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"Changing Times" Literary canon's change over times because people change. You can't keep teaching the same literature year after year, because what you would have taught fifty years ago in the "conservative" times would be boring today. Peoples view and perspectives change although we still have our conservative people, things are beginning to become more liberal. We are able to read more criticized and controversial literature which would not have been accepted fifty years ago. Today if you were to ask your grandparents what they read, it would definitely not be the same as what were reading today. Times change.
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"Everyone interoperates literature" Interpretation in my opinion does not ruin literature. Everyone doesn't think the same that's why we have smart people, and not so smart people. If everyone interoperated things the same there would be no good class discussion. People also find different things in stories that someone else might such as the good or the bad. Some might see a character as a hero, while one sees it as the enemy. How boring would it be to all have the same thought? To me that would ruin literature, that's why we don't all think the same. Boring….
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"What a Duke" In the story "My last Duchess" the duke is an extremely odd man. He has had his wife killed and it doesn't seem to be the first time. He seems to be an extremely controlling person; he thinks that his wife should not laugh, smile, or show happiness. He believes that she should feel "lucky" enough just to have him. He has got a painter to paint his wife dead, sitting in a chair. While he paints he tries to show clues that this woman is dead. Although he does this one he prevents the next death.
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Sunday In the poem "Those Winter Sundays", the father shows great love for his daughter. It seems that it's just the father, and daughter living together there's no sign of anyone else. The father seems to have the same routine every day. He gets up for work in the blistering cold, so cold that it's black and blue. He starts the fire for his daughter so she doesn't get the frost bite on her poor, sensitive feet, and even polishes her shoes. The daughter wishes there was someone else who could thank him. Why doesn't she thank him? Good dad.
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Days The poem "Days" brings a great point to life. Most people try to live each day to the fullest, but we never know when they are days are going to end. My thoughts are that Philip Larkin is trying to express that exact thought. We all expect to wake up each morning looking for the next; we take our lives for granite. Next you know your dead. Like the person in the poem seemed to have thought, next the doctor and priest are running out to help. It seems his time came without any notice, cherish every single day.
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Home Is So Sad, by Philip Larkin this poem reminds me of my old house. This poem is about a person who grew up in a house that had many good childhood memories, but to their sadness it wasn't the same. It was so beautiful and neat and the memories of the mother playing the piano and cooking. They thought the happy memories would remain the same forever, but when they went to visit it was nothing like they remembered. "It had fallen wide", and the only thing he or she has to assist their memories are the old photos.
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A Secret Sorrow,this short story is a lot of woman's greatest fears including my own. Faye was told by her doctor that she was never going to be able to have children. Her fiancé had no idea why she was so upset, until she told him. I know that one of my greatest fears is never begin able to have children. My mother was never supposed to have children, so her doctors said obviously they were wrong. This still contributes to my fears, and I know "what's meant to be will be", as my mothers has always said.
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A sorrowful woman, why all the sudden does this woman want nothing to do with her kid or husband? In my option, I feel that when the only thing a woman has to look forward to is the same routine day after day it could put you in a state of depression. She wanted out, because she was in such a deep depression. Her husband could do nothing for her, but watch her suffer. I feel she took her life for everyone's sake. That's why her husband was not shocked when he found her dead, it was relief for him.
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A Rose for Emily is very odd story. This story has to do with some serious mental issues. Emily's father controlled her dating life; she was never allowed to date guys. Her father died and she seemed to be very lost until she met Homer. She like him but it was not mutual he was gay. Instead of being humiliated by the town she killed him. She kept his dead body in her house in her bed for thirty years until she died. Maybe she was use to always having a man in her life, even though he was dead.
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The story A&W is the summer of most teenage girl. Where all you and your friends do is prance around in your bathing suits and flirt with boys. A girl waits all year long to get out of school and begin the summer. Its especially fun if you have a summer house to go to during the day you go to the beach all day and work on your tan, even maybe flirt with some boys on the beach. I really think this a special bonding time with girl friends, and some of the best memories of my life.
