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This new task seem strange, but I rather it over a ten page hand written essay. The hardest task is finding an idea that will somewhat bring pleasure to the reader. I don't own a television, so I'm a bit outdated in terms of what's happening. I actually have everything I need from my computer in terms of entertainment, I can pirate movies when I'm ready, where sometimes I do a whole T.V series. A video game console would be nice, and a female companion. For this month I shall see that I complete this challenge to be successful.
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I have to say my time here in the USA is quite fine so far. I am somewhat pleased with Hillsborough Community College, a matter of fact the only teacher who gives a bit of hard time so for is that for Understanding Visual Arts. This is not relevant to be an engineer, but in order for me to get an AA in Engineering, I must first satisfy certain requirements, I know it wouldn't be like this my home country, and some universities here like the private ones. Maybe these general education courses may be benefical in the future coming.
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I attended an exhibition for ARH 1000 last week and it was a bad way to start for someone who wasn't interested in the field. The "Colour of Remembering" was not what I visioned. How can someone used colours like blue, red, and yellow to represent inhumane actions. That was something I would definitely not want to remember, what a bad way to start back school. My professor is forgiven though in the recent test she issued. What I would like to know to join the engineering club to meet like minded individuals, I've been waiting on it to start.
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I wonder what they are talking about on the news right now. I stopped watching news channel, it's as if they don't talk about Donald Trump there is nothing happening. It's as if Trump has a cult of personality, and what's strange is that he always has something to talk about. The thing is he's the one that makes politics fun.Speaking of politics, my POS 1001 test went well today, my professor is hilarious. If you never like politics or find it boring you'll definitely not have that view again if you're enrolled in a lecture with professor Martin.
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My day today went well. It is somewhat boring here at HCC, or maybe I'm the problem. I would like to see more club activities, but I guess you won't get much from a community college. I wonder what a university would be like. Sometimes I wonder if I should get an early transfer, or do the whole AA here. Tomorrow will POS 1001 and that class is usually fun. I'm trying my best to survive, where I almost forget about this one-hundred word challenge. I should do it the first thing in the morning everyday as I rise.
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I got to say that this day has been great. I begin to noticed that Ms.Paquette class is slightly becoming more difficult. I hope I survive ENC 1101, for it is a very important class. Who would ever thought I'd be doing English classes after high school? What's becoming challenging now is her essays which she's going to be grading harder. I hate writing essays, but think about it. What would happen to all those professional writers who are hired if we're supposed to start doing them ourselves? We should be given a chance once we're able to communicate.
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So I'm here, just before 9:00 pm. I'd definitely not want to forget about submitting my writings. This is a nice week so far. I got a new t.v so I'd be able to discuss current affairs and events like the State of the Union the other day. Somehow it seems I'm the only one in the class writing on this site; I asked some people and their responses that they're writing the journal. I hope someone else starts because I wouldn't want to be the black sheep. Who cares? A hundred word a day is so easy.
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So I watched t.v almost the whole day today, but I'm not able to share anything serious. I got stuck on Fullmetal Alchemist. I just love anime and I think I'm addicted. It has me wondering if alchemy ever existed. If alchemy every existed we'd be able to do marvellous stuff. I'm not that much into getting gold, but transmutation of inorganic matter in to machinery. I think I'm getting too old for this though, watching anime is not something I let people my age know I watch. What attracts me most is the storyline that come with it.
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Every now and then I read the news of my home country. Its seems that I'm homesick, I did spend over twenty years there after all. The thing I hate though is that nothing seems to be going forward. We do get by and we mange to live a satisfied life, but in terms of technological advancement we're not there. We have a long way to go, what bothers is me most is that neither political party seems to be the solution. I wonder who came up with the idea that democracy is wonderful. What if the parties are imcompetent?
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I can't stop remembering my first journey to Europe. Oh I love Austria so much, I would say it's the most beautiful country I've been to. I can stop reading about their history and culture. It might be a little dark, but I can look past that. I would describe myself as an Austrophile. I wish there was enough German courses offered at HCC so I can be fluent. I'm definitely going for sure. What's sad is that I need a visa in order to travel there, but it might not be like that some years in the distant future.
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Do I really miss home? I'd say yes, and sometimes I do compare here in the USA to back home. What I really love about here is technological advancement. I'm not the type of person who moves based on economic situation. I think the term would be an economic migrant. What really motivates me is science. Are they universities back home? Yes, but I think it's not comparable to some in the USA. I'll try my best to work hard and get into a good university. I'm not looking for any Harvard or MIT, but one recognisable with proper accreditation.
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So I'm here at 10:10 p.m, where I almost forget that I was supposed to submit an entry. I actually have nothing in mind so I'm free-styling I have to say that after English class today, I was really pissed off. I definitely know I won't be making any friends, because I've come to the conclusion that having none is better than someone who's wearing a mask. It's not like I'm seeking friendship, as a matter of fact it has never been my thing. Well, nothing is permanent so I'll just enjoy what little time I have.
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I wonder if others from my class can see what I write here, that wouldn't be nice. I have nothing to hide, so who cares. I hate it when people think that they're faeces is a replacement for food, if you're going to think that you're the smartest and everyone is an idiot, don't attend school. I now this shouldn't be here, but I'm expressing how I feel about the recent behaviour of people in my surrounding. I'm going to kill it here though, and don't carry any girl feelings. What I need to do now is change my surrounding.
