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The day was misty when the “Big Guys”
Stormed the office doors. We knew
It was not a good sign when they
Arrive in our office unannounced.

They must have studied hard the chapter on
Surprise Attack in “The Art of War”
Don’t fret
Its only business as usual

We had no choice but surrender.
Our cardboard boxes in hand.
Empty desks of any personal effects.
It’s only business as usual.

Remove office keys from your key ring
Its only business as usual.

Sign the releases.
No recourse for we.
Once we walk out those doors
Now we’re business refugees.
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Last act at my dream job
Once all the personal effects are boxed.
A sort of frantic packing like I imagine refugees pack.
Just the essentials.
Only what you can carry in one trip.
The moment is nearing.
Ironic prank life plays again.

Last act at my dream job before I sign off the computer
Send to self Copy to self
Email to self at midlife
Subject Life Compartments
Well the 2nd half of your life has started.
What will it bring.
Is it Optimism Is it Bravado
Know not
Last act at my dream job
What is my reply
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Empty nest, old tennis shoes,
Outgrown coats, a drawer of comic books
Remnants of a childhood complete
Woven through the house like pieces of straw
Through an abandoned birds nest

My youthful bird insisted it was time to fly
Not far enough he keeps saying
Not far enough for he
Fly if you must I whisper
But don’t fly too far

