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Today I begin my first online journal. Well, it is not necessarily my first online journal. I used to have an account with live journal. It is a little surprising that I have one now or that I had one to begin with. Before, I used to think that having a journal online for people to read was just stupid, as if the people only did it to gain attention. I was wrong. I had the impression of it being more like a diary. It is more of a discussion board for you and your friends to talk about stuff.
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The republicans control basically the US government, which means what they want, they get. Although, the Bush administration did not receive all sixty votes needed to pass the "Energy Independence Plan." The Bush administration blames Kerry and Edwards for stopping them, while the Bush administration still controls the house, the senate, and the white house. It just goes to show how narrow minded they are. There are one hundred people in the senate, that leaves forty people that either voted no or did not vote at all and I doubt that there were thirty eight people absent on that day.
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The Daily show entitled Wednesday's presentation at the republican convention "Zell on Earth." Zell Miller is a democrat from Georgia. He spoke with an attitude as if Kerry was Hitler and no other evil was greater. He bashed Kerry for being "more wrong, more weak, and more wobbly." He also said that Kerry would allow our US military to use spit balls to fight the enemy. When questioned on this comment Zell replied, "That was a metaphor." Zell, just like many of the other politicians supporting Bush, is a moron, unable to answer a simple question about what he meant.
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I woke up to some wonderful news today. It seems that Charley victims are going to get a second punch. Frances began as a category four hurricane. Taking that into mind, I entitled my MSN name appropriately: "HURICANE, OMFG WE'RE ALL GONNA DIE." Charley was thirty miles in diameter. Frances is over two hundred miles in diameter. Frances is near the size of Texas. The damage of Frances will clearly be devastating. It is moving very slow over Cuba and the Bahamas. If we are lucky, the dry air from the mountains of Cuba will continue to weaken the storm.
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Today hurricane Frances was upon us. It took all day to arrive and bring its terrible doom. Since I last wrote, Frances was downgraded from a category four to one. For the second time in one month I was disappointed. I was expecting to be franticly grabbing onto the top of a wall and desperately trying to hold down the roof. But alas, Cuba's dry air had weakened the storm to a category two and by the time it hit land fall, the Bahamas had finished it off to a category one. I have been in scarier thunderstorms than this.
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Today I talked with my x-girlfriend of last year. I was checking on her because it seems she broke up with her boyfriend yesterday. She did not come out and say whether she did or not, but her away message on AOLs Instant Messenger said just about everything. She seemed ok for the first few minutes as I talked to her, but it quickly went down hill. We got into what I will refer to as a debate on if God was jealous or not. The conversation ended with her needing to cool down and me calling her close minded.
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As Mark Twain once said, "I'd choose hell for the company and Heaven for the climate, as all the interesting people of our time are in hell." I told my x-girlfriend that I agreed with Mark and would be happy to go to hell for not believing in a God that would condemn me to such. My ex believes that if you do not believe in God then you will go to hell. For a girl who believes so strongly in that, she was shocked to read the instant message. My response to her was that she was a robot.
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For nearly a week now I have been calling TCWO and visiting their website online. I have been unable to contact any live person and their website has been down for nearly a month. I need to exchange my red Biostar-NDC7. About a month ago they worked on it for over four ours and could not reproduce the same or any problems that I had experienced. Last night I attempted to try a few new fixes. I ended up discovering some artifacts, which was the worst thing that could happen. It looks like I'll be buying a new main board.
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I made a wonderful discovery a few days ago. It pertains to this wonderful website. It seems that there is no security on this website. I copied the code for the submit page where you select the day that you want to write for. In the code I simply changed the value of 7, for the 7th, to 8. I then changed the address in the code so that when I hit submit it sent the information to the server and not me. It worked and I was given a confirm page to submit my entry for the 8th.
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So it seems I have another four or five day weekend, joy. Another wonderful destructive hurricane has danced its happy little way right up to the doorstep of Florida. We are known as the lighting capital of the world. Maybe we should have a new name: Hurricane ally; live here if you want to get f-ed up! Of course, I can not say that I would expect anything other than what has happened. People that live in trailers do not move out of Tornado ally, why here? I mean, their house is only on wheels. Too much trouble I guess.
