again. Also, to be able to sit and talk and to lie in each other's arms and just sleep together. Just the thought of what will happen in the future gives me happy, optimistic chills. Does that make sense? No?
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Heh, Noelle went out tonight with the 'orgy gang' this evening. She still had the good grace and consideration to chat with me for a while before she left home though. I am always thankful for her setting aside time for me, because I know she probably has 6,000,000 girly things to do before she goes out (even though she doesn't need to). She could go out in simple jeans and a t-shirt and look fantastically sexy and beautiful. I probably need a TEAM of beauticians to achieve the same affect. What can I say? I'm very lucky to have her.
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The lava lamp that Noelle got me for Christmas has recently been out of order due to a burnt-out light bulb. I always feel a sense of loss whenever something she has given me suffers through some class of drama, like I did when I temporarily didn't know where the mug she gave me was. Anyway, today I went out to find a specialty replacement bulb, and I did. It was fairly expensive (close to $7), but now that the lava lamp is working in all it's red globular glory, I feel whole again. It's amazing, the attachments we forge.
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I am sitting here eating some caramel rice pudding and thinking of all the stuff Noelle and I will be able to do when she's over here. Big flames at Crown Casino, a movie or two, the zoo, art galleries, a tour of my campus, uh... BED and Australian food. I think she'll be impressed. Sometimes even I'm impressed with Melbourne. I know she'll like it here, even though it is kind of cold, and she HATES the cold. I know she has lots of coats and stuff, anyway. If that fails, I'll try and keep her warm. The cawn!
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8 months and 29 days. Almost 9 months! YAY! I am enjoying being Noelle's boyfriend so much. I love our anniversary eves, they are always full of love and cawn and random talks and messages. And 9 months is a bit of a milestone because… well… BABIES take that long. Heh, we were talking about his the other night, because the same thought had occurred to us at the same time. I wouldn't mind Noelle being the mother of my children AT ALL. I'm sure they would inherit her adorable cuteness. They may get my weird hair though. Poor things…
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9 MONTHS! OMG!11!1one!!1 Even though I think of Noelle every day, on the 18th of every month, all the feelings I have for her just make me smile inwardly to an even greater degree. Today I was in the shower and I thought of her happy 'OKAY' and I laughed to myself. My housemates gave me weird looks when I got out, but I didn't care. When very little else in the world gives me true happiness, I am glad to be able to celebrate something monthly, no matter how arbitrary it may seem. I love you loads, Noelle. MUAH!
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Today I had to almost totally complete a history assignment from scratch, which meant I couldn't SMS and cawl Noelle as much as I normally would. However, due to my desire to have free time for Noelle at night when she got home from school, I had the incentive to finish the essay then hand it up. Noelle is extremely ‘good' for me, much like… fruit or something, but on an emotional level too. Heh. She has definitely made me a better person, and the longer I'm with her, the luckier I feel to have such a beautiful, wonderful girl.
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Plans are on the way to being finalized for Noelle's trip to Melbourne. She had to break it to her mum that she wanted a double-bed in the hotel for us to sleep in. Her mum took it surprisingly well, and I'm proud of Noelle for being so brave, no matter how stupid that sounds. It was truly courage in the face of awkwardness. Anyway, NOELLE IS COMING TO MELBOURNE! YAY! Every night now, all I think of is what stuff we're going to do. It will just be like old times, only without a curfew. I just cannot wait.
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Today was the day after Noelle's graduation, and she was free. We talked for hours, which I still think is amazing. Through all the distance, even though we don't share the same experiences physically anymore, we still have al this stuff to talk about. We never run out of things to say or laugh about, we could go on forever. In fact, I can think of nothing better than spending forever with Noelle. I just hope she finds me as fascinating as I do her. She is more than infinitely interesting; she is the one I'll always love. Heh, lyrics.
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I am currently helping Noelle with her new Xanga layout. It used to be a background of this random, green, head-swaying toy she gave me, but after a few months of that, it was time for a change. Even though its just a background, I feel a stupid emotional attachment to it. Oh well, I still have Greenie in my kitchen, swaying his head merrily in the sunlight. Anyway, now to try and add words to the edge of this CD in photoshop. It is tricky, but I THINK I'll be able to do it. Well, I'll try for Noelle.
