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Calvin had high expectations of becoming an entrepreneur. Poor spending habits and lack of financial stability prohibited his dreams from developing. Calvin inherited his father's barber shop, a business that was known for investing in people instead of riches. therefore, not generating enough revenue to carry on the family legacy created problems for Calvin. In a deficit, as well as preliminary foreclosure proceedings, has been faced with a difficult decision. To partner with an equivocal man, Calvin spontaneously sells the barber shop. Which he later discovers selling the business was nor favorable. In conclusion, continue to pursue your dreams.
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2) Construing your thoughts into someone else's could be difficult. Being able to hear others opinions gives you more insight to interpret literature. This allows you to understand the beauty and the uniqueness it has to offer. At its opportune moments you explore the essence, and experience the radiance of thinking imaginatively. Interpretation allows you to travel without movement. It allows you to imagine, laugh, and love when you least expect it. Literature is irrelevant without interpretation. However, writers of literature are like "drivers." Therefore, if you don't know where the driver's going, it's difficult to comprehend the beauty of literature.
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When you are going through distress and times of tribulation, you can know with certainty that God is going to bring you through that experience and that he is going to work all things together for your good. Why, you might ask yourself? Because he sees your eternal future, your eternal future is with him, and that means your eternal future is not only good, but it is magnificent beyond your imagination! as part of the "church of the firstborn," you are viewed in light of eternity at all times, and God wants you to view yourself that way too.
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Few of us today can begin to comprehend the intense hatred that the Jews had for Gentiles in the time of Paul. If a gentile sat at the table with a Jew, the Jew would break his plate, get up, and leave. Even the idea of breaking bread with a Gentile was mind-boggling to a Jew. So intense was dividing line between Jew and Gentile, we witnessed Jesus' refusal at first to even speak with the Syrophenician woman in Mark chapter seven. Can you see the incredible act of humility it took for Paul to carry out his callng?
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Your tribulations for the Gospel's sake are not only for you. They are not so you can grow in faith and experience more of the promises of God in you life. They are not only so you can defeat the enemy and walk in victory. What you do in being a prisoner of the Lord Jesus Christ is also for the benefit of others. Your works impact people. what you say touches them. As Paul said in second Timothy chapter two verse fourteen, it is for "the subverting of the hearers." Therefore, our tribulations have a higher and noble purpose.
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Many Christians today stand like stones or merely go through the motions during worship because they live beneath their privileges as children of God, and the greatest privilege of being God's child is receiving His love and joy. God's unconditional love and exceeding great joy are the security and strength we must have to fulfill His plan for our lives and enjoy it. We must draw upon the warmth and comfort of our most valuable friend and resource, The Holy Spirit who lives within us. The Spirit always pump the Father's unconditional love, strength, and truth into our inner man.
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John writes in Revelation that our voices join those who are singing a new song to the Lamb with the angels and the elders. When we worship, all of those in heaven fall down at His feet and join our worship, crying a loud "Amen!" to every word of praise and worship that we utter. Have you ever been in a house of prayer or in your home, worshipping the Lord by yourself, when you suddenly felt deep in your spirit, I'm not alone. You were absolutely right! You are never alone in your everyday worship with your Heavenly Father.
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The Book of Genesis covers a lot of historical ground. The places, the people, and the events that you'll read about through the rest of the Bible all find their roots in Genesis. It is in this book that God established the world and His relationship with the people of that world, first through Adam and Eve, then Noah, then Abraham and his descendants. Genesis describes th creation of the world in very concrete terms. God spoke us and our surroundings into being. The world was ideal when God made it. You should know how the story goes from here.
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Numbers is book of facts, figures, and events. It is a record, kept by Moses, of thirty-eight years of wandering. Remember, the Hebrews had been delivered out of Egypt by God through miracle after miracle. (For instance, food that came like dew every morning and water that gushed out of rocks.) After two years of miracles and hardships, it looked like their journey was about to come to a wonderful end. In many ways, Numbers is a book about failures: foolishness, acts of indiscretion, idolatry, lack of judgement, poor choices, and just plain old sin. Think on these things.
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We don't often think of God and Satan sitting down for a chat. We know they were once companions. Satan was an angel, for goodness' sake, but then thing changed, not for goodness' sake. We may not think about God and Satan communicating, but that was exactly the way the book of Job began. Satan was talking to God about Job. he made the accusation that Job was only faithful to God because Job had a very good life. God denied that was true and, in so many words, told satan to go ahead and give it his best shot.
