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"The Road Not Taken"

The poem is about a traveler who has to decide which path in life to take. The reader has to use his or her imagination about the path, because the writer gives the impression that the path taken did not turn out as he may have wished. The writer leads me to question what the traveler was looking for. The traveler states that he looks down one path then takes the other, "as just as fair," he claims. Thus the reader wonders what took the traveler away from the first path and what became of him.
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Eminem… who?

What is the deal about Eminem's music? He is doing something that has been done before he was born and will be done by many, many others. His music may be considered good but it is not the best. And, judging from what I've heard, Eminem disrespects women, races, other that his own, and every other word in he sings is a curse word. Further, this type of music floods the industry, so how is he different from, or better than, his peers. Eventually someone with fewer morals will come along and knock Eminem out of the spotlight.
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Sorry I read this

In "From A Secret Sorrow" Faye is upset because she can not have children. Faye had a bad experience with a previous boyfriend so she is not up front with Kai. If Faye had told Kai she could not have children, this would have only been two paragraphs. As an assignment I read only two chapters of this story, which is good because I dislike romance novels. There is too much over played drama in this story and I could never read a complete book of love/hate games. Of course, they do live happily ever after.
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In the story "A Sorrowful Woman" everyone is referred to as what they are rather than by their name. The sight of the child and husband make the wife sad and sick to the point of depression. The husband tries to help but he seems just as confused as the wife. He copes with the wife's feelings by accommodating her wants but never doing anything that helps to end her depression. In the end, the wife feels guilty for neglecting them, so to make up for it, she cooks and cleans the house for her family before she commits suicide.
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Barber Shop

In the movie Barber shop one of the barbers commented that Rosa Parks was only tired and not trying to make a statement by refusing to leave her seat on a city bus. Also, Rosa Parks was not the first person to refuse to leave his or her seat but, she was noticed because she was a NAACP secretary and she knew Martin L. King, Jr. That may be true; however, by having the courage to refuse to leave her seat she added motivation to a revolution. That is why she is one of the founders of freedom.
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In class we read this story called Lust which is about a teen age girl who is hot in the pants. First she seems to be enjoying her sexual adventures with many different guys. But soon starts to realize she is being taken advantage of and, maybe it is love she is looking for not lust; although, lust is all she finds. She also finds out that when you act like a whore you get treated like one. She stays in this rut because she lacks maturity and, she never receives the adult guidance she needs to make better decisions.
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Why Mr. President?

It seems to me that after reading and hearing all the tragic stories about war that no president would use war as a way of solving a problem. Why do you want to see soldiers die? Why would you put our families through turmoil and sadness? Have you even tried other ways of resolving this situation? My husband leaves today and, I do not know when or even if he will be back. I am sure that both of us will spend many sleepless night wonder if my husband is alive and hoping your bullying tactics work.
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What is diabetes?

In a healthy person, the pancreas automatically sends the right amount of insulin to the bloodstream to maintain control of the glucose level in the blood. Too little blood glucose and the brain starves, the liver and other organs are negatively affected. To much blood glucose can lead to insulin shock which can cause coma, loss of blood circulation in the extremities, and hardening of the arteries. If the pancreas does not produce or properly use insulin, then a person is said to have diabetes. If you never read anything else I suggest you read about diabetes.
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The story A&P shows that a young person's idea of what is accepted in society is not the same as adults. Three girls walk around a store in their bathing suits because they think it was alright. The store manager tells them it is inappropriately. The girls think the manager is being unkind. The young man working in the store tells the manager he is wrong and because of this he quit his job on the spot. The girls leave and the young man is left to consider if he will always be alone fighting for what is right
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Toomer Elementary School

I attended Toomer Elementary School for six years and not once was I told that the school was named after a black writer of poetry, stories and songs. Jean Toomer (1894-1967) taught at a school in Sparta, Georgia for four months in 1921. He was raised in a predominantly black community and attended black high schools; although, he passed for white during certain periods of his life. Of the many black history month that I have celebrated Jean Toomer would be a great person to remember during this time. Next year Jean Toomer will top my list.
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Not living, just alive

