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I've still been obsessing over my future purchase of a Macbook. Originally I wanted the 15 inch Macbook pro, too much money, and then I was looking at the black 13 inch. Still a little too much, and then finally realized that the whitebook was the same machine with a smaller harddrive. I was fretting over the 80 gig drive. I searched around online and the new Macbooks are easy to upgrade. Just remove three screws and the memory and harddrive are totally accessible. I found a 100 gig 7200rpm. For 324 bucks I can upgrade the memory and drive.
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I can't believe what I just did to myself. I was getting ready for bed. I was nodding off. And stood up to get into bed, and fell down. My foot was numb and tingly and would support me weight, and rather than grab a shelf and drag it down I let myself fall on my dirty laundry. Yuck. I'm bruised and in pain. I am such an idiot. Now I'll never get to sleep. I took a whole bunch of Tylenol hopefully that will help. I wish I had some real painkillers. I now have a reason for some.
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Had to get some test done today. My legs are apparently filling with fluid. Got some sorts of a sonic scan. It hurt a lot. The nurse, a big Jeff Buckley fan, had to drive this thing deep into my legs to get a result, and at some points it really hurt. In the end all they could say was they're were not clots. I still don't have a clue what is going on. After that I went to the mall with my dad. We went to the Mac store and I checked out the whitebook again. Really want one.
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Got up early for a weekend at 9:30, and got a late start for the city at 10:15. Got to the restaurant about twenty minutes late. We had decided on dim sum and Golden bridge as the restaurant. It's at 50 Bowery where the Silver Palace used to be. They some nasty union problems but I had heard they had been settled. I had heard it was very good but I didn't want to cross a picket line. But that was not to be because their escalator was broke and my mother couldn't climb the stairs. So HSF it was.
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I've been a little stressed by something I posted on my blog. I've been wondering if it would be taken wrong. I've decided to post a series of world war two era Warner Brothers cartoons. They have been excised from the cannon, and left out of the cartoon marathons, and the dvd releases. If not left out they have been sanitized. I posted one of them recently called “Fresh Hare.” It's a mostly routine Bugs Bunny cartoon, and a well done one, but at the end it has some gratuitous racist material. I caan't help wonder what people will think.
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It was not unexpected. It was bound to happen. Signs had been seen and received since last year, but I still wasn't ready. I had hoped I would have a few months, but that was not to be. Last night my freezer wasn't making solid ice cubes. In the past it would be a few days, but it would start to make cubes again. It might not have been fast, but it would happen. I took what little food was in the freezer and moved it to the fridge. When I got back home from work it was all over.
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Starbuck is dead. I've known it was coming for weeks, if not months, but it's still hard to take. Starbuck was never my favorite character on the show. I'm not sure who is, but show was central figure in the reimagining of the show. An icon of the new Battlestar Galactica, and now she is gone. I haven't watched the episode yet, and I'm wondering if this will be the end for me. I still haven't finished the Hal Blood Prince because I don't want to ready about Dumbledore dying. It's pathetic, but I can't help myself. What next Ron?
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Jeff is back from Pakistan. Started giving out Grilling by the Bay flyer's. Have to make some more. It was fun hanging out with Jeff and Matt. It's fun to hang with Jeff alone, but Matt brings a different energy. It lame, but that the only way I can put it. It's always a good time when we get together. Had a few beers. Talked for a few hours before Matt went to bed. Then I watched Stargate. I know I should have studied, but after two beers that was just not going to happen. Time to go to bed. Ron?
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Damn this getting old thing is a drag. My back hurts, my legs hurts. I am having trouble walking up and down steps. I can't imagine what I will be like at fifty. I'm trying to take my health seriously, but after thirty plus years of treating my body like a sewer it's hard, and my parents certainly didn't present a shining example. My Dad has more fake teeth than real and has diabetes. My doctor tells me things are getting better, but it's hard to believe. I guess all I can do is try to eat better and exercise.
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What a waster of a day. I slept until 1 grabbed some grub, and now I feel like I'm going to collapse. I posted another in my series of “banned” cartoons. This time Coal Black and de Sebben Dwarfs. The story to me reckoning was totally incomprehensible, but then I wasn't watching for plot. I was just amazed by it's blatant racism. It says so much about the mind set of America in the 1940's. We are a different country know. I'd like to say better, but when guys like George Bush can be come president I doubt it.