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Computers are such a large portion of my life you would think that I was a cyborg. I use them for just about everything. I also use them as a part time job; fixing them for friends and family. You would think that since I work on computers all day that I would love them. Wrong! They are just like women. Something may be wrong, but you don't know until the shit hits the fan and everything crashes, you, the computer, and the car. You never do figure out what went wrong. You end up scrapping everything and starting anew.
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Being the good person that I am, I am working on a friend's computer. I am attempting to get it to work properly. Viruses, Trojans, worms, you would think that this thing needs to go to the doctor. Each time I tried to patch the computer it would just crash and reboot. Windows, being the intelligent program that it is not, kept saying that a device has caused the error. I have yet to discover the reason for the crashes, as I troubleshoot more I will figure it out. No one gets their computer back until I fix it, period.
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It seems as if Compaq and Wal-Mart are in cahoots: exchanging retards. When I call someone retarded, I mean that they do not try to do their job nor care about doing it correctly. In fixing my friends computer, I discovered that it was running hot, over 160 degrees Fahrenheit. The retards at Compaq installed the cheapest piece of crap they could for a heat sink and fan. I ended up dishing out $25 for a brand new copper based heat sink and fan. And the result you might ask? I hate shopping at Retard-Mart and using Compaq's crappy computers.
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Finally, I think, all of my books for my classes have arrived! Yay! I can now begin procrastinating about doing my homework. Although, in all honesty, I really do not procrastinate as much as I say I do. It is just that I am so absent minded that I forget to do things and it seems as if I am putting them off. I hate putting things off because it hangs over my head until either I do it or until the time passes and I get a zero on the assignment, or it is too late to do it.
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"Hurricane Ally: Live here if you want to get F-ed up!"

And so it is happening for the fourth time in a row. Ply wood, water, gas, sand, bags, patience and another half of a dozen other things are going to be running low again. Jeanne is driving on a head on collision course for Florida. She is on a rampage, traveling at 8 mph. Luckily, the prediction for this hurricane says it most likely will not even break a category 2, which begin at 95 mph. This means Jeanne has to increase her speed about 25 mph or so.
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The Daily Show with John Stewart is the best news show ever. The show's slogan is, "No credibility to lose." Which isn't really true, they have more credibility than any of the other news stations. For example, on one news station, Dick was being interviewed and in the interview he was quoted correcting the person interviewing him, "No, I never said that." John Steward played the same clip and then says, "Oh really!?" Then a second segment is played of Dick in a speech a year or so before contradicting himself. It is the best out there, not because they are impartial, but because they pick on everybody.
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Oh my god, oh my god! After two months of waiting, I finally found out that the University of Central Florida has accepted me! I will be shipping out in December for the spring semester. Though, thoughts about staying at HCC to finish my AA degree have crossed my mind. I would rather get away from my house and learn to live on my own a bit. I think that it is important for me to live in a dorm and experience the "dorm life" for a little while. These are, as they say, the best years of my life.
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Today my mom went to an awesome party for Kerry and Edwards. She brought home some nice bumper stickers and signs. Some big shot guy invited her to a party that either Kerry or Edwards will be at. I don't remember which candidate will be there, as I don't really care. I just want Bush out of our office. That reminds me, one of the bumper stickers reads, "Vote that son-of-a-bush out!" To quote Lewis Black, "How far gone are we," when a guy looses an election not because the other candidate was better, but because he was hated less?
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Today was a boring day, so I watched Terminator 3, twice. The first time that I watched T3 (in theaters), I thought that it was not the awesome movie it was portrayed to be. I felt as if it just did not have the same stuff that the second one did. It seemed as if some things were jumpy. Have you ever watched the TV version of a movie and noticed tiny clips were cut out? It was as if you knew they were going to perform that action and so they were able to remove it for time constraints.
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Today was yet another day filled with boredom. I decided to watch more wholesome movies. The American Pie "trilogy" is an interesting set of movies. The basic appearances of the movies are of ones that appeal to immature kids obsessed with sex. It is funny that most people overlook the somewhat subliminal and very significant meaning of the movie. In life you can not sit around and mope about what you have missed, can not get, or will never achieve. All of the main characters in the movies realize this concept and forget their sorrows and join in the party.
