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Van hasn’t called yet. I’m a little worried. He’s usually right on the ball with collecting the rent. I hope something hasn’t happened. One of my worst fears is that he will pass on, and the Rogers lineage will not be so “one hand washes the other” with us. First the rent would increase, or worse, we would be evicted, the building would be gutted and rebuilt then rented out at twice the rent, then all sorts of unpleasantries would ensue: actual, real leases, etc. Just hang on til the fall, Van, and I will be forever grateful in retrospect.
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“One point five pound crack baby. Man, I can’t believe I ain’t had one cigarette since I got here.”
“What are you looking at? I thought maybe it was broken.”
“Well, I washed my hair on friday, and it was cold when I went out, so I think that was what did it.”
“I’ve heard that rumor before.”
“That looks so good. I’m on a diet.”
“Can I borrow your book?”
“I thought maybe you had fallen off the Earth...”
“I was sick last week. I quit drinking, and then I got sick. Maybe alcohol was staving off the germs.”
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Clint suggested Lammina Fectum and while I agree it is fitting and nebulous enough, he said himself: “Everyone does it”.
“Castings and Constructions” got denied outright. The one thing we can all agree on is that we hate the “Emerging Talent” tag put on us. But when crunch time arrives, we decide on nothing, and therefore relegate ourselves as emerging (and indecisive) talents. That’s why I will propose “Eligius” tomorrow. I think it’s beautiful. I am in no way catholic or even remotely religious, but I like the idea of a patron saint; the idea of someone to look to.
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I’m imagining what it would be like to smash your eyes and to smash your mouth. My fists between concrete. Forgive me if I seem distant; I really enjoy this vision. I love you just enough to smash you. Hee hee! You know me well enough to know that a blow from my fist is worth ten thousand kisses. I will kiss you ten thousand times. And then ten thousand more. I will do so in love. Through love. Because of love. My love collides like a barrow-full, my love? It’s a sledgehammer. If I hit you, you will know.
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My dad had a photo parlour. He believed in gimmicks. I worked for him cheap. One day a smelly couple came in. I dressed them and took their photo. My job. I saw them months later. I was hallucinating strongly. They were standing on a landing in the Boston Garden, arguing about something. I remembered them because he was wearing the same shirt... I didn’t say anything. I stopped taking acid after that. I stopped associating with hippies as well.. I just don’t have the energy to be so self righteous and smelly anymore. I’m glad. The Grateful Dead sucks.
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Cunt is such a great word. It’s the new fuck. Don’t get me wrong, fuck’s a great word. But I think it may be time for fuck to gracefully step aside and let someone else have the spotlight for a bit. Cunt yeah. Fuck has lost its edge. Like abstract expressionism was in its time, fuck was once shocking and rebellious, but now fuck is commonplace. Cunt is where it’s at. Cunt is abrupt and to the point, just like fuck. But cunt has a harder edge, and still manages to offend people. Cunt you! Cunt you, you cunting cunt!
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Oh for fuck’s sake. Pill popping, booze swilling, complaint spewing cunts! All of you. And me too, I won’t begin to pretend I’m above that level of selfish cuntery. It’s been far too long since I’ve read anything of substance. I keep clicking “read random” like a cracked out monkey, but it’s all shlock. What happened? Perhaps....perhaps shit, I can’t think of what may have gone wrong. Subjected to too much whining and day-to-day travel-log crap, I’ve grown bored of the formulaic shite I can expect to pop up. I’m sorry you got hurt, but leave me out of it.
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What the hell are we doing here people? What is this? What is the motivation behind all of this? Does anyone care what the hell we have to say? Should I care about your whiny, obsessive, solipsistic rantings? I don’t. You think you’re hurt? Poor baby. Everybody else has been hurt. Why does your hurt deserve special attention? This is a forum for wannabe intellectuals? Are we jaded novelists? Are we so hurt and lonely that no one else will listen to our selfish longings? I swear, sometimes I am absolutely nauseated by our behavior. You know who you are.
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I will kiss your lips
with my ass

a rapscallion is a hip hop onion

I’m into using balls in my work

I3 r@I/I I) 0 I/I S I_I I_ I_ i `/ @ I/I
Remember beepers?
old fashioned irritation time of 2:16. That beer and thinking about filling the bong. Then we heard the smashing metal and cries of help.
would not be a dog, which is similar to being a dead dog (not Tim
blue flame of a welder’s tool. It will fuck your eyes up, but you buh.
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buoyant, that closer, I will alloy products appeared.
‘The bin was hers too,” he said, and your "ailment" and declares that it’s stress.
Then None of us live in stimulation.
You get fucked. Up the ass. Fuck back.
Chug-a-lug. Mainline. Fuck. so much that anyone stares.
I think , even for cheerleaders; pom-tiptoe around because down with our balogna sandwiches and milk, eager to eat after such hard work.
The mule, of course, she car drove there on its own. The smell of the sickly sweet.
—your mindset through this window of a website?’
It is, I ate tacos.
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a captain of Fury
by age twenty
to my surprise I’ve survived this long disgustingly precise