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It's great that the L trains and other have the system to tell you when a train just might be arriving. Really, and it's close enough to tell that their not just guessing, or throwing darts at a board, but please stop with the fucking announcements. There is more then enough noise on the train platforms. I know where I am and I can read. The signs are numeric they don't need translation, and no one needs to hear every five seconds when the trains are arriving. If there is a problem or trains being rerouted, but otherwise shut up.
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To the people opposing the morning after pill. Shut up. You lose. That's it. You have lost. We had a long period of conservative rule and you got your way for a long time. Foreign aid tied to not giving out information on birth control, or family planning. Abstinence only education in the schools, and opposition to the morning after pill. Every claim to the harm this would cause was proven true. Your ideas didn't work Abstinence only programs for instance had consequence that you couldn't have imagined unless you like the idea of girls getting fucked up the ass.
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I though civil service jobs were low stress and light work, but damn not at the traffic court. Three thousand people processed in three and a half hours. Crazy I know. It exhausting and all I do is print tickets out. Search in the database and then print them out. You do it fast enough over an extended stretch and you are just cooked. It is not the most stressful or difficult thing but it wares you out. Mainly it just when I hear about civil servants sitting around all day I just ask how do I get that job?
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Holy fucking shit I forgot how into Dragonball Z I got. I know that's strange, but I did. I'd go through and my cd books, see them, and feel nothing. Like I wasn't really seeing them. Why do I mention that? I had a fleeting thought about an unfinished story. Unfinished fanfiction is rampant and a sad fact. But I was looking to see if it was even still posted. I couldn't find it in But what hit me was I ran across the term mirai-Trunks, and I could feel the excitement I used to have for it.
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I did not go to work today as I had a massive bout of insomnia. I have not been able to sleep this week. This was fortunately not a panic attack, or some other crisis event, but surely has some sort of deep emotional cause, but what doesn't. Ended up getting out of bed at 3:30 and watched that night's downloaded episode of Bones, and than just wondering the web reading about the $100 dollar laptop which now costs $150. It's Still pretty cheap. The time just melted away until at 6:10 I had to sleep. This really fucking sucked.
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My relationship with my boss would not be considered cordial or friendly, but it's leveled off at quite contempt. We got off on the wrong foot and it's gotten chillier from there on. Fortunately there are others who have taken my place as the office punching bag. It's gotten bad enough so that whenever she speaks to me civilly I don't know what to say and end up looking like and idiot. But at least now I can say hello without twitching. It's not great but it could be a heck of a lot worse. I need a new job.
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Slept late, didn't do much. Puttered around the house did some dishes. Tried to clean up the place. Half waiting to here from my folks. Did some computer maintenance things. Made a cd mix. Just passing the time. Finally I had to get out of the house. Dropped of over thirty pounds of laundry, and headed into the city. Picked up some Chinese food from Grand Sichuan. Went to Gem Spa got a chake, and came home. Just another laze Saturday. I made the disc image for episodes eight and nine of Heroes for my sister, and went to bed.
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Went to Bubby's with my dad and sister. We tried to have a conversation, but it ended up as short burst of discussion until someone, usually made dad made some sort of comment that derailed the focus. But the food was great and the political discussions, didn't get to heated. Mainly discussing the current U.S. Attorney scandal, and what's the whole deal with the supreme court? The latter a topic my sister brought up. Bubby's, they make a nice drink, and have really good cheesy grits. Yummy. After that a trip to Radioshack for a memory chip and card reader.
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What can you say about Monday's? The longest day of the week except for Fridays. During the TV season there is something to look forward to. If you're into that kind of thing. I watch 24 and Heroes so it's not so bad. But with me staying up all night surfing the web I'm always drag ass tired even if I sleep on the bus. But on the bright side since my body is falling apart I have all sorts of cool painkillers, and they make the day go faster. You have to love that, or at least I do.
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Went to Bubby's with my dad and sister. We tried to have a conversation, but it ended up as short burst of discussion until someone, usually made dad made some sort of comment that derailed the focus. But the food was great and the political discussions, didn't get to heated. Mainly discussing the current U.S. Attorney scandal, and what's the whole deal with the supreme court? The latter a topic my sister brought up. Bubby's, they make a nice drink, and have really good cheesy grits. Yummy. After that a trip to Radioshack for a memory chip and card reader.
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Watched two episodes of Battlestar two day. One on the way to work and one coming home. I was careful not to touch the controls, or I the video would stop and I'd have to fast forward back to where I was. I'm going to have to start thinking about chopping the episodes into pieces. At forty two minutes it's the longest I think I could watch such a tiny screen. The resolution is 176x144 and the frame rate is 15 frames per second. I need to get something better, but I'm stuck in a two year contract. Oh well.
