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Many people entertain other people in different ways. Singers entertain people by singing, authors entertain people by writing great stories, and DJs entertain people by playing great music. There are so many people who like to make others to have great time. I am one of those people who feel good entertaining people. I do a lot of different things to entertain others. Some people think that what I do is immature but others love it. Talking is what I like to do. I like talking about things that people donÃÆ'¢Â€Â™t like to talk about. ThatÃÆ'¢Â€Â™s how I entertain people
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I am so happy to know that my mother is doing great. Every time I called her, she always used to tell me that she is sick. I was very helpless because I am here and I canÃÆ'¢Â€Â™t do anything to make her feel better. She started going to work again after few months of being sick. She is so happy for me and she canÃÆ'¢Â€Â™t wait to see me in May and I canÃÆ'¢Â€Â™t wait to see her too. She is building her home in Lilongwe Malawi. She is very happy for me because I have been so strong.
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I canÃÆ'¢Â€Â™t believe that I have three months left to go to Malawi. I canÃÆ'¢Â€Â™t believe that I have three months to know if I got accepted in college. Right now everything is looking great. I am sure I am going to graduate, going to Malawi and I am going to hear from the college that I replied to to see if I got in. all this time, I have been thinking about how hard things are getting and how real life is getting. I canÃÆ'¢Â€Â™t wait to just be me and do my best because I believe in me.
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Right now everything in my life is going great. I am going out with someone that I wanted to go out with for a long time. I am so happy to know that I am for sure going home after four years and I canÃÆ'¢Â€Â™t believe that in three months I am going to graduate from high school. Everything that is going on is changing my life in some way. Going out with Shaw is helping me understanding different people and their cultures. High school is just teaching me that if you try hard, you will get what you want.
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Sometimes dreams are can be very scary. Last night I dreamed that there was this guys who was traveling everywhere in America killing all males. It was so scary. My brother happened to be at v v s when the guy came. They wanted to kill him but he showed them his passport and then there were like, ÃÆ'¢Â€Âœwe wonÃÆ'¢Â€Â™t kill you because you are from AfricaÃÆ'¢Â€Â. This guy came at my sisterÃÆ'¢Â€Â™s house to kill Dan. Dan was so relaxed because he didnÃÆ'¢Â€Â™t want to fight. I was so scared to see him die. But then I walk up.
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My mother is my hero. She gave birth to me and I respect her a lot because I love my life. She is very strong and understanding person. She encourages me to do my best and to be as best as I can. Every time I said that I gave up, she always tells me that I will not become who I want to be if I donÃÆ'¢Â€Â™t believe in working hard and trying my best. Everything I do, I always remember what my mother said. ÃÆ'¢Â€ÂœYou can be who you want to be, you just have to work hardÃÆ'¢Â€Â
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I am so excited to go home after four years. I have everything all planed. I am going to spend most of my time with my beautiful mother. I want to ask her about staff that teenagers deals with, I want to ask for her opinion about probrems and the depression that I am dealing with right now and I also want to ask her about my great grandparents and what they did to survive, where they lived, and the great memories that she have. There relationship between me and my mother is very deep. I am so confusable telling
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my mother anything from sex, love and my opinions towards other things. Most of the teenagers when there are around 15 years of age they like going to friends houses, doing things that there are not supposed to just because they want to feel free. I was never like that. I spent most of my time with my mother asking her about things that I did not know the answers. When ever I go to school, all I thought about was my mother and how I can make her proud and happy. At the end of every school day, I
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went to my motherÃÆ'¢Â€Â™s office that was about a half a mile away from my school so that we can go home together. We tell stories on our way back home stories that some of them I will never forget and some changed my life. All of the stories that she told me have the meaning. She liked telling me stories because she wanted me to think about it after she finished telling me. Sometimes it took me couple days to find out the meaning of the story. I love my mother because sheÃÆ'¢Â€Â™s a tree that gives me shade.
