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My favorite television show is the “ Jerry Springer Show”. It is very impressing to see how people act towards each other regarding certain issues. People take their love ones to the show so they could reveal secrets that have been held for a long time. It gets frustrating when a couple finds out the other has been cheating with someone else. Sometimes they work their problems out and sometimes they do not. My favorite part, after all, is when Jerry Springer gives his final thoughts that can be touching and sentimental. That is why “Jerry Springer” is my favorite.
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Christmas is the most significant holiday in the world. People celebrate it whether they are Christians or not. At this occasion people gather in their most harmonious and joyous behavioral momentum to contemplate the birth of Jesus-Christ. Family gets together and does numerous activities in relation to it. It is a remembrance of the birth of Christ in connection to his death. What is so wonderful about it is its universal recognition; regardless of ethnicity, religions, beliefs, or anything someone could think of; this is absolutely the most incomparable celebrated festivity throughout the world. Thus, Christmas sustains its identity forever.
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A happy ending story is mainly considered as such; is when it is started sadly and unpredictably ended with joy or happiness. Like the story of an hour; Mrs. Mallard was enduring a lot of dilemmas in her marriage. After she heard that her husband was killed in an accident; she was relieved momentarily but she died at the end “of joy that kills.” Due to that fact, it is not a happy ending story. In addition to a happy ending story, everything turns out well, there is no complaint, and everything goes smoothly the way anyone would expect.
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The terrorist attacks that occurred on 9/11 will remain as the most unforgettable tragedy in the world particularly in US not to mention New York, City. This act has both negative and positive effects in the lives of American people. On the positive side: it has brought the American people more closely as far as togetherness is concerned, brought family and friends together not to elaborate on ethnicity groups. On the negative side: it has taught not to trust people whose origins are from different countries, not to welcome new comers, and so many other things related to that point.
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The bible is the most legitimate book ever written in the world. There is nothing to add or remove from it. Everything is stated clearly without any ambiguity. It teaches what is wrong and right; what is to do and what is not to do. Oftentimes, people confuse themselves by misinterpreting the bible erroneously. If everyone goes by it; there would not be all these troubles in world. Furthermore, people who do not have any knowledge regarding it do not know that all of these things that are going on in the world are prophecies that have to be accomplished.
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Education is the most powerful weapon an individual can possess. Once someone is educated, he or she can fulfill any societal function. It is the key to success. Everyone can be respected for being educated depends on how it is used. With the use of education, one can be heard, relied on, and known worldwide. One does not need to use violence to make a point or to have modifications towards something that someone is unhappy about. Education is absolutely a piece of property that cannot be taken away once someone owns it. After all, education is power and incomparable.
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Many people come to America for a number of reasons. Some people come because of persecution, better opportunities, political, and parental status. Some immigrants experience a lot of unusual treatments that they had never expected before they came. Some have been discriminated because of the lack of skills, color of their skins, and the inability to communicate in English or speak it properly. Some immigrants regret that they came in the first place; while others enjoy being here. Most people who discriminate against them is because they ignore the facts that the foundation of this country is based on immigrants.
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Technology today has positive and negative effects in people’s lives. Some people abuse it by taking advantage of it. People have gone to jail for its improper usage. For instance, the use of the Internet, there are a lot of illegal activities going on. People say things that they are not supposed to say, meet people that they are not supposed to meet, specially teenagers, and so on. People make fraudulent claims and unauthorized use of electrical transactions. On the other hands, it reduces people frustrations drastically. Now people can purchase goods on line just by clicking on your computer.
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Power is one of the most evil phenomenon that every country is striving for. Some countries would do anything that it takes to have the world power. Countries have gone to wars, invaded countries, occupied countries, and killed thousands of innocents just to maintain world power. In addition to all of that, tyrannies will never cease in the world. One thing to remember is that people do forgive but do not forget. Therefore, when a country invaded another one and killed so many people; the victimized country will never forget. Those invaders always have excuses to commit such unacceptable acts.
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The “L (a” poem is mainly about a leaf that falls as being lonely as it states; loneliness (a leaf falls). Loneliness is like a leaf attached to a tree and after a period of times it falls. It is no longer with the others and gets to the stage of death where it is going to be rotten. In that same context, this poem is comparable to the lives of human beings. Being alive is the hope of every individual, but everything must end, which is death in that sense. “L (a” is in coordination to live and death.
