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A hundred words sound like a lot, but really isn't much. However, today I might struggle to reach that number as my eyes are weighed down by the lack of sleep in the previous few nights. Today, school was slightly delayed due to the fact my alarm didn't wake me up in time; nonetheless those few extra minutes of sleep were very much appreciated. Then the rest of the day I felt like all my teachers paid extra attention to me as if almost knowing I would fall asleep if they didn't. Now, when can I go back to bed?
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I just finalized my plans for the summer and sent in my application. I was torn between spending the summer with my best friend, getting a job, and taking a few road trips here and there throughout the summer. However, then the opportunity of something entirely new was presented a few weeks ago which, or course, at the time I had no idea I would actually take part it. For the last couple weeks, I have been thinking about and now, June 3rd I'm leaving for Barcelona, Spain to live with a host family and study Spanish at a University.
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The Millennium development goals were created to solve several different problems. Some of these problems are; to eradicate world poverty, achieve universal education, and promote gender equality. There are more, but these are the three I am very interested in and hopefully contributing somehow to achieve these development goals. The high school I attend just began looking into taking an action to help contribute. It would be great to have a big turn out for putting together a committee for this project. Even more, it would be beyond anything if VVS served even a little accomplishment helping conquer these goals.
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Yesterday I missed the only free day to miss 100 words due to the fact of the amount of distractions going on yesterday. Being a student at Verde Valley School requires high amounts of work and dedication. Every night, there is an average of three of homework and in addition tests or quizzes every week. Don't get me wrong, I love Verde Valley and appreciate the experience to the last inch, but sometimes it can become too demanding causing unnecessary stress. However, everybody who attends VVS should know how lucky they are being a part of this unique high school.
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Recently, I have been doing some research on the city of Barcelona. Due to the fact I will be living there over the summer, I figured it would be in my best interest to know a little about a huge city. Through my research; I discovered that not one website fails to mention the endless amount of nightlife options. This then only raises my excitement about the life I'll be living over the summer. Not only was my interest level raised from finding countless nightlife options, but also discovering many art museums and classes. I'm hoping to study art history.
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I've only taken one art history class, however this one class that lasted throughout my sophomore year had an unexpected impact on me. Because of that class, I am now forever interested in art history. Recently, I went with a few other classmates of mine to New York to study art history, which perked my new passion for it even more. Now that I'm going to Barcelona in the summer and hearing about the infinite list of museums and history classes, I think this trip could determine what I might be studying for the next several years of my life.
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To think that next year I will be graduating sounds absolutely absurd to me. I still think of myself as the little sister who fights over the remote to the tv with my older brothers. I still think of myself as my parent's baby girl who always had an earlier curfew. And I still think of myself as the little sister too worried to bring a boy over when the brothers are home. Although these things still occur in my life, (I hate admitting) I'm also having to leave and be out on my own soon. It's exciting yet uncomprehending
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Do you ever hear a word for the first time, or a name of a place and then ironically hear it over and over again after that? Today was one of those days. I remember in art history learning the word juxtaposition and then honestly hearing once in every conversation I had after that when I had never heard the word escape someone's lips before then. Today there were a few of those, but it's interesting to me how that happens. Maybe we don't notice the word before learning it, than when finally learning it we notice everytime it's said.
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I'm going on a field trip to Crestone, Colorado in less than four weeks. We will spend two weeks with several other students learning about new religions and cultures. I was told that one night we will stay up until four in the morning chanting and meditating, which I'm highly looking forward to. Last year I went to Baja, Mexico so it will be quite the change. It went from warm beaches learning about marine biology to thirteen degree weather which we will be chanting in. I love the diversity field trips have to offer though, so I'm very excited.
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Just today, we discovered a transition in the consequence system. Personally, I feel the system is unfair and ineffective. If you receive a cut, your only free time which is Friday night is taken away by three hours of study hall. A cut can be missing one class or even being late three times to a certain class. This new consequence system was created due to repeated offenders who continuously make mistakes. Therefore; the administration is allowing a minority of the student body to affect the entire student body and making the product being unfair to the majority of students.
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What is age? Just a word that is symbolic for a number which represents a length of time that one has existed. However, age doesn't mean anything to Ruthie Rosenthal who is an eighty two year old woman just returning from sailing and recently returned from traveling around China. So, if there were only three words to be able to define this woman, those three words would be; silly, powerful, and opinionated. So actually, this woman happens to be my grandmother. All my silliness and chocolate cravings come from her. So if this is me, years later, I won't complain.
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This weekend went by in a flash. In fact it's not even fair to say that I had a weekend. Friday night was cut short due to the fact I had to get up early Saturday morning to take a standardized test for five hours. This test was obnoxiously long, very hard, and painfully boring. Unfortunately I am a terrible test taker, so my intelligence and skills get to be summed up into an inaccurate percentage. Or at least I would like to think it is inaccurate. Then the rest of the Saturday I had left was spent doing homework.
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Today was not a typical Monday filled with classes and cafeteria food. Me, along with a few other students, left this morning at 7:30 for ASU in Phoenix. There was a language fair going on, so my Spanish teacher decided to take his Spanish two and three class down there. It was very interesting and fulfilling; however I did not speak or hear any Spanish during the course of the day. Although, I ended up taking a mini course in Arabic and learning how my name is written in several different languages. I learned an important phrase; samana meaning peace.
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Today is the famous holiday called Valentine's day. I am so curious as to why Americans celebrate Valentine's day. Especially in the way that they do. On this actual day Valentine was put to death when he was discovered by Claudius in the third century in Rome. So why celebrate this day through chocolate, jewelry, and hallmark cards? Maybe I am just bitter towards this holiday, because ironically every year I never have a real valentine. It always happens where I have a boyfriend weeks sometimes even days before Valentine's day or weeks after. Apparently, this is not my holiday.