A wife assumes information about the death of her husband is correct; however, the information was incorrect and the error caused her death. In "The Story of An Hour" Mrs. Mallard begins to enjoy her new found freedom after hearing of her husband's death and, it makes her "pulse beat fast." Mrs. Mallard is the type of woman who is happy that she could escape her marriage and not be the one to end the marriage. The shock of seeing her husband alive or, realizing she would have to continue living an unhappy marriage, kills her.
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College Pressures

William Zinsser wrote about college pressures that affected students but, the students he wrote about were young and their parents still paid for their schooling. The pressures I deal with are very different from those of an 18 year old student. I believe I may have gotten in over my head. If I were 18 again college would probable be more manageable. I'm positive that an 18 year old student would disagree. But at … my age I've lost a few irretrievable brain cells from doing a few unmentionable things during, what should have been, my college years.
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Glad to Have Someone

When the time comes that women need to explain to husbands how much wives do, while he goes about his life, I suggest you get him to read Judy Brady's "I Want a Wife." Brady states clearly what many wives go through when trying to maintain a family. I am, fortunately, not a woman who needs to but if I should need the words, to in lighten my husband of his good fortune to have me, it would be Brady's. On the other hand, when the car brakes need changing, I'm glad to have a husband.
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Attracted to a Bad Boy?

What woman in her right mind would want someone with the title "Bad Boy?" Ebony magazine claims that women are more attracted to the "Bad Boy" type of man. I consider my four year old a bad boy but, he has no ability to take care of a woman's needs and, "he ain't got no job!" Is this Bad Boy suitable for marriage or is the "thug lovin" so good that a women would sacrifice financial and mental stability just for passion. Not finding a good man is no reason to accept a bad one.
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I know I should not but I like movies with shootings. Westerns, military, gang shootings, I love them all. In Half Past Dead, staring DMX and Steven Segal, the shooting starts in the first scene. There are ten to fifteen people shooting and not one of them reloads. The plot has something to do with stolen gold that one person has and another person wants. There is a fight scene, more shooting, helicopter crash, some people die and finally the thief reveals the location of the gold. I forget what happens in the end except that there is more shooting.
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Neighbors and fences

My neighbor wants to trim my tree because the leaves are falling in his yard. He insists he can cut the limb without problems. Well, long story short, the limb destroys part of his privacy fence. He accepts responsibility and says he will replace the fence in a few weeks. About a month later he walks through the fence opening and says, "The sap buildup on your car must be an inch thick." My neighbor comes over the next day to ask why I repaired the fence and I just tell him good fences make good neighbors.
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Anoma is a story about a young girl who is being abused by her father and names her unborn child Anoma. The girl cannot confide in anyone about the pregnancy and, her mother has left the home to earn money. The brother will no longer look at her and the grandmother is too old to protect the girl. Why does the mother leave instead of the father? Why does the father go to his daughter for sex? The reason the mother leaves her family is never truly known but now the girl has to protect herself and a baby.
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On the Other Hand

The Hand is about a girl who gets sex confused with love and marries the guy without knowing him. It does not take long for her to realize that what she has fallen in love with is the adventure not the man. Now the sight of his strange hand opens the door for her to question everything she does not know about her husband. This is a "got it to fast to think about it" marriage. She was so busy enjoying the conjugal adventure that she never got to know the person she was adventuring with.
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The Outside Does Matter

We teach our children that what they are like on the inside is what counts. We tell them to have a good heart, be kind, and polite to others. We teach them that being fair, even to those who may mistreat, is the way to live. Have we, the parents, forget what it was like to be a child? Have we, the parents, forget that one ugly girl that picked on us for no good reason? Must we, the parents, be reminded of that one stupid ugly little girl that pushed US down in the mud?!
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Equal Share

In the short effective story, Popular Mechanics, the term "custody battle" takes on new light when a couple battles over whom will have custody of their infant. In the heat of a marriage breakup a husband and wife each try to physical take custody of their baby. The author gives small inconspicuous clues about what happens to the baby while never clearly stating it. Although, it appears, the husband and wife each get an equal share of their baby. The couple selfishly wanted to the point that they were willing to destroy the only innocence left between them.
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It is easy to become a viewer of your own life if one fears taking risks. People should not accept one role in life as the only role they can play. Adventure at the risk of failure, seek in fear on not finding and explore for beauty unknown. Mrs. Brill is the exact opposite of a risk taker. She is content in her role of observer until a young couple insults her; however, she sees her character as the one that is insulted. If given the chance to deviate from her role, Mrs. Brill would probable remain the same.
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Nature does not create perfectly but, nature creates the way things are intended to be. It is when nature's creations are changed from the way they are created that they become less perfect. The notion that nature has created imperfectly prompts scientist to attempt repair. It is at this juncture that Aylmer claims he is seeking a remedy to remove the birthmark that nature has placed on his wife's face. Aylmer is more concerned with repairing a mistake that nature has made. Aylmer knows he could not remove the birthmark without killing his wife; he succeeds in doing both.
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About the Body

