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WRATH is anger on the warpath. It has a mouth that never shuts because its fangs are too big and bloodshot eyes that never blink and see everything as something to destroy. It smells like something burning. It hears nothing. And it never stops screaming, "How dare you!" over and over again. WRATH is righteous. WRATH has no attachments. WRATH is freedom that's all about explosive energy that will never wane but only ends when WRATH is finally dead. WRATH has a short shelf life. You could keep WRATH in a can but you'd cut yourself when you open it.
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GLUTTONY is all about fast food. the eternal feast, the binge buffet, the slop bucket, the pig's trough. There may be gluttons for punishment but the real glutton punishes with overeating, with gorging, with chewing and swallowing without cease. GLUTTONY is all about eating fat, being fat, getting fatter. It is the happiest of the Cardinal Sins because it is constantly satisfied even if it never stops being hungry. GLUTTONY would say, "Big is better" if it ever took tne time to come up with a life philosophy. But why stop shoving grub down the pie hole to say so?
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GREED is the most all encompassing of sins in that it will make do with food (like Gluttony) or sex (like Lust) if it can't get money. Mind you, it will starve itself or abstain from sex if money's the reward. GREED's own being is fueled by Envy and it takes a certain Pride in what it's got. GREED is the most playful of the sins in that it will resort to trickery to get what it craves, which makes it the meanest sin because it will trick you into thinking it likes you then betray you a second later.
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ENVY is a Cardinal Sin with a nickname, the sounded acronym for "Not Very." It is not very strong, not very smart, and not very successful. ENVY is an aspirational sin which means it's neither the poorest nor the prettiest. It tries too hard. It's the skinniest sin except when taking female form, at which time it is the second fattest, second to Gluttony. ENVY has eyes in the back of its head and small ears embedded in the palms of its hands. It is the most informed sin but also the least contented. And yes, ENVY is actually green.
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SLOTH kind of appeals to me because it's so zen. It's effortless, because it exerts no effort; it's at peace, because it cannot be bothered with conflict. It's many things I'd like to be to the nth degree, like lazy and sloppy, but I also know that I'd be miserable if I took such flaws that far. SLOTH is what happen when you cross a human being with a puddle. Perhaps SLOTH is a puddle of warm pee. In its ultimate form, this sin can't be bothered with breathing -- too much work! Put it that way and SLOTH is death.
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LUST is the great tempter and tormentor. It's The Devil's favorite form to take because it can screw with your your body as well as your head. It has a forked tongue that causes a fevered delirium that promises no rest. LUST is beyond hot, beyond hope. It's a hermaphrodite and a shape shifter. You may think you've seen LUST but more likely it'll drive you out of your mind. You can't pin LUST down, even at night, when you're on top. LUST always has the upper hand, a pleasuring hand covered with blood, sweat, tears and lube. Oh, LUST!
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PRIDE is one strange sin in that most people don't even think of it as sin anymore. People are proud of having pride! Furthermore, the notion of "humble before God" sounds antiquated. Humility has become an anachronism! Now sometimes, PRIDE goes by another term. VANITY! This one hasn't quite caught on like PRIDE but it's definitely on its way. Go, VANITY, go! Substitute VANITY for PRIDE and the sin is nevertheless the most acceptable of the deadly seven. Preening and self-obsession aren't deplorable anymore. Nowadays, they're perceived as kind of cute. I ask you: What would the Pilgrims think?