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So this week went well, it finishes quickly. I did not get to attend the Global Council meeting, hope I did not miss anything important. I'm still waiting on the engineering club to email me about their start date, I wonder if they've forgotten about me. I really want to find myself if a society of like-minded individuals. Sometimes I wonder if a club outside my field of interest would be beneficial, like Psychology Club for example. Maybe being in a Psychology club would somewhat give me a idea what the field is all about, then I'd develop appreciation.
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I have to admit I did nothing today but watch t.v. I did pause to get something at Wendys and a coconut water at the supermarket. The coconut water here is fake, coming all the way from Vietnam or Thailand. Coconut water should expire within a few days to a week especially when it's organic, but this one has a long shelf life and it's not sweet. You don't get much organic things like back home in Jamaica. I have to admit, there is a wide variety of things here and vegetables are enormous. I'm about to doze off.
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Though I physically here, my mind is somewhat in Jamaica. It's not that I'm homesick, it just take some time to get used to the new environment. People here are a bit weird, maybe they're saying the same thing about me, and would say the same about Jamaican people. I wonder if this is what culture shock is. It's not that I want to go home immediately and I don't meet some nice people here. Maybe things will change in a while.What I should do is try making some more friends, and maybe do recreational stuff like road trips.
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Sometimes I wonder if I'd be better of seeking a job or career available for someone at the secondary level of education. If there was one available in the field of technology that suits my interest that would be great. We spend so much years in high school, just to spend so much years after to get into a career. Why isn't the system designed to prepare you for high school? It's not that I don't like what I'm studying, it's just that it seems like many of our life is wasted on education. It will pay in the future.
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So I saw that the sight was down and I started to worry. Now I'm here writing, maybe I should have waited instead of emailing Ms.Paquette. The weekend was great, it was a bit boring though. I always delay going to the museum for my Understanding Visual Arts class. Maybe this weekend should be great for going to an art museum. I though President's Day would have some more significance, but people were out working as any other day except HCC. What I want to happen now is get this 100 words assignment out of the way, I forget sometimes.
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Here I am with the day almost finish, writing an entry. I'm as empty as a car on "E"; if this entry seems unorganised, please don't penalise me. Of a 120-130 credits in a bachelor program, only 40 credits is actually for your field of specialisation. When I heard this at first I was a bit frustrated. The say we take all theses general education class in order to be a well rounded citizen. Does anyone really cares about being one? I really don't fancy it at all, what I would like to be is a specialist in my field.
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I was going to go on a road trip with one of my classmate, but I cancelled due to the time I will take to reach the destination. His license said, "safe driver", which is weird for I'd like to know if they would give him one if he wasn't safe. A student at HCC ask me if I'm sure, for he's a new driver in the states and they drive on the other side of the road in their country. This makes me reconsider going on a long journey with him. I wouldn't want him to feel bad though.
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I know I promise that I'll discuss current issues, but I'm busy with school and sometimes my t.v. There is not much problem here, and it's seems the society is stable and satisfied. Well, I've just been here for two months and I don't watch local nor national news. I don't here people in public complain, or maybe they just don't discuss political matter in public. I do see that they sometimes ask to sign petitions for things like recreational marijuana and gun control. I can't sign any thing here and I don't think I'll sign for the recreational marijuana .
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When I said in one of my previous entries that I am an Austrophile, it does not mean I support the Nazis. Austria history goes far beyond that. As a matter of fact German and Belgian imperialist were just as bad, the only thing is that they killed non-europeans. Bust historians don't make a a big deal out of it, what are these academics trying to say, only the lives of Europeans are precious. I bet it would not seem bad if I am an Anglophile, what will that say about the people who were enslaved and dehumanised by them?
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Sometimes I wonder if I'd be the same person as I am now, if I'd grown up in the USA. Not that I don't like who I am, it's just that I wonder if I'd be as weird as the are if I grew up here. No disrespect Americans. Well some people may say I'm weird, I read Japanese manga and anime instead of what comes on cartoon network and those other channels. Here I see young adults playing video games at college, back home do that and no girl will talk to you. But they are some nice people.
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So I am think inking of changing my major from an Associate of Arts to an Associate of Science. I figured that if I want to go in the field of technology, its best to have something practical. They're both university transfer program, so I won't miss out on having the opportunity of having a bachelors degree to further myself. I'll be trained for the working world as well, and that is one of the more attractive qualities of having an AS. I will however take some of the general education courses as in the AA, like maths and physics.
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So I'm almost finish here. I hope everything goes well. School have been great so far with the grades. I have to say that so far, I love an American eduction. Being here makes me sometimes forget that shithole country named Jamaica. I don't mean to bash my home country, but to be honest they give me no choice. Sometimes I think democracy is overrated, because it definitely has not gotten us anywhere. I see they're on this new climate change agenda banning plastics and such, I guess hospital, roads and school aren't priorities. Educated fools run and ruin Jamaica.
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I am surviving for another month, thank God. I will like for the next month to be as successful as this one. I have a test for MAT 1033, and I hope it goes well. I can't imagine POS 1001 no better than it is now. I have an interest in taking POS 2041(American Government), for I've developed interest in the American political system. POS 2112(State and Local Government) seems like something more interesting, but I don't want to have too much credits. What is weird is like no more than 7 people really ask questions or give their opinions.
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I wanted to change my major to an AS, but it happens that I won't be able to transfer. It sucks, because I wanted some practicality. What would make things worse is if I do the AA, successfully complete it but won't be accepted in the degree program. I just got to hope for the best. This almost turns out to be a journal for me, I don't know if this website has some writing fashion. I give it my best though, and now I'm almost finish. At least I get one of my graded work of the list.