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It doesn’t feel like a new year. I’m still in the middle of my second year of IT. I’m still doing my first year of photography and I still have a year and a half to go and nothing seems to have changed. It’s because I’m so use to the school year starting in January and ending in December so the next year really was a new year. I have a feeling that this year is going to be good. I’m planning more carefully and everything is going to be organised instead of the chaos that I normally live in.
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I finally saw Lord of the Rings today. Ye gods, that is one fabulous film. I just don’t remember Samwise & Frodo being so damn slashy when I first read the book but I was a innocent then, I didn’t know what slash was and thus I had yet to become rather fond of – addicted to– it. I did spend a lot of my time biting my finger in an attempt to stop giggling and a lot of the film was spent being a slack jawed yokel. The Ringwraiths and Orcs will haunt my dreams for many awhile, I think.
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Today has been spent re-reading the Lord of the Rings Trilogy and this time the slash-tinted glasses were firmly in place. Merry & Pip, Samwise & Frodo and Legolas & Gimli are practically canon. The film has also allowed me to get all the way through Two Towers without throwing it at the wall, as I am apt to do. The Two Towers has always been my stumbling block when it comes to reading the trilogy. My computer has been also been Legolas theme’d because I’m a movie whore and they didn’t have any Galadriel wallpaper at the official site.
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I have become a movie tie-in whore and my wallet knows this, which is why it’s cowering in the corner of my room whimpering pathetically. I went shopping today and came home with many things, like a LotR calendar, poster and the soundtrack. Plus 3 dvds but they’re not movie tie-ins so we’ll speak of them no longer. I have my eye set on the movie guide and the visual guide to LotR, all those shiny pictures, just waiting to be drooled over and scanned. I think they’ll be my next purchases, after I get my wallet out the corner.
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Spiders! Alcohol! Decent Music! Cute Girl! Kisses from cute girl! – A basic summary of my Saturday night. I’m finally a member of Spiders after two years spent buffing my way in as a member. Heh. I pick my membership card up next time I go. There was one fly in my ointment though – C seems to be pissed off with me, I think it has something to do with A. Speaking of which, when I phoned him, he dropped a sentences that made me boggle – such as: She’ll be alright with us, I’m not dating her anymore. Confused? Oh yeah.
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Mergfuffle. Did anyone catch the number of that donkey cart? You know – the one that must have run me over last night. And who ordered a brass band? Ow. Headache, backache and going to work was evil. Quiet night but several tons of cleaning to do because they’re reorganising the kitchen. I get my phone extension put in tomorrow and I’m seriously considering trundling off to see the incredible true story of two hobbits in love - I.e. Lord of the Rings. – again after I finish college. Addicted, who me? What ever gave you that idea. Slash coloured glasses ahoy!
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Phone line installed. Computer starting to resemble son of Beelzebub. It’s like a bad horror film – The Revenge of Son of Beelzebub: The heart-wrenching tale of a young punkgothgeek and her battle against kernel errors and disabled IDE cables, coming soon to a cinema near you. Rated NC-17 for language and themes. I’d like Clea DuVall to play me, thank you very much, oh and an Oscar would be fabulous as well. Speaking of Clea, I should be receiving my copy of ‘But I’m a cheerleader’ on DVD shortly. Clea playing a gorgeous dyke and RuPaul out of drag. Yum!
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You know I said my computer was starting to resemble the son of Beelzebub? Well, it showed it’s true colours today and I shall have to call in a PC repairman to come and have a look at it tomorrow. To console myself, I’ve made plans to go see ‘The incredibly true story of two hobbits in love’ again tomorrow with Lou, most probably to repeat our last visit where we snickered, snorted, choked on popcorn etc and glee’d our way though most of the film. “Aragorn! They’ve taken the little ones *coughwheezegropegrope*” – Thank you Sheila for that lovely quote
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Saw Lord of the Rings again. The cinema was not as crowded as it was last week so Lou and me could giggle to ourselves without disturbing the people next to us, mainly ‘cause there weren’t any. This time I wasn’t sitting in slack jawed yokel mode and thus saw scenes of the film that I’d somehow missed and fully got the story line of the film fixed in my head. I also kept an eye out for the ‘dead’ Orc that starts getting back up again in the death scene and we exploded into muffled laughter when it happened.
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Well, that’s one computer unit down. Only two to go. I write the exam for it on Tuesday and should do pretty well on it, even though Business Studies is a module I really dislike. Now I just have to finish the spreadsheet speed calculator and the presenting information unit, both of which are due on the 25th of January. I can do it. I’m calm. Not panicking at all, it’s not like my University course rests on these. Not at all. I’m gonna have to start taking work home and working on it. Means dealing with the college network
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A day off college. How blissful. Everyone should have four-day weeks. They’re good. One downside to it though is that I have to work all weekend. Tonight was kinda dead and yet not, which meant I had time to sit around at the start but not so much time to do that at the end. Plus Lauren wasn’t waitressing so there was no one to talk to when I was mopping up the kitchen so I mopped up pretty fast and snuck out at about ten to ten, returned home and stayed up till the wee hours on the computer.