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The Book of Ezekiel is a colorful prophecy. It includes judgment and condemnation. It's almost kicking the people while they are down, since he was preaching to them while they were exiled from their homes. The book also includes visions of heaven and hope for the future. Because Ezekiel is such an imaginative book, it can seem difficult to read through at times. Just remember this is the writing of a man to whom God is showing spectacular things. Ezekiel is trying to describe his visions of heaven and heavenly things in human being terms. Basically that is highly impossible.
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Have you ever tried to work out a conflict long distance? It's difficult, isn't it? all the he saids, she saids seem impossible to control through phone calls or e-mail or letters. That's the kind of battle Paul was fighting when he wrote second Corinthians. He helped start the church at Corinth on one of his missionary journeys. After leaving, he had heard about some shaky situations there. That caused him to write first Corinthians. It was a firm and confrontational letter. There's a good lesson for us in what happened between Paul's first and second letters to the Corinthians.
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Some people have minds like lawyers. They have a case ready for the first person who tries to get close to their heart. Your never ask them the why of anything, because they will give you more than you ever wanted to hear. Whatever happened, it wasn't their fault. If you questions their judgement they will attack you with a string of statistics that make you look dumb and stupid. They build strong walls or barriers around themselves that will resist any outside intrusion. Then they wonder why they're standing alone in the court. Do you know any such person?
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Man's emotions are not a reliable gauge upon which to establish a marriage relationship. In Double Jeopardy, emotions fluctuate character doesn't. Emotions are in the soulish realm, and carnal mind, which gives us feelings of love for our mates. When a man has made up in his mind that he is going to be unfaithful, he will go to the extreme, that even means staging your own death and living a lie. Many people suffer because of their trifling love ones. All because they are not satisfied with the one they marrieid. For this cause, many couples separate or divorce.
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Those who have truly experienced God's love and who walk in the full understanding of God's love are those who never have to be enticed to worship. They don't need professional praise singers to get them to enter into praise and worship before the Father. They have a fountian of love inside of them that bubbles up continually and never runs dry because they walk in the full assurance that the Father will never reject them, leave them, bring up their past, or scorn them. They are filled with His love and overflowing with praise and worship at all times.
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John Q is a gut wrenching, exciting drama, that shows the world how a Father risks his own freedom to save his son's life. "Desperate times for desperate measures," many people would call this an act of bravery. How many Fathers do you know, will have the guts to perform such an act? In these troubled times a lot of parents might have to carry out such a mission, because we are living in times of distress. John Q was faced with many difficult decisions, that I'm sure he will regret. However, the choice he made saved his son's life.
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To be a powerful, dedicated, honest, loving, and effective Christian means that you must be a prisoner, a slave to Jesus Christ. When God says to do something, you do it, with no regard for what people may think about you or say about you. You obey Him regardless of how you feel at any given moment or about any given thing. To be a prisoner of Jesus Christ is to be chained to Him, which means you automatically go where He goes, say what He says, and do what He does. It is to comply with His will totally.
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The word "tribulations" can mean everything from terible torture to extreme pressure to difficult living conditions. However, Paul's meaning of tribulations in this context is specific and definite. This tribulation foe the Gospel's sake. You are being persecuted, treated badly, or abused because you stand tall for Jesus Christ and refuse to deny Him in any way, at any time, or understand any circumstances. Tribulations are definitely not something we enjoy, but they bring eternal rewards and the glory of God into our lives. Surely He takes no pleasure in seeing His children suffer pain, but God's goodness is great.
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We are often confused by the events around us. Many things happen that we will never understand in this life. Other things fall into place in the future as we look back over the years. Most important, God's Word counsels us not to worry, if we do not understand everything as it happens(see Matthew chapter six). We should trust in His word, and know that He will take care of us. Unfortunately, for some of us that's a little hard to do, when we are so used to having a human being to rely upon, instead of the spirit.
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Emotionally oppressed is what you would call the character in the movie "Stigmata". This is when our spirit and emotions are weighed down by heaviness and depression, but sometimes we find a demonic force bearing down on us to slow us up or prevent us from being energetic.It sounds strange to say that demons, which are spirits, can be in people, but that seems to be the case. How it happens is a mystery, but a truly demonized person experiences the evil presence within. However, the afflicted person almost always feels an emotional impact when the evil spirit leaves.
