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In Shakespeare's Richard IV my view is that Shakespeare was depicting the greed of man. Richard was a hunchback, which probably made him feel inferior to other people. I believe that Richard wanted to prove himself as strong as or even stronger than most men. He saw becoming King as an absolute way to prove himself to others. His drive, one either of equality or greed, was so strong that he let no one stand in his way, not even his own family. In the end, his quest to clime to the top had let him fall to rock bottom.
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In Al Pacino's "Searching for Richard IV," Pacino binds Shakespeare's play with a documentary in the forum of a discussion between actors and producers. In doing so, Pacino is able to analyze every scene with in the play for more understanding. He also used trained actors that understand Shakespeare so that it was not a group of people just arguing over what the play really meant, but more so an intelligent debate over the scenes. By doing this, Pacino was able to set viewers up for a better understanding of what the play was about from several different view points.
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The Matrix: Reloaded

Unfortunately, in most movies people just watch the action and pay attention to the story line while missing the important theme or subliminal message in the movies. In Reloaded, the movie has a theme that appears to be, unfortunately, completely separate from the story line. One of the characters talks about how choice is just an illusion as the chooser's debate isn't over what to choose, but what he chose and why. I see this as fate, your life is already set before you and you have no real choices. Life becomes lessons of understanding and enlightenment.
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The Road Not Taken

This poem is one about someone coming to a fork in the road sometime in his life. He chooses one path and says ages from now he will look back with a sigh. The sigh is undefined; it is with out emotion of any kind so we do not know whether he sighs with relief, regret, or whatnot. I say the sigh is one of disappointment or of wonder as either he is disappointed that he can not take the other path, or he wonders what it may have been like to take the other path.
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Lust, as the title foreshadows, is a short story about a girl as she becomes sexually enlightened. In the story the pronouns used to reference the girl switch back and forth between subject and object until the end where she stays an object as if to symbolize a transformation from a being someone to being something, something you manhandle, use, but not love. The story also touches on society and how people are unknowingly programmed into being what they think is cool, normal, or accepted. The story also describes the change in which people undergo as they experience lust.
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In Leaf, you are able to look at the single letters as they switch from left to right on each line as if to represent the leaf as it swings back and forth to the bottom of the ground. There is also symbolism of what the poem means, not just what it appears to be. The leaf falls. Then it floats to the ground to be alone and die. It reminds me of someone who becomes antisocial and then dies of loneliness. What's the lesson in all of this? Don't burn your bridges as you may never get back.
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A rose for Emily
This is an interesting short story that, I think, represents many aspects of people and of society as a whole. Emily does not act in a mean way that she is better than any one else. But the town's people are jealous and so in their own minds they portray her as if she acts superior to them. Their own jealousy puts Emily on a pedestal so everyone can watch when she fails and falls. But in the end she comes out the victor getting in the last laugh and teaching the whole town a lesson.
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Sex without Love
I believe this poem is about irony and envy. I think the setting of the poem is within someone's mind. The content of the poem seems to be someone's inner thoughts as they are having sex with, possibly, someone that they do not love. I believe that this person envies those who are able to have sex with out love; this person envies those that know that they are having sex and not confusing it with making love. And in the same respect, they know to worship their God and not their priest or a fake messiah.
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The Sexiest Hummer Ever
There is a commercial where a kid is going to school for the first time. His mom drives him in a Hummer 2 SUV up to the front door. He then gets out and is greeted by students while they stare at this big black hummer. What puzzles me is that the hummer is totally wet, as if it just got out of the shower. I think the commercial is trying to personify the hummer into being a sexy woman that is covered in water, because you know, there is nothing sexier than a wet woman.
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my sweet old etcetera
Although I do not understand the reason for the way this poem was written, I believe I understand one of the many messages contained within the poem. In several points of the poem etcetera is listed in a way as if it was a quality or an addition to the list of qualities of descriptions. The etcetera seems to make this poem a general poem as if anyone could take it and add their own indistinctive words and make it their own letter to their special someone. In other words, its a poetic template love letter.
