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The poem, "How do I love thee" moves me in every which way. In every sentence the poem has its own way of describing a certain event. For example, the sentence "I love thee to the depth and breadth and height my soul can reach, when feeling out of sight for the ends of being and ideal grace". This sentence means that no matter what happens in that persons life, she/he still loves anybody or anything more than ever. All of these examples in this poem I particularly like because each sentence has a certain way of describing an event.
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The poem written from Emily Dickenson is rather descriptive and moving. I relate to the person that is being talked about in this poem. For example, in one line of the poem it says " Because I could not stop for death he kindly stopped for me;the carriage held but just ourselves and immortality", means that the author describing the person in this poem describes that jesus died for our sins, but he/she could not face death. The first two lines in the poem make me think about how I should appreciate jesus and not be greedy of what I have.
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According to the book "The Bedford introduction to literature", the literary canon changes. The fact the literary canon used to involve just more of men scholars than anyone else intrigues me. And according to the literature book, the literature canon has made people think twice about it. The literary canon has changed because other people have noticed this kind of discrimination and would like to be recognized.The fact that the literature canon has changed has made me think about how everything should not always be about discrimination and of looking at everything at a whole and that intrigues me.
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The poem "about face" has a facinating but true way of explaining itself. The words used in this poem states that at one point him/her's life is too short to blush and than later saying that I woke up at an ungainly hour, stipped off the merchandise that clothed me. That is the author's way of saying at one point I tried hiding my feelings and than later on, I couldn't help but let all my feelings out. This poem you have to read more than once if you are not poem literate, but has facinating ways of using words.
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The poem written by Samuel Taylor Coleridge has its own way of describing anything. The poem says "Where true love burns desire to love's pure flame; it is the reflex of our earthly frame, that takes the meaning from the nobler part, and but translates the language of the heart."This poem is saying that the only way the heart can really talk is by us humans being sexual or doing something in a certain way to express our love for each other. For example, telling the person you are with or the person you marry everyday you love them.
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The other poem that Samuel Taylor Coleridge talks about is how he lived so greatfully when his so called other was alive. She is now dead and he couldn't move on for a little bit and now he wants to kill himself. For example, the words that explain this says "I have experienced the worst, the world can wreak on me, the worst that can make life indifferent, yet disturb with whispered discontents the dying prayer" and "To be disrent and torn from off my hopes that nothing now is left, why then live on?" this says all for reading.
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In the poem "fault" written by Ron Koertge it is talking about how a loved one (a mother) has to say goodbye to another loved one (her child) at the airport. This poem moves from one situation to another. For example, it is describing what the poem talks about and than the poem talks about a story relating to the person writing the poem. This poem is good for sort of teaching a moral that maybe the person you love the most, something bad will happen to them even though it is set in stone that nothing will happen.
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For the first impression or seeing any kind of Freddy or Jason movies, seeing "freddy vs. Jason" for the first time, many people would find "Freddy vs.Jason" very graphic. For example, this movie is based on strictly horror. This movie is not a typical horror movie, the character's Jason and Freddy kill a lot of humans and the blood from the human scatter all over the television screen, like it was a war movie or something. Someone who is definitely afraid of blood would not like this movie. It also doesn't teach any one morals except to kill someone.
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The movie "how to lose a guy in ten days" is funny, romantic, and teaches a lesson. The movie is based on a girl who can't keep a date versus a girl who always finds or keeps the man she is with. This movie definitely teaches you a lesson. It shows you how to not be always clinging in the beginning of the or a relationship. I thought this movie was definitely perfect for any one whether that person has never had a relationship before or has had many relationships before.You will find a long term date after this.
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The way the story "Story of an hour" presented itself constituted a very good ending. The fact that the wife died and the husband thought that he was the reason for her dieing, because he thought she was so happy to see him alive and it made her die. The husband did not know that she was so miserable with him. Another example in the beginning of the literature story when the wife first finds out that her husband is dead. I think to make a better ending would be the wife might saying how she feels about the relationship.
