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Well does March really come in like a lion? I am not sure. Well I guess I could roar today-- thick walls in what is still to me a NEW house so I don't reckon I am going to disturb anyone. I did have my hair down in my mane for a while today so I reckon that can be lionesque. I have prowled around the house since I came home from rehearsal so there is another thing. I still have thoughts of Detroit on a semi-regular basis so there is something else that has to do with Lions.
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I have the heat on because the master suite in this house still gets terribly drafty, even though the front/concert hall room is still rather chilly. As usual with the heat it will start to smother in here so I will leave the heat on until when I get up tomorrow and I shall just crack a window and turn the fans up. As I just turned one of those fans up there is one of my Las Vegas potholders. I am very confused as to why there is a potholder up here in my bedroom. Such a mystery.
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Why in the WORLD would those repugnant degenerates at The Game Crafter think that I would want to be on their mailing list? I made it RATHER clear to J.T. and hather, that stupid cunt wife of is how I would react if I EVER had to deal with them or their brand again. I definitely never back off from this either if ever asked. They are by far the most horrible people in indie gaming I have ever come across customer-service wise and I hate them beyond words can adequately express. I hope they get ebola soon.
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I go back and forth about what authors' works and thoughts stay with me the most. Still however most of the time I have to go with Kurt Vonnegut. He certainly has provoked I think some of my deepest music. . Even my misanthropic and so not-humanitarian self is still so deeply affected by part of the baptism sequence lines from "God Bless You, Mr. Rosewater"-- ".. Godddamnit babies, you have to be kind." I think the fact that so many horrible people I have dealt with cannot follow that is a deep root of my misanthropy.Try to be Kind.
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I wanted to keep capturing the scent of the strength and the sage, I didn't want you to be the one to invite me out of the rain-- I wanted to stay there in that damp darkness to see how I would survive. You came in and brought way too much sun and heart and reckless dreams, and you wouldn't let me stay under the umbrella I had brought specifically for this purpose. So now I am at your table with the checkered tablecloth, Italian retro cute in your estimation, a prison sentence in mine. POem for the book here.
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So much rain rain rain. It feels much colder than the 58 that the weather app and the TV claims. Maybe it will drown out all copies of Quarruiors. That would be glorious.. all those little awful dice floating into the sewer with everyone's feces, where they belong. Then we could take the large tin boxes and use them for planters and ashtrays. Perhaps plant some fine marijuana inside, smoke it when mature, then eat all of the doritos of the overrated designer. I hate that he seems like a nice person, I want to steal his food and money.
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She was the only one who was brave enough to walk to the barn in the dark. She thought it was silly that everyone thought just the absence of light suddenly manifested all matter of baddies. She would go there in the sticky Summer night, she would go there in the tangy cold of late Autumn, didn't matter when, she was just totally not afraid of walking to the barn in the dark. The people who should have been afraid should have been all her seven siblings still inside the house when she returned. Because someone ELSE always came back.
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Days of our Lives continues to be dreadful. While the fallout of the gay triangle has moments, so much of this show is filler that goes absolutely nowhere. On an episode for this week... with SO little story ANYWHERE.. did we really need 10 minutes of Jordan and Rafe dancing? And what exactly is the entire point of Jordan/Ben/Rafe/Ali anyway? IS There a point? I think Lauren Koslow needs some sort of Emmy for playing this atrocious Kate and Clyde romance as well as she does, she is certainly a real por. Days of our Lives sucks.
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Bring me some pasta, bitches, I don't care if your underarm itches, bring me some pasta bitches now !! Yeah I want that food, no, dont' care about your mood, yeah, I might be a little bit rude, but I want some pasta bitches, now ! So bring me some pasta bitches, U don't care if your underarm bitches, so bring me some pasta, bitches now. Look, who is that coming down the road? Looking all grumpy from their burden and load? Oh yes, it's the pasta bitches. On their way to wealth and riches for their word, it's the pasta bitches!
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I definitely think women should have the right to breast feed in public. But That doesn't mean I want to see. See, I hate people in general, so I hate lots of women and the parts of them that make them women, especially when they are drippy with white milk, which I also despise. So you take some squirming, moist, disease-infected vile infant and then mash him up against some wench's disgusting tit, and I am sorry I will do you a favor. I WILL be the one to to leave and I will be glad to do so.
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How ironic is it that something that is a relatively modern issue for is with auto-immune issues, that being the B12 or other concentrated B shot-- can be closely approximated with something that seems so old-fashioned. Geritol. Yes, that's right. Doctors told me that Geritol has almost as high a concentration of B supplement as an actual B shot does. Which means I can look at myself in the mirror and do the 1970's commercial : I try to take care of this still new big house, I practice and write and proof and compose, and I take Geritol.
