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Today my best friend has moved away without notice. It happened so fast that I did not have enough time to even say my goodbye. I was truly devastated, I found out the reason for leaving, but it seemed a bit shady. Waiting for the phone call was the hardest for me. It was getting a bit late in the day when I received a phone call that was marked restricted. I was told that everything was alright and that I could expect a return anytime soon. That calmed my nerves and allowed me to not give my hopes up.
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My nephew's birthday was today. I'm so happy for him, I had to go all out and buy him the biggest, most expensive toy I could lay my eyes on. My parents and family said that I went way overboard, but I found it just right for my beautiful nephew. His party was just perfect, nothing went wrong. Everything followed in sequential order without flaw. I could not believe he was a year old already. It was like yesterday when I saw him at the hospital in my sisters arms after birth. I've found it to be true, "time flies."
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Boredom is an evil thing. Having nothing to do usually gets the majority of society in trouble. It should not be that way, but it just is. My days off work are good, no work. The thing about that is I run out of things to do. When this happens, I get curious and wonder how far I could go with doing things until I get into trouble. Age means nothing, I may be eighteen years of age to the world, but am a little kid at heart. I never like to act my age, it's no fun at all.
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True love is hard to come by, especially in these days when infidelity is common. Older folks always tell me that kids these days, which refers to myself, have no morals or respect for there significant others. This seems to be true, but I always attest to there saying and tell them that I think the complete opposite when compared to my generation. Many think I'm just trying to seem like the good guy. I'm not, true love is a special thing and should be cherished by all. Since its so hard to find, it should be kept around .
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Having a child is such a wonderful gift from God. People should think of themselves as being blessed when having the capability to have a child. I know a person who is the sweetest, most caring friend I know, she unfortunately cannot have a child do to an illness she once had. Even though she cannot conceive a child, she treats every child she comes in contact with as one of her own, caressing, cuddling, and speaking ever so softly. God deals us all a hand of cards and we just have to figure out ways to play it out.
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Family is the single most important thing in life. I watch news channels and see family members killing each other for money, power, or just something to do. It breaks my heart to see society and the way the families interact with each other. I would do anything and everything to put a stop to this non-sense. I don't know what has gotten into people these days in society. Family members should be loved, cherished, and forgiven if anything. Killing or beating them is not the answer and everyone that is even thinking this way needs a true reality check.
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Having a meaningful relationship is a rarity these days. I have noticed that nobody takes anything serious. When one person in the relationship is thinking about getting serious, the other person usually thinks the complete opposite. This happens almost on a day to day basis. It's sad, in the past you could see couples together for years. Now, you would be lucky to catch a couple together for more then a month. I can't say that for myself, I am coming up on nine months and haven't had a disagreement or argument yet. I tend to keep it that way.
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I tend to become depressed from time to time, even though I try my best not to. So many problems have been around me for a time now and are getting the best of me. Trying not to think of them helps, but when I'm alone, that's all I think about. I've reached the point to where I have broken down and could not hold myself together. These things are to much to hold in, so they eventually make there way out of my body in the form of tears. All I do is pray and hope for better days.
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Finally, I have gotten a reliable source of transportation, my own car. I went through a lot to finally own a car, but it's done. It took me about three days at the same dealership with the same representative to get the vehicle to the price that was comfortable. I did as my father said, "Don't budge, let them work for you." I did just that and ended up getting things my way. I was not going to leave the dealer without a car, it didn't matter which one, I just wanted a car. I'm so happy with my choice.
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Life itself can get out of hands at times. I wish it wasn't like that, but I have to deal with it because there are many years left in my lifetime to look forward to. Even though life has its ups and downs, it is something that everyone must go through. Some have it better then others, but that's just something that has to be excepted. I thought people were exaggerating when they would say that life is tough. I knew it had its troubles and trials, but I never though it would reach the point it has for me.