Not just yet
A few test flights, if you must
Let me watch you sail through the air
And test your wings
Let me get used to the empty nest by degrees
Do not have me go cold turkey
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What is it about Adal Ramones?
Punto numero uno
His pliable rubber face,
Thick Groucho Marx eyebrows
Above sharp even nose
Covered in olive skin
Punto numero dos
His exaggerated features,
Always capped by carchucha
Punto numero tres
Or maybe just his boundless enthusiasm.,
Youth set free
Punto numero quatro
He jumps and mugs
Makes comic sound effects
Punto numero cinco
I am happy to go back to a time of many tomorrows,
Boundless fun and the adventure of discovery
How we differ in the small things
Yet remain the same human character when it comes to
What is essential….
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Cinco de Mayo The Fifth of May
Diego Rivera and Freida Kallas
Los Olvedas, the lost ones
Maria Feliz laDona de cine y Victor Fernandez
Lola Beltran the queen of Rancheros
Octavio Paz y General Ignacio Zaragoza
Cantenflas, with his pencil thin mustache
Alejandro Fernandez in his skintight mariachi costume
The mariachis in Garabalde Square
The barefoot beggars selling chiclet on the streets
The parade of freedom fighters,
French Soldiers and Soladeros
All reenactors of the Battle of Puebla
All should thank Emperor Napoleon III
for detesting Mexico and the Battle of Puebla
Who deciding to stay in France. Merci.
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I am here when the cellfone rings. You are a panicked screaming voice of grabbled words. “License suspended…how can that be….unfair…they are rude” This day will be an adventure thru the morass of DMV bureaucracy. I wonder what level of hell would this be if Dante constructed his Inferno today? Is this above the lawyers and politicians or below? Some vague limbo where we wait with other lost souls to plea your case. Dark brown cheap office furniture, eggshell painted walls in this level of hell. Chin up you will still have a bad drivers license photo in the end.
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Today is blue Tuesday. That’s the way it feels to me. Dull and gray and moist and thick the air feels solid to me this blue Tuesday. The sun should rise early but this blue Tuesday stays dark as a winter dawn til eleven in the morning and then the light is dull as a fluorescent light bulb soon to burn out. Its as if the whole day well be lived out as a dull and gray and thick and moist dark dawn. Maybe I should just stay in bed under the covers until the sun returns to the sky.
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So now today I am suppose to come up with one hundred words. One hundred original words. One hundred words of my own. How many times do you suppose can I repeat or compose one hundred words of my own before I reach the one hundred word count. Forty eight. And on I type, compose and count. Watch these words flow and tumble and trickle on to the page. Sixty Nine. Well could this be what writers block is all about. I’m stuck, the words won’t even trickle. I have hit the very thick brick wall. Ninety nine One Hundred.
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Isn’t it funny how in less than one hundred years there will be all new people on this small planet. You are totally unaware of this when you first arrive here. Every day, week or school year seems an eternity. And your first job of many will have days that seem an eternity. Then suddenly you approach fifty fast. Your minutes will be filled with catching up. Trying to fit in all the things you had planned to accomplish. You begin to think how in less than one hundred years there will be all new people on this small planet.
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Look at the sky tonight. How many shades of blue with layers of color from twilight blue to dark midnight. A few twinkling flicks of cool white light. Must be the planets, a star here and there. They must be quite close to be able to see them with the naked eye here in town with so many manmade lights around. But if I look straight up and concentrate on the shades of blue with the blinking specks of white I can block out the manmade lights and for a few moments I can enjoy the tranquil of the cosmos.
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Mow the lawn before the rain. Keep tight straight rows. Move straight ahead. Leave behind evenly clipped strands of green that stand straight up evenly like a green buzz haircut. And the scent of the grass with the gas permeates the air all around. Round the trees and avoid the trucks and roots. Past the edges of mulch and bushes, Mow right up to the edge of the pines to get the scent of Christmas amidst the green of grass and gas. Keep the rows straight til there is only a small square of green to trim until it disappears.
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The weathermen warned us there would be rain. There is rain. It is pouring down with giant tears as if the sky had caught her lover with someone else. The sky is crying giant tears. How could he do that to her. How could he break her heart like that. She’s done nothing but try to please him. More often than not she’s given him blue skies. And still the tears come, harder now there is no end to her pain. We will surely drown because the sky has a lover who’s cheating on her. Damn bastard that he is.
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I think she’s finally stopped with the tears. I can hear a drop of rain or two but the downpour seems to have stopped. Perhaps her lover has apologized for his indiscretion or she has just finally worn herself out with her watery sobs. Whether he has stayed and now they are making up or she’s just worn out if they are done with their high drama in the sky. The sky is still dark. Clouds cover the view of the universe but the clock says 3:50am. And if she will finally rest maybe I can get some sleep too.
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In my next life I will be a cat, a happy, healthy, housecat. My owners will indulge and pamper me. They will appreciate me for my purrfect personality. I will run, jump, play and explore while they marvel at my adorable ways. I will turn up my nose at cheap catfood, insisting on only the best in a crystal cup. If they don’t give me enough attention I will run in and out between their legs or lay across their computer keyboard. When they hollar I will sit up straight and look like I have no idea why they’re upset.
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Cats eye staring without blinking.
Ample almond shaped with black eyeliner.
Perfect pupil painted with brilliant green
and flicks of golden dust strewn in between.
Iris floating in the middle like a huge black ball.
Crystal green with flicks of golden dust now staring again like a laser beam.
They were right to worship the cat in ancient Egypt
Empyreal and serene purring machine
Sitting like the Sphinx in the sun
Sitting and purring, staring into I know not where
Surely this creature knows the secrets through time
Surely this creature knows the secrets of the universe.
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SCRIBBLE, scratch, scrawl, squiggle, SCRAMBLE, clamber, spartle, sprauchle, conceive, envision, fancy, feature, image, imagine, realize, see, consider, contemplate, study, appreciate, comprehend, understand; cerebrate, guess, surmise, assume, believe, expect, gather, imagine, reckon, suppose, guess, pretend, suppose, FEEL, believe, consider, deem, hold, sense, reason, reflect, mull, muse, ponder, ruminate, expression, idiom, locution, phrase, COMMAND, behest, bidding, charge, dictate, mandate, order, advice, tidings, cry, gossip, hearsay, rumble, rumor, scuttlebutt, talk, tattle. Ahhhhh SCRABBBLE, but why do you never have the tiles you need. And what are you suppose to do with a q when there are only 2 u’s. They are already played.
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Water water everywhere and not a drop to drink. It has been drizzling all evening. The night air is dark and thick but the tv blasts. The computer humms. Sudden black, silence, electric buzz and flicker. Off on three maybe four times. Then all is black, silent and thick. I make my way in the dark. Found flashlight. Click, a thin stream of light filters through the room. Walk to the balcony. A dense kind of gray. I see other little beams of light from different windows but still all is silent except the drip drip drip of the rain.
