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Beginning with the opening line , "L(a," three meaningless symbols, followed by eight more lines as illegible as the first. The entire poem appears as something impossible of reading without having the secret decoder ring from the bottom of the cereal box. Obviously, there is some meaning to the arrangement of letters, the "II," followed by the "I," signifying the separation of the leaf from the tree. Furthermore, "a leaf falls" can represent the stages of life: from the leaf budding, through the aging process, followed by falling to the ground and that being the final resting place, death, "loneliness."
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Mountain Graveyard "Stone notes," two words put together with a connection and a unique similarity. The opening line begins with a series of anagrams, or words made from other words, but they do not just share letters, they come together to form a real meaning. These "stone notes" and "slate tales" both are symbolic of tomb stones and give a brief story of a persons life. "Sacred cedars" clearly depicting ones casket, which then is followed up by the "heart" and the "earth" becoming unison to prepare for the final "asleep." "Please," asking for the "hated death," the final six feet under.
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Disturbuing, frightenning, insane, are just a few words to describe a man that is almost blaintantly confessing the murder of his las dutchess. Almost unthinkable, that the count, in detail, is describing the reasoning behind why he is a widow. But more shocking is that he is not confessing to just a peasant, but to the representative he is to convince. The representative, a servant from another kingdom, is to report to his master, so then he may decide if the count is suitable for his daughter. Rationally speaking, the representative could have never given a review claiming him suitable.
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Murder, deceit, demise, all adjectives to describe the play "Richard III." Al Pacino though has a different perspective and meaning concerning the play than that of the writer William Shakespear. Pacino has a fresh way of thinking, he believes more in the importance of understanding the entire meaning, rather than understanding every word spoken. Furthermore, with the narration, both by Pacino and other actors and of professional critics, this gave a new meaning to "Richard III," it opened a new understanding of the play. Pacino acts a 400 year old play and gives new clarity to the modern American watcher.
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"Now is the winter of our discontent made glorious summer by this sun of York." The opening line of Richard III is remarkable, it begins with a statement by Richard expressing his jealousy and frustrations concerning his struggle to be king. Shakespear does not slowly build the plot, but rather opens to the play with Richard's plot to be king. From the very moment that Richard plots to be king, Shakespear is bating the audience into an entertaining play for his audience. Shakespears' intent is set toward keeping his audience happy, because a happy audience means a happy pocket book.
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For a teenager, their is only one thing on their minds, girls. On this particular day, three girls happen to walk into Sammy's A&P grocery store. Now for Sammy, a young teenage grocery store clerk, something about these girls seem to really spark an interest in him. It could be the fact that they are wearing just bathing suits or well as Sammy says ".....there was nothing between the top of the suit and the top of her head except just her." Sammy is the typical teenage boy, a horny spontaneous kid, that quits his job to prove a point.
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Lust an intense or unrestrained sexual craving. "Lust," a short story concerning issues of a teenage girl that defines the entire definition. Her feelings toward sex and her loss of self worth become issues. She no longer feels as though sex is a love action, but rather a more crude style, almost business like. After she becomes more experienced, she realized she was just being used, so it did become a business routine. The apparent symbolism of the foods she uses, from butter scotch to curled up shrimp. Something sweet and a piece of dead shrimp, describing her sickening feeling.
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Just as with the birth of a new child, getting a new puppy can be a very gratifying experience. Conversely, the trials and tribulations of training a puppy can be extremely frustrating. Everything is taught to the puppy, from learning its name, to house training and including staying out of the street, which, unfortunately is the cause of death. Despite all the efforts though, the puppy could not make it and even giving its master the final goodbye by biting their hand effortlessly. Even in death, it is still possible for the puppy to please the family that it loves.
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As love seems to be the topic of most poems, once again "The Flea" does not fail to surprise, but it does takes a slightly different approach concerning the topic. The illustration of love and marriage can be clearly be identified by the passage, "It sucked me first, and now sucks thee, And in this flea our two bloods mingled be." Without getting to in-depth, here the speaker is using the flea as the bond between the two, which in reality is a metaphor for the ring consecrating the bond of marriage. He uses unorthodox language in expressing his love.
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As it may seem with all of E.E. Cummings' poems, "she being brand" has the same odd language and sentence structure that becomes the norm for this man. The poem is written in a fashion that it is as if he is speaking out loud to an audience. In addition, the pattern of words are written to put emphasis on certain points and this gives incite into phrases like "again slo-wly; bare,ly nudg. ing." Sentence structure like this forces the reader to slow down, think carefully, and most likely read it again. The theme for Cummings, make the reader think.
