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Decided at end of another unfortunate bad health ( CFS) spate to see if I could finish a month here. I have been writing lots of sketches and parts of poems in bed. I have read a lot of books and watched a great deal of movies and played a lot of games. I was hoping to finally go to the grocery store but it's very wet and cold. Probably not the best weather to go into one's first outdoor moving-around in six weeks. I am watching Seinfeld right now. I will be glad when VEEP returns. Time for next...
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So many of my hardcore game friends, like most of the gaming industry , despise Monopoly. I really feel that if you play with the original rules and not all kinds of house rules ( free parking jackpot, et al) that it's not all that bad a game. Yes it is somewhat broken because if you do indeed get the red color group and develop it and the orange color group and develop it , it's pretty much impossible to lose. BUt I still enjoy collecting them and someday when I have the spare money I am indeed getting the General Mills Monopoly.
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The weather changes are devastating on people with auto-immune conditions. The rise of 40 degrees in a 12 hour period on a repeated basis plays total havoc with one's metabolism, processing and energy levels. Praying I could perhaps run errands and do some amount of work in the morning. We shall definitely see. I am also very tired of not playing games or typing game stuff. But none of that stuff can be done until X amount of very backlogged work is taken care of. That is what is most important. So many pages of sketches to go from.
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I am sure the crossover of the vector circles of the groups of small children who were avid followers of both daytime dramas ( soap operas ) and Sesame Street is very very small. But it still exists at least in one person, and that person was me. Which begs the question on why I was just perplexed rather than being traumatized when Roscoe Gorman, the gentleman who has played Gordon for Sesame Street for decades-- was for a brief time playing Donna Beck's pimp on All My Children. I never did understand why Gordon was being so offensive and vulgar, however.
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Still on the subject of Sesame Street, I have always wondered who thought the surreal, horrifying V cartoon was something children should have been seeing in the late 1960s/early 1970s. I just recently rewatched it and now here as I am not all that far from 50 years old, It still makes me TERRIBLY uncomfortable. Analytically it's rather impressive with the creepy-ass music and the very avant-garde and bizarre effects. But with a show that was pre-plotted and managed to the nth degree, I don't understand how no one thought this sequence would be disturbing. ::shudder::
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I finally had to take apart the alarm today. I am proud that I figured out how to do it without having to have JCS do it. I undid the screw I thought I didn't have a screwdriver to fit and then I finally pulled it off the wall and took the battery out. So thankful. Now I finally don't have this frightening beep beep beep from that battery shorting out making me wonder if a sensor has been triggered all night long. It'a another #firstworldproblem of having a big house now, all this space to go see what's up.
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Wouldn't it be nice if someone ever told the truth on marriage/children announcements on social media? Whereas instead of people ALWAYS jizzing about " OH, congratulations, or Oh I am so so happy for y'all!!"-- wouldn't it be nice for someone to be honest someday?For just ONCE to read to the effect of " OMG, what a horrible idea. I can't possibly think of 2 more ill-suited people. We will start a pool of how long it will take you to divorce. You people getting married is the worst idea I have heard since New Coke.. What a Mistake!"
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And also too what about the same when someone announces a pregnancy? WOuldn't it be so glorious to finally read: " OMG, what a horrible idea !! The children you have already you can't take care of-- they are total fucking nightmare wackjobs and everyone hates them !! You are already obese, if you have another child with your gestational diabetes and your blood pressure, surely you are probably just going to fucking die this time !! " " Aren't there enough people in the world already? Can't we learn from CHina and perhaps limit procreation? Does the world really need any more of your spawn?"
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Or also what about the inverse? Couldn't we perhaps start seeing congratulation notices for divorces? "OH that is SO glorious to hear-- she was a total skank whore cunt who had been doing half your neighborhood for years, wasting your money, and her fat ass has been eating you out of house and home since the mid 1990s!!" Or on the other gender: " OMG Thank Goodness !! He was a total slob who was always beating the shit out of you and he was lazy and stupid. Everyone always hated him and we even said all of this at your wedding !!"