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Smoking Faze I just read an article that I thought was kind of funny. The article was about a woman who was so happy because there's no more smoking in New York in any public places. She was happy because now she can bring her son to bars and get drunk and not have to worry about her son breathing in smoke. I kind of find that hypocritical how you can bring your son to get drunk with you but its BAD to be around smoke. I hope that someone else finds the irony in that situation I surely do.
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A Typical Palm Beach Woman The story Ms.Brill reminds me of my hometown. We have a place that every Thursday night people go and listen to music, kind of like in the story. It's a very mixed crowd like in the story but there is also a lot of old people. These old woman that come are like Ms. Brill and seemed to be very catty and talk about everybody and everything you can talk about. I just found a huge comparison between my hometown (Palm Beach) and where Ms. Brill. No difference from one old person to the next.
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Media The story Video Tape really exemplifies America media. In this story a girl records a murder, and witnesses everything. It is a serial murder killing people on highways and the way news portrays it is sick. Citizens say that they hate this stuff, but why is it that the news keeps giving it to us? Well it's because we really like to her about other people's tragedies. It seems to be a love hate relationships with the media. We love to hear good news but were more interested in the bad stuff. Americans need to break the bad cycle.
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POW The seven lucky ones of the war! Isn't funny how we gave up hope on the people fighting for our Country only after seven days. Well the men and woman who got captured in the war were found in a Baghdad hospital, there were asked "if there are any American please stand up" and the six pow's stood up. When I heard that I started crying because I know how happy there families are, and now there suffering is over and hopefully they were not tortured. This reason we shouldn't give up hope on the soldiers fighting for America!
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Ugly Birthmark a man who is married to a woman and he has always seen her as so beautiful , until on day he cant stand to look at her any more. She has this birthmark that just completely grosses him out; he can't stand it. He still loves her, so she decides she'll get it removed. What does this say about love? Looks don't matter? Obviously they did here. I think that this is sad because he was with her for so many years, and he just now told her how he feels. What made him fee this way?
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The story Lust, about a teenage girl who loose her self through sex. This type of thing seems to happen to girls who are very insecure with themselves. They let sex make them feel more valid and important, they think that sex justifies insecurities. In this case in the story she begins having sex because its fun, then it turns into validation. She begins having sex with so many guys she looses count. She also loses touch of herself she doesn't see herself as a person she's now an object. If girls were taught young enough just to love themselves.
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Diet Doc. Dr. Atkins was the most famous diet doctor he changed dieting all around. He didn't have the typically diets but they obviously worked. He helped thousand of people turn there lives around. Dr.Atkins passed away today, after begin on life support for two weeks. He was at a convention in New York, giving a speech on his upcoming book. When he was walking and slipped and fell on his head and got a concussion from it. He has changed dieting in so many ways. He will never be forgotten in the medical field, or by people he helped.
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My Sweet Reward is a great poem I find it a sarcastic poem about eating. I love to eat and I'm always trying to find ways to eat good food and still look like I eat healthy. This poem completely makes a joke out of eating, and makes fun of Doctors who tell people what and how to eat. The person may seem over weight or even skinny but you would never know because all he or she does is make fun. One part says "I'll eat whatever I want; the experts can kiss my rear. Obviously they don't care!
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"Our Sacrifice" the poem Sacrifice is about our ships, planes and people that are stationed around the world for us Americans. This poem let us know that the people are out there trying to work for us sacrificing there lives for all around. They want to make it better and safer even if that means risking there lives. They do this for us. "The freedom we enjoy today was a price bought with heavy price". We should honor these men and woman ever day for what they are risking there lives for and remember them. Be thankful for these veterans.
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The movie Dragonfly was a wonderful movie that make me believe in spiritual leads. A husband loses his wife after she went on a volenteer trip to South America. She was pregant and dies, he kept getting all kinds of signs that she might be alive, turns out he follows his gut nad goes to see what it is and he had a daughter that was born. I feel that there can always be these kinds of signs you just have to be open minded to them. You never know what could happen after people pass away, things could happen.