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First of all, sex without love, until now, it probably has never came across anyones minds before. Especially living in this day and age, but considering this was written in 1942, during World War II, thier had to be more too it. Old writes the poem almost as if she was writing instructions, with an exellent choice of words to paint a picture in your mind. Also, her point is made pretty strong with this passage, "......come to the come to the God come to the still waters." Olds writes a very deliborate poem and with great use of symbolism.
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Has everyone not has some type of "Girl Next Door" fantasy at some point? Well, at least every man, but seriously, this movie goes by your basic romance formula. Matt and Danielle, first meet after Matt see's Danielle naked by looking through her window, that just happens to be directly across from his room. Then, more complications arise and making it difficult for them to get together. Danielle ends up going back to Las Vegas where Matt follows her, gives a dramatic monologue to her and finally end up together. The movie played perfectly according to your basic romantic formula.
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All great things come to an end, but the difference being what a person is willing to do about it. "The Second Coming," a poem by William Yates, is making reference to Christ returning to earth and guiding his followers to the righteous heavens. Yates though does not depict a righteous end, but rather an apocalyptic approach. "The best lack all conviction, while the worst are full of passionate intensity," but intensity toward what, the end, or possibly toward a new beginning. Without having previous knowledge, he might say he lives in a bleak world without hope of better things.
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Belief, a word or feeling that can be more powerful than some can fathom. A person with a belief can be the most dangerous individual or heroic. Klansman though, is one of these types of people who has a belief in "the great white race." Men like him, share this belief and are willing to kill make their point. They infect others with these ignorant thoughts and those that have been infected, well they prey on others to spread the belief. Intelligent men create these beliefs and intelligent men to persuade the cattle to follow them to the slaughter house.
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Thousands of years have passed since the beginning of man, but there seems to be one constant, war. Matthew Arnold speaks of "light gleams" that disappears and for a moment the cliffs of England are ‘glittering and vast." Clearly, these "gleams" and "glitterings" are the explosion of war, lighting up the English Channel then dwindling back to the tranquil calm night. Also, Arnold presents the notion that his life has been riddled with war. "Ignorant armies clashing by night," portrays the frustrations of a man whom cannot stand the thought of war by fought by the poor for the rich.
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Human nature seems to dictate certain instinctual patterns or rhythms. One such pattern is the need to enclose one's property, whether by walls, fences or some of means to separate. During the building of the wall though, men must come together to work toward a common goal. Here the neighbors come together, not just distance themselves from one another, but also as a type of bonding experience. This gives some meaning to the end of the poem, where Frost says "Good fences make good neighbors." Despite what happens, both can say they built that wall together and brought them closer.
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As an adult, I have become accustomed to certain things, work though is leading the list of everyday things to do. In Robert Frost's poem "Stopping by Woods on a Snowy Evening," it tells of a person who takes a moment to stop and enjoy the forest which he rides by constantly. What seems to be a daily routine for the man and the horse, now the horse cannot understand why they have stopped, so the horse " gives his harness bells a shake." Everyone should take a lesson from the poem, stop, sit back, relax and enjoy the little things.
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Reality based television is not a new subject, but rather an idea that has been revamped in the 21st century. The idea of watching intriguing individuals and see how they react. "Videotape" a short story by Don Delillo, was written in a time when reality TV became mainstream with more graphic news casts and other shows. The catch to everything is that for some reason, people cannot get enough, despite how many times a person has seen "Cops," they will still watch one more time. People are drawn to actual events occurring live, watching the crime unfold to witness themselves.
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Living in the wealthiest country in the world, sometimes it is hard to understand what impoverished people must go through for simple things that we take for granted. For instance, I would say that it is safe to assume that no one anyone could think of has had to go through a dental procedure without anesthesia. But, speaking relatively, I believe that "One of these days" refers to the opportunity to escape from the controlled life of living in a desolate country. One of these days, we will all escape our realities of life and live out all our dreams.
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Meeting new people strikes new and interesting emotions within ourselves, especially when we meet individuals who we are attractred too. We build the individual up to be perfect and to the point that we are blinded by the imperfections. But, a "Story about the Body," concerns a man that cannot handle the imperfections of life and the events that have been dealt to the companion he is infatuated with. Individuals become engulfed by the disfigurements, that now they are blinded by the problem. Society should focus more on the bond of the two people rather than the road blocks ahead.