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Always a bit of catch-22 when the exercises you are doing to lessen your gut actually cause enough soreness and pain to have to skip a day or two. But that's also a good sign that you know they must be working. Still throwing away lots of too-small T shirts that make me look like a whale even above all the ones I threw away during the move. Well, not throwing them away per se, am putting them in the rag cabinet. I only seem to be using old clothes to wipe down surfaces in the kitchen now.
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AMong the many head-shake-of-incredulity inducing horrors of the past several years, perhaps the most indeed flummoxing is all the anti-vaxxing psychotic nonsense. Can you imagine getting into a time machine and going back X number of decades and then asking people or perhaps more importantly people's parents and saying " Someday there will be medicines you can take that PRE-EMPT getting polio, measles, the flu, etc. " -- and then telling those same people to their face that there will be a movement of wackos who claim that said medicines are a menace? Can you possibly imagine that?
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Lots of recent good weeks for grail games. 1960's Supermarket Sweep, which looks like a horrible game but is a valuable collectors' item. Especially thrilled to finally now have my own copies of Ninja Tassen and Colors of Kasane, two amazing and hard-to-get Japanese games that I played at DGM that were first made available at Essen. Also cannot believe I got a sealed copy of Place Your Bets-- The Dealer's CHoice home game for as cheaply as I did-- especially when people have been asking for years for 100s of dollars for copies only in decent shape !
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Feb. 13, especially on a Friday was lucky instead of the opposite this year. A very nice blessing. Another notch closer to well and productive. And at least the horrible record high temperatures were going down and away. They play such havoc to those of us with immune system/metabolism disturbances. Also the horror of it being 80 in South Central Texas in February is the nightmarish worry of what the hell is it going to be in July or August? 120? 130? Will the heat index be 150? These things are scarily not out of the realm of possibility.
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My hatred for Valnetine's day knows no bounds. Been this way for many years. IN the mid 90's I wrote a movement of a trio that was called " Wear Black on Valnetine's Day". I wrote it for someone who now is too la-de-dah to talk to straight people or non-wealthy people anymore. Heterophobia is a real thing people. It's OK.. I despise weddings that cost the amount of a small country's gross national product to even get to. I think there should be big parties for divorces myself!! We've finally gotten away from each other, everyone come !!
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Respighi needs to be on more composers' top 10 lists. I know all the " Rome" piece are indeed enjoyed when they are done but I don't think they get a great deal of respect. But if you really look at a Respighi score , the detail and complexity is really staggering. It's such thick, glorious impressionism that it's as if he is an Italian Ravel. I especially think Church Windows has some absolutely staggering moments in it. Other random pieces that need more exposure I think : Stravinsky and Britten Violin Concertos-- Delius and Tchaikovsky String Quartets. And pieces by yours truly. :)
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I really love the people I do love very much. But I really do become that much more a misanthrope every day, every week, every month, every year. Most of the US is really frighteningly illiterate, ignorant, and stupid and they all have the right to vote. I think you should pass an IQ test to vote. Yet everyone thinks they are so hot and so wonderful. They aren't. They are garbage. Prime examples of how we are devolving. Oh, well I am that much more appreciative for those who are different. That's a good context to see this in.
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She's loud and she's large, she's as big as a barge! She's too fertile, she's too brash, she's completely white trash ! She's the fat lady everyone has been waiting to sing, there was a whole country ham and she ate the whole thing! She's appalling and icky, beyond belief, and Her mother stole my bicycle, she's seriously a thief !! I saw her last year at the reunion you see, but everyone hates her, and we all tried to flee! I just can't believe we have to see her again, she sat on him by accident, that's how she killed Ben.
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Everyone always talks about how intoxicating the scent of new babies is-- where is the reality of the obverse opinion?? Babies stink to high heaven. They are this festering, nasty, moist mass of urine, dried gross " foods', feces, and disgust. It's very ironic that they often smell like vomit because that is indeed what the smell of babies often make me do, vomit. Ever been in a house with too many babies? It's like going in a crazy cat lady's house with all the disgusting odors floating around. If I had to live with a baby, I would just die.
