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Well lets start again. What’s the saying, “Success is getting up one more time than you fall down” or something like that. So we shall start another sentence with another thought until we have one hundred words. Then we shall have the batch for the first day of October and there will only be 30 more to compose. And they don’t even have to be of interest to anyone but moi. As if. As if someone would come upon this site and find my entries and read them. But then people watch “American Idol”. Why don’t you change the channel.
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Thoughts from July. Time to climb down from the mile high city. It’s been a grand vacation from me, my alter ego, my id, my libido. My libido is dead, but okay, a vacation from everything else. I’ve explored the foothills, the valleys, and plateaus. Irrigated green and trees surrounded by rusty red desert, but no humidity… I don’t sweat much but it is HOT during the day. I like the cool dry nights. Easy sleeping weather. Denver is a young town, a rich town, a town on a grid. And its just about a mile high in the sky.
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Thought from August 2nd. Return flight today. Gotta return to the Buckeye State. The little bedroom community south of the “Come Back City”, no longer the corner of cow country, urban sprawl spirals out of control. Now all I have to do is get my bags packed and on board. 767 to ORD. I’m in seat 18E. I thought it was a window seat but forgot on a wide body would be two five and two. So I’m stuck in the middle, boo-hoo, but I plug in the headsets and what are they playing but “Itty Bitty Pretty One” Mummm-mmum-mumm-mumm-mumm!
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Notes from 3rd Aug. I should have been home yesterday but there was an “Act of Dubya W” in CLE. Then an “Act of God” in CHI. Stuck on a runway for over two hours then another five waiting for a bus to take me to a Hooker Hotel. Buckets of Rain into morning. The dirty hallways were so hot they simmered like tar in the sun but the AC worked. The sheets looked clean enuff. Stood by for two flights then connex thru IAD. Additional delays for Flight Attendant arrival. Pancake faced Nubian child. Clearly is her solo flight.
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And the fifth like this. SO now to collect my luggage. It will take major planning and maneuvering. Using the Grandma as a place holder… She doesn’t want to but there are no other options. These are heavy bags. Drive to Hopkins. Drop off the Grandma. Park in the thirty minute parking. Run thru overpass to the Grandma and baggage claim. Listen to UA agent tell me I left my bags. Should I explain? NO! Pick them up. Take bags and the Grandma to arrival post one. Run to thirty minute parking and return to collect bags and the Grandma.
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Memory of a little life lesson August 04th. Lest I forget exactly what a major delay is all about. But it did take me back twenty years. If I could walk that far all the time I would be thin. Now I’m back but still no luggage. Two conversations with Victor and Mary Kelly in India. My luggage will be delivered tomorrow. Till I call back to find out when they will deliver to be told I left without my luggage and I MUST pick it up. I told Janice I could dispute it but I won’t. Like she cares.
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And that was the end of a pleasant month in the Mile High City with my best friend from high school although when I called Michele to let her know that I was home she was quite surprised to find I had been stuck in Chicago. She thought I had got home and just forgot about them. I sat and listened as picture thoughts of the last several days ran through my head. Funny to imagine that she imagines that I’m just self centered and rude and I’m thinking of the last three days of trials by commercial aviation. Sugar!
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I’ve been waiting and waiting telling myself things will improve very shortly. I can see the light at the end of the tunnel, finally. Just a few more days and there will be a land that's fair and bright, Where the handouts grow on bushes And the birds and the bees And the cigarette trees The lemonade springs Where the bluebird sings In the Big Rock Candy Mountains. There’ll be jobs galore and nothings a bore. You can audit all the classes you want to. There’ll be checking plus and not a fuss when you get a manicure and penni.
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Making plans of new beginnings and finishing old debts. The futures looking brighter something new to work with every day. I can actually climb out of this hole. Won’t it be nice to have a bit of breathing space. Sunny days and marmalade. Cats and kittens and puppy dog wiggles. Don’t forget little kid giggles. Things are looking up. Everything’s coming up daisies and daffodil. Happiness is just over the hill, Jill. And you won’t get your fill of ill will. Cuz screw ball comedies and happy endings are your forte. Sing a happy tune. Just a few more days.
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Something is funny … it doesn’t feel right …. I can’t shake this feeling I have tonight. I spent the day checking clauses and phrases on LC pages and pages. Date of expiry and Date of issue, Opps excuse me can you pass a tissue. Wouldn’t you know it my luck doesn’t change. Perhaps I’m destined to pay for something in a past life. Or maybe its just the gods laughing at me, playing with me, using me for their amusement. What’s the rhyme? Thieves get rich, saints get shot and God don’t answer prayers a lot. Not this one.
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THIEVE GET RICH, SAINTS GET SHOT AND GOD STILL DON’T ANSWER PRAYERS A LOT. The Powers that be decided that we, Could use more daylight that would save time. So I lose an hour today. What’s another hour in time, in the grand scheme of things. Will I gain it back some day this fall? Who knows, Only the shadow do. Did you know in 1952 on this day an American B-47 accidentally drops a nuclear bomb on South Carolina, the bomb doesn't go off due to 6 safety catches? I didn’t promise connected thought today, only one hundred words.
