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I have a passion for lifting weights and try and lift everyday. If I were to skip a day for whatever reason, I think to myself that I am getting weak and must work harder the following day. I try and max myself out at the end of each month to see the progression I've made over the month period. It has become a hobby of mine that I have grown to have great respect for. In the beginning I didn't really find this hobby entertaining, but through time I have become fond of weightlifting and really enjoy working out.
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This election that we endured was a close race between both candidates. I cannot get over the fact that Busch won. I do not understand why people choose to vote for him instead of Kerry Edwards. I know that I am a full fledged Democrat, but Busch is only going to get this country into greater war issues and cause more economic problems. Most people oversee the fact that hundreds of Americans have died over seas in the war on terror and wish to see more deaths to come in the future since they elected him into office once more.
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Religion is a great part of my life and I will keep it that way until my time is over here on Earth. I do not think that I can go through a day without thinking about God himself and the things he has done for me. Even though I am going through a bit of a financial struggle at the moment, I will remain to keep my faith and pray even more then I do now. Faith has gotten me to were I am today and has made me stronger as the years have gone by in my life.
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Procrastination is an evil thing that everyone in the world does, but some more then others. I fall in that category were I do it more often then most people. I do not know what the deal is, I just feel that I do things best at the last moment. Even though I know that it will come back and bite me in the butt one of these days, I continue to do it. I guess when that day comes for me to learn my lesson I will change, but until then I will do what I know best, procrastinate.
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My parents have always preached to remain in school and do something with my life. I didn't really like them telling me what to do, but I now have found an appreciation for what they said because it has helped me through life itself. I know that I would be doing illegal things if it wasn't for there guidance. It's not that I like to do those things, but I would go along with my friends and find an easy way out of everything instead of earning it. Finding an easy way out is never what it seems to be.
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Having a child will effect my life drastically and have lasting effects on it. I mean I plan to have a child one of these days, but I am not fit to parent at the age I am at now. Seeing so many of my friends getting girls pregnant often scares me and makes me think what I would do if I were put in that situation. Having a kid takes two people and takes two to care for one also. When that day comes I will take care of what I have to, it will be a growing experience.
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I am in a committed relationship at this point in my life and love every moment. Some might think of it to be scary, but I see it to be a beautiful thing. The person I am with truly loves me and I share the same feelings for her as well. This is the best thing that has happened to be in a relationship ever. The feelings that I have grown to have for this individual are truly deep and everlasting. I am awaiting the day I marry, even though I am young right now, it doesn't make a difference.
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Sometimes I wish I were rich to rid myself of all my financial struggles. I know that it cannot bring me happiness, but at least it will do for the time being. That is just a thought that constantly runs through my mind from time to time. I would just like to know the feeling of having money for a moment and not worry of bills for a day. I wish I had better job to help my parents because they deserve it and I can't bare to watch them become depressed every time the end of the months comes.
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Well, my dog ran away today and is nowhere to be found. I don't know what happened, one moment he was here, then when I turn he's gone. Just like that he vanished under everyone's noses. We have constantly been trying to find him and have been roaming around my neighborhood all day. It has all been for no use because we have gotten nowhere and have yet to find him. I mean I am sad, but I don't find it necessary to cry over this situation. My sister and mother were crying as if a family member had passed.
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Parents have become somewhat over protective when it comes to having an only daughter. I know that it is the only female for there next generation, but some parents take things to the extreme. When a girl reaches a certain age, they deserve to at least go to the movies with friends or relatives instead of being locked up in the house. I guess parents figure that if there daughter doesn't involve themselves with anyone, they have nobody to worry about. Lockdown will only make the daughter go out of her way to do things normally not done by her.
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I love my parents and family, but there comes a time when I must go out on my own. I am reaching that point where I need that independence and be able to say that I am on my own and take care of myself. I do not know how my parents will take this, but I must break them the news because I plan to move out soon. It will be even harder for me because I know that they will overreact and begin to say that I don't love them anymore, even though it's clearly not the case.
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Dreams often come to me throughout the night when I sleep, even during the day when I am awake. Many of my dreams are scary and involve me losing my life in some way or another. I talk to my parents about it and they tell me to watch out because it is some sort of a sign. I pay no attention because I know that when my time comes it will come no matter what. There is no stopping fate, only God himself decides when a persons time is up. This means that doctors cannot even predict ones death.
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I am currently trying to find myself a good paying job that can pay my bills and leave a bit of money in my pockets. I have yet to have any luck in the job finding category, but my head is still up and I know I will find one soon. The job I have now pays the bills, but I rarely have enough money to get anything to eat and must depend on my parents to feed me. Anyone would find this to be okay, but not me, my parents have done enough for me, now it's my turn.
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Music often relaxes my nerves and allows me to concentrate better. I may look a bit crazy with headphones on, but that is my method to clear my mind for the studying. I mostly listen to relaxing songs like soft and slow jams. Listening to music is the only way I can concentrate on what I am doing instead of watching the television or playing video games. If my headphones are not at hand, it becomes increasingly difficult for me to be able and sit down to do my homework. I am easily distracted and can easily lose my focus.
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The other day I was truly bothered by something I witnessed right in my face. I was at a convenient store getting groceries and there were two little kids pestering this blind elderly women. They would walk around her and tell her to watch out because she was going to fall, but in fact they were just running around her giving her a hard time. I couldn't help it, I went over there and gave them a little talk that eventually made them cry and run away. I proceeded to help the lady to the bus stop, and waited there.