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Money gives the cheaper kind of identification. The fundamental problem with finding your identity in money is that significance does not come from being worth something. A cheaper form of identity comes from being able to do something that other people consider worthy of respect. If you have more money that n others, people respect you for it, but by itself does not make you worth anything to them. If you ever quit making money, you will lose people’s respect and all the identity you derived from them. A panhandler probably respects a rich person’s money just for the money.
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Many people try to find satisfaction in money. When you are looking for satisfaction, money fails because having money does not give satisfaction. For instance, a person was happier in Texas on $19,000 per year then he was five years later in Newyork on $40,000 per year. The cost of living was much higher in Texas and inflation was low during those five years. Oftentimes people make the wrong choice when it comes to what they really want and ignore the true meaning of their actual desires of how to make the appropriate approach to get their dreams come true.
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Money does not fulfill security. Money itself is not secure. It can be lost, stolen, or wiped out in bank failure. Real security can only come from something that will always be there for you. When you are hungry, money lets you buy what food there is, but when there is no food you cannot eat money. When you loved a person and that person died, money lets you buy beautiful flowers for their funeral, but not another minute of their company. Thus we see that, though money provides some security, it is completely inadequate to make you truly secure.
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Almost everyone would like to have more money. Some of us expect that money will give us an identity, that it will make us somebody special, that it will make us significant. We expect that people will give us acceptance and approval because we have money. Many people believe that money is not everything. Money fails to provide satisfaction. Money is gives the cheaper type of identity. Money does not fulfill security. It is good to have money, but people should be very clever when it comes to the decision making which involves with money. Finally, money is not everything.
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There are two kinds of rest, but money can buy only one of them. The absence of work and then there is an inner state of calm or peace. Money can only buy the first one. A gentleman once left a job without having another job lined up. He had money in the bank and very few expenses. He had some definite plans, but was looking forward to a chance to relax. Four months later, he still had money and no job. He had caught some sleep and rest. He relaxed, but was lonely and bored because of doing nothing.
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The effects of TV today in family. Too often parents have accepted a “television-dominated family life” by giving examples of a parent who had a little girl. When her mother picked her up from daycare center, when she got home, the mother would fix her dinner while the little girl was watching TV because the mother did not want her to miss the so-called food program on TV. That obviously shows people how have become lack of communication because television. Prior to TV, family would gather to tell and listen to stories and when there was only one TV set.
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The tuition in a community college is cheaper than a four year institution. The tuition in the community college system is usually one half of the amount charged by a four year college. The interesting thing about the difference in tuition is that all freshman and sophomore students are required to take exactly the same courses which are called general education. The purpose of the general education is to educate the students in many different elements of learning which are English, Math, Psychology, Sociology, natural sciences, and biological sciences. Up on completion, the students are able to choose their major.
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One of the most entertainment TV shows is “Whose line is it anyway”. On this show people use different characters with its aspects to entertain, compete, and win. The entertainers give hilarious jokes, make faces, play different roles. For instance, they would imitate other people or anything not to mention animals. They compete in a very creative way. They would make any story up with any subject that they are given. There are certain games that they come up with which intentionally vote out less successful until there remains only one person who is the winner. Thus, this is entertainment.
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“Sister Act”, a hilarious divine comedy by Woopi Goldberg. She is suppose to be hidden in a place which is the last place on earth anyone would look for. She gets involved in some activities as being a nun. In a matter of seconds her sudden celebrity jeopardizes her hidden identity. She brings a lot of people to the church and cleans neighborhoods that have been filthy and abandoned for years. People at that hidden place get jealous of her talents and think that their jobs could be threatened by her fulfilling their positions which is not intending to do.
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Unity in the USA is one of the positive factors that makes that country so powerful compare to other countries that do not unify. This is clearly reflected in the American history when the states were divided among themselves better known as the colonies. During that period the states had trouble agreeing on a central government of which they thought would have too much power. As they have moved along, fought other countries they did not want to be under their authorities. After realizing that their success is based on unity; they have done so and are the greatest nation.
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The movie Bad Boys with Will Smith and Martin Lawrence, team up as partners in crime, in this action-packed flick about a couple of good guys who are real bad boys. One million dollars worth of confiscated heroin has just been jacked from police custody. Once the career bust of Detectives Mike Lowrey ( Will Smith) and Marcus Burnett (Martin Lawrence), the missing drugs now threaten to shut down the narcotics division of the Miami Police Department. When the drug investigation turns deadly, the murderers kidnap the only witness- a beautiful police informant and a close friend of the boys.