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Shaw is my first love and my first everything. Before I met him, (I was in Africa) I had a boyfriend for four years. My ex boyfriend was very different from Shaw, that is one of many reasons why I am no longer with him. He loved me but I didnÃÆ'¢Â€Â™t love him in that way. I remember the first time I met Shaw; we were in the dinning room at the school that we both attended. I noticed that he was very shy but I kind of knew that him and I can be very good friends. I started
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making him talk because he never talks. I noticed that the way he talks is like a Spaniard. He is so handsome and intelligent. His face is like the autumn moon. His eyes change colors and resemble the halos of an angel. His lips are so soft and perfect. When I kiss him, I forget where I live, my name, my age, his age, that he is Texan, and that he once tried to give me a hickie on my nose and sucked up snought. I love it when he finishes the chicken that I have chewed up and regurgitated.
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I also like it a lot when he sucks the face cream from my neck; I think itÃÆ'¢Â€Â™s really hot. Some days, we watch the sunset while we play basketball. I always kick his butt when we play because he kind of sucks. Afterwards, when he is sad, I laugh at him, because his sad face is so cute. Coochiboochiewoo. Sometimes he stares at me for a long time. I think its really annoying and I usually slap him after several minutes. His face when he is physically hurt I think is also really funny. ThatÃÆ'¢Â€Â™s why I dropped him
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on a cactus once. Sometimes he makes me laugh a lot. For instance, today, I read what he was writing so a spit out all the coke I had in my mouth on him. And sometimes he tries to kiss me and I just slap him as usual. IÃÆ'¢Â€Â™ve been really trying to not slap him so much though because his face is getting permanently red. In conclusion, I love this man a lot and he loves me so much too because I am beautiful, I am responsible, and I have keep him in order. I donÃÆ'¢Â€Â™t know what he
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would do without me, he would be helpless I think. Sometimes I think he probably cries at night, but thatÃÆ'¢Â€Â™s ok. That might be because every time before we say goodnight, I say ÃÆ'¢Â€ÂœI love youÃÆ'¢Â€Â¦just kidding loserÃÆ'¢Â€Â and he runs away. Sometimes I feel bad, but heÃÆ'¢Â€Â™ll be fine I think. Our relationship, through all this slapping and abuse, is incredibly strong and happy. We are meant to be together. I love everything about himÃÆ'¢Â€Â¦except for his parents who IÃÆ'¢Â€Â™m afraid of. His brother is nice though. He is really sexy, he is probably good at everything and everywhereÃÆ'¢Â€Â¦
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Sometimes I wonder what the future holds for me. I wonder if my dreams will come true and if I am going to be happy. not only that, I also wonder about what kind of mother I am going to be, how I want my kids lives to be like. all of this questions I ask my self many times now because I know that I am no longer an responsible person. I am almost nineteen years old and in my country I can do anything. It is the age that parents no longer worry so much about taking care
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of you because they know that you are old enough to make your own decisions. In my family, I am the last born. I am very different from my sisters and brothers. I was raised almost getting what I wanted and I never worked so hard to like my siblings did. Everyone in my family thinks that I am very spoiled because I donÃÆ'¢Â€Â™t work hard and I never worry about getting what I want. But I think this is not true. I am the luck one on my family because I never had to go though what others did
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but I doesnÃÆ'¢Â€Â™t mean that I am not a hard worker and I donÃÆ'¢Â€Â™t know how hard is it to find money. I donÃÆ'¢Â€Â™t think it matter if I live my life the way I am living it now because my life now is like following the footsteps trying to find the person who is printing them. I am following my dream, I am sure that one day my dream is going to come true if I will find the person who is printing the footsteps. This may take awhile because I donÃÆ'¢Â€Â™t know how fast the person is going.
