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I’m back to onehundred words. When I decided to skip October I figured it would be no big deal. Free from one of my meager responsibilities. But after four days I was panicked, what would I do. Without 100words to mark my every insignificant thought or current obseission I was lost. I’m not even sure what I was so hopped up about to write. I’m sure the subject of my router would have come up, or my five-day from down inrease in bandwith, but there had to have been more. But alas most likely not. But know I am back.
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I’m not sure if this is a good thing or a bad thing, but I am not afriad of Anthrax. I’m not talking about Scott Ian’s band, who put on a throughly uninspired not rocking show when I saw them with Public Enemy, who were boring in their own right. But rather the chance of getting inhalation, or contact anthrax. I am convinced I won’t get it. My office has now banned deliviers to our floor. So know instead of working through lunch I go out. I am now much less productive. So what. I am now enjoying lunch more.
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Went to brunch with my family at Jing Fong. Great place on Elizabeth St. Not very crowed at even at eleven thirty, but by twelve it was a filling up. Great Dim Sum, varied and hot. Don’t know about service other than the people pushing the carts were friendly, if frustrated, by out pickyness. I am trying to be more adventerous. Went to a Chinese/Japanese? Department store, and windowshopped. But a bag of Chinese cakes from a street vendor and ate them on the way home. I’m curious about the quality of the street carts, people seem to like them.
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My plan for brunch fell through. I had tried to get Jeff, Ori, Matt, Amy, and Mimi together for brunch. I had a time, I had a place, and everyone had said yes. But last night, thenight before it fell apart. Mimi, couldn’t make it, and then Matt wasn’t going, but Amy might, and then not. Ori was and then wasn’t. Finally I told Jeff, and he said it wasn’t worht it without Matt and Amy. So we went to the bagel place and later that night I went over to Matt and Amy’s place. We’ll try again, and again.
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Tommorow is the magic day. Not Election Day, but bandwith day. My dsl will go from 640/90 to 1500/128. I think I’d prefer 1000/628, because of all the per to per sharing I do, but I have no control over that. I don’t know when it hasppen early in the day, or late or if I will end up fighting with Verizon. As an aside if I find out who invented those tape-recorded messages for politicians I will kill them, well probably not, but i will say mean things about them. That’s of course of lesser importance then my dsl.
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GOD DAMN FUCKING VERIZON. Those MOTHERFUCKERS can’t get anything right. It has been about a month since I tried to get my bandwith increased. First they don’t process it, and the next time they get it wrong. FUCK!!!! I wanted to be supportive of Verizon. Dsl is great. It’s way better then dial up hell, and its resonable price wise, but Verizon I am convinced has the worst customer service they could possible find. Their news service is slow, and you could die of old age getting someone on the phone who knows or can do anything. It fucking sucks.
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I haven’t been watching TV. I had intended to do so tonight. I had intended to watch Enterprise and the West Wing. Two of the very few showsI have any intrest in anymore. Angel, Buffy, Enterprise, and the West Wing. That’s about it. I will most certainly watch other things. The Chris Issac Show, Oz, Siz Feet Under, Arliss, The Sopranos, and Stargate. I will of course watch Is It College Yet? Over and over again until I annoy even myself. I’ve been at school during Buffy so I haven’t seen many of the episodes. I will see them soon.
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Jeff wants Matt and I to ad stuff to our profiles. I haven’t even been to the site in months. I’ll put it on the list of things I haven’t done. Like sending Giancarlo those discs I said I’d send out soon, or pay my bills, or study, or clean my apartment. Oh well, things at work are ok. I’m actually being expected to work, butI suppose I can’t argue with them on that. They do pay me a poverty wage. They just don’t make me work very hard. Which is good. I do plan to do what Jeff asks.
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I don’t think my English teacher likes me very much I can’t say I blame her. I just wish she wasn’t the head of the undergraduate English creative writing department. I know I should be trying harder to please her, because I do want to try to go to graduate school, but boy is she hard to deal with. Class is 6:30 top 9 and this is after I’ve just been in the subway for an hour. I need to wash my face, and use the bathroom. She says this is very rude. I know she has a point. Sigh.
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I got my grade for my Bio midterm. 80, and my lab test was almost perfect. I can’t explain why the class I did no work for, Bio, is the class I’m going to get a good grade in, and the class I’m actually working hard in I’m going to get a C. I can’t lie. In English I’m mostly just fucking off. It’s just so hard to care. If they were paying me to be there it wouldn’t be so bad. Matt was here tonight, and that was cool. I so rarely see him. I almost miss him, really.