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Disney Channel is one of the most television Channel watched by teenagers not to mention children. It offers a lot of fun and education programs for them. It basically teaches everything that a child needs to know at certain age. For instance, it teaches them how to count, to write, to eat, and so many other things like hygiene. The fun part is done using animated pictures to do demonstrations of any point that needs to be made. It also teaches them how to make and meet friends, to handle situations when there is inconvenience, and to deal with strangers.
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The movie Down to Earth, Chris Rocks acclaimed as “the funniest man in America.” He delivers a first-rate performance in this comedy about a man who gets a second chance at life and love. Struggling black comic Lance Barton ( Rock) knows what it is like to die on stage. When his life takes an unexpected turn, he is sure there has been a mistake. Miraculously, he is right. An angel tells Lance he was taken prematurely but assures him he can be returned to Earth-in the aged body of a ruthless white billionaire. Lance accomplishes his show business dream.
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“Friday after next” is one of the funniest movies ever played by Craig (Ice Cube) who beat Debo ( Lister). Debo is out for revenge, so Craig’s father smuggles him out of the hood and into the suburbs to stay with his sex-crazed Uncle Elroy and his cousin Day-Day. Craig has gotten into a lot of troubles where he wishes that he is back in South Central where it is safe. Craig helps his uncle with his house from repossession because of financial hardships. He is sneaking into some gangster’s home where he actually gets a good sum of money.
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The movie of Life, played by Eddie and Martin; the two are accidentally teamed up to become the funniest “odd couple” east of the Mississippi. Actually, they endure a lot of hardship during that period. In an effort to pay off Ray’s debt and restore Claude’s reputation, they travel south on a bootlegging run for some quick cash. There is no limit to their comical misfortune as they are placed at the scene of a crime and their mistaken identity lands them right in front of the judge. This hysterical comedy gives a whole new meaning to friends for life.
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Reading is one of the best sources that someone could be enriched. It is very beneficial when people read. You learn about different cultures and people. There are a lot of people in the world that are very potential, but the only way one could be informed of them is only from reading. For instance, it is rare to hear someone in every day conversation talking about Moliere, Rablais who are great French poets. Even in our society, things can be happening and just for the simple facts that people would not bother to pick a book and to read.
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Starting college is a process by which you enter into a very cold learning environment. College professors consider their students as adult and therefore make them responsible for their education. The community college is the best place to make the transition from high school to college. One of the best choices people can make when starting college is to go to a state supported community college for their first two years. The classes in community college are smaller than in a University system. A community college is usually a community school, allowing the students to work and live at home.
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The way people used to choose their mates back in the old times was completely different to the way people do it today. Back then, it was up to parents to make choices. Parents would go to other parents to let them know that they would make choice of their daughters, especially the parents of the men would do the initiation. Sometimes the two mates were not even aware of the situation which seems very bizarre as generation today would comment. At that time, the men had to possess certain assets before he can be actually trusted with that responsibility.
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“The wood” which refers from boyhood to manhood and in Inglewood, California. Three guys are growing up together and doing everything together. Roland is having thousands of thoughts before his wedding which is in three hours. Auspiciously enough, he has those two best friends Slim and Mike to help him sort his feelings out. Roland is at an ex-girl’s house while the bride is awaiting him. The two friends do not know where he is. When they find him, they dress him up and head to the wedding. Roland is drunk throwing up on his suit and messes it up.
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In today’s generation, artists have taken music to a different level. They use music as way of communication. They express themselves through lyrics that they sing. Depending on the artist, there could be meaningful lessons from their work. Seemingly, they also express their anger and any lifestyle that they are experiencing. A lot of people look up to those artists, especially teenagers or younger generation. In other words, there could be good and bad influences from those artists. Parents who are raising children need to be very proactive when it comes to the types of music their children listen to.
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There are two kinds of rest, but money can buy only one of them. The absence of work and then there is an inner state of calm or peace. Money can only buy the first one. A gentleman once left a job without having another job lined up. He had money in the bank and very few expenses. He had some definite plans, but was looking forward to a chance to relax. Four months later, he still had money and no job. He had caught some sleep and rest. He relaxed, but was lonely and bored because of doing nothing.