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One hundred words, a single story for a single day. A thread of imagination for a lonely mind, these words are magical, they are inspirational. In an enclosed room, lay a wondering thought which is ever unpredictable and always on the move. My stories begin here, my journey starts now. You are my audience, I am the Artist. Read every word and ponder every letter. Alright, I am already currently suffering from acute mental block right now. Thus, the limited use of vocabulary, anyway, I thought I ought to write something queer to signify the beginning of my hundred words.
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"I say we thrash them!"I announced triumphantly. "Don't talk about thrashing first lah. I think we just play a good game first, then see how."The coach corrected wisely. I thought deeply for a moment and wondered why he was being so cautious; perhaps it was me who was being too complacent. Though it was not as strenuous as I had thought; the situation of the match was not something that I had previously conjured or contemplated. I had never been a sportsman before, even though we lost this time round. Next time, I'll be a little more ready.
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"Okay, goodbye!"I said, trying my best to direct that farewell to him. Although, much to my annoyance; he said, "Thank you for coming everyone!" "Oh my god."My friend uttered in a mixture of anxiety and anguish. "I don't dare to see her eye to eye anymore." As I somberly nodded in agreement, I realised that if my friend couldn't even see her, then what about me - who was the supposed victim of this entire tiresome ordeal. I was having second thoughts about my curiosity but since we'd decided to advance towards this stage; there was no turning back.
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As I stepped cautiously into the crowded urban temple, which was surrounded by the array of shopping centres. A tender wisp of joss smoke tickled and flirted with my sense of smell, causing a tinge of irritation. Everywhere numerous devotees gave their offerings and begged for well-wishes, a teenage girl and her Burmese friend entered the temple with a subtle contempt. She taught her friend the traditions of her family and brought her to the counter to get the mysterious Fate Seeker. It was said that any questions asked could be answered by this sacred object made from ancient times.
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"Alright, this is your very last chance. If you do not buy that now, be warn that I will not be paying for you the next time ‘round. I don't care whether you will have to walk around bare-footed."He threatened menacingly while my expression remained calmly nonchalant. My thoughts began its silent debate because fortunately I was not so dumb as to challenge the self proclaimed monarchy of the credibility of his threat. The differences in ideologies always result in harsh disagreements with me on the ever losing end. Oh well, like many other instances; my belief was strengthened.
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We are all lonely people, since the moment we were born, and fortunately so too. I do not deny the fact that I greatly desire companionship, what I long for is not those so called True Love because my ideology deny its existence. I want a friend who I can depend on; who will make me feel like the Queen of the World on my worst days and who will not let me down; who will share with me everything about them and vice versa; who will love me for everything I am. But I am still searching, even now...
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Should I try squirting him or someone else? I pondered. The problem about me is that I am my own contradiction; it has always been an internal turmoil between my mind and my heart. I was still in the mist of thinking when my reflex acted for me. He turned, surprisingly in a playful menacingly manner. Oh no. I thought, suddenly realising what I'd done. As he continued to advance forward, I could only fall back whilst he squirted. Quickly, I halted because of pointless defense and we did a face-off with each other's weapon. But it was great fun.
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Of late, I had been feeling this constant blend of emotions and I'm not even talking about mega emotional days; I'm talking about normal average days. Sometimes, I wonder if I'd made the correct choices; albeit indirectly choosing my future paths. If there's anything worse than not having a choice, it's having too many seemingly suitable choices. He told me what I wanted to hear, but I know this entire thing was supposed to make me even more miserable. I can't comprehend why everyone makes it so easy, as though it was simple fact that mutual affection existed twenty-four seven.
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"MICHELLE! MICHELLE!"they screamed at the top of their lungs as they tried their best to sabotage me. No...! I silently pleaded. He is there! I will MELT. "Oh alright, can we have Michelle to come up here?"said the Lady on stage. As I was led up the stage, my heart stopped: he was within close proximities! God! I could feel my breathing quickened and my pulse pounding within my temples as adrenaline went coursing into all my veins. We played the word game with my malfunctioned mind and my breathless caused me to be unable to speak properly.
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The things some people do at the spur of the moment could potentially ruin their very lives and future. Her pitch black iris darted back and forth, as I continued to peer into their depths, hoping to catch any glint of remorse. But on and on I waited, to no avail. "I'm really sorry Michelle..."she went on rambling her apologies, as sincerity seemed to remain absent in the words she had uttered. "Okay... Alright."These were all I could muster as I spoke them repetitively; albeit not actually wanting to make effort to provide additional acceptance to her apologies.
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The page loaded as expected, and the numerous options and buttons emerged. A little tempting search box stood out to me: beseeching me to use it to search for someone. Should I? I hesitated. But that would make me seem like a bloody stalker, maybe I really am a stalker! While I entered the name and searched, I thought of my espy reaction should I see it. As the results materialised, I browsed through quickly and found the link that I had found previously; that would allow me to gain access to my desired information. I held my breath ...
