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Through some gross, unpredictable human error, I forgot to enter one of my entries last month and my batch wasn't displayed for public viewing. So, I've decided this month to pay homage to my forgotten April batch by entering some "vintage" words from the aforementioned batch. There will be some original writings this month, but I'd say most of what you're about to read (all two of you) is stuff from last month, which was never printed. I just thought you might like to know, in case I refer to an event that clearly occurred a month ago or something.
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This is the comfort of my day, my relaxation – lunch. Kangosaur, Too Bad, Plunketto, and "the son of Gray who takes well to the max" sit here, enjoying with me our mini corn dogs and chicken fries, not to mention our fruit, tater tots, two pieces of bread, and milk (if only we could have 1.5!). These moments – talking and laughing with friends – are the ones I'll really miss from high school. I'll soon, like every other day, go get a second milk and visit the table of junior girls… another thing I'll miss. It's ok – I'll stay in touch.
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The song "Mood Rings", by Relient K, is pretty sweet. It is basically a song about how there are so many girls out there who are time bombs, who are dominated by emotions. The song facetiously suggests wide-scale mood ring use as an answer. One of my girl friends loved the song and rushed out to buy a mood ring (she wears it constantly, which is kind of scary, actually); another said "I like the song, but it's not just some girls, it's all girls"; how true, Relient K… how true. ("Facetiously" includes all the vowels, in order… even y)
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Another Relient K analysis: the song "Getting Into You". It's about how, upon committing his life to Christ, the narrator is bombarded by one question: "Do you know what you are getting yourself into?" He hears it frequently from his peers… and also from himself. And yes, beginning a new lifestyle can seem like jumping off a cliff. But the bottom line is that once you can make that jump (but only once you've reached that point) do you know it's absolutely right. To close the song, God says, "I love you and that's what you are getting yourself into."
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The chorus banquet is tonight… the thought makes me sort of sad. Not the kind of sadness you might expect, which would be the nostalgia of thinking back to my fond chorus memories, knowing that my graduation will mark the end of an era. Instead, I'm sad because I'm thinking of what chorus has become. It used to mean so much… it used to be fun… but the attitudes of the members have changed. It is so hard to get work done because of the talking. The class that was so fun, the highlight of my day… is almost laborious.
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Well, I just got back from the choral banquet. It was pretty fun… all the usual stuff: buffet dinner, reading of names, giving of meaningless but somewhat pleasing awards, etc. But it's pretty cool going to the banquet as a senior because the director talks about you and you get a cool plaque. Plus, the final, most important award, the Music Department award, was given to Travis, a good friend of mine. And he really deserved it – he's a beast, musically. He plays the saxophone, drums, guitar, bass guitar, and sings… and I probably left something out. Let's go Mountaineers.
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I saw X-Men 2 earlier today. It was pretty good. I was very happy to see Nightcrawler brought into the storyline, they did a really good job with him, I thought. I was also glad to see more of Iceman, he's always been pretty cool. Kitty Pride (or is it Pryde?), Beast, and Colossus were also given cameo appearances. I was pretty disappointed at the lack of Gambit, though. I mean, his name appeared on a computer screen, and that was it. He better be in the third movie. I saw a preview for the second Matrix movie… I'm excited.
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It's crazy how someone can think you're mad at her, that you have lost all interest in being her friend, that you turned 180 without any prior warning, that you don't want to talk to her when you're talking to her and you don't want to be with her when you're with her. Crazy is basically an understatement there – ridiculous, ludicrous… those might be better words. I don't recall showing any indication of any of these things… and if I did, I'm really sorry. I didn't mean to. I may have been a little off lately… but it's not you.
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A rap song for my fellow thug: I just got home from the play, it's been way too long a day. I got up at freaking six, took a shower, dressed, and ate Trix (not really – I had Trix twice, but this morning it was Cinnamon Life). Went to school, straight to Ennis – I'd rather be playing tennis. I don't have time for this "school" crap – all I wanna do is type-rap. After that I went to L-dawg's crib, with Sweet Key and the red-haired kid. Even though the day was long, I liked it… so I wrote this song.
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It's weird how something is serious, and then eventually you can "look back on it and laugh." I wonder when it reaches that point when it becomes humorous, and why it does, and why it does at the time it does. Maybe it's funny all along, but we only admit it later. Or maybe our memories change with time. Perhaps we need to gain maturity to even understand all the factors behind the occurrence. But for whatever reason, something that seemed so menacing or stressful or depressing… is suddenly the center of a knee slapping, hoot and hollerin' good time.