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Saw Lou’s new house today. It’s pretty cosy and small, two bedrooms, kitchen, bathroom, lounge and a very small back garden. It’s only thirty minutes away from the centre of town and when we go out to Spiders or Room, I can crash in her spare room, thus saving me a taxi fare of up to 15 quid to go back home. I can normally scrape up a fiver from the couch to go out but the taxi fare is a little harder to come by so I need to be able to crash at someone’s when I go out.
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I have done fuck all today. It’s just been one of those days where you can’t even be bothered to go out and get the Sunday papers and no one in the house can be arsed to get up until about midday. I did consider going to go see Lord of the Rings again, but the next showing I could have got to would have finished at 6:45 and work starts at 5:30, so I watched my brand spanking new copy of ‘But I’m a cheerleader’ again and decided that I need to find a Graham of my very own.
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And the week has started. Shoot me, shoot me now please. Spent my afternoon attempting to get scanner to work, scanner failing to work and a big pointy stick seeming like a very good option. Heather’s coming up to visit in Feb. It should be fun, we’ll go see LotR again and cackle. And read slash and cackle. And generally just cackle and help Lou unpack her new house. I’ve been attempting to find a decent GLB group in the nearest big town. I’m running into dead ends, which makes sense, this here town ain’t exactly open minded. Bastards.
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Shit. I fell asleep in the middle of my exam today. Damn my S.A.D, during the winter it causes me to have disturbed sleep patterns, especially when I’ve had to stop taking St. John’s Wort for two weeks while I take my iron tablets, because I react to the two of them if I combine them. Bah. Depending on my marks and my workload come June, I may resit the exam again because I need the grades, I have to have grades that are in the high end of the scale to get into the combined honours course at Uni.
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I’m off to Room tonight with C & E. A’s going to be there as well so we’ll be able to create havoc in the moshpit like usual. When I spoke to him today he sounded good, we had a bizarre conversation about quotes etc, things like “Today was the greatest day of my life. I can’t wait for tomorrow.” Which is a Smashing Pumpkins quote. I know he wants that on a T-shirt, maybe I’ll see about getting it printed when I’m in town, just for fun. Give it to him before he goes back to Uni or something.
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C & A had ‘words’ on the dance floor and A was going to leave but I asked him not too because he’s my friend too. So he stayed and I spent the rest of the night hanging around with him and causing havoc in the moshpit but now C’s pissed off with us, we had a semi-screaming match outside in which she accused me of trying to steal him away from her. What the fuck? She broke up with him six months ago and claims she’s over him. Hell, she’s dating someone else now, so what’s the fucking problem.
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Mental note to self: get more batteries for light meter, damn thing is playing up again and I now have a roll of 36 pictures that will require burning and magenta five filters if I’m going to be able to print any of them off. This means a return visit to the graveyard to take another roll of film on the weekend, in the sunshine. My main themes are children’s graves and neglected ones, because it’s an old graveyard and a lot of the graves are no longer cared for, I’m thinking that’s where I’ll be on All Hallows Eve.
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Today has been a day of absolute relaxation and site work. I’m slowly working on getting various sites back up and running and working on new ones. In no way am I a site whore. Oh, I am, I’m a multi-fandom site whore to be precise, Buffy, Smallville and Boy meets Boy are my poisons of choice, all of them lovely and chock-a-block of delicious HoYay! (Homeroticism Yay!) And very pretty actors and actresses. Plus they all have some of the best fanfic writers anywhere, and most of them, thank god, can be found in all of the above fandoms.
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Weekends are my times to relax, recharge and go to work. This weekend has been miraculously quiet, partly because I only worked tonight, due to my new shifts which run like so: all weekend, followed by just Sunday, lather, rinse, repeat. I’m getting into a routine at work, get in, wash like hell, ignoring everyone, selective deafness is a blessing, not a curse and free food is always good. And I confuse people when I go out to the Bar to get my pints of water ‘cause they all assume I’m a chef too, all dolled up in chefs trousers.
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I think I overdosed on coffee today. I was in Planet Coffee for 2 and a half-hours, just me, my book (Return of King) and several million litres of caffeine based substances. I bought so many, they gave me a loyalty card. Hee! And then, I called in on A, which was good, he goes back to Uni next week, so we sat around his front room and talked about Uni life, music, courses and the current trendy!freaky craze. Gah, I retreat further and further into Old school punk as the days go by, it’s not trendy yet. Thank god..