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I am currently watching the very first episode of NBC's Saturday Night-- only later to be entitled Saturday Night Live after a show with that name, starring of all people, Howard Cosell, was cancelled off ABC.And as we all often realize, nostalgia seemingly commands one to don rose-colored glasses. It's really just not that funny. Some of the sketches are minorly chuckle inducing, but nothing is actually what you would call laugh-out-loud funny except for the very first Weekend Update. And at least all the sketches are relatively short, there aren't the endless horrible sketches yet.
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Operators are NOT standing by for your call. They aren't. They haven't been since the 1970s. That magic school bus? It was NEVER magical. I wonder however if Vanishing Cream actually indeed does what it says, because you sure don't see any of it around, at least not called that anymore. In other news, The detergent and cleaner aisle is still my favorite place to walk up and down at the grocery store. It always smells so good and the colors are always so happy and vibrant. I wish more of life was like the detergent aisle. I'd love that.
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Well I am not really a fan of marriage. Or romances. Or relationships really. Or , let's face it, people. Becker is my favorite sitcom character ever and totally, as the weirdos say, my spirit animal. People in general are total idiots, all you have to do is look at the absolutely terrifying ratings for FOX news to realize this. And the horrifyingly small number of Americans who have read a book in the past year. It really is horrifically shameful. It's ironic that I feel this way yet my entire career is based on people watching what I do. Hm.
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She came in the door with his banana. She had stolen it under cover of night, running away as if she was Chiquita herself. She found the banana much more appealing than other bananas she could have purchased herself at Kroger. But she was indeed named Banana Stevens because she was infamous for all of her banana thefts. No one really knew what she did with all the bananas she stole from people throughout the neighborhood, but people were always irritated when they were getting ready to make pie or pudding and then they discovered their bananas had gone missing.
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Everything was OK , well not OK, but at least tolerable in the neighborhood after Banana Stevens' latest reign of fruit theft-- that was until then everyone's slaw started disappearing. Then people started to get really upset. " First that weird lady named Banana started stealing indeed our what are we going to do for picnics? for potlucks? for fish frys? all of the events that deem the need for slaw are now going to be slawless !!!" The neighborhood watch meeting was indeed close to becoming a riot. Being without bananas was one things, but now, also a slaw thief?
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Before Allegra Amy's allergies kept her from all her playground activities. But who cares? Amy's a cunt. She's a stupid fucking bitch who thinks idiots sight reading in front of a paying audience is magical for the community. I hope she stays In Ireland which she crowdfunded to get everyone else to pay for. I think we should start a crowdfunding started to see who will pay to make her stay. I'd love that. She could stay there in Ireland forever and shove shillealeghs into her orifices on the Irish porno channels. That is what she deserves to be doing.
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August:Osage County. My goodness, what astounding lines and what astounding acting. Perhaps just a tad slow in the middle but the last 40 minutes are completely astounding. Families are a whole lot like this a lot more than they are all these happy fuckinbg lying sacks of shit. I have an uncle who God Bless Him who has had not one but TWO wives leave him for their drug dealers. Twenty-eight years apart. So many people I know whose given parents are NOT their real parents. And you wonder who knows and who doesn't. I really hate people.
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I say this repeatedly but if you want to see more of why I am so anti-romance, anti-relationship . and anti-humanity in general .. all you have to do is watch all the shows on the ID channel and other shows like Dateline. 99.999999999999999999999999999% of everyone killed( In some of the most atrociously unthinkable ways possible.) is killed by their spouse/partner/gf/bf. The amount of people killed by absolute strangers has dropped more than 40% in the past several decades. ( This was from a study cited in an article I read this week.) People really suck.
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It's so ironic with the resurgence of vinyl that at the age of 5 I was so excited about getting a record player; and now here at the age of 48 I am so excited about getting a record player again. Mainly for old games I have that actually come with records, but I have some albums of peoples' works I have kickstarted as well. Should give them a listen I reckon. I still love how the old, huge, furniture stereos had that L-shaped little holder that would hold a number of albums and one by one would play.
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It's such an incredible shame that the past two winters have been so dreadful. So much death, sickness, sadness, snow, and ruined plans. Because Winter has always been my favorite season and Spring has always ran a very close second to summer as being my LEAST favorite season-- especially with the advent of global warming and living in SOuth Central Texas. But these two Springs.. the last one and the one starting today.. really do indeed feel like rebirths-- again so much sickness and ruined plans seems to be thank God behind me for now. Everything happens for a reason.