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A few minutes ago I finished an incredibly hard Spanish test, and the two classes before that I took two quizzes that I still feel unconfident about. This seems to be or will be a reoccurring theme in my 100 words entries. School can be beyond stressful, but somehow I still manage to stay happy. I don't know if VVS brings on the stress intentionally but I do know that they always maintain to succeed with loading loads of pressure and anxiety. In a few minutes I'm going to a 50-minute lecture that involves intensive note taking and complete concentration.
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Learning history is an incredibly boring for me. You learn about wars and then names like William Penn that you'll never remember and even if you did it would have no use to you after being tested on it. However, art history is horse of a different color. There is so much diversity and information in a single time period that can be explored yet not grasped, even when studying it for years. Art history, in my opinion, carries much more information and history that is in fact useful and memorable. All history classes should transition to art history classes.
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Putting on any kind of performance is extremely hard and time consuming. I'm just realizing that tonight because tomorrow I am expected to be in a dance performance, however at this point am thinking I would rather sit in my room and stare at the wall. Tonight, an unexpected dress rehearsal was called and not only did we have to do it one time through, however dance for about four hours. Being in the audience you don't realize what tiny details actually took a large amount of work. Now I wish I didn't take being an audience member for granted.
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So the dance if finally finished, which means pounds of stress were just relieved from my shoulders. It's amazing how much work goes into just an hour of entertainment. It is also amazing how we stress for perfection and then when the actual performance comes, everybody is too nervous to actually remember to be perfect. However, it was fun and successful, successful in the sense that nobody tripped or fell of stage during a dance number. Although there was such a relief when the dance was over, the feeling of sadness came with it realizing that it is all over.
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Two weeks of school left until we're off for an entire month. This is basically the final stretch of my stressful junior year, because once we get back from that month off, it's all down hill from there. Even knowing we have two weeks left, I can't seem to get myself motivated and work the best that I can. I keep trying to tell myself, work hard now and you'll be rewarded within just a couple of weeks. The first two weeks in Crestone, Colorado with several other students and then the next weeks will be spent on the beach.
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My brother and I are emailing eachother back and forth while he's in France for his junior year of college and I'm still in good old Sedona for my junior year of high school. It hardly seems fair; then again I am only 16 while he's 21. He constantly explains the variety of French baguettes, the amazing wine tasting, and the intellectual people he's surrounded by. My brother is definitely influencing me about a year abroad, but I am going to Spain this summer so we'll see how that goes first. Then I'll hopefully be able to go from there.
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My brother is going to visit me while I'm in Barcelona for a weekend. We've been bouncing off ideas of where we could go for a weekend, but it seems to surreal to be true. There was talk of Italy, Amsterdam, and little islands off the coast of Spain. I think we came to a logical consensus where we will be going to Ibiza, Spain which is a little island that we can get to from Barcelona. As I do little research on this island, the whole idea becomes more intense because Ibiza happens to be a big party island.
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"Oh the places you'll go!" A Dr. Seus quote that is used frequently in graduation speeches, but originally came from the children's book by Dr. Seus. This is one of my favorite quotes because of the simplicity of it that can create a complex concept or conversation. I remember my freshman year, I heard that quote used for the first time in a high school graduation speech and realizing the significance that quote holds for those seniors. Then, sophomore year at my brother's graduation, a teacher that was asked to talk began her speech with, "Oh the place you'll go!-
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I can't even picture graduating and leaving VVS. Granted, I can't wait to get out of here but, also it's incredibly sad to know that in a year I have to close this chapter of my life and only have it for memory. I think highschool is memorable for many people, but VVS is more than memorable because it changed my life. I've been watching people come and go from this school. I've watched countless senior speeches, but for one reason or another I can't imagine giving that senior speech one day that begins with, "Oh the place you'll go!-
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This morning I woke up finding my parents in a bit of a delirious state due to chaos that has been occurring in their lives. At times, my family can become dysfunctional and crazy, but typically we are what you call a "normal"family. Right now however, my mom's going back and forth between Sedona and Tucson because her mother is going through leukemia, my brother recently moved to France and is going to morocco for a weekend trip. My parents aren't talking to my other brother who recently was almost killed. And my oldest brother is having a baby.
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My month of 100 words is winding down which in a lot of ways is appreciated. One because I was running out of topics to document, especially topics that interested me. And two, because on stressful days filled with endless amounts of work, 100 words was always that little glitch in the way that kept me from studying an extra few minutes for Spanish tests or writing English papers. However, I do think that this program is interesting and useful. It helps you to think out what you did that day and if it was eventful enough to write about.
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I believe that a successful society cannot be viewed as successful when a large percent of society does not have it's basic needs met. We live in a society today where one is measured by their success, or rather everything is measured in the success it obtains. Then, what is success? This is the start to a paper for English that I'm not sure how to finish. It is suppose to be a certain amount of words but because I have endless opinions about this, it is hard to keep this in one direction. Where do I go from here?
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Cell phones are taking over the world. I came to this conclusion when, at the dinner table about a year ago, my mom answered her cell phone while my brother was texting on his at the same time as my dad's cell phone ringing. Even though we were all at the same dinner table, we weren't interacting with each other yet being controlled by a little device that allows you to interact with someone who isn't at the dinner table. Cell phones should be diminished or at least have a device where they automatically shut off at the dinner table.
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My parents call me the secretive one out of their four children. I guess in part I agree with them seeing as how I never tell them when I have a boyfriend or what is going on in my life. Ever since freshman year when I had an older boyfriend that my parents did know about, I kept quiet after him due to the constant arguments that went on between my parents and I. Then, just until recently I announced I had a boyfriend (as a junior-two years later) thinking I would finally be aloud the freedom without any suspicion.