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The show "Sex and the City" is definitely a formula. The reason I say that is because a certain show is called a formula if you know always something weird or surprising is going to happen. This show there is four females who talk about guys alot, but the part that makes it a formula is when you never know who they are going to pick to sleep with. Also, there is always something crazy going on in each girls life whether one girl gets pregnant or one girl gets married. All of these examples make this show a formula.
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The poem "Baby" written by Elaine Eastman is beautiful and descriptive. For example, in the first line it says "Dimpled and flushed and dewy pink he lies, crumpled and tossed and lapt in snowy bands". The words dimpled,flushed, and dewy pink all describe a certain subject. Another example of a descriptive sentence is "Aimlessly reaching with his tiny hands, lifting in wondering gaze his great blue eyes, sweet pouting lips, parted by breathing sighs". The soft and warm words of this poem make it so beautiful, especially since it talks about babies. All examples help put this poem together.
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The movie "Hot Chic" is an interesting movie. The movie involves a group of girls and this grungy guy. There is also a pair of magical earrings that have a significance to the movie. Whenever one person wears one of each earring, they turn into the other person. So, this girl and her friends are all hanging out and the one girl decides to wear the other earring. The guy wears the other earring and then they both turn into the other person. It is very funny to see the guy doing girl things and the girl doing guy things.
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The movie "Dare Devil" is excellent,romantic, and adventurous to see. The way that Ben affleck meets up with another woman is different. He is blind, so he finds her by moving his blind stick around and accidentally hitting her on the legs. They later end up talking alot and falling in love. The way that the woman and Ben Affleck fight in the movie, just so he can get her name makes it adventurous. All of these events in this movie puts the pieces together to attract the audience that will make them not want to watch another movie.
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The poem "This is just to say" written by William Williams is very funny, and reminds me alot of myself. It sounds like someone with no respect for others sometimes and also maybe someone who thought it would be just funny to get back at someone was written about in this poem. Also, it could be about someone who likes to be a prankster and see what other peoples reactions are. It sounds alot like something I would do because I am just hungry in general and there is nothing else to eat and so I eat whatever is there.
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The poem "My mistress' eyes are nothing like the sun" is a very honest poem. Most situations or stories told by poets say that their girlfriends, female friends, or wifes are so pretty and no one else in this world is prettier. Some poets are still very honest and some are not very honest at all. For example, the lines in this poem say " My mistress' eyes are nothing like the sun". The poet did not need to say that, but he was being honest. Lines like this prove the point I am trying to bring to the readers attention.
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The poem "Meeting at Night", is very descriptive of what is trying to say. For example, the lines saying "The gray sea and the long black land; and the yellow half-moon large and low; and the startled little waves that leap" all furthur describe the time and place. Instead of it being just a black land, it is a long black land. Also, instead of saying a plain and basic moon, the poet describes the moon as low and yellow. Then at the end it sounds like all of a sudden it is describing the scene around two loved ones.
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The movie called "Sound of Music",is the best movie in this generation. It is not only a movie, it teaches children how to play and recognize music better. On some certain movies, it only attracts some audiences and not many others. This is a one time movie that definitely attracts everybody into it. The scenary of a ancient, big and beautiful house takes place. This movie involves a lot of children, and would probably be more of a female movie than a guy movie. I think this movie will always want to be watched and won't be forgotten.
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The "Medallion" is a action and spiritual movie. It combines fighting and spirits coming out of peoples bodies. Jackie Chan is in this movie and continues to be popular in these kinds of movies. I liked the fact that Jackie Chan gets saved by the boy by two parts of a necklace being rubbed together, but also Jackie Chan saves the boy in the beginning of the movie. I didn't like the fact that the boy had no choice but to save the enemy. At the end you thought that the woman would die and she ended up staying alive.
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The story "Odessey" I feel and by fact it is a heroic epic about one man on a voyage to return to his home land. For example, odessius wanderings to return home depends greatly on god's graces and the hospitality of rulers and their land they own. Another example, he came to the house of Antinoos and they threw a great feast and gave them slumber. It was here that he told of his great descent from Troy to where he stands now in the story. They help him home where he takes revenge to restore honor to his home.