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In Just-
It took me until the last five to ten lines to understand what was going on. The setting is in a park of some sort. The poem describes the world, or setting, "mud-luscious" and then it mentions the two boys playing marbles. I think the setting is described in a stereotypical reflection of the boys playing marbles. Boys are usually dirty and disgusting so seeing the world muddy would be wonderful; mud pies for everyone. The poem then calls the world "puddle-wonderful" just before mentioning the girls as if to say its still wet, but a cleaner world.
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Buffalo Bill ‘s
This is a short 11 line poem boy E.E. Cummings. The first eight line of the poem describes who Bill was how fast he was on his water smooth silver stallion. I do not understand the second part of the poem. It asks "Mister Death" a question of how he likes his blue eyed boys. Bill was a frontier scout and an Indian killer, so is he death, or is it death that is being addressed? Indians eyes are brown or black; so if the writer was addressing someone, I assume it would have to be Death.
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since feeling is first
In the poem the speaker kisses the girl and then asks her not to cry as he tries to explain that the best thing he can think of to show his love is less than a simple flutter of her eye lashes. I think he then connects the fluttering of the girls eye lashes to the effect; they fall back laughing in his arms. He then stats love is not a paragraph. I see this in saying in some way that life may be short, but describing it can not fit into a simple single paragraph.
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Dover Beach
I think that most people see this poem as another ploy to try to get a girl into bed with the speaker, a guy. I see that and yet, I also see signs of an optimistic person in the ending part of the poem. The speaker talks about this wonderful place and says it all doesn't exist and it all sucks. I feel as if he tries to look at the best in everthing, to be happy with what it is because, what is the alternative? Are you going to cry because life sucks; at least it's life.
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Dover Beach
second look

The poem was written back in a time when France and England were not on best terms. The poem at the very end talks about standing in the middle of a battle field of confusion and struggle. For centuries all of the nations of Europe had been at war and had skirmishes with each other. In the speaker's time maybe he though about how the people of the two nations had fought for so long they had forgotten what they were fighting about? Alarms of confusion and flight seem to point towards a battle then retreat.
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Her Kind
This poem seems to be an auto biography and a reflection. In the first stanza she talks about how she has been basically a mean person or someone inhuman. In the second stanza she talks about finding a cave and turning it into a house like place to live. She also mentions, "rearranging the misaligned," as if she had helped people. In the third stanza she mentions riding in a cart as if she's high class. It also seems to me that she speaks of traveling and working. She ends with saying she is not afraid to die.
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Velvet Revolver, Fall to Pieces
This song is one of reminiscence over the past years and all that's happened to the singer. He talks about it being a long year and he's fallen to pieces. Just as all rock stars have been portrayed in the past of partying too hard and having dug issues I believe this song acknowledges those issues. He mentions being all alone as he falls. He also mentions trying to find, "you." I assume he means that he misses his wife or girl friend and that he can not be complete or stay together without her.
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Velvet Revolver, Slither
I took this song as a big riddle, as most songs are, that I did not understand until I focused on the line, "Always keep me under finger, That's the spot where you might linger." What do you keep under your finger? After reading the lyrics, I confirmed my assumption. It's about drugs and how they bring joy but destroy them. "When you look you see right through me." I see that as possibly a reference to crystal-meth. "Cut the rope, fell to my knees," I say the drugs cut him away from the stresses of life.
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Velvet Revolver, You Got No Right
At a first glance this appears to be a song about a guy cheating on his girlfriend in some way. You can see that with this line, "She won't be coming back too soon, It never wins to lie." As the song goes on near the end the singer talks about the girl, I guess, not telling whether it's over or not and thus it is causing him pain to wait for an answer. The last stanza talks about it being over after the night. To me, that sounds like a one night stand.
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This song is a slap in the face at celebrities, NASA, the government and about half of a dozen other people, companies and factions. The song sings about californication which is a play on the words California and fornication to emphasize that California is basically a gigantic whore house. "Space may be the final frontier But it's made in a Hollywood basement," directly refers to the conspiracy of never landing on the moon. "A teenage bride with a baby inside Getting high on information," I see this as a soon to be teen mother trying to get an education.