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Ack! The deadline for one of my assignments has been moved to Thursday rather than Friday.. I still have my technical documentation to do, plus finishing off the other assignment for Friday. I see an all-nighter ahead of me. But on the good side, I learnt to ink graphics in psp7 today, inking is fabulous, I’m pretty damn good at it, if I don’t say so myself. Figure that once I get some practise, I’ll offer myself as an inker for people who require comics to be inked but can’t do it. I’m like Banky, only without the tracer issues.
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Ditched photography today to go home and try re-shoot my photographs but by the time I got home, it was too dull to take them, they would have ended up like the last lot, which is what I’m trying to avoid. So instead I finished off my second piece of inking and decided that skin tones are the bane of my existence, it’s so hard to find ones that won’t look pink on different monitors. I’ve purchased a copy of The Iliad, which I’ve started reading. I do love classic Greek literature, especially the mythology. All those Gods and Goddesses
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I ditched photography class again, oops. Spent my entire day on a computer in the labs working on my technical documentation and testing. 9am till 2:30pm, not even a break for lunch, I got someone to get me a chocolate bar and ate that quickly for the blood sugar. Finished, printed and handed in everything at 2:35 this afternoon and promptly heaved a sigh of relief. Only one more unit to go and then we start the next three. This time, I’m taking better notes and doing more rough work, and not leaving the large things to the last moment.
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Didn’t finish the assignment in time, didn’t have my rough work with me, so I’m handing it in on Monday, which means it be marked as late but it’ll be in and that’s all I care about now. Got home after college and had just enough time to swallow some reheated Chinese and then haul my arse to work. It was a surprisingly quiet night for a Friday – which is either a good or bad thing, depending on which chefs are on and what the conversation in the kitchen is like. Tonight was Matt and Dave so a good night.
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Double shifts can bite my shiny metal ass. Worked from twelve till three and then six till ten, forty-five. Ow. Ow. Ow. On the flip side, I managed to get my photography scrapbooks up to date and some of my IT assignment rough work done during my three-hour break from shifts. The only thing that’s getting me though this day is the thought of the paycheque – I’ve worked two extra shifts this week, on top of my 3-day weekend shifts. That’s over a thousand dishes and pots and pans washed this week. Argh! But I’ll have money for sector14, whee!
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Someone claims we gave them food poisoning so we’ve got the Health Inspector around tomorrow, which meant cleaning like all the denizens of hell were after us (which might not be wrong. I could have sworn the last Inspector had a tail…) I really doubt we did, ‘cause even though the chefs act like they don’t care – they do and everything is always spotless and all the food gets checked for the correct temperature etc. I bet it was the bunch of idiots who ordered, ignored the meals for 20 minutes and then complained about them being cold. Well, *duh*.
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I am so going to kick ass on the new units. History of the Internet? Hello, A Grade! With the new units comes a new teacher and new rooms. Of course we haven’t been informed where and when we’ll be for our new lessons, god bless the MIS, so we’re just wandering up and down visiting all the computer labs or obstructing the corridors out side the techs’ room, ‘cause we’re evil that way. The other units are System Analysis (Argh!) and Tech Support (Eek! Kill me now.) and then I’m done for the year, next year’s units look shibby.
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Damn this narcolepsy! Kept falling asleep in Sys analysis while we were taking notes, it’s so damn frustrating! I’ve decided that doing a second year of photography might not be a great idea. I’m thinking of doing ‘art foundation’ which means I need to find various images I’ve done and do some more sketches/drawings (gonna be hard, they’re my weak spot) and some paintings for my portfolio so I have something for the interview. I haven’t done art for two years and the majority of my work I never got back from the Irish exam board because I’d moved. Ack!
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Today I have mostly been a five-year-old snot monster. I hate being ill, I hate winter and I hate colds. Needless to say I didn’t go into to college today, I spent the morning under a heap of blankets, trying not to suffocate on mucus. Blergh. I did however haul my arse out of bed in time to go sign up at the new gym that’s opening soon and go to the hairdressers because my hair was starting to go all shaggy, which is not a good thing when it’s cut short. It’s now close to its natural colour. Eeep!
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So I’m thinking of changing the way I do these 100words. For February, I think I shall do stories. 100 words in length, some will be fanfiction, some will be original. I think it could be fun, I’m all about writing drabbles and hell, it’s not like I have an interesting life, college work this, college work that. I’m continuously buried in large amounts of work and double shifts. Speaking of which, I get paid tomorrow – see me do the happy dance of I have money? I must resist buying large amounts of books and CDs with it on Saturday.