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Spring has never been my favorite season, especially living in the tropics of Texas. A difficult time though lately is about to followed by a period of wonderful. I keep faith of a meme I printed a very long time ago that discusses " Sometime life is awful, and then it's beautiful..." I am disappointed lately with what was previously my church and the shelving of my bass and violin concerto because of unreasonable demands made by the conductor. Lots of disappointment and darkness lately, but as cliched and hoary as it is, it IS always darkest before the dawn. Amen.
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Someday I would like to be at home in the bluegrass homelands for the Derby festivities and such. Seems like going to rain this year though, like it is this week here in Austin. Some much surrealism coming out of another unfortunate mental and physical health bad patch, but glad to be so regardless. I am thankful for all my books and all the things there are to watch. Being in a mental and physical health place and not able to work was much worse before there was an internet and Kindle and such. Travel starts again next week! Amen!
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I have barely written any words OR music during this rough month. That must change soon as I really need to finish the new three basses and piano piece before I go to Alaska next week. So excited to make my third trip there-- the air is so amazing and my friend there is an amazing person and has been one of my most important brothers for many, many years. It will be good to dive back into a great deal of symphony as well upon my return. Thrilled I will be with my favorite stand partner of all!! Amen.
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I had craving for spaghetti so I ordered some. I just didn't feel like making any myself, though I have three huge pots I could make them in now. It's very sad. That can be one of my goals for this summer is to make some spaghetti in one of my huge pots. I put a picture on all my social media of me with a sheet on my head. And then I captioned it by saying I was a poor man's Lawrence of Arabia. It has gotten a lot of chuckles. I am stir crazy. But all over soon !!
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We moved the planchette around the OUija board, excited and trepedatious at once, knowing this is what we had to do to get retribution for the actions of horrors of horrible Allie. The letters began to spell out what would happen to her if the spirits were encouraged enough. We remembered you must say goodbye to the spirits after the session, otherwise they will see it as a sign of rudeness that you did not do so. Allie, we want great woe and ordeal to come to you Allie, you deserve it. And then we all sat around and waited.
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We couldn't wait to see what the spirits were going to inflict upon horrible Allie. And what was her wuss of a boyfriend going to do if he found out ? Was he actually going to try to report it? Oh, mean people did something to my ugly-ass, snaggletooth, possessive, passive-aggressive cunt of a girlfriend using Ouija boards? Who in the world would listen to such nonsense? But that was the beauty of our plan, we would never even CONCEIVE of actually doing something to horrible Allie, but we knew ways to get spirits to do it for us!
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Allie's hair is the color of death.. pale, dishwater lifeless, death. She is in dire need of peridontia and orthodontia. She's someone no one would really want to meet because of her horrible, conniving, manipulative ways. I wonder what the spirits may have in store for her. It doesn't even matter if the spirits even not really doing anything-- the vibration will be out there that we cannot just allow all the trauma and pain Allie has caused to go wantonly unanswered. She's evil and dreadful. Her Karma must be encouraged and energized. She's a terrible, loathsome, vile, vomitous creature.
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I find Respighi to be very underrated. Yes, of course all the Rome piece are still done often because they make a huge audience effect, but I think there are those who think that means the music itself in those works is cheap and I think that's unfair. His orchestration is really brilliant, especially in Church Windows. I think it's not just all loud and showy, his music in my opinion is actually crafted exquisitely! I think Church Windows is my favorite. Would love to hear his concerto a cinque and his violin concerto much more often ! I love Respighi!
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The horror of Allie became more apparent as she turned into a dragon. The vile-smelling flame coming out of her flaring, ugly nostrils was hard to avoid, but the vampire successfully did it. He took the flame and burned wood carvings out of it in order to create art of the horror that was the vile dragon. One of the titles was " The Abandoned Vampires That Always Knew The Truth About The Horror That Was Allie" A close-to-home title since he always knew she was a monster. The other flames however were still drawing closer--hot flames!
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The vampire called Agnes to see if she had any insight on killing the evil dragon that was Allie. Agnes reminded me of the poison bananas that killed the evil Chris last year- Chris had been stealing her money and lying to her all the time -- and then whining on her doorstep when he became a homeless heroin addict. We laughed about what we did with Chris' body when he overdosed on her veranda and how we used the meat from his body to feed Chris' terrible children the cannibal canapes. They had no idea they were eating awful father.
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My neighbors thankfully had all of their own problems going back and forth in and out of the black lodge to see if they could rescue their friend, Agent Dale Cooper. Agnes and I were very happy they were distracted since it might cause a lot of Homeowners' Association problems if they were complaining about the Allie Dragon bothering us with the fire, and the disposing of rotten liars' bodies in order to cook them. I wonder what kind of fine they would charge if they paid attention to all the hubbub these things were creating! Thank God they don't !