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Reading short stories, often times the reader becomes so focused on the characters, events, and setting, that the enjoyment is taken out of reading. In "There Was Once," Atwood brings new creativity by taking away the details of the characters, but focusing on the structure of the details describing the characters. She creates a story based on the classic premises of a fairytale, but breaks down the character to nothing. The character starts as a young beautiful woman and by the end she becomes a middle class woman. As with life, everything can change in a blink of an eye.
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Despite the common thought that a horror movie has no meaning, "Dawn of the Dead" proves that you must open your eyes at a horror movie to extract some type of meaning. It brings together a group of strangers who must fend for themselves to survive the dangers of the cannibalistic zombies. Despite their entire world being infected with zombies, they still manage to find love. Also, this shows that people can overcome adversity when faced with any situation and bring hope when all is lost. The movie gives a different perspective to Darwin's law of survival of the fittest.
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After reading and discussing several poems, I think that writers in general are a depressed and misunderstood individuals that possess great talent. Langston Hughs is one such writer whom in analyzing "Cross" it becomes apparent that he falls into this class of writer. The poem gives the impression that Hughs is a bitter and confused individual because of his parents. Also, he projects the notion that he has hatred for his parents, but also regrets not knowing them or even having the chance. Being a cross between black and white, he uses the title as symbolism of his biracial history.
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Life is all about the feelings and experiences that a person encounters. Just because a person has never personally experienced a situation, this does not mean they do not have insight concerning the issue at hand. Dickenson's "I never saw a Moor-" is a poem describing inexperienced events, but the meaning is not lost because she has not dealt with all circumstances. Also, the question of faith becomes apparent, but like most people faith becomes a struggle without proof of any positive sign. Finally, despite many unanswered questions, of faith and of life, people still continue to live for life.
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Faith is an invention by man to combat the daily struggles of being a human. Faith is an invisible thing, it cannot be seen with a microscope, nor is it something that can be forced upon for a person. It seems though people use their faith in a time of necessity, just as a scientist will use his microscope to cure a serious disease. If faith is an invention of man, like a microscope, why is it that vast majorities of people believe? People are looking for something to believe in and for the same reason they believe in science.
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The notion of god and angels is a subject that has been addressed for thousands of years. In the movie "Fallen," Detective Jon Hobbs must find his faith to save his loved ones. "Fallen," refers to angels who have been cast down from heaven to be eternally trapped on earth until the end. The movie reinforces the eternal question of finding a meaning to everything and recognizing your time when presented to you. Finding the meaning to life is like trying to find Atlantis, it is something that only the enlightened will stumble on to, then followed suddenly by death.
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"Lot's Wife" is a poem concerning the regrets of life. Everyone at some point in his or her life has regretted something, but Lot's wife regrets having to leave her home. She does not want to leave her home, but because of her love for her husband and by order of god himself, they were to leave Sodom and Gomorra and to never look back. She loved her home and her life so much, she could not give up everything with looking back one last time and because of her regrets of leaving, she paid for it with her life.
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"The Lord of the Rings" the movie is an excellent example when giving a description to theme. The movie has a couple of meanings that can be taken from watching. First is the clear social structures of the different characters, from the peasant hobbotts to the wizard kings. The movie proves that social status does not limit movitaveted individuals into accomplishing great actions. Also, the carpe' diem attitude for life, can be extracted very easily with the knight, dwarf, and the archer. All of theses character represent the meaning of what it means to live life to the absolute fullest.
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The poem "Titanic" by David Slavitt gives a great depiction of the timeline of the ship itself. The poem follows along the path of the doomed shipped, from the buy of a ticket to ride considered the greatest ship ever built to sicking death of the ship and its passengers. But when all gets depressing, he puts wonderful spin by saying "We all go: only a few, first class." The passage means almost every is going to die, only a few of the privileged will survive, but we all live together to be spoken of forever in the history books.
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What seems to be a major topic in poetry is that of love. Robert Herrick's "To the Virgins, to Make Much of Time," is a classic love poem trying to seduce his women with his cruel poetic description of growing old. He says, "be not coy, use your time, and while ye may, go marry," he is implying that women should marry before they get too old to find love. For if you wait to long you will be "for ever tarry." Herrick is basically telling all that will listen to embrace love and you will forever find true happiness.