I am trying to slow down
For some reason I’m not afraid.
but I have enough trouble
. i can’t seem to do anything but choke
I’m more nervous than I look brutalized with punching
They just don’t exist. I’m alone, but I don’t care because I'm doing ol' number nine right now.
I’ve been struggling to know more
I made a decision
brought it to my bed
hand has ceased shivering
like a child-murderer's lullaby.
Where the hell’s my hammer?
I need to...
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we all suffer
but I declined once again. I love it here
heart and head riding a winning streak

don’t quit the one thing you can do right

fine beyond her fear:
Six hours of other people’s plates
I was a ghost, along the rails,
deemed "missing" in today’s Post,
spilled out all over the leg of the man with the big fists.
I’m slightly amused, covered in dirt and weeds.
I stood, trembling with anger

"Nothing. I'm doing nothing."

just sit around
People are sharing their stories with me
Frankly we can’t win in a world of snares.
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So far so good, I continue to wonder How can anybody say I’m thinking about things I shouldn’t,

i’m not falling

i only understand this now. I heard my thoughts from someone else’s voice, I can hardly manage a smile. Must be the alcoholic in me.
What is it ? far beneath the hubbub I rush to fill the vacuum, the cook claimed ‘There isn’t a frying pan so you can’t have a fried egg’. Sometimes I forget that pain from my past also belongs to me. Crammed together, they were concerned if I had enough room. I am.
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Questions of weight and significance
I want to start making phone calls
but I don’t think it’s quite sunk in. I never took it too far,
Back to back with my addiction. He stops at my door ten times a day. My old pal.pour me out on the floor.

forgot where home was
I promise not to do this again
. But it’s hard when everything seems so ugly. I don't say anything. Why doesn’t it get any easier?
i forget why i’m trying. I take my time.
A single folly I would be able to find too much.
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Because its like okay think brain think. I just couldn’t face all the grossed out faces smelling my creation. Like its fucking pink. Like they’re supposed to look out for you. My dad wants me to side with the union, he’s been loyal to his for like 20 some years. Like incredibly lots! I forgot to renew my plates and registration so technically my car wasn’t insured so its like endangerment of something or other bullshit. Before I was like hoping that the time would go by slowly. Then its like family allowance day or something. I totally congratulate you!
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This is how I lost my innocence, so long ago that i'd forgotten:

My fever broke, dogs stood rapt;
genius is a secret that I keep. I don't feel I need to fill her in.

She said he was having a hard time with it.

Today is tomorrow and I've got this black angel that rides with me.

We have trouble talking.

We're going to counseling to try and work it out.

Right now, she is the anti-christ.
She'll be with me. At certain moments we will catch each other's eyes, see we are not what we pretend to be.
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Good night, bad day.

These are the things that scare me.
With a mask and weapon at her feet, she waits for her turn on the strip. Those dreams feel so real. I wanted to know whether he meant that they were taken away, or whether he believed that the people actually disappeared. I really don’t need anything.

“Just wait. I’ll show you something. I’m prepared for later, when things go bad. Of course it’s done, its working... “

But it’s strange to admit that these people are lost to me now.

There is little to remark, little to comment upon.
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I would cut through your space
I would slice apart your defenses at a bad time.
I don’t mind the weather I find it confusing. And somewhat amusing. gotten greasy and soft. the style of something wrapped in a paper bag. it’s all part of paying my dues.
But inexplicable evil swells up in my chest quite often,

‘Just because I never said anything up to now doesn’t mean I can’t.’
"I know much about digging."