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The barefoot idiots that invited the Allie dragon into our existence in the first place continued to be of no help. Millenials, even talented and insightful and book-brilliant ones , are really so incredibly stupid. And so now we have to deal with the Allie dragon in our neighborhood!! It's really such a pain trying to go about your business with some bitchy cuntface dragon causing so many problems. Perhaps hopefully the poison bananas will work. Or at least make Allie change back into the human form she had before-- an ugly human form with the face of a weasel.
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Agnes and I decided we were just tired of dealing with the horrible Allie dragon so we decided to go on a vacation to Millie's house. Millie always has lots of good food, none of it gluten free. Which usually irritated Millie's neighbors who all were from the Gluten Free Cult that had been started by Bobby Blackfoot. But at least Millie's neighborhood didn't have a Homeowners' Association to deal with. Rosemary used to live in this neighborhood too, she had the baby that was the sire of satan you know. Her other children looked like Frank Sinatra it seemed.
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We are considering sending Allie the annoying dragon to Austin, where everyone ridiculously thinks that Barbeque is a religion. BBQ is really good, don't get me wrong, but this standing in line for hours and hours and hours for it is patently ridiculous. Then perhaps the dragon could just go around bothering other people. We are considering pawning the dragon if we can off onto Rosemary. She had so many issues with her Satan-baby and her perverted Jewish husband and their 163 other children, that surely an annoying dragon would't be that much more for her to deal with.
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Rosemary indeed had been so traumatized about her devil baby-- she indeed kept having an affair with Frank Sinatra. There were many people of course who were still upset that she had left Peyton Place with no forwarding address. And what of her terrible boy-ish haircut? She really did look like an extra out of Oliver-- a homeless waif indeed. When she wasn't in this dimension, she was a 90 year old woman in another dimension posting annoying and unhelpful things on Nikki's facebook wall. Nikki really should have told her to shut up, but she never ever did.
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Other members of the neighborhood included the inspiring twins, Thomasina Titface and Matilda Margarine. Thomasina was especially inspiring in her triumph over her disfigurement -- instead of a normal face, she had just one large breast on her head-- making her also unusually someone who had real life surname to match her condition. Yet Ms. Titface took it all in stride and continued to succeed in life, getting a Doctorate at Princeton in tap dancing. When she danced, people were mesmerized by her amazing footwork and for the sight of the one large breast that comprised her face bouncing all around.
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Thomasina Titface was also triumphant in many tournaments of card games that she was so fond of, especially Dominion. She was always sending in emails to the publishers and creators of the game to make an actual card based on her, Titface. People would then say, OK, I will play a Market, a Smithy, and now a Titface. The Titiface allows you to freely take a Colony if you can tap dance with the person next to you without dropping any of your cards. Thomasina would always beat people at this because of all of her various areas of expertise.
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Matilda Stevens may be the one who holds the secret of how to destroy Allie the Dragon. Everyone is wishing she would disappear! ( Allie the dragon, not Matilda.) But before dealing with any of that Matilda has to deal with Frittata. Yes, her sister Frittata, who is named after a Mexican Egg breakfast dish, is caught in the Black Lodge with the undead Laura and Leland Palmer, Agent Dale Cooper, et al. She is wondering if they have WiFI in the Black Lodge-- she really doesn't want to go in there if not . She doesn't like being out of touch.
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Tomorrow I need to get 18 tacos before I go up north to Nerdstock. I am excited for the gaming weekend-- the kiddie concerts have really killed me this week especially the getting up at 6:30 A.M. It's been really horrible. Especially the super super loud second sets of children who are so very loud and annoying. Their recorder playing is really dreadful this year as well. I hate the whole process, but I am thankful for the paycheck especially as I am not going to play the July 4th concert. Got too hot last year, 'twas awful.
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I am very excited about summer travels replacing trips I had canceled when I was ill in the spring. Very excited to go to Alaska to see Buddy Bus. He Has a lot of monikers. He is Uncle Monk Professor Buddy Bus Brother D-Rock. Then I am very excited to see if the next Vegas happens right before that or right after that. Very excited for Vegas. Planning to eat at Giada and Eiffel Tower again-- so very excited. Eating during Vegas trips is becoming as important as gambling! I love Las Vegas so much, it's my happy place.
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It's always been very odd that I like the things that GO ON food more than the food itself. There are a plethora of examples : I really like frosting better than cake, I really sometimes love the mayonnaise and/or the mustard more than what else is actually in the sandwich, I often love tartar sauce more than the fish itself ( I also use tartar sauce for french fries), I really love hot fudge or caramel sauce often more than the ice cream itself. I cannot believe my little cousin just posted on his facebook that he hates whipped cream!