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One day in 2005, It might have been March, I dreamed that Cleo and I went on a trip together. We traveled a long distance and were Happy traveling I do think. We didn’t worry about food nor drink nor where we’d lay our heads come dark. Just Girl and Cat. It seemed so pleasant and thoroughly enjoyable, The Sun on our backs, and another adventure Round the bend. ALAS ALACK I can’t bring Cleo back. And I’m not feeling so good myself. I did take Cleo to The Park the day Before she left. I wonder if that counts.
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My Favourite Poems in One Hundred Words, The Highway Man, Ozymandias, Man was made to mourn, Not Waving But Drowning, The Little Orphan Annie, Hiawatha, THE WORLD IS TOO MUCH WITH US, SUCCESS, the one Attributed to Ralph Waldo Emerson, A Drunkard Cannot Meet A Cork, The Jabberwocky, Blow, Blow, Thou Winter Wind, To A Louse, To A Mouse, My Shadow, What Man May Learn What Man May Do, Kubla Khan, I Felt A Funeral In My Brain, I'm Nobody! Who Are You?, Byzantium, IF, BOOTS, Gunga Din, Portrait By a Neighbor, Grown Up, Midnight Oil, Symptom Recital, RESUME, Interior
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“I’ll Never Forget the Day I read a Book“ crooned. No, razz-ama-tazed by the great schnoozola …Jimmy Derante and from the grave he decided not to share his lyrics … Oh well…someone wants to get royalties. I hope its family and not a bloodsucking corporation Lets see there’s Moxie Fruvous and “My Baby Loves a Bunch of Authors” …. That’s me Iove a bunch of authors … I love to languish in bed with an author or two, sink into the pillows and pull up the covers then sail away on a sea of nouns and verbs and other words.
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Sei Shonagon had a Pillow Book containing lists of many interests, people and things…. What would my Pillow Book contain? What would I list… Books I have read and read. Stone Soup, Alice in Wonderland, Where the Wild Things Are, Alexander and the Very Bad Day. Gone with the Wind, Every Daphne du Maurier book especially Rebecca, Pollyanna, Catch-22, Slaughterhouse Five, Marathon Man, Six Days of the Condor, Tia Julia y El Escritor, One Hundred Years of Solitude, Dona Flor and Her Two Husbands, The House of Spirits, One Hundred Secret Senses and I shall read every story I can.
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My next Pillow List… Favourite places to visit, Huntington Beach, Buckeye Park, Sand Run, Mustard Seed Market, Half Price Book Store, The Big Apple, Meee-am-mi, muchas lugares en Me-ji-co, Cancun, Ixtapa, Zihatinejo, Tepic Nayarit, Morelia, Chahuelo, Guadalajara, Puerto Vallarta, and the first place out of the country Guatamala City, Antigua, first place with SheetHead Bogata, Madrid, La Estralla Restaurant, Toledo, la cuidad de hundred churches, Sevilla, and Londres, Glasgow, Bath, Cotswold’s, Rye, Montreal, Toronto, Quebec, Fort Wayne Indiana, Richmond, Alison, Waterloo, Richardsville, Dayton, Denver, Boulder, all along the Maumee. And a wish to see much more of this little planet.
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Once I read a Book that I believe was titled “Ten Thousand Sorrows”. What I found fascinating about that was her explanation … she was taught you had to have ten thousand sorrows to have ten thousand joys. Seems I’ve been successful at collecting a lot of those ten thousand sorrows. I feel like Little Edie Beale looking for that Libra Male… I have absolutely no flippin idea how to gather up those ten thousand joys. Is it hereditary, or environmental? Surely not social? How many days would I have to write my 100 words to have ten thousand joys?
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On the 13th of March I had the on-line Seminar Training. What a bogus set-up. Why even call it a seminar? At least if you go to a Seminar you get to eat out see new people and new scenery. Maybe complete an expense report. But a Seminar on line its like learning a language from a tape. Like making love sans partner … well maybe that’s a bit of a stretch….but my point is, its unfulfilling. I suppose some bottom liners thought it was cost effective but so what? It’s a soulless, two dimensional, COLD, PLASTIC way to learn.
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I have the Grimms to thank for every Equestrian Day I was allowed. Thank you, Floyd and June for your charity. You have no idea how I cherish the days and times, riding and caring for your four legged family members. Starting with Rusty that ornery Golden maned pony who would roll you over in a heartbeat just to stand near by munching on weeds. It didn’t matter to Rusty he was an equal opportunity roller. Or he would puff up his belly if you weren’t paying attention, Just let the saddle and rider slide. Little Ornery mini palomino pony.
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I never saw a family grab hold of a group of troubadours like the Grimms embraced the Beatles. From the first moment on Ed Sullivan they learned every line, movement and drum beat of “I wanta hold your hand”, “Please Please me” and “Wait Mister Postman”. Before M-TV and Music Videos we all sang and danced to the Beatles albums. We lip-synced and made up our own chorography to the refrains of Liverpool Quartet. They even had an assembly at the main School where four of the Grimm Clan lip-synced with homemade cardboard guitars the words of the Fab Four.