why am I inventing this obstacle?
. I go to sleep now having broken every promise
I'm not a nice person, get over it.
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I learned, like one fish between my back parts squeeze together.
When I was not any more than one boy with a load in mine dia by, I dreamed over this job.
Bemuttern you means to me, in order to be more practical, but I would like to become only bottuck fish a Squeezer.
I studied very strongly at the university and each temptation of the Schnaepse and the inexpensive sex avoided.
And now I stand the proudest moment ago in my life.
I remember for the remainder of my life first on feel the professional back part fish squeezing.
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I guess, you hide that matter in yours underpants. In order to see the fact that I means to adhere to finger into my hot slot wet-made. Two women in hot tub, which receives to it, you bet your donkey! Do you click here, in order to find out? They left photos to 'confidence friend '. Apparent they wanted to show the world, what material lezzers to the rear closed doors to rise! Enjoy! Friday has the largest boobs, which you at all and a delightful body saw, in order to go with it, and it really loves cords...,
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They are need more Fraurapists. Kueken with Brueckeons those even taking it of a man to gunpoint; were probably still away received and to fall in love itself....AWW. As sweet. They put my piston in for free...,
Yep is which I., Mr. Fuckbutt, because I feel strong over to the hand the topic. It gives, somewhat wrongly with that straight. Me meant this already? They are an idiot. Well possibly Patsy are sometimes also..Except..., which I not the Ivana Trump hairdo to go has on.....I'm which with the blond angel..............ha hectar hectar.....people that clings to hectar hectar hectar charlies, MOODS!
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Forwards it at corn... me...I'm....The support are corn, which, I came two days from today's day....That's a little slow ate, are not you think furiously? Well did I drink only beer and jello so yesterday possibly that it?? is?
How Bout, if I squat over a polar iodine and tears a figure? Someone once explained to me during a session of the mouth sex that I had possibly "pretty Pussy" (this draws cases under worsted gathering category - however she was kinda nicened - for I always thought the Vaginas, are looked like strange small caricature characters),
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Once had opportunity I for running over a dwarf when driving my bicycle. I set in motion along at quite a tie-clip, when he out locked a mailbox from the rear. Or possibly was it trashcan. Each way, I could see not him, and he ran directly into the path from two turned, whizzing fate. I stopped it off. Strongly. Since fate would have it, I had received the dwarves, whom I had seen into films away in a humorous way from the aluminium. After, was I the dwarves scared shitless. If Schicksalsmacks it, it really female Bitch slaps it.
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How ‘bout you go outside and play a nice game of hide and go fuck yourself?How ‘bout you go outside and play a nice game of hide and go fuck yourself?How ‘bout you go outside and play a nice game of hide and go fuck yourself?How ‘bout you go outside and play a nice game of hide and go fuck yourself?How ‘bout you go outside and play a nice game of hide and go fuck yourself?How ‘bout you go outside and play a nice game of hide and go fuck yourself?How ‘bout you go outside and play a nice game?
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A jewel from Mom’s cakehole quite came out today. ‘The Urologist saw my blister by a camera.” Los Angeles gives me boogers. It lets me watch out to football and fights begins to wish. "It.s very wet. That’s a good thing." All my last juices out into a promised five month window squeezing together from now on and continue carrying on in any new place in which I mean ideas drop dwelling around me do not leave. ... receive drunk now and a Bumsen not, giving. I am that, who receives, to wash all those pots? I formed mean understanding!
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Was not even I, which is fearful to explain it that their nether parts had the rule-most adverse smell. There are things, which I stand not for, and unpleasant smell of the lower parts are one of them. I explained innumerable to other inexpensive women that they must invest female hygene in some products think from them, there an operating expenditure. I said, If, which smells it coochie, you well, more business receives. But alas, it is most difficult to keep the attention of a Sprungdirne. Can I mean good nose to hold. Was not even I, which is fearful.
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"Ah youth... my highschool friend and I parked in its car one night, participated in familiar mouth act, when it moved its Kiefer. Aparantly, which was weak it, such things congentitally, had happened before it. I was scared as it; she thought it was nice that I was thus ensured. We had to exist ourselves and drive to the urgency area to receive it reduced. She explained to them that had happened 'yawning'. "

"It pulled fingers away and their fingertips glowed with the propellant, abrasion. I pulled condom down, my "points" had become flourescent. I am recommended against radioactive condoms..."
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“I am married cord and we have rather free family. I'm kind of sport coach. I have it physically for some time, particularly owing to its fine equipments: low hiphuggers, bare midriffs, sport bras, hard body. 'Warmly' felt. Ow!”

"I take one moment, around memory of recent, close perfect form of its body on my to coin/shape... even savor the sunshine, which forms the small, small blond hair on their Kolbenglitzern such as Pfirsichfaeserchen. In the Hinteranblick this is the best 69, which I had at all since.”

”My nut/mother still laughs at me, she is reminded of this event.”
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It’s easy just babbling on about your day: something was irritating, something was boring, something else was momentous. Today I bought plywood and spraypaint. At checkout, the receipt was over a foot long. It consisted of mostly a large white field, with some printing on each end.
Everyone thought the elongated receipt was something to note and comment upon. Not me. I’ve seen ‘em before. The guy scoping receipts at the door actually said “Whoa!” Normally I hate those guys, but today I wanted to show him the footlong receipt.

”Did you see that thing?”
”Footlong if it was an inch.”
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If you find yourself offended, if you find yourself slightly violated because of some appropriated words, hark and hear these: they were never your words to begin with. You took them and put them into an order, I also took them and put them into a different order. A form of flattery? Probably not. A modern-day dadaist piece? Barely. I’m too much of a control freak to give complete liberty to chance. Laziness? I take offense to that. It took much longer to rape your words than to whine about my waning relationship/job/life-aspiration/ or to babble on about my girlfriend/cat/job/school/family/fill-in-the-blank.