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(I Hate) Everything About You
Three Days Grace
This song is about drugs and the effects it has on a relationship. In this song the singer talks about he loves his girlfriend (or wife or whatever) and then talks about the silent screams and the hits he takes of the drugs. The lyrics then change from "I love" to "I hate everything about you." I think that the lyrics change to suit the changes going on with in one's mind as they are on drugs. The lines about sighs and screams illustrate the rush of emotions that come from drugs.
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In Bloom
Nirvana, Never mind 1991
This song clearly talks about a fan loving Nirvana or another group but not understanding why. The lyrics talk about how the likes to sing along, shoot his gun but he doesn't know what it means. I see this as a little kid with a toy gun playing around and singing songs. He doesn't know what the song means nor does he understand what it means to really shoot a gun. I can see a relationship between kids being raised with a type of music and growing to like it but not understanding why.
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Under The Bridge
Red Hot Chili Peppers
All throughout this song the line "I don't ever want to feel-- Like I did that day,' is repeated. The message that appears to be the most significant is the one about being taken away to the place he loves. But I think that the more significant messege is the one about being hurt. The last line is the title. The last stanza is about drawing blood, not getting enough, forgetting about his love, under the bidge. Sounds like drugs to me. Sounds like a terrible day, who wouldn't want to forget it?
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Counting Bodies Like Sheep To The Rhythm Of The War Drums
A Perfect Circle
This song is a direct insult to Bush and the war on Terrorism in Iraq. "Safe from pain and truth and choice and other poison devils." This song directly insults Bush about he has lied and how he ignored all of his choices and just plunged America into war head first. The song is six minutes long and repleats Go back to sleep over 50 times as if the singer were brain washing people. When you sleep you do not think, voice an opinion or revolt.
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Bottom of a bottle
A Perfect Circle
This is another conflicted song about drugs. The singer talks about how good the drugs make him feel; the love, the feeling of flight, the feeling of being alive are all the pro's to the drugs. He does not fail to mention the negatives. He mentions "how I make it through the day," and how that's just god's way of punishing him. His friends see these conflicts with in him. In the last stanza he doesn't know why he does it, why he wants it, nor does he understand why it hurts him.
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Smile Empty Soul
We have all been told to be perfect little angels and we have all been terrified by the thought of going to hell and paying for our "sins." This song touches on the fears used to control people. ". . . in the end all the sinners have to pay but . . ." I get the feeling from this line that the kid knows what he's doing is a sin but he will do it anyways because he wants to have fun; he does not want to let his mother's fears to rule his life.
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Dashboard Confessional
The song beings with, "Hope dangles on a string. . ." and ends with "Slight hope it dangles on a string . . .," as if to signify that the middle part of the song where he talks about cleaning up his act was all for nothing. He mentions how he is vindicated, selfish, wrong, right, I swear I'm right, I swear I knew it all along. Clearly he is struggling to find an answer. He then says he is flawed and is cleaning up. Unfortunately the song ends with, "slight hope it dangls on a string."
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I like a look of Agony
She likes the look of agony because no one can hide it. It is a true feeling that can not be faked. "Men do not sham Convulsion," I think she is referring to men, as strong as they are, are not able to stop convulsions of agony. "Nor simulate," I think this refers to faking the appearance of agony. She also talks about glazed eyes. Glazed eyes usually mean they have tears in them and that is usually from intense emotions. "Beads upon the forehead," I think are referring to sweat on someone's face.
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My Papa's Waltz
This poem is about a girl dancing with her dad. Waltz usually refers to a dance that never ends. The dad is too drunk to know when to quit, evidence of this is the appearance of the whiskey on his breath. The little girl's head is only at his waste and she smells it. The girl hangs on to her dad as he walks around "dancing," This is defined by, "I hung on like death." She hangs on all night long until he tucks her in,. "Then waltzed me off to bed, still clinging to your shirt."
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Sing For the Moment
This song is directed at "white parents" that are terrified of Eminem. The song talks about the reasons why Eminem raps. This song also targets people targeting Eminem for all of the violence in the world. He volineritly t akes the blame for the next time "you" kill someone, "the next time you assault a dude, Just tell the judge it was my fault, and i'll get sued." The song also speaks about how you can arise from nothing to be anything you want to be.