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Television is a man made object, and a nuisance to society. I find no need for this box. The only reason that I'd waist my time with it would be to watch news or weather for the following day. Even though I speak down of the television, it is a necessity in our everyday lives. It's just that people tend to make it an intricate part of there lives when it isn't that serious at all. People hurry home through rush hour traffic to catch a show on time, putting there lives in danger for a stupid thirty minute program.
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The phrase, "A photo can say one-thousand words" is so true. I have found various pictures of family members that have been buried away in my closet at home, very interesting photographs at that. None vulgar or anything, but many are just hilarious. For example, my uncle was once a body builder, and I got a glimpse of his before and after pictures. People change so much when they put there mind to something positive. I had great laughs, many of the pictures were taken when the person wasn't paying attention and had no idea of what was going on.
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Animals are fun to own, but are trouble also. My dogs are obedient, yet we're told that they get loose in the streets when nobody is around. I guess they know what times we leave and arrive at the house. We constantly get complaints that they're out and about. My parents would always deny the accusations because the trust that was given to them. One afternoon, we decided to take a stroll around the block to see if this was all true. Well, finishing our walk, we met up with our dogs coming around the last corner of the block.
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I tend to get overwhelmed with work and school on a day to day basis. When I take it all in at once, I get frustrated and lose concentration. I try and keep my composure due to the fact that I promised my parents I would finish school and receive my degree. Even in the worst of times, I think back to that promise and do the best I can to keep it. I'd do anything and keep my word given to them and not let them down. I have always been like that and kept true to my word.
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I've surprised myself in the time that has been sacrificed to see this one girl in particular. From the beginning, I didn't know how far this relationship thing was going to go, but so far, so good. I have gotten the chance to really get to know her and have become fond of her looks and personality especially. I'm the type that isn't really looking for a relationship, just wanting to make friends and nothing else. This girl has something to her that I really can't explain. Ever since I have allowed her in my life, it's been something special.
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Love has been something that I've been aware of for a long time now. I never knew how it felt or how to say it to someone. It has true significance and I become bothered when I see little kids ten years of age saying it to each other like they know the meaning. I understand that they too have not been educated in that category, but what I have yet to understand is the reason they say it without knowing. It's truly a beautiful thing, but I feel the person should know what they are saying before they speak.
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Death is a topic that everyone must except sooner or later in their lifetime. I've already excepted it and know that we must all die one day. Although some tend to die sooner then others. I say this because my little cousin ask about this the other day, I went to explain it all to him and he became emotional and started crying and begging to live forever. When I saw him like that, I read the Bible for a bit and tried to explain it in a better fashion. He began listening and fell to sleep on my lap.
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I don't understand why the state gives drivers licenses to elders who cannot see unless their face is through the steering wheel. This endangers many lives, including the elders themselves. I have come into a few close encounters with citizens such as these. I love my grandparents to death, but I wouldn't like them behind a steering wheel of a car. I just don't find it safe at all and believe our government should put forth the effort to do something of this issue. I feel that their should be a revision of the maximum driving age in the states.
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When a loved one moves away and their return date isn't certain, it tends to leave a mark on the person left behind. Even though their return is probable, it hurts to not be able and see them from a day to day basis. I've been affected by this event and am trying to get a hold of myself for the better. I try and keep my mind off things, but it becomes very difficult to do. I'm madly in love with this person and have become overwhelmed at the fact that she is no longer here to care for.
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I have made Christianity an intricate part of my life. It has helped through my troubles and has allowed me to maintain hope when their is little to look forward to. I have been put in situations where I had no where to turn, choosing my beliefs and trusting in the Lord has put me in the right place. Having a positive mind does good things. You should think positively and block out the negative which has the capability of bringing you down. When this occurs, it seems as if nothing can go right and is little hope for everything.
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Inventions these days are becoming more advanced as years go by. The cell phones that are on the market have remarkable capabilities and have become toys for grown up's. Being that grown up's don't have any toys to play with, cell phones have become the next best thing. Many older folks consider themselves young at heart and need something to keep them entertained for the time being. Cell phones do just that and allow them to play video games, and record their own voice for fun. These objects are unique and truly give meaning to being a kid at heart.