I must admit, on first and second reading of the poem ‘A story About the Body', I did not understand the meaning of a bowl full of dead bees covered with rose petals. The bees may represent the woman's hurt feelings that hide beneath her beauty represented by the rose petals. It is not clear what the bees or rose petals mean but, it is clear that the woman is hurt by the composer's words. The woman needs to display her feelings; however, she has the strength to handle how she feels and go on with life.
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Returning home from the war for Kerbs is difficult because he comes home years after the war is over and, everybody wonders why he took so long to return home. Kerbs' return is made even harder because his mother expects him to jump back into society's flow. Kerbs wants to live without consequences and to him that means not getting a job and no conversation with women, including his mother. Kerbs' problem may be that he has gotten use-to living in Germany and he can not relate to the women and he can not or does not fit in.
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With all the good reviews about the movie Queen of the Damned I expected it to be better than average; it was not. The Queen destroys all that she does not like and threatens to destroy her own children. The children of the Queen believe the only way they can survive her wrath is to destroy the Queen first. Although, Aaliyah plays the Queen well, the role of the Queen seems to be from another movie. The fact that the movie is a love story about a girl's fantasy of becoming a vampire takes away from the story line.
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Good Little Boy

A boy believes he can receive blessings and become one of the good little boys in his Sunday-school books by doing acts of kindness. The boy, Jacob Blivens, attempts to help many people but always fails. He can never understand why his attempts at kindness always backfire and end up getting him in trouble. Jacob never thinks that he is not acting out of kindness but selfishness. Recognition is the only reason he helps others. Jacob never does kindness from his heart only with the thought that he wants to be one of the good little boys.
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Songs of love

What happened to the love songs that started with …Tender was the kiss when you held me captive in your sweet embrace? Where are the love songs that make love something special? The ones that said "You know that I wanted to make you mine, as sang by Angela Bofill. Proper grammar was not always practiced but compared to the music of 2003 Teena and Angela could have been an English scholars. New music gives some insight why there are so many single parent homes? Maybe more of us should be singing Al Green's Lets Stay Together.
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I'll Show You Marks

Linda Pastan said it best, "wait ‘til they learn I'm dropping out," in the poem Marks the mother is under appreciated, over worked and taken advantage of. Sometimes I feel like screaming, "I don't care if it taste bad, just eat the stuff it's food!" Shit, just leave me along for a few minutes! And, even though we brought these children into the world somehow, it as turned into my responsible to do everything for them. Unfortunately, dropping out would be wrong and, besides that, I would never have a legitimate reason to cause them pain.
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The Bitch

Anthony Hecht uses Dover Bitch to put the Dover Beach in terms that can be understood by the average reader. In the Dover Bitch readers know that the man is expressing his concerns to his lover and, she is not particular interested in him or what he is saying. The woman has lost interest in the man so he takes her on vacation hoping to regain some lost love. He tries to reason with her by telling her she should enjoy their time together but she is angered by this and her true love remains a good time.
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Dog's Death

Instantly, after reading the title, my reading is guarded and I ready myself to hear bad news. Aware that a dog will die I can prepare myself for the sordid details of death. Although, the death is given away in the title, the end of the poem is still a surprise. The dog, with his last breath, tries to do as he was taught and use the bathroom on the newspaper. This makes me wonder where were these loving owners while this dog, possible hit by a car, lingered only to die on the way to the veterinarian.
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Learning to Read

I have learned that reading is all about the understanding and, not just the ability to pronounce words correctly. Sometimes it is necessary to read a passage several times before you can understand what you have read. Reading poems is particularly difficult because they should be read through to the punctuation or to the end of a sentence not the end of a line. Literature has taught me to read again. I don't just read to gather information, I read to understand the information. To read for understanding is now my goal. I am learning to read.