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For the first time in a long time, I became sick with a virus. The virus struck me last night around the time that WWE's wrestling "show" aired. The bug affected my judgment and I began to think that watching WWE would be a good idea. By the time the show had ended I had become too weak to support the virus and so I was able to recover both my health and judgment. Unfortunately the damage was done as I had sat through two hours of "sports entertainment" and including the commercials. I then cried my self to sleep.
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It is that time of the year again when I become slightly depressed. Every season I am glued to the television waiting for the new Star Trek show to premier. And every season I am disappointed for two reasons. One, they always seem to fool me until five minutes before the show is suppose to air when I discover that the show time has been changed. Two, they always have three episodes or more of a break between the finally and the premier as if to fool me into thinking the premier is next week. Sometimes I question my loyalty.
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Ethics can be a very funny thing. It can both create and destroy a great society. People constantly argue over what is ethical or what crosses the line into not being ethical. To define ethics is simply to say what is morally right or wrong. Some say every creature on Earth knows the difference between right and wrong. And thus everything knows whether or not what they are doing is morally right and thus ethical. Another way of defining it is to ask your self if you would go to heaven or hell if you participated in the questionable topic.
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Dogma was one of the greatest movies ever made. It is a movie based on religion that was built up into fantasy while keeping many important issues and topics at a realistic level. The movie is about two angels that figure out how to get into heaven after they were banished by God for all eternity. It goes over important things such as the difference in a belief and a good idea. When you make a good idea a belief it must stay just as great, it can not be changed. Simply because people die for something they believe in.
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With any major topic up for discussion you will always have Neo Nazis on both sides that have their arguments set in stone. No matter how flawed they are or how many times they are proven wrong, they will always stick to their stone tablets. Sometimes they will not change because of what they believe in. Others stand steadfast with their arrogance to say it is a matter of principle. And then there are those that stand unyielding not because they are for the topic, but because they are against the nut bags on the other side of the argument.
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Abortion: An Ethical Argument.

To the simple minded abortion is murder. People protest murder is wrong, and thus abortion is wrong. Yet we murder, deliberately kill, lesser beings every day as sources of food. And yes, plants are living entities too. Life, religion, ethics, they are all pick and chews if you look at them. What is ethical about forcing a child into this world that no one is prepared to take care of? People make mistakes and must live with it their whole life. The children have made no mistakes; some lessons take time and life experience to learn.
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Beliefs are funny things. There is a major assumption that says if you die for something you believe in then you will go to heaven or to wherever your afterlife takes you. In a war between two countries, Does and one go to hell breaking the "thou shalt not kill" commandment? To believe you will be praised in the afterlife for murdering innocent people and children is quite a leap of faith. To have such faith in a God is incomprehensible to some. You may not agree with someone, but you can not deny their faith as it is absolute.
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Voting in 04
The retarded politicians in the government is directly portional to the age of our country. It seems that the intelligence of our government just keeps going down hill. First there was a problem with hanging "chads" and old voting machines. In fear of another mess-up, local governments decided that they would change to a more reliable style of voting; electronic voting was adopted. It was an excellent idea until PCs were chosen as "preferred" computers. The most important job in history, the security and accuracy of the US election is left to the shitties computers ever invented.
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It is the time of politics again. I hate politicians. They are either completely conservative or liberal, there is no medium. Our government was created to be diverse, not Yes and or No. I did not realize until recently that everyone in their party votes as one. Our government is democratic, not communist; nothing is supposed to be the same. They preach as if they are better than Jesus just so you will vote them into congress. They attempt to brainwash us by advertising themselves at an exhausting rate. I think we need to clean house, in a lethal way.
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Well, what a shock this debate was. I assumed Bush to appear as he did in the early days, a complete moron. Bush somewhat surprised me by holding his own against Kerry, with his lies of course. He took notes with a pen instead of a crayon, for him it was a big change. Though, it was clear that he was just trying to fill time and program "Idiot Americans" even more with the same old trash. "Terror Terror Terror, I will save you all, vote for me, please?" Bush is a moron, plane and simple, there is no argument.