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Taking on the work force is harder then I expected. I thought that it would be fun to have a job and make money. I like the money making part, but the long vigorous hours of work have taken a toll on me. While in high school, I had a part time and made a little extra money for clothes and my own things. After graduating, I took it on full-time and have loved to hate it. Who would have thought that I could change my mind so quickly on something in which I grew fond of at one point?
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These days too many people worry about materialistic things in which serve no purpose. Clothes are a hot topic when it comes to the young generation. They seem to think that the clothes on your back make you who you are, its a bit more complex then that. Even though you may be unfortunate and not able to afford expensive clothing, this in no way means your a bad person or different from anybody else. Society makes it seem as though it is factual, when it is the complete opposite. Everyone is different, but nobody is better then one another.
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Being lonely is the most depressing and empty feeling one can have. Even though family fills the void at times, you cannot express your feelings of love or intimacy towards them as you would your partner. That partner shares feelings with you that nobody can express but the significant other. Having a partner leave without moments notice hurts deep down and is beyond repair. The only way in which this can be fixed is having that partner once more at your side. Only then, things return to normal and allow the person to reach their normal lifestyle as it was.
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School is the key to leave my poor life style and make things better for my family. Many family members have yet to graduate high school or receive a GED. This drives me everyday to come to school and get my work done week after week. I know that it is a long run, but I am willing to sacrifice all and receive my degree and pursue an excellent career in the field of psychology. This interests me, I like to know what one is thinking and would like to give my knowledge and aid them in whichever way possible.
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Gangs and fight groups disgust me in the most pungent way. I feel that if someone is to get in an altercation, fight one on one and not allow anyone to interfere. These gangs and groups do things much differently. I have seen occasions when there have been more then ten people on one person. That is just unfair and shows how much of cowards those people really are. Fighting is not justified at all, but at times has to be done to defend yourself as well as your loved ones that may be with you at the time.
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I do not understand why people must drink and do drugs to be able and have fun. This is just an excuse when it comes down to it all. Doing these things damages a persons body and may cause death to them if too much is consumed at once. I know peer pressure has a lot to do with the fact of doing drugs and drinking. Saying no is the best alternative to turn to if no other is available at the time. This word should be expressed whenever necessary, though the person might not fall in with the group.
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I have great respect for the soldiers that are risking their lives to defend this country. I know they are greatly at risk and may be attacked at any moments notice. Even though I choose not to join the military, it does not mean that I do not give any support. I have great appreciation for them and pray whenever possible for their benefits as well as their families. The families of soldiers in Iraq are with greater concerns because they have fathers, husbands or brothers over their. God bless them all and I wish them a safe trip home.
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I love having fun, but know when to stop and think of what I'm about to do. My friends do not and get themselves in various situations involving fights and run ins with the police. They will calm down over time when they mature a bit more. I guess you could say they are getting their partying out of their system before they get old. People say that when a person gets old, their life gets boring and they have nothing to look forward to. Maybe they are taking this into consideration and doing what they can while it last.
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Violence is not always the key in solving problems that face the world today. I know that a non-violence approach not always works, but it is worth a shot and should be considered when handling many situations. Violence to me seems so negative and wrong, using alternate methods benefits society and shows them that violence is not always the key. This can educate them in a sense and allow them to use non-violent approaches in there everyday lives. Our younger generation can learn as well and practice this non-violence approach and apply it to whichever situation they may get in.
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Sometimes I think to myself if I am doing the best I possibly can. I can never answer my own question, so I depend on my peers to answer it for me. Trusting only my friends to give me an accurate response, even if its what I do or don't want to hear. I'm glad they are honest and truthful with what they say. When they tell me this, I try and correct what I'm doing wrong or proceed with what I'm doing if it is right. I like learning from my mistakes so that I may know next time.