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I told Matt I couldn’t meet him to by grooming products, despite the fact that I truly need them because I was going to the library to do research. I however decided I should read the book instead. I however spent most of the day getting high and reading Daria fanfiction. It’s my goal to read all of it. I’ve noticed that much of it is similar to the stuff I’m reading for school. Except that Trent isn’t a kind, doesn’t joust, and no one refers to him as the most noble or chivalric. Other than that it’s pretty close.
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I almost typed that this was an uneventful day. How soon I forget. This morning I heard the cat picture shingle on the front door banging, and the only thing I could think was don’t let them be in my apartment, but they were. Fuck. My apartment had water in it. Water pooling in my kitchen. It could be worse. It was raining in Jeff’s. Willy was there. God is he a moron. George came, and besides being in a bad mood. He was no help. All he knows is he’s not responsible. He has done nothing. What a jerk.
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I used the flood as an excuse to take a day off work. George had said to stay around. That he was sending a plumber maybe. I knew that wasn’t going to happen. So I hung out. Odered som food, and did reading for school. Made me very sleepy, and so I sleept intermitenly on the couch. Time came I went to school. Came home gave Marissa on the first floor my photoshop disc, and twenty minutes laterI’m drinking Absinthe with her and Jeff and some other guy. Now it’s 2 am, and I’ll be toast at work. Don’t care.
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Finished Elana’s new cd mix. I’ll burn the other one later today. It’s later bedtime tonite then last nite, and then I was drinking Absinthe. Fuck. It’s Thursday. It’ll be a tuff one. I might be going to vist myEnglish Professor. I have to talk to Frantone. I have to get the Pantone. I can’t wait for Matt anymore. As for work the Phyliss situation continues to be a problem. I truly don’t know what to do. The rest, bills, and school and all. Haven’t heard back from Mimi about going to the movies. That doesn’t make me happy. Drag.
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Today was the worst day I had at my current job. I did, and said the kinds of things I never wanted to at my job. I told Phylis to worry more about getting her fucking job done, and less fucking time worry about iif I got my fuck work done, and later I told her to go fuck herself. We won’t be speaking for a long time. I will say the perfunctory good morning and see you tomorrow, but that is it. I will sit down with Virginia and Phylis, but she’s not a very strong suppervisor. Fucking hell.
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Today was better. I had my “meeting” which basically Virginia said she was not getting involved and that we would just have to deal with each other. I told Virginia that Phylis wasn’t my supervisor, and she said I would still have to deal with her. I wasn’t moving, and my responsibilities weren’t changing. I would have to give Phylis some of what she wanted, but that was it. We still aren’t speaking. I have nothing to say to her. She doesn’t exsistto me anymore. The night was better. Matt and Amy cook well together. I didn’t have to help.
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Stayed up really late last night. Woke up and went back to sleep. Jeff came by and gave me his painting of the Absinthe bottle. Very cool. Sat aound, and did nothing. Eat my left overs from last night. They were very good. I was worried because I took no precautions heating them up. I didn’t heat the salmon. It was great with the ginger soy dressing. Was in a daze the rest of the time, and the hours went by. Tomorrow I will have to do some reading. I will also try to do some work on my Bio.
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I’ve been listening to Matt’s Gaunt record’s over and over. I love them. I especially like the last three Yeah Me Too, Kryptonite and Bricks and Blackouts. I had always thought of Yeah Me Too as the best. I liked the other two quite a bit, but thought the Kryptonite was a bit uneven. It had frontloaded the rockers, and the side to was a bit soft. I was wrong. Now I’ll I never be able to tell Jery that. Not that he wanted to talk about Gaunt after a certain point. We weren’t close, but I mess him terribly.
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Slow day. Didn’t get a lot of sleep last night. Work was negligible. On my way home I saw a street light had been knocked over on Metropolitan. I realized I hadn’t talked Ben R, or Joel H. In a long time. I feel like I want to stay in touch. Got my dish network, and that’s cool. I don’t think I get UPN, or WB. I’ll have to deal with that, and the confusing remote control. I was going to get a drink with Mimi tonight but the instalation went late. Sucks. She’ll be gone for thanks G. Bummer.
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So tired, so tired. Haven’t been sleeping. I now have a satelite dish with Tivo. Cool. I was told by my English teacher I’m getting a C so far. My work has sucked. Could still get a B, but I have to actually produce on the last paper, and the test. I will have to read the song of Roland, yuck. I’m still waiting for Verizon to turn on my extra bandwith. It should happen in the next two days. I’m doing ok with my new hours at work. I like getting out at 4. I still hate my job.