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She stays awake ‘til the wee hours, eyes glued to screen, foot throbbing, visage grim. Why? Well, she's awake because she's running out of time (deadlines always seem far away, but approach at the speed of light). She is watching the glowing screen because she's writing her "flowing, full of references" research paper. Her foot is throbbing because it was recently smashed by a Big house. Her face is painfully contorted because her Vicodin is losing its overpowering narcotic effect. Why does she do it all? What gives this girl a bestial strength, an unstoppable will? Well, E is… crazy.
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It's kinda funny how the weather changes so violently, so abruptly, and then you blink and it's back to normal. Tonight, for instance, it was pretty nice out when suddenly BAM Emeril throws in some sort of spice or something and a torrent, a veritable deluge engulfs everything in sight. Then like 20 minutes later the sky's as dry as a pie (you know, one of those crusty ones that makes you thirsty). I guess it's somewhat scary, the whole unpredictable behavior of the clouds and how it affects us so much. I think people's emotions are like that too.
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There's an Ataris song ("San Dimas High School Football Rules") that talks about staring up at the stars. Every time I've listened to the song, or heard that phrase (i.e. Deep Thought: "Sometimes at night, as I stare up at the stars, I think to myself, ‘I really need to fix that roof.'") my mind has sort of glossed over it. It occurred to me that I've never really stared at the stars… at least not with much focus. But last night, it happened… pretty cool, I must say. Not as cool as the car ride there, but cool nonetheless.
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Forty lashes with a bone-, rock-, and glass-covered whip was thought to be fatal, so the soldiers gave him thirty-nine. They spit in his face, threw him around, and kicked him, all the while insulting his beliefs and cursing his name. The soldiers, of course, were roaring drunk… they had to be in order to bring themselves to inflict this kind of torture. Nails pierced his extremities, and a crown of thorns was placed oh so delicately on his bloody head. When the cross hit the earth, his bones were dislocated and eventually he suffocated. His tomb was empty…. Easter.
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The two friends (clean cut and amiable guys) walked into the theater and shot each other knowing glances. Two of the crime suspects were in this very room, smiling blithely and whispering sweet nothings, if only in their daydreams, to one of the two male friends. Yes, this was no ordinary crime – one of these two girls (or at least the sleuths thought) was rather smitten with one of the boys… you could say, perhaps, that she'd written a "Z" on her heart. Who is the infamous dark horse of romance? All I know is there's nothing like high school.
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Ah, Tuesday nights. The only weeknights in which I do not have a planned activity. I'm pondering how to spend the free night… I just finished eating dinner, and it's about 6 o'clock. I could play guitar or video games (FF7, of course), I could take a much-needed nap, maybe call a friend or two, read a book or two, eat some more food, get something to drink… I'm not really sure what I want to do. So writing this entry is effectively putting off that decision, even if for but a few minutes. Oh, maybe I'll clip my toenails.
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Chopin's The Awakening: incredible, scandalous, sensual joyride or well-written pile of junk that can hardly be considered a novel? The latter, my friend. The latter. The Awakening should probably be called The Coma. I don't mean to imply that the book put me to sleep (which is also true), I just mean that Edna Pontellier did not wake up. She fell asleep. She does wake up in one sense – she finally realizes her emotions and desires… but then cheats on her husband, abandons her children, and commits suicide. And no, it doesn't matter why she killed herself – she killed herself.
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This week the freshmen, sophomores, and juniors in school are taking standardized tests for 2 hours each morning. Instead of being allowed to come late, seniors report to the theater to watch videos. And what sweet videos they are! First we watched a staged courtroom drama about drunk driving. We stopped the tape and were told we'd watch the conclusion the next day. When we played it the next day, all it said was "The decision… is yours". What? And then we watched a video of a spandex-clad dancing storyteller who, though female, bore a striking resemblance to Michael Jackson.
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Today I drove home behind two of my girlfriends. Man, it's crazy, I have like six girlfriends these days. Yeah, my true romantic potential is finally being realized, finally coming to fruition… except wait, did I say six girlfriends? I meant zero. But the cool thing is, it's awesome being single. Like the book I'm reading says, singleness is a good, focused way to serve God. Yeah, the girls in the car in front of me are probably two of the coolest girls, period… but one actually has a boyfriend, and as for the other… well, I've kissed dating goodbye.
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I decided to make my final Plunketto/Mathieu Magic card in the form of an online tribute:

Plunketto, The Funketto 2UUR
Friend Legend
R: Create a 1/1 Mathieu token
U: Draw a card for each Mathieu token you control
RU: Return Plunketto to its owner's hand
"Only he who teaches himself C++ may come to rule the video game domain." – Ancient Wheeling legend

It's been fun, Plunkett, but this really is the last installment of fake magic cards. You've earned the title "friend legend" over the past couple years. Thanks for everything, and good luck in college and beyond.