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All I have to do is to hope that one day that person will think of stopping to take a break and I will catch up. I donÃÆ'¢Â€Â™t want anything in my life than this one thing. Having the power to stop hunger and to educate those who would like to be educated but they donÃÆ'¢Â€Â™t have a chance to. I donÃÆ'¢Â€Â™t care if I will be poor. All I want to is to make this happen and to show the world that there are so many ways that we can deal with the probrems that we are facing. Everyone
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needs to stand up and make a difference. I wouldnÃÆ'¢Â€Â™t mind having children in the future. But I want to make sure that there is no one who needs a mother so bad to survive. I donÃÆ'¢Â€Â™t think that I will sleep well at night knowing that a child is lonely and is feeling unloved because she/he does not have a mother who can take of them. I am 18 years old and I cry almost everyday thinking why people are having so many children while there are so many other children that are dying because no one takes care
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of them and they donÃÆ'¢Â€Â™t have a family and a place to call home. Someday I might have some children but u promise my self that I will not have more than two because theyÃÆ'¢Â€Â™re already children who need someone to take care of them. I believe that every person is here for a reason. I believe that I am here to take care of orphans, poor people, and to find ways to top probrems that the world is facing. I do believe this cause I started new about this when I was about five years old and from that
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I never look back or think twice about it. I feel like I lost something and my mind cant rest because it searches for that missing thing. I do believe that the missing things are my dreams. Sometimes I wonder if I am a normal person because I care about things and other people so much. I always want to see people smiling and getting along. I donÃÆ'¢Â€Â™t like war and arguments between people. I dislike the word hate because it is very powerful, I donÃÆ'¢Â€Â™t believe that any person is better than the other. I believe that all the
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people are somehow related to each other because we all look alike but we come from different places, we were raise different, our skin colors are different, we believe in different things and we speak different languages. When people say they hate someone, I donÃÆ'¢Â€Â™t understand how they can dislike someone so much that they canÃÆ'¢Â€Â™t forgive them for what ever they have done. I think that the world hate should not be used and people should never hate others no matter what they have done to them. If this happens, they will never be war or arguments between people.
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Bad breaths drives me crazy. I donÃÆ'¢Â€Â™t know how people feel like when they have bad breath. We are all humans and it is kinda normal to have bad breath, but other people have it so bad that it makes people around them feeling sick. One day my teacher was talking to me about what I need to do to keep my grad up. I remember going to the bathroom throwing up because I was so disgusted by the way his breath smelled like. I think some people do forget that this is very uncomfortable for other people around them.
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I was raised to believe in god and to trust him with all my heart. I was also taught to treat all kinds of people like the way I would love to be treated. My mother told me that if people are mean to you, the only smart thing to do is to laugh at them. You might ask me to laugh? Yes to laugh. She means that I should focus on what I am doing and do it better than them to show them that being mean wonÃÆ'¢Â€Â™t get you anywhere. That is what my mother meant by laughing.
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When I was little, I used to walk many miles with my friends to see things or to do something. I remember when I was 13 years old, I went to the mountains with my friends to collect firewood. Those mountains were known for many different kinds of monkey and other animals like hyenas that live there. I enjoyed eating wild fruits like bananas, sugarcane, papayas, quavers and many more. I remember working up at 5 in the morning going to these mountains and getting there around 12 oÃÆ'¢Â€Â™clock noon. I remember feeling so tired but I had to be
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strong because I have to collect firewood and tie them together and then getting ready to go back home. On our way there or coming back, we were drinking natural water that came out of the mountains or underground. The water was so taste that we had to spend an hour drinking that water until we couldnÃÆ'¢Â€Â™t anymore. The trip was very hard and sometimes it was very cold but none of that stopped use from going and doing what we had to do. Hiking with firewood that weighed more than your weight is not so easy but it was
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for use because we are used of caring heavy things on our heads and we know a trick that makes use not felling the weight so much. Sometimes being in the mountains was like risking our lives because there was a possibility of getting lost, getting eaten by an animal, getting bitten by a poisonous snakes and flies or getting attacked by monkeys. One day I remember I was collecting firewood with my friends. Then I head the noise of something walking on died grass. My friends and I knew that it was a hyena so we did what we
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had to do, running as fast as we could while screaming for help. We were surprised buy how much people came to help use. They stopped us and then they gave us water to drink and then they asked us what was wrong. When we told them, they said that there are so many hyenas where we were at that no one is allowed to go there. That is one of the things I will never forget in my life. I still remember not knowing if I was running or frying because I just didnÃÆ'¢Â€Â™t want to be eaten alive.