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Thursday night i went to see scary movie and it was horrible. I mean the movie had its funny parts, but it tried to be to funny. At a point during the movie i wanted to get up and leave, because i was so disgusted with it. The movie really didnt have no plot, or anything to do with a story. I understand that it had to live up to the other two movies, but it could of been put together alot better and have a plot. In my opinion i do not recommend this movie to anyone out there.
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Well, i read a poem called" For Sale," by Robert Lowell and it kind of made sense to me. From what i understand about it is that the farm meant alot for the mother. The mother just trying to hold on as long as possible, when the father died. The mother mooned in the window symbolizes to me that she doesnt want to go and she;s just waiting for the movers to come in and take over. This poem could totally mean something else, but from reading it three times thats what i got from it. It was hard to understand.
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Monday night, i watched a show called Las Vegas and let me tell you a little about the show. The show was about the head man of security faking a vacation to see how Danny, the next in charge, will handle the hotel and casino by himself. The head man, during his brief exit played some tricks on Danny and he survived them all. Vegas is a place i dream about going everyday, maybe even living there for a few months in my life. The show is definitly a big hit with myself and with the show climbing each week.
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i watched a movie called, " Legends of the Fall" which was a great movie showing life back in the day. The film showed what a family can go through when everything is not perfect. The older brother was jealous of the middle brother, while the younger one adored the middle one. There was always a conflict. When the youngest died in war, the middle one blamed himself and his life changed. He didnt know himself anymore and had to find himself back even if it hurt the ones that loved him. In the end he came to terms with himself.
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i was looking through my english book and saw a poem by Langston Hughes called,"Theme for English B." The poem i thought was kind of true to life. You got this colored in an all white class and hes feeling a little out of place. The writer depicts that the teacher is learning things from him and he's learning things from the teacher. I think thats totally true, which will be good for the two in the long run. A colored in an all white class shows that the young man was brave and saw no difference between races.
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I am fishing and feeling like a person who's sitting on the beach with not a single worry. The fish were bitting like no other. Reeling the line in very slow like a turtle moving on land, all of a sudden BAM the fish bites and hes hooked. What a feeling of joy while the fish puts on a fight knowing that he just got caught stealing. Hes making it difficult to reel in, but in his mind he knows he doesn't even got a chance. Can life get any better than not having to worry about a damn thing!
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What can be said on the JFK assaination. Who really did kill the president of the united states. Was it Lee Harvey Oswald and did he act alone? Watching this stuff on the history channel made me think about a few possibilities of why and who killed JFK. Was the president getting to powerful with his brother, maybe, thats why i think the government took JFK down because they didnt want to see that to happen. Another thought is LBJ having something to do with the killing. Numerous rumors said that LBJ has gotton up the political chain by killing.
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here we go! im at the racetrack and the horses are off. What to expect, while spending my money on a horse i have no clue about. My horse gets off quick in a five furlong race and seems to be in control. Can i ask for anymore, my horse in front and no one in sight.Coming down the stretch, i see my horse start to tire. What the hell is his problem, i say to myself. And the horses are close to the finish, hoping that my horse still finishes first. My horse wins in a breathtaker.
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What a weekend. Having to watch two dogs is nuts and perhaps ludacris. I cant get any sleep while they whine and cry dragging me out of bed to go out. What am i suppose to do? I keep asking myself why did i say yes to watching these dogs. All they do is piss and crap and picking up after them takes an eternity. Its 8:30 in the morning and right now im falling asleep at the computer so im going to leave you with this. Dont watch two dogs when you wanna get some sleep and time to yourself.