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"Why won't you use it?"he questioned. "Because I don't feel the need to, what I'd lost is already gone! I don't need the phone to remind me of what I've lost!"I rebuked curtly, feeling my face becoming flush and hot. "Why do you persist? You're not being logical.- "How can I be logical when this implicates my emotions?- "New memories can be built once more.- "You don't understand! What I lost can never be retrieved! These were memories of the past that will never happen again!"I explained exasperatedly. "You'll just have to learn to move on then.-
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It's amazing how the universe operates consistently not to mention concurrently with our daily lives. The fact that the very existence of either of us, you and me, could not have caused any mediocre disruption or whatsoever in our boundless universe which indirectly goes on to gauges our personal importance. This seemingly ancient revelation has been reoccurring repeatedly in mind, relentless prickling at my conscience to do something that could make a difference in our oh-so-little world. Nothing interests me nowadays, I am an aimless and "headless fly"with zero sense of direction and my faith waivers ever so frequently.
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I repositioned my cramped leg as I saw the couple from afar. Obviously, I tried my best to appear nonchalant, perhaps to even ignore them altogether. But I guessed some calamities were just inevitable. As we traded our pre-rehearsed greetings, he stared at the instrument at hand, "Eh, you bought it?- "I was just trying to figure out how to use it, do you know?"I interrupted; I knew he knew how to use it; I had just needed some confirmation on my suspicion. "Oh, I have no idea how to use it." After which, sensing momentary awkwardness, they left.
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The circle of children fidgeted expectantly, watching me with distinct perplexed expressions. Instead of simply telling them instructions and providing verbal details to help conjure a virtual mind image for them, I decided to do a live demonstration. Thankfully, the intensity of perplexity seemed to be reduced when they saw how the game was played; even the Beyond Ranger looked impressed. Finally, my hand went over to his; to my surprise, he did not even hesitant and grasped mine tightly and firmly. God, I really forgot how it was like to really hold hands with someone else. It felt good.
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The man buckled the eleven year old girl's harness, "So do you want to have a boyfriend?"he asked, surreptitiously diverting her attention from the third floor. "No, I don't want."She answered nonchalantly. "You don't want a boyfriend?"the man exclaimed. "No.- "I think they are unable to tolerate the other gender."I added. "Why don't you want a boyfriend?"The man continued. "This is not the right time."Her matured replied left us stunned. "Then when?- "After I graduate. In JC. Do you have one?- "Err ..."I said as the hypocritical fool's image materialised in my mind.
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Sometimes, I wonder what will people notice first about me. Will it be my face; my smile, my body or my shoes? I live in a world where people package themselves to look impressive to the public, where insecure women choose to hide behind that powdered faÃÆ'§ade of extravagance, where relationships can be forged and broken within the span of one short month, where hypocrisy is inevitable; albeit only the intensity of that behaviour varies. Sadly, no one remembers who they really are deep inside their skin; for all they see now is but the appearance. This is our world.
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Something miraculous just happened. Well, technically it did not just happened but I just found out about what happened. A friend of mine is attached. Yes, with another mutual friend. I am happy for them. The thing is my friend made a silly wish over a big synthetic balloon during the New Year; if the balloon crosses over the river boundary; all my friends that were present then, will get a fruitful relationship with a sensible male. Even as my own business continues to sink into murkier waters, I wish them all the best. One down, two more to go.
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The wind blew gently across as I felt an ominous sense of impending danger approaching. As I glided and swayed along with the directions of the breeze, I paused and shuddered. ‘It is coming,' I realized in fear. ‘the end is near.' In the distance, dark clouds were gathering over the horizon encompassing the entire evening sky, throwing in a lightning or two. I felt my resistance waning, my hopes dampening. In the face of death, I crumbled and cried, I wondered why the world was so unfair and yet it had already given me a fair share of enjoyments.
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My friend and I thought as members of the Earth, we ought to do something worthwhile for Mother Nature, so we decided to set up a blog. The purpose is simple: to appreciate that the Earth is wonderful and try to salvage it. After a month, I realised that we were too lazy to write anymore entries save the first one I had written out of over-enthusiasm. Gradually, I begun to realise that the Earth is really dying; with or without our help to revive Her from Her already detrimental state. The Earth needs no recycling, She needs a Miracle.