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I'm almost done paying off the IRS, but have discovered I owe the state about $500. Sucks, but will have to be paid. Got caught up with Jericho. Really like the show. Watched it on the bus. Nice to have an alternative to reading or listening to music. Makes me wish I had a better phone. I like the way the Chocolate looks like and the slide thing is cool, but I'm not in love with the keyboard, and the screen are too small for me, and the fifteen frame per second video limit is a drag. Enough about that.
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Maybe it's me with the problem, but I can't understand the hurry to leave work on Friday. Unless you've got someplace to be does it really matter if you get out of there five minutes sooner. If I didn't have my Spanish tutor I certainly would rush. You have to days to run around if you so choose. But getting home to spend those extra three minutes in front of the TV just doesn't make much sense. I suppose some people just want to get out. They feel trapped in their office, but to me it makes no real difference.
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While ago I add Google Analytics to my blog to get some idea of what was going on with my traffic, minimal as it is. They put up a cute map that shows where they hits come from. I've got clicks From Makati, and Drury. I'm not entirely sure where they are, even with a map. The map is not labeled. I can barely find America. I understand I have been less then aggressive with my blog. I am not big on posting at sites and have done nothing to increase my traffic, but today I got three hits. Sad.
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Went out SI to spend some time with my mom. I brought here some Max Brenner chocolates. Damn that place is busy. Looks good, but not my kind of place, other than the chocolate of course. She wasn't feeling well so that chocolates were untasted by either of us. Matt sent my picture message of the food he was cooking to be sold at Grilling by the Bay. A few briskets for the concessions and a rack of beef ribs, which will be for private consumption. It look good. I had agreed to go to SI and couldn't go help.
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What a long day. So fucking hectic, and tomorrow I will do it again. Damn. I got to taste some of the Brisket for the Grilling on the Bay Concessions. It's Very good. To tired to do a post on the Blog. I have to try to put something up. Watched Battlestar conclusion. Holy shit. Mind is so fractured can't follow a single thread. Oh Doctor Who season three premier on the same day as the contest. I can't wait to see that. I'm so behind in my posting. I've got to get some sleep. Just one whole nights sleep.
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I am in a kind of hell. A while a go I did a bad job trying to restore my hard drive from a disc image. Not sure what went wrong. Never did it before and had no guidance. Because of that I had to recently reinstall XP. After that I couldn't update it back to SP2, and therefore couldn't install any updates from windows. I tried to install from a disc and that was the beginning of the disaster. It took hours to figure out what was really wrong. At three o'clock I realized I wasn't going to work.
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It's almost midnight, and I'm still installing patches to Windows XP. I'm sure there are good reason for it all, but damn it's taking a long time. I got up around noon, because I got into bed at three thirty in the morning, and started updating. I'm still getting update messages now. I probably won't finish getting up to date tonight. Damn I'm tired. But at least my computer has the right time now. I got to say not having the right time was a serious drag. I use my computer so much I need that thing to be accurate.
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Guess I shouldn't be surprised my hits on my blog hover around six to nine a day. I think these are unique hits. I've never really try to correlate between my counter and the information from Google analytics. Today Google tells me I got six hits with nine pages views. Got one from Hunan and one from Coimbatore. Pretty sure I'll never make it to either of those places or to East Kelowna. Suppose that's where Stargate got the name for that planet Jonas was from. Sixtyfive percent of my traffic is returns, but I get many one time visits.
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Damn I will be hurt in the morning. Tonight is Jeff and Nina's send off party. They will be staying i n Central America for three months. I only sort of listened about where their going. I'm sure I won't be going there. I know their going to Montazuma. I met the woman who introduced Jeff to Nina. She is a painter. She is interested in modern expressionists. I wish a new more about art. He job is involved with celebrity photography. I also talked with a guy named Kevin. A journalist. I wonder if I'll ever see them again.
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Grilling on the Bay. Go my feet hurt. I am so tired. I got about three hours sleep. Not too bad, but with all the walking last night and tonight my feet are aching. I wish I had gotten those pills from Okeke. I was afraid my back would give me problems I never though it would be my feet. The contest was a great success, and seems like it will return for 2008. I can't wait. I hope we get a chance to merchandise. It was twenty four teams this year. You need twenty five for a state championship.