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Remember Valentine's Day when we were children? We gave out dozens of little cards saying "I Love You" some to people we din't even like. We bought those tiny hearts candies in pastel colors that said "Be Mine," and if we had a little extra money we'd buy a chocolate heart wrapped in shiney red foil for someone special. Often we evaluated our own worth by how many valentines gifts we received in return. As an adult my feelings of love are often wrapped up in the give-and-take of presents: These ways still hold true to this day.
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As Mrs. Turpin and Claude enters the small frail doctor's office, they noticed several things, how crowded the waiting room was. Filled with all sorts of people from different social and economic classes, and not to include the not lavishing furniture that stood out like a soar thumb. Settign plays a very important role, because there are many benefitting factors, such as the doctor's office where the story took place. The different classes of people and the physical furnishings are apart of the setting. In the story setting and plot work well together, they both have some good key elements.
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Tempation is one of the most hardest things we have to try and sustain from. In the Book of Colossians it the Colossains were being tempted by the same thing the tempts us today. They were trying to make their relationship with God more complicated. Life is hard enough without making it even more complicated! But somehow we humans find a way to do it. Maybe we feel like we need more of system than God. Throughout the course of our life we struggle with letting faith in God be enough. Therefore, this leads to temptation not following Gods word.
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"Kings Of Comedy" is a hilarious comedy movie. If you are looking for laughs and a way to relax, this movie will be perfect. You must have a sense of humor, and not be sensitive to relate to their jokes. You have four guys telling jokes about their life experiences, which is why it should be easy for us to relate. Some of their jokes include stories such as; caring for a sister's child and being raised by the adults in the neighborhood. This is a good way to share and be able to cope with a black man's struggles.
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Money talks is about a small time crook, working at a carwash, he becomes a big time thief. Franklin, the crook is arrested for a number of crimes. While in jail he learns of a diamond heist worth fifteen million dollars. Franklin finds the location of the diamond and steals them. Now he's being chased by the police, the jewel thieves and a mob family, looking for a "piece of the pie." In the end, he leads everyone to a football stadium where they kill each other. The majority of the diamonds are lost but Franklin keeps some for himself.
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In The Bernie Mac Show, Bernie and Wanda are called upon to care for his sister's children, Vanessa, Jordan, and Brianna. Bernie immediately finds his old ideas of discipline and child rearing colliding with society's politically correct notions. In today's society there are many married couples that are face with the challenge of raising their sister's children. Although when faced with such difficult task, you must have guidance, patience, and understanding with these three things the transition will go much smoother. However for this young couple, it is going to take some getting used to and lots of drastic changes.
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Blue Streak, is funny movie about a man with the knowledge for cracking safes. The man, (Miles) , and his friends broke into a safe stealing a diamond worth seventeen million. Something goes wrong and they end up running front the police. Before being caught, Miles hides the diamond. After serving a two year sentence in prison, Miles is released and goes back to try and find the diamond. Miles get a fake badge and I.D for as one of the schemes to try and recover the diamond. Miles finally ets the diamond and looks to spend his wealth in Mexico.
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Living in a fantasy world is how you would feel when you read "Magic of Love." It's like being in your own little world surrounded with nothing but Love. Being able to give and receive love from that special someone really touches my heart. Have you ever experienced being in love, it is such a remarkable feeling. Try to shower that special someone with love, because one day that special someone might not be there for you to tell them how much they are loved. All in all, in today's society we need love with all the hatred and calamities.
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"Dogs Death" is perfect title, because it reveals specific things about the poem. Giving it another name might not attract the reader. "Dogs Death" is a title that will keep you in suspense, it catches your attention, because you want to figure out what caused the dog death. Imagine what it feels like to own a dog and then to watch it die. From my perspective this person was truely in love with their dog, willing to go to extreme of trying to trace back to how the dog passed away. However, do dogs sometimes make better mates than human?
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"The Dover Bitch" is using a beautiful young women who is not looking for a long term relationship, however, Matthew Arnold is looking. This is a girl who knows what she wants. She's strictly about having fun, not settling down. At this point she's feeling like she's a last resort, and if she had not come to London, she would be engaging elsewhere. This was a wasted evening for this young women. Do you think this a clear case of sexual morality, or is this a case of someone who needs to have someone to talk to about their issues.
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We are God's peculiar people, set apart from the world by both our beliefs and actions. We have never seen God's foot prints at the edge of the lake, yet we follow Him withh our heart. Our ears have never heard His voice, but we live by His words. Our fingertips have never brushed the edge of His garment, yet we are healed. Belief is not based on our senses or intellect but in His never failing love, which saved our soul and promises us unspeakable joy. Inconclusion, we must believe strongly and not rely on our visual senses totally.