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Some of the games to be played in the next four days : At The Gates Of Loyang, The Networks, Rococo,Elysium, Daxu, Ponzi Scheme. Discoveries of Lewis and Clark The Dice Game, The $25,000 Pyramid, Eye Guess, The Who What Or Where Game, Moons, Sagreda, Schweinenbande--- this is a partial list!! Have needed a game vacation for a very long time. I hope the rain isn't as much as some are predicting. I hope the rain drowns the Allie Dragon in the attacked neighborhood so we can all be at peace finally without her fire-breathing horror ffecting us.
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I was an angel full of scars, yet you chose to walk with the YokoAllieCuntDragon of manipulation and horror. So sad and sickening and cuckholded and codependent and pathetic. But at least now they are selling some very powerful new deluxe dragon repellent from Amazon. I am ordering a bunch soon, I hope it's available on Prime so I do not have to wait very long before it. I also hope it's very very effective. So many creatures like this need to be sent back where they came from, or at least far, far, far away. Go away demoness dragons!!!!
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Things I am looking forward to : Dallas Games Marathon, Alaska to visit DD, perhaps getting to play my first blackjack tournament the next time I go to Vegas in early August, the next time I get my house cleaned, ( probably in two weeks), getting to play games again on Sunday, the next time I visit Mom, having my vampire absinthe piece learned and more in my hands, next time going to dinner with RT, next time to see AWT and him fixing things in my bathroom, games next Monday in San Antonio again---I like to look forward to things.
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There seems to be such drama,hubbub, and perhaps even a brouhaha, about my posting about Pickled Bologna. Of course not from my fellow Kentuckians and/or mid-Southerners. It's really just vinegar-ed and pickled rope-shaped processed meat. It's my favorite " hillbilly" food next to brown beans and cornbread. Perhaps I should try to make some brown beans and cornbread, Grandma isn't going to make any anymore and my Mom makes LOTS of wonderful things but (by her own admission) her brown beans really suck. I shall consider this, I am going to ask my aunts for recipes
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I hate co-ops very much -- except for Mysterium. But I also love One against meany games-- I really like Fury of Dracula, Letters From Whitechapel, and Scotland Yard. I also hate RPG or miniatures-involved games. If I wanted to play D&D, I would do so, thanks. I actually played One Night Alien last night and I found it a tad bit more interesting than One Night Werewolf, but I still am never totally sure that I know what the hell I am doing per my role. I am glad there are so many different kinds of games.
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I indeed hate the neighborhood being invaded by the dragon Allie more than I even hated Casey Cuntface or fat, cuckholded, pretentious half-blind Donn with his stupid two N's. Hate is a very healthy thing when you position and aim it correctly. I write a lot of music about hate and I think Dragon Allie alone will have two pieces written about her-- some very cool piece I am anxious to finish. I had a dream YokoAllieCunt got killed in a plane crash and I felt bad that I didn't feel bad when I woke up. Too bad. Ha.
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If you don't pretend that when someone you detest and despise gets killed that you feel bad-- you may look like not much of a humanitarian at that moment -- but you won't be a hypocrite. I definitely would never want anyone else innocent to be injured if indeed YokoAllieCunt were to be killed in a plane crash. Just her only. Everyone else should be OK. Maybe YokoAllieCUnt is trying for her pilot's license and she could have a total fail on her first solo mission. Then that wouldn't hurt anyone else. And don't hurt anyone else on the ground either!
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Such a first world problem to write this particular day's 100-word ditty about -- but I really hate, HATE having a dishwasher, but it not REALLY always getting everything clean. And then you wash said still-stained cup/glass/dish repeatedly in some sort of stubborn game of chicken of whether you or the dishwasher will give in first-- then after five washes you just give up and then realized those items will indeed have to be washed by hand in the sink-- so you do so. Again, such a first world problem but this all really, really irritates me.
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I know perhaps Jeff Bezos and Amazon give money to things I definitely don't approve of, but I really can't help it-- I adore my relationship with Amazon. And very, very few things I check on there are not cheaper. Just today I decided to buy face wipes and thumbtacks and pencils on there instead of going to Wal-mart or Walgreens-- THAT's how much I love Amazon!! And when you have had somewhat of a difficult Spring-- packages every day are much more reliable than people for making you feel good. Packages every day make me very very happy !!
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I have always hated Spring. I am thankful for many things, but mostly thankful that this one is over. Many dark days this Spring. But as much as I also despise summer, especially since I have moved to the tropics of South Central Texas pushing 30 years ago, there is much to look forward to this Summer. Many travels to see many wonderful people. Making up for all the travel lost during this terrible Spring. I have very good feelings about this Summer and next Autumn-- even though I have never been all that big a fan of Autumn either.