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" POW'S" Is the diffentral treatment among the pow fair? I really am happy that the pows were found. I find it extremely unfair how Jessica Lynch is getting all the news coverage. It's "Jessica Lynch and the six other pows", if they are going to say her name then it's only fair to mention all there names. Because they all went through it, but she got out before the others. I just feel that some times the media is unfair to the soldiers, there is no solider that's better than another especially went they are fighting the same war.
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Monday Yes its, Monday Already, I think this poem applies to everybody. Everyone hates Monday's and this poem tell how dreadful Monday are and we await the arrival of Tuesdays. I think that's absolutely true because children hate getting up for school on Mondays because they know they have a week until it's over. It's the same with workers it's the start of a new week of work and a lot of people hate it. Its true Monday is the day that everybody dreads and hates and can't wait until Tuesday comes. It's just the dreadful cycle of life. .
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"Anger Management" was a very funny movie that shows never under estimate anyone. He thought that he had to go to angry management because an incident that happened on an air plane, but infact his girlfriend set him up. What his girlfriend did for him helped him, begin a better lifestyle. He was going down the wrong path and this showed him he needs to deal with things differently. The theme behind this movie would definitely have to be that sometimes changing could be for the better and happier life. This was a great ending for a movie, never expected.
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Dixie Upsets, The Dixie Chick were on 20/20 talking about the statement they made in Europe about President Bush. "Were ashamed that Bush is a Texan" a statement that one of the girls made. They have gotten banned from radio, dropped on music charts, and had all around boycotts on the Dixie Chicks. All because of a commit Natalie made. I thought freedom of speech, and a right for freedom was what were fighting for. So we can speak out and be individuals and a free nation not a communist one. I just think the criticism there getting is unfair.
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Traveling Solider by Dixie Chicks has really hit home this week. "Our love will never end, waiting for the love of a traveling solider." This song I always liked but it never really affected me the way it did this week, when I lost my best friend in the war. The lyrics of this song it all about waiting for the letter of the traveling solider. She says "she always wait even if she never gets the letter, she'll have to hear the worst and she did. The same as me even thought he'll always be with us in sprit.
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Mark, by Linda Pastan I feel that many woman that are strictly homemakers feel that there life was uncompleted in some way. In this poem she is graded by how she does by each family member, he husband gives her an "A" for dinner, an "I" incomplete for ironing, her son says she is average and daughter says she could improve. All she want to do is drop out, I think that she fells that she could do something more with her life. They learned what they needed by me. I feel that she feels its her turn to learn.
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The story Richard Corey, really make you think that money isn't all happens. The characters in the story all thought that he had everything. He had the looks, wit, money, and happiness well so they thought. These people in the story were starving for what he had and thought he was about the happiness person on earth. To their disbelief they were all wrong, he was obviously not happy with his life because he took it. Why do people who have life easier, than less fortunate take it more? Maybe because they didn't feel like they accomplished anything their selves.
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Titanic the poem I feel the setting would be on the water, where the original titanic was. This poem make me think that if something nice and new such as an newer version of the titanic , people would cruise on it with because of the name titanic. Even thought most people might people a little skeptical at first everyone likes a new adventure. If it was the new trendy thing to cruise, everyone would be cruising. So I feel that a ship with such a history behind the name, with so many deaths people would still cruise on it.
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The poem Hero is about the hero's of 9-1-1 all the fallen fire fighters, police, and workers. This poem is dedicated to all of these men and woman. This poem makes me proud to be an American and to live in the Country I do. My hero passed away on April 17, 2003 he was a National Guard fighting in Iraq, for our Country. I knew a hero and that's important to me, I know what it feels like to lose someone who becomes a "Hero". I now understand and appreciate all those people who were lost fighting for America!
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True Life, an MTV documentary about sex and double standards. Why are there double standard between men and woman? Men get praised and popular when they have sex with a lot of girls, but when a girl is secure with her sexuality she's called a whore. Why it is ok for a girl to cry and a guy get called gay when he does? Why do we even have double standard? It's not ok and MTV address all of these questions. How we can start to change double-standards in society with young people. Education can change everything with young people.