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being incredibly verbose, writing poetry fiction hybrids, music all the time, empathy, kurt cobain & nirvana, anne sexton & sylvia plath, dead musicians, trent reznor, bjork, horror films, lolita, alice, grrunge, jan svankmajer, david cronenberg, david lynch, early 90s, bloody rockstars, circus sideshows, serial killers, getting squished at concerts, rob zombie, creative music videos, album cover art, mc escher, marcel duchamp, chris cunningham, dali, vincent gallo, st marks place, thrift stores, astrology astronomy androgyny, bla-bla poetics, words words words, mix cds, independent films, anatomical illustrations, acupuncture, palindromes and anagrams, watching them watch me right now, redrum, the fragile, kid a, in utero, interesting tattoos, dadaism masochism surrealism, antiwar!, squatters, conversations until 6 am, worn weary teeshirts, seahorses, obscure references, optical illusions, electrical tape, claymation, holograms, nostalgia, wormholes, answering with lyrics, painting my walls, fingerless gloves, combat boots, the doppler effect, knitting factory basement, counterculture, thinking wayy too much...