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I am currently reading a book called Come Winter by Evan Howard, which is suitably a sequel to his book Last Summer. I have never read Last Summer but I have seen the cult movie several times. While it certainly seems tame by current standards, differing ( possibly incorrect ) sources online declare that this movie was rated X upon its initial release. This is completely for a last scene that will honestly haunt you for ages. And as we associate so many things with actors when they become famous for something else, you may be saying "John Boy !! How COULD you??"
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Am I seemingly the only person that does not GIVE a hairy rat's ass how to fold a fitted sheet? Seriously, how OCD must an individual be or how FEW other things does someone have to worry about or deal with for this now to be such a matter of concern? I AM indeed much more domestic that I ever used to be until I got in this house, I even for the first time in my life have my own washer and dryer to do my own laundry !!!!-- But seriously, WTF? Wadded sheets on the shelf for the win !!
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How can Days of our Lives be SO SO SO terrible with its zillions of writers all of whom have piles of Emmys? We had all of this build up of the Jordan secret-- which is that she was driving the car that killed her mother and baby sibling--- and all this ridiculous fake build up that Aidan was a killer when it was really his kid who, as an infant, accidentally shot Aidan's crazy wife.. and then???? There has been NO fallout, no appraisals of this information, not NOTHING. Absolutely atrocious writing. Ken Corday has always been an idiot.
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TV is now full circle. At its dawn people would make shows about ANYTHING just to see if it stuck and people would watch. ( A handful of bingo shows. Tons of 15 minute shows where someone talked and then sang one song and then a 6 minute commercial by the singer ) . And now there are going to be people who watch 12 hours of SOMEONE'S WINDSHIELD view. Makes the yule log fireplace channel seem downright scintillating. And what about that old show where a man in front of a curtain READ a crime story from the newspaper allegedly dramatically? ( truth !)
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It occurred to me as I was walking through my favorite aisle at the grocery store, the cleaning products aisle, that something I was always so perplexed about as a child can be analogously found said aisle. I always wondered why all the products there where so toxic and dangerous. But they are so helpful and wonderful to get rid of dirt and mess and leave everything fresh and wonderful-smelling. Those cleaning products are like the traumas of life. They are so toxic, burning, dangerous, and awful. But after your soul USES them ..( this will be continued tomorrow here...)
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( continuing from yesterday... ) but after your soul and heart and conscience USE them, you are all wonderfully renewed, cleaned, disinifected ( literally) , and washed clean. Other musings about cleaning products : I wonder, is starch that you boil on the stove still available? Would anyone still use that? Does anyone still boil shirts? And what ever happened to Rinso? What about Dash? Or how about Bold? I appreciate the reduction in waste and what you have to carry around but I sort of miss the really huge washing powder boxes. They were always fun to dip the cup down into I thought.
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I really thought for the greater part of my adult life that I would detest cooking for one person. But I really shockingly do enjoy it. I love getting all the pans situated, I love looking at my recipes, I love going into my blessedly massive pantry room and getting all the stuff/infredients down off the shelves. It's really so much fun. I have now cooked twice this week , and I hope to cook the rest of the week. I finally made the Cabbage Steaks and they were really awesome, yesterday I made lots of breakfast,I love breakfast!!
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All of these memes about " How wonderful a real man is because he takes care of a woman even when she doesn't need to be taken care of" .. and etc. -- such abject total vomitous bullshit. What the fuck happened to women standing up for their deserved equal rights and their own powers and such? What is all this new crap about a woman having to be TAKEN care of? Isn't this rather insulting to the feminist cause? Isn't this taking women's rights back in time about 80 years? Whose idea was it to start creating and pasting this shit now?
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I got a lot of new desert recipes I can't wait to make yesterday and I posted them on my pinterest. I am most excited about Peanut Butter and Jelly bars. They actually are like blondies ( white brownies) but peanut butter and jelly flavored. Yum Yum. I am also going to make caramel candy apple cobbler once again. I really wish I wasn't so impatient to make this French Toast casserole because it looks so so yummy. But you have to soak part of it overnight, I am always far too hungry and wanting to eat my food ASAP.
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It is now the final day of March. A month I usually don't have all that much affection for. SXSW and the arrival of what was usually my second least favorite season always made me look at March with a jaundiced and unhappy eye. But this March seemed to be different. I didn't get to go on my escape from SXSW Vegas jaunt which was very disappointing, but I was so happy and blessed to return to a great deal of productivity after the winter of such poor health. Yes, this was a nifty March after all, here comes April !