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The poem " I am mirror" is very unique but at the same time spiritual. It sounded in the first few lines that this person being described in this poem was blind to having any kind of feelings. Later on things that were all put together being described sounded as if this person was in the process of passing over to the other side in a spiritual sense, but then he/she decided for a second he/she wanted to come back. Eventually, they passed over.For example, it mentions nothing was felt than bodies that fall weeping and than he/she feels weeping.
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In the poem "The poetry" leads into a lot of different possible directions of trying to explain it. The writer says how he/she dislikes poetry. The writer thinks there is more important things in this life than poetry. But, if you look at it "with a perfect contempt for it", which the writer adds, "one discovers in it". Another line being emphasized by the poet "if it must, these things are not important because a high-sounding interpretation can be put upon them but because they are useful". The poet otherwards implies it only helps some people to read poetry.
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The movie "Crush" does not seem anything that would be typical in this century, but has happened before. Also, the outcome of all the events is sad except for the very end. For example, a 40 year old woman meets this 25 year old man. The woman and the man end up falling in love. He asks her to marry him and she says yes. Her friends do not like him, so they try to find a way to get rid of him. He ends up getting killed and she gets pregnant. One of the friends finally finds a man.
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The poem "The mother" is sad and guilty. This poem talks about a woman getting pregnant and has abortions for all the children that she could not afford or handle to raise. Yet at the same time, she says it is not because she did not love them which she does very much. It was just the timing for her getting pregnant did not help her at all. She still feels a lot of grieving over this child though. For example, one line says "Abortions will never let you forget". One more line says "Believe me I loved you all".
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the poem "The street" is very descriptive and can be confusing if you know nothing about shadow's. This little paragraph is basically about a shadow that follows a person. For example,the words that best describe this poem are " I walk in blackness and I stumble and fall and rise, and I walk blind, my feet stepping on silent stones and dry leaves. Someone behind me also stepping on stones, leaves: if I slow down, he slows". idicating that there seems to be something following that person, but truly there is not because it is a shadow following so quickly.
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The poem called " To Celia "is moving,loving, and kinda rude. A guy is writing, it sounds, a poem about his girlfriend and it sounds at one point he really cares for her and wants to brag about her, and than at another point finds weird descriptive ways to say how he feels about her. For example, he says " Drink to me only with thine eyes, And I will pledge with mine: or leave a kiss but in the cup, and I will not ask for wine. The thirst that from the soul doth rise Doth ask a drink divine".
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The poem "Africa" describes a whole lot about what you think is Africa, but then in the middle of the poem it starts describing a woman, body, her sons, and young daughters. Also, it says how she goes to church with them. As you read back and on forth through the poem that it is really one hundrend percent about a black woman that lives in Africa. It is just in disquise figure for some people. For example, the poem says "Thus she had lain sugar cane sweet deserts her hair golden her feet mountains her breasts two niles her tears."
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In the poem " Sex without love " the nature of the question " how do they make love without love" simply asks how could anyone just know they are making love when they do not even love that person. A person can not really feel something if they do not actually really love that person. The speakers way of describing how the two people having sex is called athletes. The title of the poem higly explains what kind of sex it is. The sex is just a casual sex going on, nothing too serious. Also, throughout the whole poem it is decriptive.
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In the poem " Traveling through the dark ", the details like " Glow of the tail-light," the " lowered parking lights," and "Purred" all symbolize and make a connection with the so called recent killings. The poem is often like a predator hunting its prey. The speaker seems very calm, but cautious and concerned. The speakers way of expressing what he was doing was he was traveling through the dark. I believe this poem could be a very didactic poem. The way the speaker says how to roll the deer in the canon and also he says how to watch out for them.
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In the poem " Some keep the sabbath going to church ", it could be considered very holy. The words some people is referring to that not alot, but most humans or citizens try to keep the religion or sabbath going. Either Jews or Christians will keep the sabbath alive. I believe the speakers voice sounds like he believes in God, but how he shows his love for God is really lazy. It looks like what is being observed is that the sabbath should still be recognized, but in a lazy way. The message is clear the some people isn't the speaker.