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I have often been told that I tend to talk a lot and therefore get myself into trouble for that. I beg to differ, but I have found myself in the hot seat from time to time for my mouth. I guess I have a habit of expressing my thoughts even though I can hurt the feelings of others by talking aloud. It is a habit that has become increasingly hard for me to get rid of, but I guess it just takes a bit of time. I believe in myself and know that this habit will go away soon.
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I truly believe that any man or women that is unfaithful is not who they say they are. Most of society says that one must have a back-up plan just in case. When someone is in love, there should never be any types of thoughts of having a back up plan. People who do or say this are shady individuals and will be in a situation in the future where they love someone but the other is playing the same game they are. There is a saying "What goes around comes around", this mentions everything; all in a nut shell.
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Often, I catch myself giving girls looks of disgust because of the way they look at me and how they carry themselves. I am committed to only one female and dislike the fact that girls proceed to give us a bad look when we are together. Jealously is an awful thing, but a feeling that most of society posses if they want to or not. When I catch these "tricks" eye balling me, I grab my girlfriend and give her a kiss so that they can stare even harder then what they were already; this usually will make there day.
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Hate crimes are all over even though they have slowed down from earlier times. They are all due to racism, hate, discrimination and other causes. I wish that this would just come to a stop and people could realize what they are doing to one another. I cannot believe human beings can kill each other do to the hate that they have built up for that person or specific groups of people. Sometimes it is better for people to be chained up and given a bowl of food because they tend to act as animals more often times then not.
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I wish that there were some way for me to enter the minds of parents and find out there true thoughts of me. I don't know what it is, I don't drink, smoke, I work, go to school, but parents still find a means of talking about me behind my back. I would just like to know why? Is it that parents think that there daughter is to good, or that they don't want her with anybody? If I had an explanation, I could sleep better at night. I guess this is something that I will have to deal with.
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My little brother has fallen in loveā€¦again! I thought that love is a one time deal, I guess the same doesn't involve him. I am happy for him, but he falls in love to quick and puts himself out there to get hurt. It has happened before and I was there to console him while he was down. That is what I am here for, but he doesn't like to listen to me when I tell him to give love time and allow it to develop. He will undergo many heart breaks if he doesn't calm down and think first.
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I would love to travel and explore the world through the duration of my life. I would like to visit paradise locations, mountain tops, valleys, volcanoes, everything. I have made this my goal and will achieve it, I am a person that strives for the best and accomplish all goals I set forth. I could see it now, I will be mountain climbing, swimming in crystal clear waters, just living out my dream and making it all a reality. This would have to be a long term goal because I do not have money nor time to do it now.
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I went to a concert recently and saw one of my favorite reggaeton singers. It was unbelievable, the place was jammed packed and could not fit another soul. It was bouncing from wall to wall, everyone was feeling the music and singing along with every song that night. It was at least twenty degrees hotter inside the club then outside. I am saying that you could just walk in and sweat just standing there, that's an example of the heat that was circulating. Two people passed out do over heating, then again they weighed about five hundred pounds a piece.
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I cannot see myself with nobody else in this point of my life. I am madly in love with my girlfriend and don't know what I will do without her. She will one day be the bearer of my child and marry me. I love her with a passion and nothing will ever interfere with that, I won't and I know she won't let anything get in between us. We both have been through some things and have truly bonded over the time period we have been together. She is my best friend, I can talk to her about anything.
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Me and my father can do anything together and there will be an argument. It does not fail, we are so alike that all the same things bother us. I love him to death and will put my life on the line for him, no matter what the circumstances. Even though we hit heads often, we always apologize and move on to our next argument and do everything over again. This is just a repetitive process for us and goes on day to day. It would seem that we try and get on one another's nerves, but it just happens.
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I love to have plenty friends around me through the length of a day. Many people say that friends can be deceiving and I beg to differ. If one would just take the time to talk about things, there should be no need for hostility in a friendship. Communication is everything, this can be used in a relationship as well. If nobody lets themselves be heard, how will the other know the feelings that are being felt at the time? Like I said, communication is everything and should be used to ones advantage whenever possible, no matter what the circumstances.
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My friend the other night was verbally and physically assaulted by a law enforcement official. The measures this officer took were extreme and unnecessary for the problem he was faced with. My friend had his music up in his car and didn't bother to lower it on command. He did eventually, but that was when he was forced out of the car and slammed to the pavement with his hands behind his back. The cop would verbally assault him and call him names left and right, this is no way to handle a situation such as this no matter what.
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I'm baffled by the fact that there is often a power struggle in a relationship. Couples often take advantage of things and consider there partner whooped if they decide and do the other a favor. This is just society deciding what goes on in relationships and giving there input on things that they should keep there mouths shut about. While in a serious relationship, one should pay no attention to friends or family because they often have the wrong things to say about certain topics; not all though. It's good to listen for tips, but many shouldn't be taken seriously.
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I often become overwhelmed by the fact that I have no time for anything and just go to school and work Monday thru Friday. I know that in the long run I will benefit from all the struggles I am going through, but that time is taking awful long to get here and I'm growing exhausted week after week. I refuse to stop though, I made a promise to myself and family that I will succeed in life one way or the other. I am a man of my word and do not intend to begin to break promises now.
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Music has become a part of my life and motivates me in everything I do today. Many lyrics that I listen to relate to the issues that I am going through and help me through my troubles. Musicians are a true blessing from God and many provide positive messages if you would just listen to the words. Others use curse words and put women down in almost all there songs, those aren't the musicians I am talking about. I consider those as delinquents who make money tarnishing the minds of youths and giving them a reason to use fowl language.