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I was looking through my english book and saw a Bruce Springstein poem. I love the boss's music and the song he made from the poem is alright. It was pretty cool seeing his name connecte with poetry. I really couldnt believe my eyes when i saw his name. I guess all the lyrics that come out of a song could be some type of poetry. Seeing the name brought me to a picture in my mind when i went to his concert singing "born in the usa." Wow, poetry can be cool, i should start reading more of it
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My girlfriend wanted me to watch this soap with her called General Hospital. So i said i would and thought what the hell, i have time to waste. What a corny show, it almost put me to sleep and i had no clue what was going on. She tried to explain, but i was lost from the beginning. The only cool part were the mobsters and the hot women. I dont think there was one ugly person on the show,what the hell is that! That is definitly not true to life. Why cant they have ugly people in them
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Have you seen the movie Triple X? What a high action filled movie. It might not be the most realistic, but it played along with the plot quite well. Some of the stunts were amazing and the chick he falls for is beautiful. Vin Diesel did a good job and played the role of a daredevil perfect and got my vote for a pretty good actor in action movies. Just all the gadgets were a beauty to see. Wondering if they really have these things out in the world somewhere. Im a movie freak and ill rate it above average.
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Well im a movie freak and i at least watch one a day, so im going to write about another. The movie "61." Its based on two Yankees trying to beat Babe Ruths homerun record. This is one of my favorite movies. Mickey Mantle is the greatest and the movie caught my attention from the beginning. The movie shows what kind of pressure there was and how great this record meant to a lot of people. The fans yelling, the reporters asking questions, and everyone wanting to see Mickey break it, but it was Roger Maris. A season never forgotton.
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Where in the hell do writers get ideas from? Spring Pools by Robert Frost, what made him right about that. The poem itself was ok and very nature like. I got from the poem that there were pools of water in the forest that had a beautiful reflection to them. I really dont understand the meaning of this poem. I can see a picture of what he describes, but nothing else. The trees and flowers will soak up the water, but what does that mean. The only thing i can describe this poem to is his feelings about the wild.
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One poem that i liked was " I heard a Fly buzz-when I died." What a poem, talking about death and the last thing she heard before she went up was a fly. Her soul leaving for the king, but there was that fly just before she could not see. The poem itself was a little depressing in a way that we all die and some of us leave for the sky. What will i hear when im gone or will i not have a chance to hear. Emily Dickinsin had a fascination about death and described it real well.
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One movie i saw for the first time was Pearl Harbor. I heard about the love story, so i said i wont see it until i really have nothing to do. Well i watched it and thought of it as average. I thought they could of showed more history of the tragic event, instead of two brave souls fighting over a nurse. Overall though it was ok to watch, but had me wanting to know more about the surprise attack the Japs devastated us with. I love history and it kind of made me want to learn more. Love and History.
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A day of laundry. It is Monday and I just got off of work dreading to do what i hate, Laundry. Why must we wash our clothes and always have to look nice. Way back in the day, they never wore clean clothes or bathed. What time period actually came to the sense of washing there clothes. I hate them and with good reason. Laundry takes up energy, which costs money, which means we have to work and so on. Another problem with cleaning clothes is the amount of time it takes. As you can tell i hate doing laundry.
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I've never laughed so hard in my life. I just got done watching the show Fresh Prince Of Bel-Air and it was hilarious. The way Will makes fun of the family and some of the comebacks he throws back are down right nasty. I could watch this show for ever and my stomach will still be hurtin after the thirty minutes are up. The actors are great at portraying their part in the script to the finest detail. The writers are great at making this show filled with laughter and even getting a important message across. A big hit.
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A movie that shows what segregation was like and how some overcame the difference of skin color was Remember the Titans. Their school being integrated and having a black football coach didnt help the community come along very well.The movie was about football, but the message was that you need to come together for the hate to stop and this movie showed that.For example, when the black coach takes all of them to summer camp and has them live with eachother.Meaning whites and blacks in the same room. A great movie to enjoy and learn about segregation.
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Reading the poem by Langston Hughes called "Mother to Son'" tells a story about not giving up and keep on pushing. There will be times in life where its tough and you want to sit down, but dont let yourself down. In the end it will all work out for the better and you'll become a better person. The mother in the poem talks about tacks on the stairs or splinters but those are just obstacles getting in the way of what you here to achieve. Life has its ups and downs but if you keep going, you will succeed.