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It's very odd after never having one until closing in on 50 years old, how much I truly enjoy doing laundry now that I have my own Washer and Dryer. I really love pouring out all of the products and I love those little beads that all of those ex-Saturday Night Live stars do commercials for. I love how the appliances sound even thought the are several dozen steps away from the master suite. I am praying it will finally be time to go to the grocery store in several hours. I have been on the verge for days.
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Sometimes I really wonder if there is a Republica think tank that decries : " You know -- there are more wack/idiotic/stupid people in America now than intelligent thinkers-- we can't win an election without those people -- so let's come up with as many wack things as we can to get them !!" And someone else says " Great Idea !! Let's see, we will claim there is a war on Christianity-- we will try to outlaw teaching science and things from an intellectual level-- we will claim any disagreement with these things means you are attacking everyone else.. Yes !! It will be great!!"
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As of today with still so much snow and ice in more than 70% of the nation, it is 77 here in Austin and I am actually sweating a bit doing my exercises. But we have sleet and rain and 30s coming in 32 days. All this winter heat still terribly worries me as to what our temps are going to be like when we get to the hell of south central Texas summer. As I said in other entry I can totally see us getting 150 heat indexes. It's going to be a massive nightmare. Even more than usual.
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As I watch General Hospital I know it's a soap opera.. but the levels of conflict of interest in the Avery custody case are staggering. Michael's uncle by adoption as well as the father of one of his sisters by adoption is the opposing council. Said mother of that sister is HIS lawyer. He is not biologically related to the baby he is suing about. Said opposing council once chained his biological mother up in a panic room while she was in labor intending to steal his about to be born brother at the time. What judge would allow this?
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February and late January have been very difficult. So much sickness, pain, and death. We have never ending snowstorms throughout much of the country, Boston is well on its way to having record snow EVER , and we have at least two days a week that have 50 degree variances in the temperature in the span of 18 hours. This plays havoc beyond measure with those of us fighting health/auto-immune issues. Pops concert work was good to get back to, even if I am now re-reminded of how much I despise the music to The Wizard of Oz.
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He stared at her across the stage, and wondered if her Mother and his Father perhaps had met on the other side. The other side of existence, not the stage. His father has been gone 5 years. 6 this April, her mother a matter of weeks. The icky weather and the very weird music are vasuing the thoughts to be even more jumbled. Jumbled as some of them are slightly comforting but some of them have scars and cause both of their hearts to hurt. So much of this winter has been such a surreal warp of expectations and feelings.
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I have a number fetish. I want things for the most part to be exact as gambling numbers. I want lots of things to be 11.11 and 7.77 and /or 77.77. I also want a lot of things to always add up to the important numbers of my life : 11, 16, 17, 18, 19, and 21. Also 39 and 42 for the parents' birth years. I like very much checks to be for 3333.33. This also comes from the bible which tells us all in 3 and 7 is perfect. And we know what 666 means.
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General Hospital thoughts again: I have really enjoyed Anna and Duke being apart and I don't want them back together and I am intrigued to watch them on both sides of the law if Duke is really going to be the head of Sonny' s business now. ( And is he EVER going to talk about the 20 years he was in the prison? I hate that this is NEVER dealt with.) I really think they could bring back David for Anna. Maybe all the Cassadine freezing has something to do with all the Orpheusing. Could open up lots of story.
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I am glad there is no church work for me this coming Sunday. I am not in the mood to lose an hour for this Spring Forward stupidity. Seriously, the reasons we started and enacted Daylight Savings Time have been obsolete for decades. Is there any chance perhaps the President or God Forbid our worthless Congress could just abolish this in the next few years. What really is the point of this? On this subject I do eventually want to go to church where dear Cheryl is now part-time pastor at. I miss her and HPUMC very very much.
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I stared across the graveyard and wondered if that flag was there yesterday, I don't remember it. I went to that tree I thought that looks like a dancing monster trees out of Fantasia was, it made me feel even more icky and dank than standing out unprotected. I thought about walking over to the church but that old-history smell inside always makes me uneasy. It always has. I'd rather smell people's smoke mixed with lemon pledge and oil soap inside churches. Over there is the grave they have marked for me which they will put me in tomorrow.