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Well, we just had the third night of our musical last night. The streak is alive, three good performances in a row. Other things were good that night, too… Brett finally made it to one of my plays, I got some funny Star Grams, Cornforth took the stage in dramatic fashion, and we all got to see "Vin Diesel". Overall the play has been a lot of fun, and I think it shows on stage. And we have a pretty huge cast and crew, so I think the party, if we find a location for it, will be a blast.
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Ping-Pong – an amazing game. I believe it's one of those things in life where you have a really lucid awareness of your skill progression. I have gone from average backhand, weak forehand, lazy serve, and undetectable spin to sizzling backhand, average forehand, tricky serve, and substantial spin. It's also a game in which I like playing someone better than I… it's refreshing when his hits are just a little harder than mine, requiring a reaction just a little faster than the one I have. Not only is it fun to occasionally get beat, but it's the only way to improve.
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There's an Ataris song ("San Dimas High School Football Rules") that talks about staring up at the stars. Every time I've listened to the song, or heard that phrase (i.e. Deep Thought: "Sometimes at night, as I stare up at the stars, I think to myself, ‘I really need to fix that roof.'") my mind has sort of glossed over it. It occurred to me that I've never really stared at the stars… at least not with much focus. But last night, it happened… pretty cool, I must say. Not as cool as the car ride there, but cool nonetheless.
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It's crazy how a set of feelings or circumstances can exist in my head, yet almost no one else understands them. Like with that one girl… our relationship lives in some world where we're the only sane ones, though in reality it may be quite the opposite. Are strong feelings without romance that rare? I don't think so, despite Kangosaur's chant and the suggestion to "play that card" (Gray always was bad with advice). All I know is she's my favorite, the coolest one I know… and that's not going to change, whether or not our friendship meets their requirements.
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You really can't determine a person's character from appearances. Or even from your experience talking to the person. It takes a long, long, time to really see someone for who she is. You had me fooled. You really did. Through it all, the good times and bad, I saw something that wasn't there… I don't know, maybe it was my fault, maybe I invented your superficial altruism. But today I finally realized how disgusting you truly are. And no, you're not going to change. I'm not your friend… I don't know you at all. And I like it that way.
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Yeah, I do realize that I accidentally added the entry about staring at the stars twice for this month. But, I don't know enough about the 100 words site to fix the problem. So I'm just going to apologize for it here. And you know why? Because I care about you, faithful reader. You are spending your valuable time (wasting it, even) reading my entries, and it's not fair to you to have to read the same 100 words twice. So, like I said, I'm sorry for the mistake. Keep reading, if anyone out there is even reading this crap.
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your money will soon be GONE like yesterday is GONE tomorrow will be GONE like elvis and his mom like al pacino's cash, nothing in this life lasts long tomorrow will be GONE my childhood sweets are GONE 2 am will be GONE his piano will be GONE his hair will be GONE his hands will be GONE every man will soon be GONE like Switchfoot and this 100 word ripoff of their song tomorrow will be GONE like college will be GONE yeah U2 thanks for asking, this life is still worth living, ‘cause one Thing won't be GONE
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So I read "the only thing constant is change". For a long while I've accepted the quip's validity without giving it a second thought. But suddenly it hit me that whoever thought of that little saying, if he meant it when he said it, was a hopeless fool. Does anyone actually believe that? Sorry for asking, because I now remember I know many people who do. But come on, if you really think nothing in this world is constant, your life needs some foundation. I strongly recommend Jesus Christ. He is my best friend. He's been pretty constant with me.
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So I went back today. Back to the place where I'd spent four years… good years, but not without their frustrations and struggles. As I walked through the halls, my name tag burnt into my chest, like Hester Prynne's fabled scarlet letter… it set me apart from everyone else there, everyone I've cared about, everyone who is left behind. I was a foreigner, an alien, a man with no country. (Actually, the experience was just your everyday visiting of juniors, with no nostalgia or pain, but I want to be like other writers who make trivial events seem so poignant)
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(My last entry of the lost April batch:) Well, faithful readers, I have completed my second month of online writing. I hope it's been slightly enjoyable to you… but even if not, I've had a good time writing, and that's what matters, and that's why I'll keep doing it. My first month I was so punctual with these entries. Now, the deadline is rapidly approaching, and I've written 11 entries in the past two days. Activity comes in such rapid spurts… maybe it's a sign that my life is falling apart. Or maybe it's a sign that it's pulling together.
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Month three of writing this stuff has come to a close. Thanks for reading. Whether you are a duo partner, the girl about whom I sing, my future roommate, a girl with an identity-splitting mutant ability, a kid whose house I need to visit much more often, a girl with whom I took a long walk and had a meaningful conversation, a condescendingly uplifting but loyal friend, the other girl about whom I sing (though with less frequency and efficiency), my double-cousin, or if you're just Too darn Bad… thanks for making my last month of school so much fun.