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I just bowled yesterday and made a total fool of myself. Im in a league with my parents and not only once have i made a fool of myself but this was the second time. Im ready to throw the ball and my shoe doesnt slide and there i go, face first down the alley. I say to myself while on the floor, way to go shawn, your pretty smooth. I get up and see my parents and oppents laughing and just enjoying themselves. How can i not get embarrassed, i just landed on my face and everyone is laughing.
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Coming into work today I felt real tired and didnt want to be there. I felt like going back to bed, after a long night. All of a sudden my boss goes to me and says your getting a raise. I said no way, your kidding right. The thing is he wasnt, I really did get a raise of fifty cents. By all means that isnt that much, but better than nothing. Work went a lot better for the six hours that i was there for. Thank you God, i said to myself walking to my car ready to go.
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Today, i read another poem by Langston Hughes called " Negro." What is this guys problem. All he talks about is the color of his skin. Was it that bad back then that he refers to it in his writing in every poem. Alright, i feel bad, but get past it buddy because it sounds like you want us to wheep. Well, guess what no symphany from me. I read the study of Hughes in my english book and one of his books was "The Way of White Folks." This guy needs to keep to himself even though he is dead.`
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Today, i bought the movie for my girlfriend How to Lose A Guy in Ten Days. We both watched it for the first time and laughed non- stop for the entire movie. The roles of the characters were truly great. They both had bets going and they each tried to get something from the other, until they fell for eachother. I mean the girl had to hook a guy in ten days then dump him, while the guy had to get her to fall in love with him. I would reccomend this movie to any couple and any married couple.
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well, i just got home from class and we watched a movie or play about Richard the Third. Let me tell you how disapointed i was with the movie or play. The play had great actors but never really grabbed me in. First of all, who is Richard the Third and what does this tape signify in English. I mean great idea to try to get me into this play, but i guess i never totally understood the whole thing. It just wasn't something i was interested in and when that happens I tend to not follow along real well.
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Reading the poem Mid Term Break, I thought to myself this is kind of sad. Coming home from school and finding out the dog got hit by the bumper of a car and died. What a way to start your break knowing that a part of the family is gone. In my case im pretty attached to my dog and if he were to go, i would be upset. Dogs grow on people more than anyone knows. Hes almost a brother in a unusual way. Truthfully, i would be pissed off if the people who hit him didnt even stop.
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Thanksgiving is a great holiday, I must say. You eat some turkey, watch football and play some cards with the family. How much better can a day get when having family around and just enjoying your time with them. Watchin football has always been a tradition in my household and it was the same this year. Not a worry, no work and eating turkey all day is the life and should be always. Having a couple of drinks doesnt hurt the day either and never will. I went to New Jersey and had a great time. It was a blast.
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Its friday night and i just watched the movie Just Married. Tell Ashton and Britney they would of been a great couple if it worked out. Instead Ashton is with one of the most beautiful older women in the world. Good move on his part. Let me get back to the movie, which was another funny one that i saw this month. They portrayed a couple who ran into so many problems that eventually put them apart. Well like in every movie they get back together, but this one was tolerable because of the two actors. They worked well together.
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Hitting the field, smelling the scent from the grass and playing pickup football. Two days after a day of feasting and filling your stomach of turkey. Pick up football is just what i needed. It was a game between the family, uncles, cousins and old friends. The score is tied coming down to our last possession and im the quarterback. I step back and throw a bomb to my cousin, in which he dives and catches the pass for a touchdown. It was a great game and one that will be talked about for many Thanksgiving games. The great game!
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The trip home and the last journal entry. Having a eighteen hour trip and writing in the car is impossible. All i want to do is sleep, but getting this journal done is my first priority. The trip overall was great and this being the last journal is also a good feeling. Getting back to reality is the tough part, knowing i have to get back in the groove and keep on pushing for another week. After this week it will be all good except for the work part, but that can be dealt with. The party starts real soon.