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This was certainly another day. I got in to work before 8, and went over to I am continuing on my quest to read every bit of Daria fanfiction except for the ones that don’t seem interesting. Thankfully I have low standards, and have now read hundreds if not thousands. It’s great way to deal. I spent hours at the front desk answering the phone. I corrected reports, and started a new C-31. Later I worked with Virginia to close waiver cases. It’s about a close to job satisfaction possible, other than seeing how little work I can do.
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Thanksgiving went well. Regina and mike were there, and a guy named Tim. At first I though he was Elana’s friend. He wasn’t. He was boring, but not terrible so. Dinner however was great. Matt and dad did a top-notch job. Soup, Ham, Turkey, stuffing, cranberry... etc. It might be the best Thanksgiving meal we ever had at the house. The conversation was mostly pleasant, a real surprise. I heard that both Eric and Jamie were doing well. It nice to hear thatEric’s doing well. I guess his job hoping has really paid off. It’d be great to see them.
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Crazy day, Matt came by to buy pot, and then the guys didn’t call back so we had lunch, and he left. Much later while I was watching a Star Trek TGN marathon they called. I called Matt and he just showed up after telling me I should call him after the buy. The guy came, and asked for some old containers. Seven hours from call to buy. All this time James has been calling and I haven’t gotten any work done. It’s almost four am, and James and Krishana are asleep, and my work is done. I’m almost tired.
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It’s all very funny. I busted my ass to get my work done. I woke James and Kishana up at 7 o-clock and campus was closed. We had gone to Chinatown for breakfast, and after swinging by campus they dropped me at home. Later we went to this kick ass Mexican place Cino de Mayo. They made me a wicked hot fresh chipoltle salsa, and had amazing nachos. It was funny that our watress didn’t seem to speak Spanish, although everyone else seemed to. It was great and cheap, and I got a chorizo burrito to go. A great returant.
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Today was slow. I sleept real late. Got up at 12:50AM. I picked up and dropped off laundry. I was running out of clothes. I carried my clean laundry and got some tacos. I used some of the Cinco De Mayo salsa. Damm that stuff is good. Later I got some Chinese. I had really wanted a Cono’s pizza, but they are closed on Sunday’s. I did a little reading, but mainly nothing. I called Verizon, again. Still no action on the speed change. Then I re-installed my router software. It’s nice not to have to do anything. Very peacful.
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The woman from Verizon called me at work. Twice actually. The first time to get my DSL number and the second time to tell me that me speed change had one through on the 16th. That of course didn’t explain why I wasn’t getting the speeds I was supposed to. So I called Verizon tech support when I got home. As the woman from Verizon suggested, and then I went through and made some changes, and then was passed off to another tech. So right now my routers discontected, and they still don’t know anything. Yet another frustrating service call.
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I have finally done it. I have read almost all of the Daria fanfics on the internet. I know I haven’t read all of them. Some of them we’re just too boring, and one or two too icky. I just couldn’t read the one with Ms. Barch and Mr. DeMartino. Just the idea was to gross. But if I get too desperate for waiting for Is It College Yet? And well after that there will be no more new episode. So who knows what I’ll do. There are still the prose adaptations of fanfics and the novelizations of the episodes.
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So I’m getting ready to deal with Capitol One. I have payment plan that should rid me of them in 6 months. Of course I have to actually make the payments. Verizon called me tonight to ask if the problem was solved as if the bandwith fairy came over and blessed my computer. Mike at work offered to give me Norton system works and Norton Defense once I get XP installedo n my machine. Hopefully that wont case a new problem with my machine like when I tried to install ME. Of course now I have a router. Bed time.
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Monthscoming to a close, and once againI’m broke. I might not pay the phone bill. Try to make some sort of payment arrangement. Get the rent check from my dad a couple days early. Try to get the money to pay Fran. Try to remember to pay Con Ed. Try to remember to secure the domain name for two more years. Have to contact distibutors, and make a down payment on the Nurse and Soldier record. Oh and finals are coming up. Stress, I’ve got stress. On the upside the Mink Lungs are playing tomorrow. Tomorrow is so very close.
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Cars pass byhouses in the distance,
As grabage trucks rumble up metropolitain
To distant distbutions centers on the north side,
Newsboys with master keys deliver early editions, While drunks disperse from post last call revelries, In Williamsburg day breaks slowly.

Fell down, and crwaled towoard home, Reached up and tried To find another hand, Broken down and cold Sleeping in front – inside out,
One hand, my hand.

Why does he break it down? It was the last of the dreams Just the words alone And the hollow sounds In the shell of my mind, An abstraction that leaves me here.