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She peeped surreptitiously onto the stage from the curtains, as he stood out and started saying his lines. He looked strangely comfortable in that sleek, black tuxedo. Who am I kidding? She mocked herself. He looked perfectly normal. "And who will Thy sought after, if not Thou?"He enquired cheekily and grabbed the hands of the girl in a pink gown. Her cue came as the stage manager came over and gave her an encouraging nudge. "Oh Samuel, will you not come with me?- He fumbled for his line, and glanced soulfully into her eyes. "You are my Only Hope.-
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Being religious was supposed to be a rejoicing thing. Unfortunately, being too religious becomes a sad issue. I never had anything against religious people; unless they were trying to inculcate their lifestyle or alter mine to suit theirs. Every time I think about the situation: about why I was being such a dumb blonde to ruin everything that I sought hard to achieve and destroy the rapport that I so wanted to immortalise. If Fate is what all this is about, then I'm truly disheartened. I used to pray hard for serendipity to befall upon me though it seldom does.
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She slapped his hand off her arm, wincing in pain. "Get away!"she shouted. "Don't! Please, don't!"he begged as he tried to grab hold onto her arm again, this time not demanding her to stay, but instead, begging her to. The inexplicable duo was creating a scene in public, as their argument got more and more explicit. "This is the way that I say I need you; this is the way that I say I love you; this is the way... This is the way..."he recited desperately. "But I'm just ... Learning to breathe."She sobbed in exasperation.
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Let me talk about vitamin e. He was the image of my near-perfect guy and for the last three months, I thought he was real and alive. However, I just found out that he never existed, albeit it was simply my imagination all along. Vitamin e was supposed to be the matured, enlightened soul. He played the acoustic guitar and led hordes of dysfunctional people. He had my admiration in everything he did; I looked up to him and made him my role model. I wanted to be more than just friends with him, but I kept lying to myself.
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A million questions were racing through her mind causing an acute migraine and temporary delusion. How could I let that happened? She pondered painfully. What have I done to deserve this? How time flies ... She wanted to reminisce about the wonderful time and memories that she had of him but they seemed distant and vague. Her hand loosened its grip on the phone but went over to grab her lonesome heart, as realisation dawned and her inability to accept reality intensified, her eyes closed subconsciously. Her thoughts lingered onto three words that held so much meaning: So far away...
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Everybody has regrets; it was only a matter of how intensified they were and their abundance. She sat on the edge as the breeze held her long hair and then let it fall dead still again. She wondered and weighed the importance of her elliptical existence. Would anyone miss me or long for my presence? She questioned meekly. Would those libellous gossips and scandalous rumours cease once I was gone? Perhaps I should start learning to breathe again, to start everything anew. She grimaced at the thought of going through life again, that was if afterlife did exist. Nah ...
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I glanced at my mobile phone hesitantly; albeit desperately wanting to write a message and yet could not seem to write about anything of relevant significance. If only he would just send me a message instead, I thought incoherently. Shutting my phone, I shuddered in dismay as I realised my thoughts would definitely still be lingering on the fact that a decision was not made. Oh! How I pitied myself! I reprimanded myself sarcastically while feeling vaguely piteous as well; both for my lack of maturity and stance. ‘Hey! Tell me you passed that test!' I wrote in the end.
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"Ancient civilisation depicts that the Moon watches over lovers and protect them from harm and calamity."He quoted melancholically while his arm went over her shoulders protectively. The forlorn couple sat at the edge of the Italian piazza pondering over the magnificence of the Moon's iridescence in the cool breezy night sky. "Do you think the Moon will really protect us? Even when everyone in this world is bent on ruining and separating us?"she asked a seemingly rhetorical question. But he was silent; albeit attempting to nod his head to provide reassurance for their concomitance. "That's because we're Star-crossed.-
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Love is so over-rated; it has been glamourised by the entire general population. Hollywood stars devalue it; young naÃÆ'¯ve teenage girls over embellish it. It has evolved into something that the history no longer depicts. As the global urban divorce rates escalate to greater scale; the undoubted presence of the parchment of commitment has become more of a tragic fate than a blissful entity. We are talking about single people who are happy being single; and refuse the burden of sustaining a relationship they think they can never make ever last. This universal phenomenon has a whole new noun: Singleton.
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Ever since I sent that ridiculous email, my attitude towards him has entirely changed, although my feelings have not. Why do I keep lying to myself; persuading myself to think that I just want to be normal friends when I don't, maybe it's because I know we can't even reach that plane of intimacy. It's depressing to be unable to accept the truth and choose the path of oblivion. Oh god. There were a million things I'd wanted to tell him but I can't, I really can't. All I can do is to pretend the last three months never happened.
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Imagine this: You fancy a guy, you try to catch glimpses of him but he doesn't know who you are. Your friend finally got his number for you, you exchanged a few words, and then the communication stopped. You exchanged well-wishers but ran out of anything to say. You can't catch that innocent glimpse anymore because he knows who you are, but you don't greet each other out of awkwardness. You still don't have any intelligent conversation even though you'd made contact. You get desperate, and sent him an email claiming you don't know who he is, but he knows...