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I did try doing that CD thing for Noelle, but it didn't work out. I lose patience with little things like that pretty easily, unfortunately. Nonetheless, she still gave me credit on her site anyway. What a good girl. I still haven't prepared my monthly anniversary package for her this month, which is unusual for me. Next month, it will be right on time. I just wonder about what I should get her. Maybe a big pack of those sea-salt potato chips, but I need something else to go with it. Hmmm, I'll think of something worthwhile, I am sure.
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Tonight Noelle and I had one of our ‘serious' talks, which contrast greatly with our usual talks of bunnies, bewbz and miews. I'm glad that she feels she can talk to me about everything she wants to, because even little secrets in a long-distance relationship would just blow out of proportion to what they truly are. This is why I will always be honest with her, and why when I say ‘I love you' I mean it with every single iota of my being. I need to let her know how much I love her, as frequently as humanly possible.
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I told Noelle a while ago that I would send her the monthly anniversary package today, but I've had to delay that until this Friday. There are a few reasons for this, the first of which is that I don't know what to get her! Also, I have a sociology essay to do. I hope this little delay doesn't disappoint her. Anyway, after our serious talk last night, Noelle was wondering if she should have told me what she did. I reassured her that it was the right thing to do, which it was. I completely trust her judgement, absolutely.
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Today Noelle, her brother Jason and I played a random game of inklink, which it turns out I really suck at. I discovered a hidden talent in Noelle… she play the game really well. I think she may have hidden psychic abilities, which may explain her amazing intelligence. Heh. Anyway, after that, I finished my sociology and we talked again afterwards. I really like this pattern we have fallen into… I LOVE knowing what is happening in Noelle's day-to-day life. It makes me feel like I'm a part of it, even if I can't really influence events all that much.
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Noelle and I were just talking on skype when the connection faded. Although internet telephony has come a long way, it seems to have this rather disturbing ability to cut out right when we hit an important part of the conversation. Also, Noelle's internet connection has been sort of erratic lately, which exacerbates the problem. This leads to general confusion, which is fortunately easily resolved by a quick phone call. Oh, Noelle also sent me a series of pics of kittens from Cat Café. We both share a love for small, fluffy animals. WE are truly made for one another.
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Tonight was the Birthday of a guy in my house called Robin. After participating in his birthday celebrations for a while, I met Noelle online and we talked about random, weird, esoteric stuff. No-one outside of this special relationship would have the slightest idea of what we are going on about most of the time. We can have whole conversations based around the intricacies of trying to draw a rabbit in text on msn. Or, we can have satisfying conversations on who's a boy and who's a girl. I never thought that I would be partaking in such cute conversations.
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Today I had to go to my grandma's house. She lives in the middle of nowhere, and my sister and I always end up spending HOURS there, and not because we particularly want to. My sister has studying to do, and I end up pining for Noelle, which probably makes my grandma wonder why we both end of leaving in such a frenzied rush (if we can). Ooh, the other night, Noelle sent me some incredibly BEAUTIFUL pictures of herself. Of course, this only makes me look forward to being in her presence even more. Agh, I seriously cannot wait.
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Noelle and I just had one of the best phone conversations I can remember. Of course, all of our conversations are entertaining and engaging and funny, but this one must be up there with one of the best we've ever had. Sometimes we just hit a really good line of conversation and can stay with it for hours. Being a Sunday night, we had to cut it shorter than we normally would have, but I just love talking to her. I went to bed happy and smiling, and said my nightly ‘I love you, Noelle' to the air around me.
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Wow, that's the end of my 3,100 word essay on Noelle. I feel like I could write so much more, but even if I wrote to the end of my life, it wouldn't be enough to express how much I love her, how much I treasure being her boyfriend, and being fortunate enough to have her as my girlfriend/future fiancée. How could I ever be this lucky? Well, I don't know how this all came to be, but Noelle has given me the gift of happiness, and I know that's all I really need. Thank you, Noelle. I love you lots.