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I wish, I wish we could have more nights in silent reverie. Turn off all the incandescent, fluorescent and halogen lights everywhere. Allow for only candlelight and the light of the moon. Then every single one could go out in the cover of darkest night, in the quilt of blackness to watch all the billions of stars in the same skies as our ancestors watched. There is something completely reassuring in the knowledge the light from those stars has travels hundreds of thousands of light years to be viewed by my eyes. We are the stardust of billions of years.
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Gray blue light emanating from a window size box in the corner of the room. The media IS the message. The characters on the little silver screen are more alive than persons in your own life. What is happening with Allee McBeal? Will Robert Downey Jr ever come back? Why can’t we just nominate Martin Sheen for president? How insufferable can Frasier be? Why don’t they let Dr Hansen have a love interest? How long can they let Friends run? How much can they let them get away with on Will and Grace? Who needs a life when there’s TV?
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Boil fresh cold water. Fill the porcelain pot with hot tap water. Let the pot warm then dump. Open the tin of little black leaves of Earl Grey. Fragrant bergamot whiffs up to your nostrils A half a teaspoon for the pot and half a teaspoon for each cup. Pour in the boiling water and cover. Now steep the tea for at least three to five minutes. Pour the hot tea into a porcelain cup and watch the steam whiff upwards. Plop in one cube of sugar. Enough milk to lighten the liquid. Stir. Place to your lips and Sip.
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Tonight the air is cool and crisp. This could be an October night but its not. It’s a night in May. It is cool and crisp but clear. Visibility is hundreds of thousands of miles. I remember the evenings when we first moved here. Alex would sneak down to the utility room. Turn off the floodlight for the parking lot so we could look at the stars at night. Then we would wait to see how many nights of stars we could have before they figured out the floodlight was turned off. But we had sooo many nights of stars.
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I hate when I’m late. I’m in a negative mood often. But the evening rush hour traffic was a bear. There was a redheaded guy stranded by the side of the road. Trying to flag down a lift. With gas can. And I can see no one is stopping for them. Then I have a Samaritan moment. Try to pull over as I throw all my papers from the passenger seat into the back. Come on Come on, get in. You want ta go to the gas station? I hope it is not true that; No good deed goes unpunished.”
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A Kissing Story. Inconceivable, S Morgenstern As you wish, Wesley True Love, Princess Buttercup Only more than some, Inigo Montoya The six fingered man, The masked man in black. Sleep and dream of large women, Inconceivable, My name is Inigo Montoya. You killed my father. Prepare to die. S. Morgenstern Truly you have a dizzying intellect. Inconceivable. The dreaded pirate Roberts. Now if we only had a wheelbarrow, that would be something. The pit of despair. True Love, you cannot track that, not with a thousand blood hounds, you cannot break it, not with a thousand swords. As you wish……………….
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Hello universe, its me calling out from down here in this little spot on planet earth. Just this side of the Milky Way and one planet up from Mars. It’s the little blue green planet with one moon circling around it. Do you see me? Look here. Can you hear me? Listen. Do you hear me calling? Tell me what is the vast eternal cosmic plan? Just a clue that’s all I’ll ask. Something to hold on to and something to remind me there is a plan, a never ending pattern. I just can’t see it from where I stand.
05/25 Direct Link
Super Perfundo on the early eve of your day. Wakeful dreaming and sleepy wakefulness. Which side of the Looking Glass are you on? Are you part of the collective unconscience or a reincarnated soul making your way through this primordial soup? Were you Cleopatra or one of the Ceasars or just an unknown servant? Could you be six degrees from every other person on this little blue planet? If only you knew the right six? Do you dream in black and white or living color? Can you fly in your dreams? Just take wings, walk to the edge and soar.
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Full moon tonight at 4:25am and the sky may be clear enough tonight to see the silver orb reflect. Perhaps that is why the cat continues to pace back and forth wearing a path from the balcony to the kitchen. Weaving in and out with a feline gate. Does she remember through some prehistoric DNA that her ancestors where once big cats that prowled and stalked their prey at night? But she will have to be satisfied with canned meat from the 9 Lives people. So she can prowl and sneak up on her dish of processed meat and eat.
05/27 Direct Link
The sum of all my fears has come true. And the car curse continues to come. I could say it hardly seems fair. But my mother never said anything would be fair. And so she’d be right but should I whine what will I get, Another day older and deeper in debt. Oh wait someone else already wrote that. Well I guess I will have no choice. No me cueda otra. I will just have to bit the bullet. Ser les dents. Sera los dentas. Grit my teeth. And carry on Jill. Just in case I will light a candle.
05/28 Direct Link
May this house be safe from tigers. And lions and bears, oh my. Tiger Tiger burning bright, stalking people in the dead of night. The dead of night is deadly dark. And not a chance of light except if moon light hits the bright white stripes of the tiger fur glimmer silver briefly in the dark. Pause. Listen. Night time noises everywhere, but the big cat can stay strangely silent till he finds his prey and then coil and pounce. It’s dinner time. May this house be safe from tigers. And lions and bears. But can you purr baby, purr?
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To Do List. Mail out resumes. Pickup milk, pepsi, root beer, salad, fruit, salmon, Paul Newman Salad Dressing, Campbell Chicken Rice Soup, Tomatoe Soup, Bread Sticks, crackers, cat food, cat sand, bathroom cleaner, toilet paper, window cleaner and mop. Drop off dry cleaning, shoes, and bag. Mail Insurance. Pay fone bill, electric. Get Gas. Buy thread, blue, white, and rose. Needles and measuring tape. Staples for copies of resumes, paper, envelopes and portfolio. Alternations, dress pants and jeans. Car to Lube Stop. CVS, nylons, lavender soap. Bank for deposit and money order. Thank you cards and stamps. Choose new career.
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The clouds have finally lifted tonight and I can just barely make out one or two stars straight above me in the sky. The air is cool and crisp again. I am remembering an evening past in darkest Malta Ecuador where the night air was warm but clear. The night sky was dark around on the ground in the middle of nowhere. There on the rooftop patio you could sit in a lawn chair and see thousands of stars all around. Like thousands of silvery white gems and pearls twinkling on the black vast night sky. Remembrance of evenings past.
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Ode to a Rootbeer Popcicle
Icy cold crisp to the touch. I break
It right down the middle, Crack
Sooooo cold against the warm air
Little whiffs of steam curl upward
And disappear in the warm summer air
First bite like flavored snow.
Hear the scratch of ice against teeth.
Tingles the teeth, cools the mouth
Cools the lips, numbs the tongue.
Refreshing to the taste.
Tingling on the teeth
Coolness lingering after every
Frozen bite of crisp translucent brown ice
Sweet, syrupy yet savory spicy sassafras bark.
From the Sassafras Tree makes a refreshing drink,
Makes a icy libation.