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I can name all my elementary school teachers, except kindergarten. I can’t remember her. First grade short curly grey hair Mrs Pound, Mrs Nelson second, who shook Sharon Ott till, I swear I heard her teeth rattle just because she couldn’t get a math problem at the blackboard. Mrs Duffy, third, who looked just like her precious Cocker Spaniel. Mrs Southern Belle Gardelle for fourth, then Mrs Smith for fifth and first is was Mrs Yankoff for sixth who died with her boots on and followed by Mrs Calhoun her much younger replacement. But I can’t remember my kindergarten teacher.
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I remember late summer nights staring up at the midnight blue skies, sitting on the swing of our little Sears Swing Set, looking for Sputnik in the October skies. Looking for Laika that little unlucky “barker” orbiting the earth in a Basketball sized satellite. What a sad and lonely fate for mans best friend. I wonder if she got closer to the man in the moon. Did she get to bay at the moon? And she was followed by Bars and Lisichka And don’t forget Strelka that little Arrow or Belka the Squirrel. Poor little barkers. Bark at the moon.
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I remember the summer and into the fall as dad built the addition to that little house on Topsfield. How did they came to the idea to add the room? Brilliant it was. They poured the cement and lifted high the roof beams. Three windows for the room for three little girls to share, a built-in bookshelf, a complete wall of closets, and each of us had a poster of our favourite animal. Mine were horses, of course. Dana got dogs. Little Lisa got cats. Summer nights by the window with my radio looking at the stars from my bed.
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I wonder where they are now, Nancy Nobblet, Gary Bittle, John Otte, Ramano and Sharon Ott???? And of course Larry Heckman who I have to thank for confirming what I had begun to suspect. There is NO SANTA CLAUS. Santa Claus is your parents. I knew that I told him, “Everybody knows that …who doesn’t know that?” After all I was eight and a very mature eight. But no Santa Claus??? Is that true? How can that be true. That’s when I began to hate grown-ups. What kind of trick is that to play on a kid? Darn right cruel.
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They had some wonderful block parties on Topsfield Rd. It was just like the ‘Wonder Years’. My Wonder Years. Backyard Barbeques; roasting weenies and hamburgers with onions and garden fresh tomatoes. Picnic in our patio with speakers outside. Lets play some really cool music, ‘Rockin’ Robin’, ‘Charlie Brown’, Deep Purple, and the Chad Mitchell Trio with the “Whistlin Gypsy’. Scotch and Soda here’s mud in your eye. Boy do I feel higher than a kite can fly….And there was that really trendy cool and with it, wiener dog hors derve holder. All you needed was colorful toothpicks and some pickles.
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Once while the entire family of seven were having a summer Sunday weekend lunch there came so quickly a major thunder storm that threatened to out the lights. It was a torrential downpour. Many feet scurrying to close open doors and windows and wait out the storm. Then it came a lightening strike right in the very middle of our little patio. Zap, crackle, Zip, KABOM. Poor Pip could not find a place safe enough to hide. I suppose they would all say I made this up. That IT did not happen that way, It did not happen at all………..
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I especially liked the summer I got to swim and ride my bike. It was the apex of childhood. I was at the crest of that age. I had a favorite summer job, working in the local public school library re-shelving books. I knew the Dewey Decimal system and I know how to shelve and pull the books forward. The best perk was finding really good books to read among the stacks. Nancy Drew was so cool and the Happy Hollister’s solve many a mystery. What better a story than a family of five mystery solving kids? Especially movie mysteries.
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Summer days at Livco Pool, a little slice of heaven in the Sixties, Synchronized Swimming and Pool Pagents, A South Pacific Theme, Everyone tanned like chestnuts, even we little German Dutch Girls, Lincoln Village will call you anytime any day, here am I your special island, come away,come away, Happy Talking, Happy Talk, Talk about things you like to do…., L shaped Olympic Size Pool and a Baby Pool to boot. Fifteen Minutes for Adult swim every hour on the hour for fifteen minutes while we kids hung over the edge of the pool waiting for the whistle to blow.
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The brainchild of Murray D. Lincoln Lincoln Village is an unincorporated census-designated place in Prairie Township, within Franklin County, Ohio. But that was then and this is now. I drive west on Route 40, The Sign is still there. It looks Early American and out of place. Strip Malls on both sides. Just west of the intersection of US40 and I-270 on the west side. As of the 2000 census, the population was 9,482. BUT No sign of the Seven Wonders of The World at Great Western Shopping Center. My childhood erased from the land but left in my mind.
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The country fields are gone. You must have to drive much further west to see fields and animals. There was not time to see if John Kenneth Galbreth still had his horse farm there. But there was a Phillipine Grocery Store and Luncheonette. Livco Pool was gone but there was a Medical Center there instead. I wonder if Lee Halls Dance Studio building would be there. The Biddles Restaurant and The Italian Place and even the Chinese Restaurant don’t have a sign that they were ever there. Only in my memory do they exist and when that goes GONE FOREVER